Sunday, June 19, 2011

Groupon Voucher : Sushi Q

bought from groupon Malaysia.

as written :
for RM11.90, you get a Japanese set meal consisting of a box of assorted sushi and sashimi (RM18.80 value), a bowl of miso soup (RM2.50 value) and free flow of hot green tea (RM2.50 value) at Sushi Q (RM23.80 total value)
actually the main reason we bought this is cause every Sat we are at the JFKL library,Midvalley so it makes sense to buy vouchers that are redeemable at Midvalley/Gardens right? :P funnily we ate something veryvery filling that day and not even 2 hours later, we went to redeem this. laughs*

poke pocky's tummy!*

verdict : seriously in comparison with groupon's photo, other then the fact that there wasn't any garnish in ours and the salmon slices were a tad small, everything was ay-okay!:) esp the soup. hahahahahha! though it felt a lil funny as the soup was served in a plastic container. easy for packing if you can't finish it though. and the green tea? came in a very thick, good quality paper cup..that i sheepishly carried it, sipping throughout the journey from sushi Q to the car and later, washed the cup and kept it. laughs* im using it to put pens and stuffs. maybe i should decorate it too since it's so plain! :P

when sushi Q was frst opened (or when i frst saw it at 1U) i was really doubtful bout it. i's right in the middle of the "highway" and it looks like an express, take&go counter. how good can it be? sushi is supposed to be a delicate thing, personally made by the chef's hands with heart (acc. to me larh) but with mass production nowadays you tend to raise an eyebrow bout it. but Thank God, sushi Q did not let me down..well not top-notch but at least, it's wayyyyyy better then i expected:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Would you like one too?