Thursday, April 28, 2016

Live Illustration at Dior for Diorever Launch

😁 I survived the night!

It was quite crazy and I was wayyyyy behind intended schedule but I think overall I did ok?

Haha level up for me! 😊

When I first saw the email from Dior, I had to read it twice to confirm that it was indeed THE DiorπŸ˜‚

First time in a Dior store (I didn't realize it till I actually stepped in) and actually sat there for 5 hours straight.

I have done drawings in public but it's usually very casual and the opportunity is very rare.

I usually draw in the comfort of my own home, in my pajamas and with my tools all over the table. (& sometimes floor)

So this has taught me to always be prepared and visualize myself. In case if so & so happens, what would the solution be?

Also, to be aware of my words πŸ˜…
The flowers on my table. So beautiful yet so fragile. They sat the plane all the way, just to live for 24 hours. Will be thrown right after the event which was a waste to me seeing how beautiful they are.

This has also taught me to always be calm despite the pressure & stress that I might face.

To always have a steady face. (& if possible a steady heart)

Despite everything, I did my best and was glad I took this job 😊
My reward for the night.

Fatty fatty food πŸ˜‚
After 8 hours of hunger, one must be a glutton! (Just thankful my stomach didn't make a sound during the event!)

Super grateful that the staff was super friendly, the girl who liaised with me was super nice and even the clients who were there during the launching were super patient with me.

Response and time needed to draw was above what I expected, resulting in a long queue.

So thankful everyone was patient in waiting😊

Have to practice more!
This is the closest I will ever be in owning a Dior (at least for now)

A Dior paper bag πŸ˜…

My bags and utensils needed to be put into this paper bag and placed under the table.

Out of sight.

The whole night I witnessed how a branded store service their clients and it's nothing but professional.

So I too, seriously tried my best to be as proper as possible😡 since I'm part of the "team".

But U know.. I did the drawings in watercolour and so kelian, the girl next to me who was assisting.
Her job was to insert the drawing into a paper frame.

In the end, her job included "satay-ing" the drawings so that they will dry faster 😱

I totally forgot about that!!
That watercolour has a drying time!

So much for trying to keep it "atas", thanks to me. The whole night everyone is seeing her "satay-ing" the drawings.


Must have been quite a funny sight.

And she commented at the end of the night.
"Now I know how hard it is to be a satay seller."
I have always known Dior as a brand.

But this job made me read up on its beginnings and I now have a whole new perception towards Dior.

I guess you feel closer when you know the story behind something.

I nvr knew Christian Dior is somewhat superstitious. I find it cute seeing he's not chinese but yet he believes in stuffs like these.

And that his favourite flowers are roses and lily of the valley 😊

I enjoy knowing small small details like this about a person.

Or maybe I'm just a kepochiπŸ˜‚

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