Friday, April 28, 2006


victim 1 : house phone no.2
victim 2 : sexay chan
victims etc. : my growling tummy ..tiring hands..drying mouth
call start : 1.05am
duration : 2++ effing hours
hit sack : 3.30am
gym : 820am

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when we are not talking...this is what will happen tru msn

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i bet if she stays longer in her current company...history will re-repeat

fishcakes frappucino. so ridiculous. 4 hours of sleep before gym aint what i had in mind how i want to start my day(2km run leh...fishfishfish..lemme remind you that ms bulat here...better she terjatuh and goleklarh den 2km will be a breeze).....aii.. i should start banning myself from calling friends, not that i dont like talking or what-so-eva.

but it always lasts more than 10 minutes....okay so the whole world knows that and the telephone bill aint helping. lyn said that her phone went on refuses to call out..hahahaahhaha i tell you...must be overworkedlar. had my fair share...than got yi ingleh....radikaleh...and i dont know who else thier names are but i do know who if they call her.

Oh God........bed oh has only been 40 minutes since i woke up. but i blardy miss you already!!!*take note jump on bed later..AFTER i bath*

*suddenly starts curisng sit-ups*

...God...please send me on blank out mode so that everything ends fast.....snoresnore.......Oh..btw SS2 many leng jais ...bwahahahahahaha!!!! and there i am sitting down with a whole big bowl of clapypot mee eating like nobodys bust-iness with my smelly self...after gym not exactly cleopatra right? while stealing glance every now and then. hahahahaha omg!! since when i become stalker!! usually i wont even blink twice!!~

Oh...and i just realize if i see ah bengs lookin ( actually they are penetrating tru larh...but cause i have nothing better to do) i stare back at them. at their clothings. their way of sitting. thier ciggies. their food...hahahahahaha WORST. if im with my leng lui frens and i DO know they are looking at them, they are so dead.

i got laser eyes see??!! its not even red!!!its...purple!! cause purple is all gay!!: D diedie!!*pipi*
(no offence i love gays~make the best jie meis)

_______you know its gonna be the same ol' day when

pour black sugar into tou jiong sui


Ack!! tatse..

re-pours black sugar


...ack! too sweet jorh...

yarh.shit happens.

Monday, April 24, 2006

sleeping post

15th - 17th/18th of April

Lyn's house (apparently to vacation from an already vacationed home)

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Friday, April 21, 2006

to show im alive and well..

"grunt snort..wheeezzz pantpant"
"you can do itt!!!!~Gogogo!!!"
"....lil bit more!!!~Lil bit!!!"
"woah estee!! still not done arh?"
"...i feel like im giving birth"

i think giving birth aso ezier...Darn sit-ups!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

eat crab talk crap

CRABS!!!!!!: D

that sums up my day today!! no regrets!!.....gym tml...thats 1 big hell of regret now~_~
"a shadow"..darn i hate typos.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

girls night out

Friday, April 07, 2006

*noticed how much my already sucky drawing has detriorated in 3 months

OhOhh girls~~girls just wanna have fuUuh-anNnn
oh Yea~~They just wanna,
They just wanna....
They just wanna,
They just wanna have fun...: p

anyway...yea: D sexay wanted a TIMEOUT from her work. apparently every discussion she has with her art director is sending her to zonkzonk land. a.k.a i dont even know what is life anymore!!( she doesnt want to admit we are her life!!! i take that back..i would like to cross 21 please even if my death is near)

F.Y.I her nice art director...talks like a kid when hes hungry...manjas....(izit?) and talk bout malat lous...hahhahahahahaahahah. Oh...and yea hes 30 but looks 24 and acts i dont know....24+? but not 25?: D

so after a disastrous lates...sigh..i was REALLY LATE. darn lRT. darn lrt's staircases. darn me. darn high heels and darn didi's driving....Bah. and sitting alone in the LRT at 830pm weird. haahaahah first time ok? and furthuremore i didnt know there would be so many people!! wonder where are they heading O_o

anyway off we are!!!: D in Sexays er...kenari? i hate cars. i cannot tell its a Honda City even if im sitting in one and another City happen to pass by with a different colour....Sorry man. LOLZ ironic thing is my dad works in this car industry/line thingy....where did his daughter go wrong.....~_____~

ngekngek** for once i have camera!! Oooo i loveee snappingg...but sexay was gonna chop my hand and throw the cam and i know she i snapped few photos ajer.

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ms.bulat : soooo loneeelyyyyyyyyy

i have never laughed so loud in a kenari before. we were laughing non stop!! i cannot remember much but most of it is EElyn's deafness....she heard all kinds of words that day..totally mou la kang wan. and..finding for a parking is hell hard. Bangsar is such a chap place! so many people!!! pubbers...clubbers and us....long kaiers.

the funniest part of the when Sexay wanted to park at the shopping complex...thus ee lyn's "turn here!!"....guess what!!!!...i dont know how to explain hahahahahaha

but yea basically like thislar~: P wasted prob 30 cents petrol

after Burger King which we accidently stumbled into...we went shoopping!!! tralalala* starts singing...stops when notices the SALES signs are gone from window display. the shop's name is called PEOPLE(which ee lyn dunno what she heard again....NIPPLE?O_o i guess not but something differentlarh)

i started snapping pictures!! you mustmustmust enter this shop cause although the prices are quite kua jiong. but certain things are actually cheap!! (at least affordable) esp the flowerssss..Ouh** the ones that miraculously can be planted on your shirts for deco. yes those.

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ee lyn was ecstatic to find out each flower costs around RM9.90. she thought printing error. she almost bought the whole shop.....but she had to stop herself cause she wanted to prooof to her Marmyyy that she can be a GOOD girl if she wants to.

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these are toooooo cute to be true!!!!! SIGH* its a sin to come out with things like this!!!!! esp when one is broke. lost and ....BROKE.

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cannot buy mai camwhore with it larh...and that is the appearance of my cacat hand...should have edited this pic...the bear can be screaming "mmmmm lyns hair is giving me .......mmmmmmmm" omg!! hahahaha....Teruk wei corrupt girl you.


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sexay is like a movie star. its so hard to get a photo of her.. thus i did this... after the snap..she had the "you think i stupid izit now? mirror reflects okay?"

......thank you sooo much(not): P

i was happily snapping away when i realized the shop people/keepers/attendents/workers? were like talking bout me..around me.....and lyn. it was weird at first. as in..whatwhat? THEN we realized what was it about.

*the convo was in chinese by them*
man : she was taking photos izit?
woman : i dont know(she knows but she pretend dont know LOL)
man : KAN ZHE TA (be on the look out..but of course it sounded STARE AT HER)

and it was VERY LOUD....they think cause we converse in english we freakin dont know chinese izit? my face looks THAT banana-ish izit?! lyn is pro chinese okaY? and i freakin understand that you were talking bout me (and what you were talking)

alahhh i know my fault...cannot simply snap people's designer shop...cause its copyrighted or something... but but...T_T so heres what i present to you.

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Please be thankful i risk my life for this. im probably a wanted person now LOL

after allll that HOo-hah...ALEXIS!!!!!our love!! LOLZ

cakecakecakes GAlore!! how can one be...Er....forlorn? (im not a poet....nor im a long rhymelarh)

yesh!!: D and my face really...i dont know!! every cake that came was put right in front of my face although not mine!! aPEr ni!!~~ my face that wai sek meh?!T_T sad* we had..TIRAMISU . MIXED FRUIT MERINGUE . BANANAFEE(or something like that) i took photos.. but they miraculously dissapeared..shows how good they are. the camera devoured it....sigh*

anyway go eat okay!? at RM10 you will feel 115% satisfied(-5% cause you will grow few hundred calories heavier) and...definately after eating will feel Secret Recipe cakes arent that worth it wink*^_~

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snapnspsnap**!! LOLZ

we stayed there really long!!: D you knowlarh girls talk non stop!! we saved tons of phone bill that night!! : D ..and oh yea..i went in the guys toilet..cause the girl wouldnt come out and there was a weird smell(really). the waiter suggest i go into the guys one which i refuse to sit until cleaned the seat profusely with tissue..THIER tissue.

the only highlight left on the night b3fore we hit the beds....of course other tahn ee lyn almost getting us lost (thank God sexay has keng road sense you will know why the next post hahahaha actually to balance me and lyn who has HORRIBLE direction sense....lyn can end up in shah alam if wanna go SS2 and i can end up in Assunta Hosp)

like i said.. the highligh was.....there was a COCKROACH at sexays car: D i dint see it... but they were frantic bout it: D i sit at the back mar: D for blessed LOL