Tuesday, June 27, 2006

she smart? i smarter.

my house fridge(lets call him Mr.busy) opens his mouth 24/7.365 days thus resulting in "jaw" problems. Mr.Busy's mouth tak boleh close nicely de.Oh and everytime i go visit Mr.Busy miraculously my tummy gets bigger! surprise surprise. sharing the same oxygen as him must have been one of the culprit. but anyway i just cant stop visiting him!! you too right? i bet everyone loves their own Mr.Busy. or..whatever name yours carry...you know like..MR.Busybusier..Mr.notsobusy....yea.

you see..Mr.Busy is extremely close to my mom, since she interect with him almost every..erm hour or so. cause they exchange recipes.ahh..yes: D and inside mr.busy theres a sealed place that mom shares with Mr.Busy. little did i know what was the REAL secret behind it. Mr.busy is far too nice to stop me..and curiosity killed no human..thus i always go and kacau that "secret" place.

but all i see..is cake stuff..FLOUR.NUTS and what nots. cannot eat wan..although can..she tied those plastic bags with rubber band so tight i bet the nuts inside are suffocating...you see also lazy to open liao.Mr.Busy sense my...sadness...but he did not say anything but smile and offer me an apple or two to make me feel better.

..i still think Mr.Busy and mom shared a secret that i dont know. she pratically floats and glow everytime after her visit with him...thats unfair!! why cant i share the secret too?!T_T

limitslmits. i couldnt take it anymore and one day i kutchi dear MR.Busy..HOHOHOHO look what i found!!!!!: P since i was soooo occupied with the little secret..mana tau the REAL SECRET is...right under my nose !!!: P..you know how occupied you get and you dont notice the significant? yea...

but whatever!

GONE CASE!!kekekekekkekekke: P Yum.wheeeee~~~**


Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy papa day: D

.bleah i made my dad look older than he really is...and arh..so much for drawing.. bLeahzk.

my bro says that the drawing looks...wrong cause its fathers day but yet...hahaha~_~ the actions seem terbalik. Erm...paiseh.

my family does nothing on fathers day and i really mean nothing. instead its like any normal day..too normal in fact. i almost forgot its fathers day. but of course suddenly someone hit my head (my Consciouslarh). so playing a good luilui role today.

"eh you doing anything ar not?"
somethings coming. beepbeep*
"eh comelarh teman your old papa go to big market"
"eyerrr....very smelly wan worh..you go there buat aper"
"i wanna buy plastic bags..."
"huh? all the way there?!"
"you know that day you used those bags to pack the plastic thingys"
"i can buy you MacD!: D"
(you highlight and see hahahaha: D)

i easily satisfiedleh. hahahahahaha: D mom say i so cheapskate. but arh..she ownself mau also okay. phone me go buy for her also. my brother more keng.

"jie im going out to eat but tarpau for me also. i wan set wan arh. dont want you always buy solo meals"


.muarks pa!! you know we love you despite you being so baka..!!<3

everyones getting sickO_o

even me!!...i dont know what virus is going on.

i.hardly.RARELY.get.sick...lets say an average person gets sick every 3 months. i probably get sick every 3 years or so. example onlylarh. i didnt curse anyone yoh.

when im whining around how sick i am. must manja larh since hardly sick. make use man. LOL. suddenly..."i dont knowley..i got sore throat.fever.flu.cough..no voice also..kelian me larh"

....celaka sms...aii ke lianpity my friend.

pat your head okay? patpatpatpatpat*(take advantage syiok sendiri)

Friday, June 16, 2006


it takes only 5 sms-es of sorries(ssss) to make me smile again. wasnt that easy huh? huh?!!: P why didnt you do that on the spot instead of 24 hours later? then 1 sms would be sufficient*grins*

and no. no more baby photos. kns....ahhh!!!stares at photos.eyes go all googly.

anyway i miss my MTV's and channel V's in gym. its been football ever since. i can almost recite all the games and scores. almost. but arh despite how much i hate football..hahahahaha i cant believe i was watching while lifting the dumbbells and screaming when the time was right. GOAL!!!! NOOOO!!!!: D yea. syiok!: D

p.s// the best part is telling out the scores "oh so just slip out of my mouth kinda thing" during gym but loud enough to make sure lean white meat hears it. hahaha cause he watches replays: D and my mom stalks the newspaper. she loves bullying him.

whats this post about? oh i dont know: D a bounce from my "black clouds over my head?" yea: D bouncecbouncebounce*

so genki i need 2 drawings: P

syiok sendirilarh.

p.s///looking forward to July 1st. erm hopefully can go, im very tired of last minute cancellations and no temans. sniff* and july 5th....~_~ howlarh that day. ROAR*

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"you seelarh cause your dad put that "yu" on yur brothers name now he always fly" "..er~_~ nothing to do with name kua lao ma...mine is angel right? then? do i even act like one dont say look larh"
"...well you did look like an angel when you were young God knows what happened to you..must be all that karma"

"....~_~ kns like this say your daughter you born wan worh!!!!"
"well..i dont care: D you have to go on with your life with that face not me!!"

"...talking bout it.your name so bisexual.."

"actually mom a lot of people thinks my name is guy de..even when last time we bought airplane tickets they wrote there Master but Miss for kent didi right?"
"...yahlarh..but its known what cannot put too girly they say more balanced that way..."
"...balanced my butt..like fall out of balance liao..see your daughter skirts like disease"
"hahahahahhaah say only larh you."
"but my chinese name so many nicknames!! sigh..."
..p.s//im not letting out my nicknames cause all of them are REALLY teruk courtesy of lyn.ben and sexay chan.oh..ah keong also.
"but thank God you didnt put names like xue er or something.."

"its a nice name! whats wrong with that?"
"i dont know. so girl!! or maybe i just dont like the ER sound"
"oh..its common what..you put er at the end of your last chinese name..like call children lidat"
later bro explained "er" is like japanese "-chan"..usagi-chan.
"then you mai call me chi er like that?"

"HUH? what?"
"chi er is penguin you dunno meh?"
"wth?! hahahahahahahaahhahahahahaahahahhahaahhahaahahahahahah how can you do this to your daughter!!!! name her penguin!!!"
"aijo! where got people think of the er thing wan!!! so ngam yours is chi er mai penguinlar" starts laughing ..almost hit curb leh mom~_~
"then kent de leh?...yu er.." silence "sounds like EEYERRRRR!!!!"
hahahahahahahaaha*again roar of laughter..can see during red light the car next to us staring

i dont know what brutal strength i have...or its time to change panties.

p.s///YAY!!: D driving lessons start on SUNDAY!! bwahahahahah finally!!..er..mom insists someone re-teach me. no one wants to sit my car boo-hoo. free ticket to heaven pun tak mau T_T sobs.but no new carT_T have to share with kent..Mom and Dad are getting new cars. BLEAH.

p.s.s//im a banana thus the words are wrote to what i think they look like...er i mean only the "er" word: D

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

how to know when your brain is cuckoo

..when you do this before brushing. Thank God some sane is left before entering it into your mouth.

.nightmares like these does nothing but freak you out and all you could think while running on the threadmill was banana milkshake.

.i walked pass a guy today i thought i saw Buddha preaching on Christiannity. what more..hes a pastor..ZzZzz!!~

Sunday, June 11, 2006

exposeh..with a line above 'e'

i saw this card thing on MTV that day. the guy was doing his so-called "magic" and somehow i saw how the last trick was done. hahahahaha sorry man. but maybe cause you were overconfident..or the cards were too near the screen or maybe i read it somewhere before: D

no. im giving credit to myself for the 1st ever magic trick that i can expose. since i always get tricked/cheated even by mok's "omg estee where did the coin go" trick. i was like.."where?!" when everyone was like.."there....."~_~

i drew it so clear: D exposed in less than 6 seconds; D

P.s//malay's mail blogging babes..i dont know how were the photos taken. by some photographer from Malaymail or what, but i personally think its saddening. doesnt do any justice to them. they are a gazillion times more leng. WTH.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


.i guess i can forgive this lalat look...mom bought it btw.

if you so happen to be at 1-u. so happen to be in FOREVER 21. so happens to be around 3pm+. then im pretty sure you will notice these 2 mentally retarted people at the sunglasses section where prices ranged from RM25-RM29. both were trying on each and every pair and literrelly hogging the darn one and only mirror displayed there. LOL.

i cannot believe the darn shop took up 3/4 shoplots and had this awesome window like display thingy. i really dont know how to explain that but i'm lovin it. sadly i didnt find much skirts nor pants. though shirts were like every.where.every.single.corner. and yea every.piece.look.almost.the.same.

polka dots from afar. but..actually its repition of hearts.flowers.bunnies.cars...everythinglarh and boy were the shirts looonggg. if you are short you will save a lot on the bottom part, you dont need any. actually i didnt get to really see much cause it was really packed. so many girls takper. so manyauntiesnot so young lengluis takper. so many on and off duty forever 21 workers. takper. many boyfriends.guy friends. ji muis and above all..children and babies.

howlar how? hahahahahaha aboslutely SWEAT!!

seeing how long the queue is for the changing room and the counter isnt exactly boosting buying power too. but me and mom will go back there next week: D cause mom saw some shirts she already programmed into her mind to get it. and next week every "lil boy and girl" are going back school: D so yeah: D we will be back.

but most of the clotehs look somewhat...i dont know what era izit. 60's? 80's but its the polka dots...stripes...long shirts..leggings...lalat sunglasses. wide hairbands.agogo colours. which my mom was practically screamin asoft" i freakin gave shirts like these just few months ago when i cleaned my wardRobe!!ARGH!!"

..haha: P looks really the same . just altar a bit the design but cloth and colour wise basically stayed the same authentic colours. not to mention the jewellery...pearls pearls and more pearls or big ass bulat thingys which i like but wont wear. dahlarh bulat wear bulat stuff sumore.(mom claims they look like the monk praying beads...sweatlarh)and yea..half of what i saw i remembered mom has a lot just that she kept them in the closet cause its old and she hardly uses anymore.

well..time to see light.

amazing how fashion just turned a round. and im not even 21 yet. bleah.

p.s// i met audree and jia min.it felt so blog struck. ahahah and they were so much cuter in real life. omg..O_o..im a stalker T_T

lynlyn just had to make me feel T_T

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


just found out i have been tagged by nicole bout the 8 qualities i find in my perfect lover ..

erm..cause its 4am now...the only thing i can think now is

1. nice shoulders for me to sleep on!! bwahahahahahahahaha: D

syiok!!: D

woot~: D okaylarh i dont know what i look for in a "perfect lover"..i mean when you are so blindly in love..even though hes not exactly the perfect man. you know the typical girl's list.

must be good. must not smoke. must not be too boring. must be capable. sense of humour. blahblahblah.

you will eventually think hes perfect although you "know" (assume you still knowlarh not so blind until cannot see flaws) hes not perfect. but cause hes yours and just some small tiny things are perfect like how his hands fit perfectly over yours. (er hahah i dont know is this romantic?100 novels cant be that wrong) or how he sometimes so slightly falls asleep next to you...

OKOK i will do the darn 8 things. aiseh....Er...sweats.i really dont know. the only thing i remembered was that my old list, that was made like ages ago was capability. sense of humour. can interect with my dear ones. enjoy food as much as i do and ...must be able to tolerate all roller coaster and sort nots with me HOHOHOHOH!!~

really..upon hearing ben vommiting once he got out of the spinning teacups in Genting...made me feel...AI!!~howlarh?: D sorry ben: D lucky mon also dont sit all these. LOL

so until i DO get my first girlfri boyfriend. i dont think i will really know what i want. besides.. the higher quality the list. the...harder it gets.~_~


ugh* today i overate. DEFINATELY. i ate nasi lemak in the morning. kai fan in the afternoon. heck were the chickens BIG!! HUGE!!!: D and no bones!! bwahahahahahah i heart kai hong yok. and yes: D after 2 weeks i met with sexay chan and gossiped a bit bout her work and stuffs. she seems to be learning a lot from work..despite it to be a 4 ppl company and most of the time shes alone. sweat. eva is an intern in LEO BURNETT in the servicing department.

way to go girlfriend!!!(hahahahaaha sound so seventeen mag)

erm though it was funny to see how important contacts are in this working field. she got the intern through a lady she met for the 1st time and didnt even need to go through any interview. just like that pilipala wrote a resume and got in: D well anything that works: D it is a good opportunity anyway~gambateh Eva!!! (/^o^)/

oh and talking bout nasi lemak..i so miss sri kl nasi lemak.. you know the one sold in the mornings around 11am break. priced at RM1.20...in those 11 years inside. from RM1.20..that nasi lemak went all the way up to a freakin Rm2.50(or was it RM2.20) by the time i left school. shockerr!!!~ though the nasi lemak wasnt like SUPERFREAKINLICIOUSLYSALIVATINGGOOD~

it was still ....hahaha theres just something bout sneaking into the secondary canteen to buy it when youre in primary ...and buying it every morning to makan cause you dont want to see another free nyonya kuih. the chicken was hard...HARD. the cucumber sometimes soaked with oil but it was still syiok. Well... i guess its just the company im with eating together: D

i must find a day to go back sri kl and makan that nasi lemak Yoh!!!: D

maybe after i shed a few pounds T_T

Saturday, June 3, 2006

throws ba-chang at everyone!!

gymIM BACK!!!!(back again..shes back..back again...)

lame-oh is back too: D

back from my sweet totally papan kampung that has bats hanging by the front door...kids singing amitabha after throwing stones at a frog and overflows with water during raining season!!!!(and usually theres not enough water to have a good shower)

updates tommorrow...my neck is aching from sleeping the in the car.

i feel like a sengeted giraffe now.

oh and yes...i love eating ba-changs.... but i freakin hate doing them. hatehatehatehate. no matter what i do...me.leaves.rice.meat do not interect together. better i dump all the ingredients into a bowl and steam it.


ba chang(-the leaves) in a bowl a.k.a loh mai kai hahahahahahhahahaa: D

the 5 steps to ba-chang.

which seriously need like what? talent and patience and everything else. by the time i did step 1. my grandma did like 5/6 zhongs. BLEAH.

. a very messy 5 steps that i dont wanna eloborate.

and i was kinda pissed.sad.sensitive. that by the time i got my 1st step done. my grandma got touche and said " aiya u leave the kitchenlarh you arent of any use". you should see my face so hurt!....there i am trying my ass out to get it done. then when i kept askin my mom how. my grandma said again " aiya why you so noisy wan?"


needless to say. i didnt eat lunch. i was moody and i went to sleep and talk on my h/p to calm myself down. if not... hurhur. even though shes my grandma and she probably didnt mean anything she said. i would have burst into tears and probably scream at her in broken chinese and later in english. which...thats why sleep is good.

anyway: D my dear cousins were there again. no need me to say anything. sexay heard screams from them from the h/p and she was like "RIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHTT"

...haha: D but i love them to bits!!
ALTOUGH my freaky 5 year old cousin dug her nose and then this LOOOOOOOOONG Pei tai!! FISH* she...freakin show it in front of me AND THEN SHE FREAKIN ATE IT!

and licked her lips and said YUM!



i dont know your reaction but i hell ran away from her.!! WTH?!~___~ im so out of my kid zone.

her brother was doing kns things...~_~

running around with wrapping paper from parkson screaming "SUPERMAN!!!UPDATED!!!ZOOM!!!"

hhahahahahahahaXD kawaii

Friday, June 2, 2006

i skipped gym today!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA that deserves to be the title...i dont care: D

eh not being lazy okay? i stayed up till 6am doing dads stuff. er..okay!! maybe i maple a lil..haha: P

in case anyone is interested: D this is the new siew yoke i was talking bout that recently joined the gym to get tortured by the older aunties (hohoho: P sorry older leng luis) and torture young fats like me..: D he really realy looks like that...just not as pinklarh huhu.

until now i cannot get over the fact that his darn watch is too big for his skinny bony hands..one day its gonna slip and its gonna fit my hand better: D

and today will be the day i have to help dad with statements and filings eeech* i hate beginning of the month days.~_~



"eh st~~aunt juliana bought lou gong peng!!!"
trust me: D lou por peng nicer...heh heh heh

much later

"estee dear...i think with this monstrous phone bill you are wrecking up", waves the bill all around " soon you will have to resort to smoke signals and bongo drums to talk to your friends..do i get myself clear?"

. . . . . i tell you....enviromentalist are gonna come knocking on my door and giving me free phone line forever!!..doesnt sound too bad if that really happens: D