Thursday, April 18, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Idea Generation              AhPek
Storyboard                    AhPek
Storyline                       AhPek
Script                           AhPek
Costume Design            AhPek
Slave                         Bulat

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Drawn by AhPek
Meet the all new & updated version : ROCK 1
IronMan ROCK1 suit will be a big upgrade from the Mark 9 suit. Other than the addition of the new Candy Weapon ( as being demonstrated in the cartoon above ), IronMan ROCK1 suit also allow the flexibility of close hand battle by using a new unbreakable rubber on the arms, legs and also below the chest part. There will be 2 solar panel at the shoulders of the suit for the option of power boost using solar power from the sun.

p.s// Thank you for reading this far (even with all the horrible proportions and lameness) I will stick to drawing flowers&polkadots from now onwards T^T 
pp.s// Only regret is that the Ironman suit wasn't drawn blueprint style. hahaha!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Have to pakai telinga next time

...Now that I think back he actually looks like those...cosplayers. Just that his hair is real...and long...and looks healthier than mine-_-! Maybe I scared him (maybe not) cause he did not come back after that one time....haha T^T oops*

p.s//used a new program to draw. keep pressing the wrong shortcuts! *faints*
hmm...and isit me or my drawings is effing big this time-_-!! Sorry!