Saturday, May 30, 2009

guess who?

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updates later.

bulat over and out :D

oh!oh! passed my exams :D happyhappy* not just pass okay. it's wayyy above pass :D happyhappy*

Friday, May 29, 2009

guess where i went!?

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hahah: D does the above pic remind you of anything?!
did not manage to catch the english version-_- only caught the chinese one which *ta-dah* i don't know how to read either.

doesn't really matter lar cause all the kanasai cha bors could think of is "OMG. condoms for mikes!!! sing safe! :D"


anyway highlight of the night was.......LADY GAGA's POKER FACE song.


i don't know which is more surprising. the fact that i know how to sing the song despite the fact that i only listened to it prob. twice at the max or the fact that i ACTUALLY enjoyed singing it. ms.boob queen was like, "wtf. how come you can sing this song like you composed it?!"

!!!! it's inside me. lady gaga and all her almighty weirdness. *big laugh*

another highlight was......i manage to talktalk with my bendan meng from s'pore! so happy. miss him loadsloads!!! :D the fact that he owes me a drinking session (all paid for by him). lagi happy. sigh. must fastfast collect debt haha :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the off key birthday

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a proper post tmr after catching up on my zzzz.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my "si lai" hobby

i loveeee grocery shopping!!! :D:D

don't understand how can some people not like. what's there to hate?! please tell me cause i can't seem to find a reason. maybe it's a hidden housewife thing in me. haha-_- sad.

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don't know what isit. don't know how to read. din't bother actually cause i jumped into what girls call..."impulse buy" :D hahahha see. packaging helpsla. it cons people. or maybe just me. but surprisingly doesn't work on people aka looks. hahaha-_- whatgives.

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seriously after today, don't think mom trusts us to go grocery shopping for the house anymore. the family would either die from diabetes or obesity. laughs*

well got my ribena that i have been lusting for veryveryvery long. so far, everybody house i went to has ribena but mine-_-

don't care.

now i can have late night ribena too! *roar* and irritate people on msn while i'm at it haha :D

Monday, May 25, 2009

everybody say "awhs"

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this was what mom found in the postbox this morning. it had rm120 inside! talk bout $ka-chings$!!

just to see my babybro's name on the top right. it's actually an envelope from his gfriend, ms.40kg paying him back for helping her fork out money on her behalf first.

so kiute. i don't think i see much effort like these nowadays hahaha

sad to say my bro is an independent fella and his gfriend is ...prolly a bit more clingy. but who am i to judge? i'm just saying according to what i can see. what exactly goes on behind the curtains i will never know.

just hope he can be a bit more sensitive sometimes despite i know he really sayangs her.

cause sometimes i think girls just want a bit more assurance...actions more then words.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

my sunday siaochabors

when i picked up my rockstarr gongzue from 7-11 in the morning (i made her wait for 10 minutes which is equivalent to a death sentence in her books. yaiks*) i felt as if it has been eternity since i last met her which by right (flips calender*) it has been only one blardy week-_-


the college syndrome is taking over me again-_-
you know you really love the people when you can meet them and not get bored.
this poor girl has been walking into walls, tripping over flat land in her flats and having cold blooded hands. she's going to go for a blardy check up whether she wants it a not-_- whatfish.

cut the whole hoo-hah of mom declaring that today is vegetarian day but decided to go for a "got meat" breakfast so that ms.rockstarr and baby bro bear can't run from breakfast..hahaha that woman ate half a twisties packet when i was 10 min late and a whole McFlurry larh.

breakfast some more meh?!

waited for ms.boob queen and off we went to..where else. 1-Utama-_- gonna get a trophy for most freq. visitorlarh..after babybro. whatgives.

*forgive photoshop skills. no creative juice...dahlarh takde. today lagi takde*

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1st and last pic of ms.rockstarr in her freaking ugly spects. this is what happens when you leave decision making to your ex. HAHA kiddinglarh eds.

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photo sez it all:D she has been on a "hell"thy diet mode lately. ah the days..where i suffered. no more i tell you. i rather run 10km then sacrifice my comfort food *ROAR*

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"eh, why you so old woman wan. always drink tea"
see what's the new fad now!!! :D all hail TEA!!!!actually it's not that i really love tea, but it's the only drink i can refill for free. esp. at starbucks. yes. imma cheapskate.and yes i stole everyone's "tea biscuits".

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cause girls shop every.single.time they meet up-_-

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can see? my boobs here? compared to ms.boob queen in the pic above? *sigh*

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saving money to go s'pore. no choice-_-

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yes that's it. hahahahhaah :D

after that the usuals gossip and random talks about everysingletopicunderthesun over "ma lat mee" (spicy canto the tone is low) which i kept mispronouncing it as "ma lat"( canto the tone will be high) , ms.boob queen was gonna choke on her bubble tea -_-

and yea, i got my bubble tea without the tea! they vacumned all the tea, so plenty of bubbles for me! :D *laughs*

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and yeap, ms.sexay was in office the whole day hence her missing aura. should have photoshopped the photos and put her face in (or mole haha) she brought over this choc rabbit for me!!! :D kuakuakua.

sitting comfortably in my fridge right now. dark choc!! *yums* expiring soon..but hah. can be downed in 5 minutes. no big :D pic stolen from ms.hamtan queen's blog. it's easier to abuse other ppl's already photoshopped pics :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009



!!! ROAR


omg. done and over with. i have like....9 essays to pass up though. hahah my fault for not finishing them sigh*-_-

thick skinly asked for a movie session although i know he was reluctant haha-_- (not gonna ask anymore) so i spent the night watching this.

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for a's really not bad. you know how sometimes sequel sucks. this doesn't. in fact i think there were some parts i had difficulty breathing cause i was laughing so hard. not all. just some. haha wathefishbones. but i think in all, the rest of the cinema was laughing louder and harden then me...i still had exam result worries. laughs*

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then i had the most expensive sweet....rm2 can prob buy like....50 sweets....if 20 cents can buy 5 of 'em. *laughs* ridiculous.

Friday, May 22, 2009

admit for nuts. peanuts.

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ms.sexay gave me 2 pieces of the above for my mom.
"for your mom ar, bulat! no eat!"

so imagine when my mom open the fridge today to find them missing.

"who took the chocs?!"
"i din't. sexay specifically said its for you and i kept my words soo..."
"but they are no longer here. i ate one. where's the other?"

*rummaging the fridge like some mad woman*

"i dont know!", i said defensively cause i can feel everyone's eyes burning through me. "i din't take!"
"kent got take?", mom moving on to her next target (or victim haha)
"nola, i don't even know got chocolate okay?"

in the midst of all these chaos, dad kept quiet. then mom asked, "old man, did you take!?"

without any pause my papa said, "ya!"

all of us were like,"so thats the culprit...."

"you atela my choc with wine!", almighty mom showing her "beh tong" look.

"wad choc?", suddenly papa replied

the rest of the family gave the "-______________-?"

" just said u took my choc!"

"no...hahaha no sorry i din't."

"whathe...then why did you say u ate?!"

"nono i din't!", suddenly papa got all defensive pulak.

"......**** then where's the choc?", mom got too lazy to argue with papa's blur mode on.

me and babybro can't stop laughing asking ourselves, "then why the heck he said he ate it in the first place?!"

silly ol' dad.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

welcome to the family


*kai xin*

Oh Lord!! hahahah i better blog bout this while i'm still happy before all happiness evaporates into thin air.

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meet my nameless ipod shuffle (yes i have not named it bleah) !!! i can tell you that as a person who studied in art school, i must be the only one who does not..or did not bother to get into the whole hoo-hah "must own an apple product" or "apple is so cool!" revolution.

so paiseh *laughs*

but now i do!!! *im in the clubb!!!! che-wah* it's second hand but ...nebermindla. with the amount of money saved i can eat another...let's see....495 chokichoki sticks :D


actually the main reason i bought this is cause i wanna use it to pinch pocky whenever i can for syoks it can be clipped on anywhere while jogging. *heh* okay maybe a lil bit to whatever i slashed alsola hahahahaha

aiks. ...i just admitted that i din't buy it just cause it's an apple product. ahah wathemountfuji

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sings the most popular song in the world.

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although it's his birthday the rest of the family members decided the location instead. so odd. hahahaaha :D but it has been a long time since we ate korean (my family must be past life japanese-_- confirmed) but i was DYING for kimchi soup..which in the end "tak jadi" also T_T am i the only one who likes kimchi soup!? so i had to settle for "happiness in eating small dishes" :D


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apple crumble as cake. *laughs* in the end I finished the pie!

everyone else was too full-_- wathecrap.

am i such a big eater?! *looks at protruding tummy..sighs*

lovelovelove apple pies..i think i'm gonna marry anyone who knows how to make apple pies-_- i can't believe a person like me who hates apples likes apple pies-_- Dome one rocks too. the one above is from La Manila. 5 minutes before they shut the door-_-

I love you, Lao dou. May you live a long and healthy blessed life *muahs*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

snail mail rocks.

look what came in the mail today.

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not showing off. i just wanna feel a weee bit more responsible (not only feeding my tamagotchi when it beeps *heh*

i still cannot imagine how can such small amount every month do so much wonders for the underprivileged out there.

*click* if you guys wanna help out too:)

Pasar Malam @ SS2 with Casey

*ripped off a happy day story from bodo-ism*

Story goes like this...
i was walking back home from my job interview, and my whole body was sweating. At da same time talking on my hp. All da sweats was sucked into my keypad, and it cant function lolx!
So i need to use my spare phone, yet i dun have da charger, therefore I called Bodolat to get her charger.
And she replied, "Eh, since its Monday, SS2 got pasar malam...Ok i'll come later then we go pasar malam"
And thus, our eating spree started hahahahah!

bulat says : i hereby now announce that i'm gonna pollute casey the bodosey's post with these pink words of mine! yosh!! *

We spotted da ice cream 1st, and without seconds of hesitation we bought it hahahaa!

I had lychee flavor. I ordered from da vendor, but Bodolat wanted sour plum flavor, i dunno wats it called in cantonese....and i told da seller "i want plum, plum one"...and wow he understood XD

bulat says : rm1!!!! so old school this icecream T_T i feel like making it myself in my fridge. it's actually frozen juice with plum!! sooooo goooooood.

Trays of meatballs displayed there, it looks appetizing haha!
Until now i stil feel like eating, coz im hungry now while i'm typing! XD

bulat says : see the photo!? i purposely edit the dialogue up there to bully casey :D haha fishfishfish *starts singing*

My ugly side of meatball craving, XD! and my eyes was censored?? Pardon me, my spec looked ugly so Bodolat had to censor it hahahhaha!!!!

bulat says : actually...cause this bodo fella always say he don't like his photo up etcetc. until i got "mang zhang" hahah despite my extra effort in photoshopping his photo, he never seems to be satisfied-_- worse then girls!! pifts* so i decided to just..... "mewantedkan" his face like those posters-_- piftspifts*

We bought tis tat night hehe! And how did tat caught our attention? See tat prawn, it looks soooo biggg? And Bodolat said she wanted it coz da prawn looked so big LOL!

bulat says : hahah as long got prawn i eat de!! :D prawn wan sui wan sui wan wan sui!!!! *hearts* omg. if got crab..lagi wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

I was eating corn in cup, it reminds me of Bodoby (she ate tat everytime we go for movie hahaha). And Bodolat had tis bubble tea, and guess wat? She asked da seller tat she wanted da bubbletea pearls without da drink itself hahaha! But no choice, they dun sell tat lolx.
In the end, i have to drink da 'tea' and she eat da pearls XD

bulat says : sigh. i wanted to eat a lotlotlot more stuffs! it feels so nice when you can order anything, eat 2 bites and pass it on to your personal walking dustbin aka. casey hahahaahahahah but he was getting full... hrms. next time you don't eat dinner can? hahaha :D

We need to wash our hands after eating. And Bodolat spotted wet oranges in a stall. and she washed her hand over dozens of oranges....ask her to do a demo nex time LOLX!

bulat says : er..people. i do this sometimes only..sometimes. sweats-_- i enjoyed the night :) thank you. my week wasn't very good, so this was a good space out time. after that was in bodosey's room looking at old pictures that he had and his family photos. if anyone want lengluis. trust me. his cousins are a whole lot to choose from. too bad im a girlT_T