Thursday, January 17, 2008

it's that time again!!

o m glarh. jap exams are here again. this time really unprepared-_- and how time flies! ouch*

wanna pengsan edi. *runs amok*

brains save meeeee.

yarh i know i have not been blogging. so much work to do!! agh* that's March.

40tripleD will be launching her new career. hahahah okay. she will be taking courses at 95%, her small baby steps to become a copywriter.

i....i will just have more free time by then. huhuhu. not free...just..a little bit more free...better than nothing : P

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

tickety tock

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yesyes. i know the hand is drawn "terbalik", not my hand can? : P

a frown was on my face on the 1st day of 2008 when i saw 2 pimples on my left cheek. so disturbing-_-

don't feel any difference. other than the 2 pimples. still fat. still short. still having small boobs and not enough hair on my brown. still having small hands. still having the same confused thoughts i have last year. smiling over a dream that happened the night before. it's like debit brought forward from the previous year to 2008.

2007 i did not achieve anything significant...well in my opinion, that is.

but i guess some things are worth mentioning.

. got a job
...not exactly. but heck, got my bum off the house. my mom was happy i was actually out there learning that life is definately not a bed of caramel sauce. i know it is not but i like to think so. during the whole process, cried countless times. fighting with my emotional self. it was extremely difficult for me. but i am ready for the next step. actually i am not, but i have to.

. changed spects
considering i have been wearing same spects since 15. that makes the spects 7 years old. losing it's purplesness. rusty and almost hanging on one side of the ear, was forced to change spects and went through a crazy time finding the right one with my friends -_-

. fell in love with foreign movies
watching jap/korean movies/dramas has been on going for long. but ever since i watch my first french movie with sexay chan. there was no turning back, continuously adding the list with other different languages.

. took up jap class
getting worse by the semester. but i am determined to finish at least till advance level if not i don't see the point i take it in the 1st place and so that i don't disappoint my dad..

. finalist for Gempak
did the 4 panel strip category. chose that category just to try my luck. for let's say the dateline was on the 5th, did it on the 2nd, sent on the 3rd with poslaju and just prayed it reached on time. did not win the top 3 prizes but heck: D

. finally drove
though i still cannot drive far cause i cannot remember roads for nuts. but i am sure my parents are glad that finally i am saving ample of their time. problem now is a car. *laughs*

. jacky cheung's concert
my first concert and it was free: P kuakuakua. thanks to ms.boss m(_ _)m it was really fun!! made "middle finger sign" and "rocker sign" with the big ass "hand looking" cardboards Maxis was giving out and waved them around. in the end, was screaming and singing like some lunatic although i don't know any of his songs nor am i a big fan of his.

. went for the haagen dazs buffet
what more can you ask for when you love desserts so much: D unfortunately, i found out i don't like their vanilla ice cream cause it has a slight taste of coconut and i lost to mom who ate damn a lot of scoops-_-

yay!! a list of useless things that i have done or at least remembered for 2007.

i don't know what 2008 has to offer. i do have some plans in mind, but i will just hope for the best: D: D: D