Thursday, June 28, 2012

Facebook Mom

That day I read KenWooi's post and made me realized that my mom is....different?

First and foremost, when mom joined Facebook. (That was just around 3 months back?)
-_-!! Don't know to be happy or sad....mehh...

At first, she really tested my patience cause for every single thing she would bug me for my assistance. Dahlah, she don't want to add me as friend but need my help for everything! *pifts* where can like this wan?!

Once she got the hang of it, she is CONSTANTLY on Facebook. (She uses iPad, means really on the go!) In fact, I think she's a pro! She managed to track (or should I say stalk? hahaha) most of her ex-colleagues and veryvery old school mates (like primary mates) 

Spam each others' walls and comment on each others' photos like non stop! The wall is basically like a chatting place for them. It is super active-_- Her Facebook page makes mine looks like the Sahara desert-_- (dusty and dry) There is never a day she doesn't get any notifications. And they can be up till early morning spamming on each others' wall.

They even plan gatherings and eateat sessions on Facebook! O_O Keng a not? To me it is lorh!

She even gets messages like these-_- MESSAGES. means more than one! I joined Facebook since 2007 and I have never gotten any "Plz add me as fren." / "I wanna fren u." messages. Not even back when I was using friendster/myspace/ -_- Lose to my own mom...*hides in a corner and draws circles on the floor*
Unpaid Overworked Photo Retouch Up-er (whatever the proper title is)
If ever my mom stumbles upon this..hey mom, can I have an all expense paid for trip to Disneyland please? *shiny eyes...with eyebag* 

p.s// my mom is those kind of mom that goes karaoke with my friends till 3am in the morning...without me-_-!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How we do Ochado

In all honesty....ah pek die also ask me to get my own cup. Don't wanna share with me T_T But I am never a good girl~the moment I see his drink reaching the end, where all is left are the egg pops....heh heh heh* ngek ngek ngek*

*snatches cup away!*

Pop eggs are like pearls in normal bubble tea but it's semi transparent. The liquid inside are :D sweet coffee. It will burst when you bite it! Or the sweet coffee get mixed into the drink when you poke it with your straw. LOL. it's fun to me, sucking up the pop eggs to see how many I can suck (okay that sounded wrong...*laughs*) my baby brother calls them tadpoles!

and oh~ apparently Ochado's staff says there's only 50 pop egg cup/servings available per day per outlet *shrugs* I always get it though. We LOVE SS2 Branch! The staff really friendly wan! Even till late night :D:D uhm* please don't come and suddenly order 50 cups away from us T_T

And surprisingly, Ochado's mille crepe cake is nice! have only tried the Mango flavour and the price is actually a lil steep. But it was worth the occasional once a while. It really had real mango bits. A reliable source lil birdie told me that the cake was actually supplied by Food Foundry of Section 17. I don't remember Food Foundry's mille crepe being that nice, but oh well, maybe they improved the formula ever since!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decotape Fun Size

Excuse the inconsistent drawing...still figuring out LOL* and that is my pet dino who is afraid of heights-_-
Ah...Sometimes I wish I have Doraemon....hahahah cause he has these cool stuffs right! and one of the items I really love (other than "pintu suka hati" that tops the list!) is the torchlight that can shrink/enlarge things. If I was that tiny bit size...I would forever be in an adventure in my own messy room *laughs*

Scared meet with a cockroach only...*choiiiiii*

Few days before, I purchased a whole bunch of deco tapes through some pre-order online. Got 30% buy lor-_- Then I saw Petit Paper selling deco tapes at a bazaar in Publika for a much lower price! Yes, even after 30% discount, Petit's was slightly cheaper. ROAR* Means now I will have a super extra whole bunch to play with in 2 weeks time when the pre-order comes! Means I am gonna use it like cellotape! Muahahaha* Pretty wrapped presents!! *happy*

Feel free to browse Petit Paper, owned by a friend who is having a clearance sale right now. (practically selling the stuffs at cost price) The stuffs are reallyreallyreally pretty!!~

credits back to Petit Paper. I vandalized it though.
I personally love these cards! Comes in a set for rm18 :D
*cheaper than hallmark, but no where near homemade card pricing*
Bought it to use for next 3 jimuis birthdays LOL* I can imagine their faces already when they see the card :P
Seriously, NOT CUTE MEH?!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Number76 @ Midvalley

Mom was complaining forever about my hair. How messy it is. How unruly. How untidy. How un-glam. How un-girl. How unkept. Basically she used up every vocabulary she knows to tell how much she hates the condition of my hair *laughs*

Since we were in Midvalley, I suddenly recalled the famous Number76 Salon that every girl blogger seems to praise about. Found it easily although it was tucked away at the corner of Northpoint (cause it was near Japan Foundation! Never knew got salon downstairs!)

Decided to risk it and for the first time in my life, paid a total sum of 76 McDonald's sundae cones for a haircut. Maybe it's normal for many people out there but it was definitely around 3 months supply of McD sundaes! (well then again, rm76 included wash and massage) O_O And I never expected the place to be packed even on a weekday. Talk bout "laku!" (popular)

Had Steve Koh cut my hair..(Cause if you want a Japanese to cut, it would be an extra rm20...20 McD sundaes O_O and honestly Steve is effing Japanese. Doesn't feel like Malaysian at all ) Erm...LOL* Pretty much explained my whole experience. I think he asked me to smile cause I can look pretty glum/fierce during a haircut cause for one, I can't effing see anything without my spects! I will feel so silly if I smile while I'm half blind and how I know what the heck are you doing to my hair?? -_-

One thing I loved about the salon was that they did not push / try to sell any product. He was actually really helpful, like he could sense (or tell from my hair condition) that I am a lazy fuss free person, so he taught me the simplest way of blow drying my hair. But the way he teach, really like teaching small kid-_- bah.

And I guess they know best when he rejected my fringe idea. Last time any salon would just cut after I say it and my mom always like to say I look like I'm wearing a helmet (or sa gua) -_- Thanks mom. I'm your flesh and blood ley!

Oh! he is also the first hairstylist that did not mention anything bout my bald spot T_T *bless his kind soul*
The mainmainmain point is......veryvery important the day after, when you wash your hair, whether a not the cut is still great (or at least presentable) after that. I can safely say it is :D

he was like "NO CUT. NO CUT. Let it grow" and holding, showing me my fringe.
that bad meh my cutting skills?!-_-

number76 Mid Valley:
A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley 
TEL: +603 2287 0661/0662
STORE HOURS: 10:30 - 19:30 (Closed on Monday)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Accidental theft @ U.F.O SS2


I personally only eat UFO Lemon Ai -Yu every time I am at U.F.O. (and the occasional UFO snacks Chicken Fillet) UFO Lemon Ai-Yu is lemon juice base, with Ai Yu jelly & Yogurt Popping Balls.'s just the Yoghurt Popping balls that I love. LOL. And must remember to tell them "more sour please!" when ordering. Syiok maximum! :D

I am not responsible though if you die from sourness overload. Like how Kelvin did. LOL.
Like this the face \(> ~ <"")/

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Papa's Day

One of my dad's manymany hobbies is to tell his "grandfather" stories to anyone who is willing to listen. His eyes practically sparkle if you would just sit and listen to him talk....and talk...and talk..and talk..that somewhat can go on forever! O_O and it surprises me that every single time there is something new. He will gladly answer any question too.

Except one.

"So, many ex-girlfriends you had??"
"Kent, turn left." (Telling baby bro directions on the way back to hometown. The only time the whole family can truly talk and bond and can't run away cause we are gonna be stuck in the car together for at least 2 hours LOL or 4 hours if we go back Penang)
"Eh, pa. What kind of girl was your first girlfriend?"
"Kent, careful the car in front."
"Pa, just answer jie. If not, she is gonna bug us the whole journey."
"Eh, pa.."
"Bulat, your father won't answer you wan larh! I as his wife also don't know how many he has! But one thing's for sure, he was a playboyla. I was one of his ex-girlfriend's friend ma!"
"So Kent, you see..."


"eh ma, you don't know wan meh dad's ex-girlfriend's stories?"
"...your father DIE ALSO don't want tell me. Then what can I do?"

After so many years, I still can't manage to dig out anything bout my dad's love life. But he does tell my guy friends how to tackle girls though-_- It feels soooo wrong....but ah...whatever makes my dad happy, then I'm happy too.

Well....anyway....when you can't get any story out of the "stubborn" one. You just gotta go the other way.

"So, many ex-boyfriends you had?"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kopi O' 2 in 1 (gaogao!)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Magnum Dilemma

LOL. me and my silly problems ...blah.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

banana woes

Saturday, June 9, 2012

sweet sweet kiss


Friday, June 8, 2012

French Film Festival @ GSC

It's back!
Butt aches and horrible parking rounds at 1Utama. For one of the movies, I actually reached into the carpark at 8.30pm, I was in there making rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds....till 9.10pm. Movie was at 9.15pm :( And I saw like 5 cars in front of me get parking in that span of time. No parking luck ..AT ALL :(
Service Entrance
 (not sure why is it called 'the women on the 6th floor' when I searched for the poster. Though, Service Entrance was written instead on GSC)

Went in with zero expectations cause I did not even read the synopsis. Then then, before the movie started an old lady sat next to me. She looked like those old time film star! You know those old ladies with poofy hair with gold earrings and bangles and sunglasses? :D She said hello!!! From there on, I knew the show was gonna be good! HAHAHAHA. it was really good honestly. It's a story bout life itself. Like really how to live your life? Fill it with colours, sounds, laughters, memories! Just smile, be happy! Life will be good to you when you are good to yourself! you know?? :D of course, there was a lil loveeeee brewing too. It's a lovelylovely beautiful show. ahh...I came back smiling from ear to ear tat my mom thought I was on drugs :P

Romantics Anonymous

I think I have never heard ah pek laugh so loud in my life. To make my stereo sound complete, the girl on my right was just as loud! O_O LOL. But i guess thats good 'nuf to show how nice the show was. It was touching where you can see both individuals with the same problem trying to be the best of however to overcome their fear. Charming and uneven, surprisingly with all the lil quirks of the movie that made me laugh throughout, it made me shed few tears too. Definitely a movie romantics will enjoy :)

A Cat in Paris

Somewhat predictable storyline but for an animation I think it surpasses the usual fairytales that every one is used to. The story flowed really well and the drawing was definitely something refreshing. With the somewhat pencil colour finishing and not your average Disney characters, it actually feels like a illustrated storybook unfolding in front of your very eyes :) 

And i have the soft copy of this! *muahahaha*
if anyone wants, just ask me! :)

Ouh! and I missed the Intouchables screening....heard it was reallyreally good :( awhs*

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pesky lil' red dot

Ignore thy dry skin and FOCUS. FOCUS ON THAT DOT.SPOT.BUMP.ROUND THING. Whatever! Walao-eh. Where got mosquito bite there wan?! SO DAMN ITCHY, IMMA GONNA KILL SOMEONE!!! *BITE* I look like those pasar aunties that constantly scratch their feet...with the other feet (or more like my toenails...really look like i'm doing some monkey action) -_- so un-glam.

Can't even put medicine cause I have to walk right?! Ridiculous!! Wondered what that silly mosquito was thinking when she bit me-_- or maybe it's my new Honey lotion that I should blame on. Sigh*
Well..I did literally kill someone...hahahahaha :P

I think my mom sometimes wonder what bad deed she has done past life to suffer having a daughter like me this life :P

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cielo Dolci @ Paradigm Mall

Like one always say, "if you are gonna pile on the calories, might as well let it be the best of calories!" :D Though gelato is supposedly lower in fat and all, so means I can eat double the usual amount! wheeeee* Never expected this lil gem tucked away at the corner of Paradigm Mall would serve wonderful, wonderful gelato. I also gotta mention that the lady boss was waving at us to try her gelato like how those Japanese Maneki-Nekos do*laughs*

The Passion Fruit exceeded whatever taste my tongue expected and the Coconut + Gula Melaka tasted EXACTLY like Chendol. And it wasn't brown in colour, it was white-ish beige. How did they do it?! O_O Salted Caramel + Pixie Dust was a lil too sweet for me. *reject* Cielo Hazelnut was surprisingly good too.

No, I only ate 2 flavours that were shared amongst the 3 of us and yes, they actually let us try ALL THE FLAVOURS that were there! O_O without showing a sour look. That was really nice and kind, no??

Maybe that was a good technique, cause we felt bad if we did not buy anything after all that. LOL

Ta-Dah! the price list which it IS a lil pricey. (well, maybe cause it's not mass produced. all R&D in their very own lab) If I'm not wrong, it's even pricier than Haagen-Dazs for the takeaway sizes. But like i said, happiness comes in many ways, and this one hits the spot. thnkyouverymuch:):):) and yes, I prefer this to "The Last Polka", I don't know why.

Cielo Dolci
Cielo Dolci's Facebook
LG 50, Lower Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall.
(near Caring Pharmacy)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

wedding cards falling on my head