Saturday, February 28, 2009

A: Fair Weekend

omg. it has been a loooooonnnggg 48 hour weekend.
from housework-flea market-class-seafood-karaoke-movies-shopping and crapping.
missin' my bed loads.
yes more the you :P
don't jealous please. nights yo

okay :D so the post is a lil late but who cares *heh*

woke up saturday morning to an ironing board and a whole mountain of clothes greeting me, "good morning estee!! busy day ahead. we loved to be pampered by the iron. please give it to us."


Thank God my brother went to tarpao McD breakfast just for the sake of using the coupons on their last day. say hello to "angmo roti canai" as my brother's girlfriend, ms.40kg calls it-_-

BUT all that kns feeling was all fast and over with not cause i finished ironing. (although McD breakkie helped a lil) it's cause ms.40kg said the following.

"eh you know arh. today got those flea market where online shops have offline shopping?"

before i even bothered to ask her what shops or where or what shit. i forced my brother to bathe and drive us there.


yes. imma girl who loves shopping but doesn't shop.

or just to get away from ironing.

the place was to me kinda unstrategic, i don't know why. maybe cause you really need to be familiar with the place to find it and it was hot. omg. hot even though there were shades and fans. but since when outdoor shopping isn't hot. someone even said sorry for the weather. my Good man, the weather has nothing to do with you, what's with the apologies?-_- not like weather is gonna stop girls from shopping if they really want to anyway.

not badlar the amount of shops there. though the price can seriously soar from one shop to another. -_- rm50 for a top from one shop but you can get like rm15 for a dress at another shop-_- like miehhhhh. depends lar, what you want or in my case, how kiamsiap hahahaha

my brother was there as a all-in-one "kuli"(slave). nyekekeke. so fun! laughs* with his girlfriend i feel so invincible, like i can bully him and i know i won't get into hot water :D sigh* seriously all my guy friends should get girlfriends then. it would be sooo fun!!! :D:D

habit is to scout all shops before purchasing anything unless you really love it, which thankfully doesn't happen to clothes, only books-_- this particular shop sells all kinds of bags and i tell you. of all stuffs they had the most interesting was this stuff rabbit :D

lagi cute when my brother holds it hahahahahaha i thought it came with the bag! better still if sold seperately...but nooooo "it's not for sale miss" Bleah. can make business don't want-_-!! anyway anyone who wants a 10% lemme know, they were giving out name cards in forms of poker cards with codes as discount :D the nice guy taking care of the store shoved one into my hands so :D yay! 10%
this shop is kinda famous online :D i was like "omg. a shop i recognize." cause i stopped buying online a long time ago when it was too tiring to check so many blogs, running up and down to the bleeping FedEx impatient motorbike sounds (even when i'm shitting) and too many upsetting outcome for my wallet to handle.

the girl who was in charged was soo bubbly and nice-_- i in the end bought a kimono dress. I. FREAKING.BOUGHT.A.KIMONO.DRESS. wherethecupcakes i'm gonna wear it too i don't know. i feel it's a bit old for me-_- but ms.40kg was like "nolarh, where got." actually i bought it cause my brother hates it hahahahahaahahahahaha :D the more he hates, the more i feel like buying it just to annoy him.

ahahah actually what really happened was the dress is rm45. so ms.bubbly girl went, "rm40larh. i give you. if my sister is here. i can't do that." the instant i was checking to see whether i should buy it, the sister came back and straightaway like some shopoholic that can't let go of bargains, "okay! gimme that rm5 discount!"

sometimes i don't understand myself. so now i'm stuck with a kimono dress and i don't know what to do with it-_- well, at least one resolution is on the way. she furthermore proceeded to show us a bag that she had bought from, "so nice right!? rm116!!! ahhhh but sooo niceeee..sigh. i'm here selling stuffs but instead i'm rm116 poorer cause i haven't sold anything!"

"huh. i just bought a dress wor."

"that's my sister's stocks. my stocks are here." she proceeded to open this luggage bag filled with 2nd hand me and ms.40kg started rummaging it to see what we can do to make her feel less poor. hahahaha 2 tops and a skirt for mom. rm25-_-

so rm116-rm25.

er...rm91...okaylarh. laughs. T_T

Image Hosted by
see i told you she's nice. she even helped me decorate my brother and said with enthusiasm, "fastfast!! hahahah niceee wei!"

mieh HAHAHAHA-_-

keng part is my brother damn layan.

i love that shirt!!! hahahah the meaning is er ....hmm* accurate *laughs* din't buy, instead bought a shirt with an owl which...the eyes so ngam are at my boobs...feels so salah hahahahaha-_-'' sigh. have to wear larh. also buy edy. i was actually looking for defects so the fella cut the price-_- poor guy cause it was from rm30 to rm20. thanks. may your business continue to flourish. ERGH* it's true. better buy something you want and regret buying it then to regret not buying it later. i want that shirtttt. darn it. *breathes*

anyway our knight in blue slippers carrying the damage done:D hahahahahha most of it my brother pay wei. ngekekekeke. i only brought like rm20 cause i just wanna buy a shirt (yes. usually i end up buying shirts cause it's practical maarh) but in the end-_- bought 3 tops 1 dress. sigh. bought for my young ones. but still-_-

rushed back home for jap class. i thank God i finished my hwk the other day . rushed for dinner with my bodos at 23 seafood....hahahah should have taken my facial expression when i saw the destination.

"omg. isn't this place expensive and all!?", cause every cny my family eats there and the price isn't exactly friendly -_- 1st time i ordered food without my mom's help. oh Lord. hahahaah worse trying not to be a banana conversation ever and with my kiamsiap touch of, "which one is the cheapest crab/lala?" zhao yam chinese. *Sweats* i miss the rm20 per KG crab place in kepong T_T

then i impromptu forced them for a karaoke at midnight. cause i'm giler like that :D

thanks for layaning *heh*

karaoke room definitely a nice place to sleep *o*

i *almost* whacked pocky for waking me up every 2 minutes or so-_- kns.

Friday, February 27, 2009

friday night ins

Thank God i have learned that sometimes plans don't work out and that no matter what happens, nothing is suppose to spoil your day or hold any grudge against anyone or anything for that matter.

and that there's always McDonald's.
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shit. 6th day in a row makan ice-cream from McD's. might as well make me as their advertiser for ice-cream lar kns. makan maciam ni. tak nak gemuk pun tak boleh. looks like i just have to run more on the threadmill. dag-nab-it.

brother and girlfriend brainwashed me to play this..i don't know what game is it. hahaha basically building railroads-_- my 1st game was like 63 marks only when a normal person should get an avg. of 100 marks. my 2nd round was 135.


McD makes my brain move a lil :D

and oh, pocky if you read this.
Image Hosted by
haha your jr.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

me time

it has been a long time since i did this.

i hopped into the car despite my mom making noise (so to calm her down, i lied bout my destination and made it up to her by banking in cheques) and drove to my once upon a time sanctuary.

gazed at the once familiar menu that now has gone through makeover and randomly ordered 2 flavours out of the whole lot.

Image Hosted by
raspberry chocolate and raspberry :D

actually the waitress got the flavours wrong but she looks new and i think the last thing she needs is a complain-_-''

disciplined myself to actually finish my jap homework so i don't have to rush them on Saturday, 2 hours before class starts. rushing only made me hate the language-_- so i better stop doing it.

Image Hosted by

while sitting there, i was texting ms.alcho rockstarr the whole time bout a not so decent topic while discussing our weekend plan, watching couples, families and friends drift in and out of the shop, trying to complete the homework without the help of my electronic dictionary, sipped my tea whenever my toes got cold, wiggle my feet together when the tea wasn't helping, went to the loo numerous times cause i am the queen of pee-_-, smiled unconsciously many times to the new waitress ( i hope i did not scare herlarh ahaha) and was trying not to hum too loudly together with whatever was being played.

Image Hosted by

surprised that i finished my homework wayyyyyyyyyyyy earlier then expected, ran out in the drizzle rain, grabbed my unfinished loan book from ms.alcho rockstarr (now you guys know what i do when there's a red light as well other den sms-ing haha) and continued reading while kiamsiaply refilling the pot of tea with hot water (which is called Queen Tea in the menu :D) until it ran out of taste and colour.

rushed back home at 11+pm cause promised mom i will be home by then if not no more late nights for me...OR...she will just change the house padlock so i have to sleep outside-_-

no way jo'se.

but of course, must grab this one the way home :D

Image Hosted by
grabbed one for mom also lar and brother's ex but looks like current again*laughs*

life's fat and good sometimes :D

Oh rain! time to sleep *heh heh*

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my blog sure got my photoslarh.


Image Hosted by
this is what i do.
Image Hosted by
when i have nbtd.
Image Hosted by
snapping while driving and eating ice-cream at 11+pm.

sooo self syiok-lorh.

yesyes. i kept the lights on while driving if not very dark leh and if i flash, by all means everyone is welcome to my funeral. i accept chocolates if you guys think that flowers are a waste of cash.

but if one day i got into an accident, we all know why larh okay. just keep it down *shuush*

btw, 4th day McD ice-cream in a row-_- maciam addict liao.

and oh. time to cut hair-_- tooooo long for my liking.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DVD rounds.

It has been quite some time since i sat down and watch DVD.
actually not thattt long aso larh. hahaha but still :D

Image Hosted by
meet Ribena wei. so nostalgic :D

was watching this Korean movie, Babo : Miracle of Giving Fool.

and now i shall ctrl-C, ctrl-V the synopsis :D
Ji-ho is a promising pianist, studying and playing abroad for years. But one night she had a stage fright and never recovers. In despair, Ji-ho comes home and meets her old classmate Sung-ryong. Once a very bright boy, Sung-ryong had an accident and now he is in late 20s with the mind of a six year old. He is very forgetful, but he has never forgotten his first love Ji-ho. Other half of Sung-ryong’s dumb mind is occupied with his only family – younger sister Jee-in. To take care of her, Sung-ryong sells toasts in front of Jee-in’s school. But Jee-in is embarrassed of her idiotic brother and ignores him. And Sang-soo is Sung-ryong’s old friend who understands Sung-ryong’s innocent mind. But he inevitably falls to the world of gangsters. Ji-ho is still in her slump, Jee-in falls sick and Sang-soo gets involved in a bloody dispute. But all of their agonies are miraculously saved by Sung-ryong in a way nobody has forseen….
overall it wasn't a bad show. it was actually quite nice, prolly a bit slow but enough to keep you watching. like "let's talk a slow walk at the park while enjoying the scenery" kinda feeling. so if walking at the park leisurely isn't your cup of tea plus you don't have much emotions to boot, skip this show hahaha :D

it was supposed to be all hoo-hah emotional, but i didn't feel it. yea i felt sad but prolly cause i watched sadder movies, or that in my mind korean movies are all like this ( i watched a sadder korean one on the plane last year, cried my eyeballs out in the plane-_- ) or the message just din't get hit me hard enough *laughs*

but what i seriously like was the cinematography of it. the mood, colours, setting, camera angles were all sooo pretty and dreamy :D super love. hahahaha like coloured still shots that can be made into photos and hung up on walls in nice frames *sigh* plus the main actor was reallyreally giler good. to me larh-_-

3 things i remember clearly from the movie
  • was the toast. the main actor makes toast and i seriously felt like trying it. was dying for toast after the show. thank God it was 11pm. time to go home laughs*
  • that if you replay the show manymany times. CONfirmfirmfirm you can sing "twinkle twinkle lil star" in Korean-_- they sang it like God knows how many times. even there this lil cafe in the show was named after this song. Jeng.jeng.jeeeengggg.
  • that laughing is really good for the soul hahaha :D


Monday, February 23, 2009

wrong target?

yoga has a few poses that are actually good for sex. i don't know it's good cause it makes you better in poses or doing those few poses will make you have higher sex drive.

either way-_- why always when she mention, "this one is good for your sex life okay ladies."



hello. the rest are like aunties older women with experience okay. heck make that a hell looooooott of experience-_- should be telling them kan cause by now they are prolly sien and want to try something new-_-

i just wanna do my yoga for the sake of yoga-ing. okay however weird that sounds. okay for the sake that next time i wanna steal food from people's plate i got faster reflexes. watheforkandspoon.

anyway, the yoga instructor taught a lil belly dancing also.

i tell you.

all the aunties older women can shake better then me until the instructor was like, "estee do you know what is shake a not?!!! how are you gonna seduce your boyfriend like this if simple thing also cannot do?!"

maybe i owe her something in my past life, bullying me like this. sighsighsigh. if i can shake i won't have a degree in "coconut tree dancer at the backgrounds during karaoke sessions" larh. KNS.

but seriously while shaking and looking at yourself doing it at the big ass gym mirror while you are sweating like a pig from cardio is not a 'seducing' sight at all-_-

btw nah, the yoga pose that is supposedly good for sex or whatever.
Image Hosted by
the bridge pose that i actually knew since std 6 cause we had to learn it for cheerleading.

Yes. you heardread me right. ms.bulat here actually went for cheerleading HAHAHAHA

only to practice my bumbum off and caught chicken pox 3 days before sports day-_- so no cheerleading for me. was at home looking and feeling horribly sick (cause i remember mopiko got a shock of her life when she visited me... "not that bad lar" she said....well girls always lie, just for the sake LOL) reading R.L Stine, Francine Pascal, Archies and eating bland porridge everyday cause that was the only thing my dad knew how to cook and my mom was in Egpyt holiday-ing hahaha-_-

Oh erm...anywayyy...that pose above? nice feeling one. once you get the hang of it and close your eyes, maciam easy to sleep :D

kinda like it.


yalarh. i got problem-_-

Saturday, February 21, 2009


see. that's why we are friends :P

hor steffi-chan.

sorry that my saturdays are always filled with activities T_T i owe you and everyone else dinner. don't forget me T_T

but i don't understand! why is mine worse?! varthesouppppppppp

the only reason i go to Italliannnies

Image Hosted by
*yay* it's been a long time. welcome back. i missed you!!
and yes i use the big spoon to eat if i can :D

Image Hosted by
surprisingly, New In Town by Renee was much better then expected. very popcorn movie. although it was cliche and predictable, at least the jokes were not brainless :D
i enjoyed laughing out loud, like really loud with my ms.dancing Queen. hahah cause we beh paiseh like that and cause laughters never hurt anyone :D muarks*

okaylarh. some people's eardrums. but who cares :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

hello world!!

Night update:
Image Hosted by
ngekngek. end up drinking one bottle-_- i don't know how ms.alcho rockstarr can finish the whole beer tower. all 7.5L of beer.

Image Hosted by
and Slumdog Millionaire was gooooooood. it has shown India in a way i have never seen cause when you're on tour they don't exactly take you to see their lifestyle. just their tourist spots and i got a shock at one scene.

in the restaurant, they take up empty bottles from the bin. fill it with tap water, then glue the cap to make it look new. i almost fainted. imagine drinking so much mineral water in India cause you thought it's the safest water to drink. Think again ma'laday. Laughs*

also, sigh* it's fiction. i was thinking cannot be the main character can like the girl for soooo long and soooo loyal.

a bit the unbelievable lorh. sweats
Image Hosted by
ms.pimple : "yeap. i decided to see the world!*POP*
woah. sunlight :D:D wheee~~"

okay the point is show that having a pimple on that spot makes wearing spects super difficult T_T berdisturban


Thursday, February 19, 2009

cause happiness comes in diff forms

after a long day staring at adobe, these came like a blessing

Image Hosted by
oh my currypop *lala la la la* hahaha yea i'm singing for you de :D

Image Hosted by
omg. suddenly i have a fetish for pies. the best pie is still Dome's apple pie. *yumyumyum*but these were not bad also :D aiya. anything sweet makes me happy, so they are all goooood.sigh if like this..i think i need to learn how to bake pies edy-_-. here we we go again.

Image Hosted by
and please read the above :D
cause ms.chicken's friend read it as "SHIT CAR ROCKS!!!"
obviously either her reading is bad or she diedie also don't wanna admit ms.chicken's new car rocks so must read subconsciously wrong. aih i tell you *laughs*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sticky note #3

Image Hosted by

why got so much work still wanna procrastinate. i don't understand myself.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sticky note #2

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Monday, February 16, 2009

happyhappy joyjoy

who says ice cream must be expensive only it's worth eating?
cheap ice-creams works just as well. as long in the end of the day it makes us happy or maybe it's always the company that counts.

Image Hosted by
ice cream 1 costs rm1 in a flower shape :D
ice cream 2 was rm2.50 for 3 scoops. choose out of a whole bundle of flavours! :D i tell you it's just designers and their colour sense. hahahaha look at the ice cream colourslar. its happily colour co-ordinated. happy anot ms.alcho rockstarr

Image Hosted by
the fruit aunt who was laughing will now remember us as the girls who wanna camwhore but suck in it since i took several attempts and my hands are a tad too short-_- kns.

reminder 1.
buy the bluetooth thing to transfer photos.

reminder 2.
get a sony ericsson memory card-_-

Sunday, February 15, 2009

project 365.

cause my fav bloggers are doing it and i am a kiasu. hahahahaha :D

also because i am too lazy to actually type a whole string of sentences today which is odd cause by now i have actually strung a whole bunch already-_-

it's like "i'm sleepy and don't wanna talk", next thing you know it, your eyes are closed but your mouth keeps yapping away. hoo-ray. to the one sleeping next to you :D

Image Hosted by
ms.sexay says, "let's cover up our eyebags ala cina style."

verdict : FAILED after many tries. this is the only one that she looks okay in and i don't bother bout my own cause i have my own life to care bout if i ever put a non decent photo of hers *laughs*

Image Hosted by
ms.bulat the great picked up this amount of money while helping ms.sexay clean up her old apartment. i will never understand why people don't bother to pick up coins or take their change. every penny counts okay. i picked up a McD ice cream cone like this! :D now who's the kiamsiap queen. haha

Image Hosted by
"let's go flea market and walkwalk"
"shopping arh?"
"no moneylarrrrr"
but can end up buying a plastic bag of clothes. girls arh i tell you. hor ms.sexay :D not my fault that the clothes are cheap and you look good in them. of coursela beli! what kind of friend am i if i stop you from buying cheap nice clothes?! you tell me now. it will be a sin! rm45 for a dress that looks nice on you leh! ANYONE would ask you to get it.

Image Hosted by
"but..'s your favourite CD! i'm gonna cry..."
ms.prawn babe's oscar words when ms.sexay decided to give her CD to her as an early birthday present seeing that ms.prawn babe loves it to bits and pieces and it's only available in S'pore.

Image Hosted by
cause all girls camwhore:D i had to put down buaya's phone call once i answered it cause suddenly ms.sexay chan decided we should camwhore and my phone was the only one that has camera-_- sorry buaya but girls camwhore session is anytime more precious then your call *Shock* im a badbad friend :D

Image Hosted by
yay!! for once i look tall :D the most genius part is i don't have bluetooth to send the pics to the comp. so here they are, photos of the photos taken. so lame-_- my brother bear was like "jie, you really cannot be helped edy seriously."

Image Hosted by
and yes. welcome to my stack of mamee monster that i stole from ms.sexay's house. leftovers from the party last night. yumyum :D midnight munches here i come. yeayea. diet always starts tmr. never starts.

omg a photo a day my buttlarh.

so many photos and darn a lot of sentences edy. i'm really a "zhi zha por" at heart sigh. forgive me please people for by now i have wasted 5 minutes of your time and few % of your eyesight.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

love appreciation day <3

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Love is just a word until you meet someone that gives it a meaning~

Valentine's for me was crazy this year. considering every year it passes by like any other normal day. i remember slaving away at office last year too. sitting there while emailing bands, never did it cross my mind that a year later i would be photographing crazy friends with my cybershot.

so there were 3 1/2 incidents that is gonna make this valentine's memorable.
  • me and ms.alcho rockstarr queen had free ice-cream!!:D *click*
  • mom actually bought chocolates for me! *laughs* cuase i was 'complaining' what's valentines without chocolates (after staring at overpriced chocolates for few days at everywhere)
  • and....
Image Hosted by
the grand opening of ms.sexay, buaya and su chee's move in together :D:D:D (but i only know the above two)
it was a crazy night WITHOUT alchohol. i seriously don't wanna see a night with alcho then. all hell and heaven and in between worlds will break loose and you know what they always say "alcho brings people EVEN closer together."


hahahahahahahahhaahhaah: D
Image Hosted by

the highlight of the night though's surprise birthday small celebration-_- (that's them trying to hide the fact that the cake was being lighted at the kitchen)
imagine room dark, us carrying the cake, singing "happy birthday" walking towards the birthday girl who at first was singing cause she did not know whose birthday it was until she saw the cake heading towards her (we celebrated early :P) ....then as it was at the climax of the last line...."HAPPY....AHHHHHHHH"


Image Hosted by
all thanks to buaya who switched off the lights but NOT the fan-_- blew the candles lorh!-_- beh tong bertul. Mister! thank you for making this celebration memorable. miehhhhh.

that veryvery exciting moment aside. photos please :D

Image Hosted by
when a buaya meets an alcho rockstarr, they greet each other by showing pig faces.
Image Hosted by
seriously 1st time see ms.alcho rockstarr get so much moisturization on her face. thanks to cream from cake and J.CO donuts.
Image Hosted by
we all miss ms.boob queen and her boobies. d'oh :D i really mean it. i miss it at least.
Image Hosted by
the July babies. i got a shock when they say they wanted to celebrate together-_- a major shock.
Image Hosted by
either this feels like a family picture according to ms.sexay where i'm the sesat daughter or i'm this bisexual whore who needs both-_-''
Image Hosted by
no one was exactly decent that night. nuf said. no wait. james is never decent according to them.
Image Hosted by
our couple pic. varthesouppp. to proof our relationship status in facebook apparently-_-

Image Hosted by
one of ms.alcho rockstarr and my (or whatever the correct structure is) munchies. nata de coco :D *love*

Image Hosted by
ms.cherrrimp and eu jynn. in other words. papa and mama bear :D lovely~i love him!! i love anyone that sayang my friends wahahaha nuf said and cause he loves steamboat:D welcome to the kapalstim gang. wthe.

Image Hosted by
pan cute is like that de. laughs.

Image Hosted by
i like this pic for no reason :D
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
yes. everyone is sesat like that. that's not even from some wine bottle. that's from a sparkling juice bottle.
Image Hosted by
this must be one of the most awkward feeling picture i have taken.
Image Hosted by
this is hamtan queen. who loves poppers, junk food and hamtan :D hahahahah damn cute. ohoh! and karaoke :D ms.alcho rockstarr calls her crazy/beautiful
Image Hosted by
buaya always will have the buaya look whether he likes it a not hahahaha

Image Hosted by
cause in the end of the day, it is valentine's after all: )
papa and mama bear, whahaha looks so blissful together.