Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mom's China Travel

Now I leave you these breathtaking photos of where she went to.

SILK ROAD (click la if you wanna know the history & what nots. I googled to read on it and this is by far the easiest to digest cause I suck in History like that T_T )

Got a shock when I saw them (never knew scenery can be this beautiful) honestly and yes, these were stolen from one of the tour members in her tour. And since I saw no young people from her tour...I can just wonder which elderly one took the photos and I salute him/her! Mom doesn't remember who sent them to her-_- so ...yea. *laughs*

Credits back to the photographer. Captions stolen from mom's FB.

鳴沙山,沙漠地帶。Ming Sha Shan desert


天池天山,烏魯木齊。Heavenly Lake - Urumqi

西安兵马俑,Terra Cotta Warriors
Also, she mentioned that there was an old couple in the tour!  The man is like..89 years old?! -_- and his wife is 12 years younger than him-_- They are soooo living life! (I don't even think I will live till 89 honestly-_-)



This was the least pintai (crazy) shot she had -_-!

All she brought back from this trip was TONS OF DATES, TONS OF (all kinds of) NUTS and TONS OF RAISINS (yellow, green, black...)-_-!!!
But those above tasted damn delicious! The best!
If not wrong, Ming Tien at Taman Megah got sell! :D
Go buy and eat!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No! You listen!

Oh hai mom!!! Surprisingly this time travel din't put on weight! In fact, I think she lost some. hahaha :P
It's always a thing between my family members to see who put on the LEAST weight during our travels. Dad always wins hands down-_- what's with the crazy metabolism rate at his senior citizen age-_-
Girls doing what they usually do. Talk. But never ever listening to the other party (usually lar)-_- *laughs* I guess it's worse when both went traveling and have not met each other for almost 3 weeks! That's a long time for my mom and me really. Considering I see her everyday and all.
*sei lui bao* = bad daughter
Baby brother's peaceful life gone. HAHA:P He was playing Diablo. Don't have to draw what happens next. We survived, can't say the same bout his character though :P

We obviously had to move on to different paths.