Wednesday, March 24, 2010

boob queen's day

today i sat like a mannequin at Chic Nail Spa at BVII.

a talking mannequin.

yapyapyap-ing away. non-stop with the "Queen" indulging in her birthday treat.

which i did not expect her to use so fast and you know you took a long time to make a decision buying the "packages" that day when the manicurist say "yes, i remember. your friend came to buy the packages." *points at me* "and your name is bulat."

........she remembered! omg. *clapclap* *show shiny eyes* amazing....

i only can thank the nice manicurist and pedicurist who were doing her nails for being patient. listening to us yap non stop while they pamper her..non stop for 90 minutes. din't know it can take that long for "pan lengleng".

and guys probably don't even notice that they shine more then usual after the girl sitting and paying for it hahahahah really should appreciate girls who go through this just to look nice. to me takes hell a lot of patience and what nots.

wonderful place and affordable prices aside.

i really wonder how much stories the manicurist/pedicurist listens to..i mean like just now we were talking and talking. about everything and everyone. gossips that is repeated on and on again without us getting sick of it. new updated gossip that comes once in a while when suddenly it just comes, "pop" out of nowhere while halfway talking. or just plain ol' reminiscing the past (why do girls like doing this. aih* feels like a grandmama)

but for the manicurist/pedicurist everything we say is new. everything we say can be either boring or tad fascinating. everything shows a lil side of everything(or anything) bout us and they might or might not understand us a lil better suddenly. they might or might not judge us based on how we put our views on things or how we address the subjects to a certain point.

it feels scary yet nothing....hahaha :D


i mean...strangers are just once off. but the people whom knows you, ah! a whole different story. *laughs* people are veryvery fun and interesting but also scary T_T

oh talking bout it...hmm* i hope the manicurist and pedicurist doesnt' know any one of the people we were "gossiping" about. *laughs* if not...huhuhu. dielar :D

nothing is complete...without dessert~loves*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

sticky note..again.

not difficult...but not easy either :D

have been having trouble sleeping lately...sigh* shouldn't have dug out some old news from my drawer. has been bugging me at the back of my head sometimes. whispering unconciously.

anyone wanna sing lullaby for me? :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

those were the days

sitting at the futsal bleachers brings back memories.
the last time i sat at the bleachers accompanying my girlfriends while they watch their boyfriends play was 10 years ago.
never thought i would suddenly do it today.

reminds me i don't know why the guys like to ask me keep/take care of their stuffs while they play-_-
be it their wallet, keys, phone, accessories, water bottle...anything.
the amazing part is all of them allow/don't mind me going through the contents in their wallet O_o

and that is how i manage to dig out a love letter that was written by one of the guys to my long time close girlfriend....laughs* me accidentally seeing it wasn't the problem. the problem was the recipient aka my girlfriend was sitting next to me reading the letter together until we reached the end of it, written in neat handwriting.

her name.

hahahha :D

well, sitting at bleachers reminded me of my fear too
the ball.
somehow the ball..usually football somehow has a way to accidentally come to me and many times almost resolve in accidents.
T_T dowannnnnn

Monday, March 8, 2010

sensei's no ai ♥

I can't tell much I love my sensei! despite her being...scary. hahahah she is not scary but she has a fixed view on certain things. so as long you are not particular then you will definitely love her to bits and pieces cause she's crazy like that! :D Honestly...she invites us to her home to drink beer, willingly follows us out for food and ironically SHE's the one who recommends where to eat Bakuteh and Dim Sum-_- She's Malaysian at heart. Her Japanese root has flew away-_- ironically x2, cause I suck with roads, SHE's the one telling me how to go to the place!-_- WALAO-EH! too much man! my malaysian status has degraded to god knows where aih*

This time around she had an english test she had to take (it's for her teaching license....did not know to teach Japanese you gotta keep up your english as well O_O and honestly, the paper wasn't easy peasy-_- i myself not sure if I can get an A even if I sat for the paper after looking at the samples). So we reversed roles, she was the student. Steph ...just Steph was the teacher. I was trying not to make things difficult LOL! I know english doesn't mean I can teach and doesn't mean I know the terms okay. What if cause of me, she fails the test?! not letting that happen!

Chirashizushi! Honestly when I first saw this on the table. I was like ??? and decided just to take a lil bit cause I don't really like rice anyway. WORST MISTAKE EVER. cause I ended up getting an extra serving twice! and sensei even gave me the leftover to bring home cause I was praising it to the sky and it tasted like it dropped from heaven although to her was like a "children also can make" dish. LOL just when i thought i would have a good hearty brunch the next day, my parents ate it as supper and even asked me where to buy again-_- LOL!
Tofu salad that surprisingly tasted good even though I can see it with my own eyes what was inside-_- what is this sorcery!? everything that my sensei cooked was damn good! She did not even bother to do much! she said it was just last minute cooking. meh! sensei teach me!!! if people with green thumb is good with plants, she must have some golden thumb for food then.
some potato thing which ar....i was eating non stop too. HAHAHA i think she got a shock to see me eat so much cause she knows i usually don't really eat that much and straight go for dessert. but everything was sooooo gooodddddd. it was unbelievable! -_- and i also found out why half the japanese are so slim/thin/lean cause all they do is take 3 bites of whatever is on the table. 3 SMALL bites and drown everything in beer!




cause my beer was on auto refill! until I dare not touch it! dammit.
I think this one night covers my one year supply of beer drinking *burp*