Monday, November 30, 2009

tuh-wen-ty-four already arh?!

  • the ones that has been wishing every year without fail still continues.
  • the one that i did not expect from actually remembered *major shock*
  • feel bad for the one that called me at midnight to sing but i missed the call-_-
  • the ones that were supposed to wished me did not. haha. well one wished dayssss before and the other one wished everyday for 3 wrong days and missed the correct date-_-'' very the keng is that both blamed each other for the wrong date-_-'' you two..sigh*
  • i had new wishes this year (*smiles*)
  • although a lot less wishes then last year, but i know everyone that wished this year are the ones that truly remember from the heart (or their phone reminder laughs*)
funnily i also received more presents then last year-_-'
(glow in the dark panties anyone? HAHAHAHA)

random birthday moments:
  • i bought a strawberry tart and a slice of strawberry cake just to bring over and share it with ms.sexay and dancing queen. amos bear joined along soon after :D
  • i ate fried egg rice with super a lot of belacan as birthday dinner celebration :D i wanted McD..but dad was sick so decided to just have it easy at home. God heard me cause amos bear bought McD's and i could steal some *laughs* and the set drink was RIBENA!!!!!!!
  • my brother and his girlfriend put up a funny cute wishing act for me (and die also won't repeat for me to video-_- bleah)

i also wanna wish my baobei barbie and ichitaka jason for both of them share the same birthday :D
and pie that falls on tmr.
may everyday be filled with rainbow sprinkles**

Sunday, November 29, 2009


i'm joining the club in 7 hours..
and i present to you

and yes, i was eating crab-_-

i also present the evidence why i diedie also will never let jelly touch my camera anymore! like using my own people to "belakang mari" (attack from behind)
sorry you have to suffer looking at my kanasai facial expressions. in repeat mode.
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and the "Death by Chocolate" cake minus the orchids cause ms.sexay hates them haha-_-''
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i thank my baobeis for the night.( i also thank everyone for waiting for me to finish my crab...see. i eat really slow right?-_-) i know you all do everything just for me to be happy and not expecting anything in return other then my smiles (and tears-_-)

you know i heart you all lotslots although i don't show it.
paiseh okay-_-

lastly, this is how much i love chocolate/desserts/sweet stuffs

p.s// i broke the plastic knife while cutting the cake-_- (shows imaginary muscles)
won't jinx my wish kan!? although it's the same wish every year

Saturday, November 28, 2009

my last MV saturday

is supposed to be filled with studying for the upcoming JLPT.
but me being me, instead of 100% concentration on studying, i....
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now i have a whole lump sum of jap recipes i can try *happy lil' girl smiles*
i can imagine my kitchen showing a sad face now hahahaha :D
Image Hosted by
*sniff*sniff* while the ah pek was scouting for christmas presents, instead of helping i did otherwise :P
Image Hosted by
*sad* was written all over my face when that ah pek did not want to line up to eat jap. luckily he noticed a queueless Zanmai Zen. the table felt like feast. so happy. wahahahahaha~

and meet's new sugarbabe :D accidently broke the old one while traveling the last time. i was searching high and low for a replacement :D these came in those packets where you would not know what character you would get unless you open it. worth the risk since they were designed by DevilRobots :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

random quote

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for a random picture that i took of ms.sexay chan's new rm30 shoes vs. her old ones :D

mt.kiara night flea market. how i miss the jelly coconut that was once sold there (thinking bout it, it' was almost 5 years ago)

sometimes it feels funny to me.
you visit some place, plant some memories....then to re-visit the place with totally different memories.
how time can change everything and sometimes nothing.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

random thought

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

72 hours

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just got back from the impromptu trip.
it's just food food and MORE food~
no prizes for guessing where i was :D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

foursome saturday

Friday, November 20, 2009

christmas countdown!!! :D

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i initially wanted to catch some french film at Midvalley. the problem with Midvalley's GSC is that the length of the queue is forever long. whenever you stand at the back of the line, you can never see the beginning of it-_-''

amazing. GSC is so earning.

so in the end, me and ms.sexay chan went to look at....jengjeng* christmas decos :D
seriously one of the best deco places is Metrojaya. (i seriously can't wait to look at every where else's!! happyhappy joyjoy wheeeeeeeeee :D:D:D)

i will tell you now, that both of us are the ultimate girls.

we can look at decos FOREVER. like around....prolly..2 hours? from ooh-inh and aah-ing. it ended with her wanting to buy for me a deco as xmas present which i really did not mind (and mind you they weren't cheap! rm12 for a deco ...imagine decorating a whole tree!! so exp wei!) but i being a fickle pot could not make up my puny mind and after narrowing and coming to a conclusion on which deco she should buy for me.

....we ended up with something else.


totally different.

still x'mas....but totally different thing. HAHAHHAHAHAH :D

seriously, that also took a while cause there were 3 colours and i was stuck between colour vs. picture. but we enjoyed ourselves (or at least i freaking enjoy doing useless random activities haha:P) and i bet no one can guess what she bought! :D

heh heh*

oh.oh. tomyum soup, lou shi fan and soursop special at murni's is how you bribe the both of us!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

he's a r-r-r-rrrrobot?!

so funny lar sometimes.
the things that i'm kidding about wanting or don't put much hope happens. where else things that i really want don't happen. what's this? *laughs*

Image Hosted by
anyway, presenting ASTROBOY.
omg i did not expect to watch this-_-'' but surprisingly it wasn't bad. i knew the existence of AstroBoy but knew peanuts bout it. i always assumed it was a robot guy fighting bad guys (well, my guessing wasn't that off)

i love the colours used for this movie *shineshine eyes* happy and bright, like children's book (what am i saying? all cartoons are like children's book in movement) ahahaha it was not like jam-packed with emotions but enough to make you laugh at certain parts and feel sad at some. i mean...although he was a robot made to replace the Professor's dead son, "throwing" (disowning?) him away just like that was a pain to see.

how can they not care bout robot's feelings?! isn't Doraemon one of them!? *ROAR*

i looked into the old fart's eyes to show sadness at this point while saying that Doraemon thing..and all he can say was, "Er...where got...he's a cat...miao?"

-_- potong.

and machine guns at AstroBoy's butt? :D too cute. hahahaha brings farting to a different level.

just a movie to watch if you don't wanna use any brain cells and to train your eyesight to get used to his hairstyle-_-''

Monday, November 16, 2009

my green friend

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i feel nowadays casey is my laughing bag.
when i feel beh-tong, i punch him then he will make me laugh.
i feel so bad...hahah like misusing a friend-_-''
casey, if you're reading this, i'm sorry. fish, if you see this, i'm sorry to your boyfriend.
but i manymany grateful for it :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japanese Charity Fair @ Nikko Hotel

Anne and her .....inner skill in finding these kind of events despite being just back from UK not long. LOL -_-
Japanese food prepared by Japanese! DAMN GOOD! most of it were. Esp. the katsu bread. How come no one ever told me bout such bread!

Onigiri! yums max!! :D:D

There was a booth for wearing yukatas. It was damn packed! Just for RM5, you get to wear a yukata. Anne screamed the moment she saw it LOL I think we went all the way just for this lor!
Bimbo post ahead cause....:D what else but to take thousands of photos just to make my RM5 worth!

Anne reminds me of Kaoru in Samurai X

Can't get enough of the cute bow behind.


Walao. Damn cute LOL too bad our traditional costume is cheongsam/samfu and not these T_T gladly wear it to pai my grandma during CNY

Only missing is one in yellow. Then all colour complete! Can combine like power rangers :D

SO CUTE! LOL! Whatheheck.  

The cute obaasan that helped me with my yukata. She was so friendly and lovely:D And I gotta stop all my Sumimasens with her until she also sumimasen to me all the way O_O 

Yoyo balloon!!! Not cheap leh! and I super bad at it! People pay rm5 can take damn a lot of balloons. I paid RM5 and only got 1! That also I should be grateful. Knowing myself. Prolly would have ended up with none O_O

my daily diet

is doing not very sakai things but talking very sakai things with these people.

Image Hosted by
meet sakai couple.
sakai left almost died from burnt tongue when i fed him hot mochi balls with black sesame:P *oops*

Image Hosted by
big sakai feeding small sakai :D hahahah

Image Hosted by
old sakai :D

Image Hosted by
sakai putting an effort to get a pic with shy sakai :D
it worked lar.. HAHAHAHA
so funny lar- i nvr thought he would think of such idea. when people lift the menu not wanting to take a pic...lift together-_-''


as usuals, it's not where, it's not when, it's always who :D keke*

my only regret for the day is not taking a video of Casey shaking his bumbum at BBQ Chicken-_- Casey shake for me again!

Friday, November 13, 2009

my not that secret date

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did this yesterday night. how funny it is that today i did have a date. (at megamall, that zakura restaurant if anyone was there *clears throat*) it was confirmed the night before after the prediction and before i went to bed :D

and i meant everything i said bout him in my comment. he was really nice, humble and knowledgeable. maybe a bit of naughty sarcasm. hahah but mild lar :P plus he's wayyyy older. just the way i like men to be *LAUGHS*

had a nice i think, 1 hour of chat. although there were awkward stops but i'm sure it's because it's our first time meeting. he glowed when we were at the right topics :D plus, he said the magic words.

"would you like to have dessert?"

:D :D :D *paiseh*

laughs* my darling ms.mabuk i am not cheating on you. you are always my no.1
my dear sorpor cousin, don't kepo :P

p.s// baby bro cooked dinner :D zomg. fat-ness here i comings!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 hours of my life

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i seriously did not expect to catch Poker King....*laughs* but since somebody wants to *cough* ended up sitting in the cinema 4th row from the front. aiks. surprisingly it was not bad. maybe it has been some time since i caught a cantonese movie plus usually they are a disappointment. lucky this wasn't. i was also watching it in total blur until there was a point where they explained poker rules and i went "OHHHH" hahahaha straightaway got a whack on my head-_-' wathe-ef. for a comedy show i shall now declared that i cried-_- I CRIED. zzzz. cause i thought it was touching.....sigh* i need plasticine to block my tear duct or something.

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2012.......was Noah's ark in a high-tech version. *laughs* i don't know, it felt like any other disaster movie. main character always survive. go through all kinds of catastrophe....but seriously if this were to really happen. i really think that all we can do is wait for death. everything was happening so fast. i doubt there's much you can do. plus it is showed as real as it is.....only 'certain' people will have the chance to survive..-_-'' but it was touching at certain parts. you know that deep down in the end of the day, blood is thicker (redder?) than water.

also...cause your dear bulat here drank a lot of water.....her bladder was gonna burst towards the end of the movie where all the excitement is and the flood scenes weren't helping. ARGH*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

congratulations ♥ ♥

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to the newly wed couple muarks*
thanks for letting me witness your first step to happily ever after.

my first time going for a wedding registration (yes i'm outdated) and i must tell of my most shocking experience. i did not know registration can be so...hmm*

alright i guess it was because of the lady in charge of reading the oath. she was so "selamba". like anything, whatever, so you guys are the 100000 thousand couple to be married here. ho-hum* let's get this done and over with attitude-_- sigh* amazing. plus she can suddenly say "the form is rm4 okay?" added with the ending highlight of "you wanna exchange rings? exchangelar!" (in malay- you mau tukar cincin, tukarlarh!)

maybe it is supposed to be like this. or maybe cause western shows have spoilt us all. so reality is kinda hard to accept. if it wasn't for pocky who cleared some stuffs. i would have more stuffs to say-_-

but the grand highlight of the whole event was the bridegroom.

"will you take ms.smiley as your lawful wedded wife?" (in bm)
he answered, "yeap!"
"aper yeapyeap!? cakap ya saya setuju" (what yeapyeap? say i do.)

HAHAHA cute-nyer.

and congratulations to myself-_- i did not know wedding ring is put into the right hand of the woman. wathe-effingpotatochips. where was i all these while?!-_- mars?! and...i followed my parents to their wedding resgistration. i was 2 LOL

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

our bond

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is through this ikan bakar at chow yang. (super old stolen pic :P)

i cannot describe how much the 3 of us love this fish. i also cannot describe how much i love the sourish onion chilli. i love it so much that despite the fact that i diarrhea the next day every time i eat this ikan bakar (it's cause it's too spicy until my tummy cannot take it, not the fish is bad) i still go back for more :D (yar, i say i can't described then i did-_-)

it's written all over our 3 faces that we love it to bits and pieces and it's now a tradition to celebrate there on mr.boxer's birthday-_- (2 years in a row considered enough to make it a tradition kan?)

it's been quite some time since i met them. sometimes i feel bad cause the way i talk to them can be a lil bit snotty. i really don't know why. it's a bad habit i have developed towards guys since secondary school when i found out how horrible they can be behind you. so i tend not to give face. i seriously have to work on this-_- bleah*

Monday, November 9, 2009

unclorox-ed brains

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I had McDonald's Happy Meal today and this was the free toy given.
it's a SAXOPHONE. repeat after me. SAX-O-PHONE.
and all dear ms.boob queen could say was "why you mms a picture of a dildo to us?!"


why her brains 24/7 function senget wan?!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

gives lil girl smiles :D

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omg. flowers in my room! wahahahaha *happyhappy flyfly*
don't care la although its just 3 stalks. ms.sexay bought for herself but her vase cannot fit so she gave me some (heh* i still happy don't care) can't believe the empty Snapple bottles etc. that i keep in case i feel like doing something crafty one day, which i felt like throwing just the day before cause they suddenly feel like rubbish instead, came in handy-_-''

Image Hosted by
went to Waterlily again. sweat. with family this time so managed to try few more dishes :D meet the orgasmic dessert. sago, few kinds of fruits (jackfruit.watermelon.banana etc) coconut and what nots in a big cup! :D i love people who love desserts and people who doesn't. people who love will just love them with me! people who doesn't means you can eat their share. win win situation! :D heh*

and we had wine! which me and ms.sexay fell flat asleep on my bed after 2 glasses-_- so weak haha

Oh. and flipping our pictures from way back. my hair style has been the same for manymany years-_- fringe and just depending how long or how short is my length-_- from ears to shoulder. ms.sexay has changed gazillion hairstyles. see. what happens when your mom is a hairdresser and face is prettier-_- hahahaha