Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in my mouth

Macarons From Whisk @ 1-Utama

No one understands why I love Macarons. Neither do I. It's sweet cause it's supposed to be eaten with non-sugared pure black bitter coffee. But I don't do coffee. I remember the first time I ate macarons, ah pek almost fainted upon looking at the bill. Priced at rm2.50 for one. He has then gotten used to it and now pays even much more for it. without realizing it I guess. He's worse than me in terms of sugar level though. At least I subdue the sweetness with plain h20. He pairs them with rich hot chocolate.

Last Minute

Everyday it's the same and I never ever learn from it!  
but honestly I LOVE wrapping, next year I shall declare if anyone needs my service. heh* of course for free. Have you ever seen my wrapping paper collections?!
ah pek say if i buy anymore, he's gonna wrap me up! Or force me to make dresses out of them *shock*

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tang Yuen 湯圓

My mom's fav time of the year cause she will not fail to bring up the story of the young me playing while making tang yuen. She says the amazing part was i made all kinds of shapes and declare it would be some kind of animal when it wasn't even near it. Loudly proclaiming why these plasticins can be eaten while the school ones can't.

Dammit. she made me sound stupid even as a young child. hahahaha T_T

i still love making tang yuens because...mine always damn round! :P my one and only skill that i am proud to show off LOL* must be all those years of helping my mom make pineapple tarts. this year she brought home yellow.....which i thought was weirddddddd till i saw on FB someone posted a blue one LOL! gimme traditional colours anytime please.
i think another reason mom still does it other then the fact that eating it brings / symbolizes family togetherness is cause if i know we are making it, i will be home to do it too. (means i won't go out that particular night pifts*) baby brother doesn't care anymore though :( he only looks forward to critiquing the taste of it next day..-_- our house can't even finish 500gms of it. grandma was saying she and my younger cousins made 3KG worth of tang yuens-_- whathefullofroundstufflor i can imagine the kids screaming and playing LOL.

Finding sesame ones to me are like jackpot! But they always say eat one tang yuen ball means 1 year older and wiser! ...Not fun leh! i wanna eat a lot of sesame balls! my mom literally count how many balls i take and add on to my already aging age! makes it worse that BIG ONES ARE 2 YEARS EXTRA -_-!! aging works but the wise thing definitely doesn't.. bah.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One of the Best Time of the Year

Every Christmas I annoy my mother out of her mind with my Christmas songs *beams* the best time of the year cause no one can stop me from my favourite hobby.....SHOPPING!!! *squeals* *wipes away images of a broken bank account*

......maybe I should stop singing, she will definitely take revenge by blasting 'tongtong chiang' CNY songs few months down the road....

Don't want!!! T_T *scared*

Monday, December 19, 2011

Si Putih & The 7 Makciks

I love watching plays. What more if someone I know is inside! LOL* all the reason for me to bully after! :D So when ms.Lyn asks if anyone is up for the play to support her sister, munnie. Why not?

Although I was expecting more in terms of backdrop and such (which is my bad! cause I should have known better after watching so many plays at KL Pac) the storyline was not bad. But what made it roxxx to the max (other then laughing at no end, seeing munnie bounce out, strapped on with a big ass aluminium foil as the MirrorMirror on the Wall) was the cast themselves. They were filled with energy, the lines were funny and songs were catchy. Although the ending was a bit abrupt to me but overall, it would capture and tickle your funny bone. If my mom and ah pek can laugh, means it ain't that bad la. 'Nuf said.

The people responsible for making our Sunday a much happier one. Paul Wong, right hand side in blue is the one responsible for the choreography and he's really nice where he would do some funny kns actions at the last row where the audiences sit so that the cast would be more energetic the whole way through the play, once seeing the kns actions he was doing (he succeeded in making me turn few times just to see what he was doing....:P) Ah pek was star struck when he realized that Nick Dorian (Captain McBribe in Petaling St. Warriors) was actually in the play. Too bad ah pek refuse to let me post pic of them together :(

Watching this actually reminds me of college days where we did actually did a play! although all I did was sit with the audience and LAUGH MY ASS OFF (which was like....mehhh..cause it was my group acting out there and i'm doing nothing but laughing) I wished I did not bring the CD to my ex-office to show off....sigh* Lost and gone forever. Would love to have it back. Guaranteed to even make the grumpiest person in the world laugh!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Never in my life would I expect myself to buy a saree. LAUGHS* Although since..some age, I always have this mindset I would marry an Indian. Maybe it was due to the fact that during secondary school, some of my closer friends were Indian, I LOVE INDIAN BANGLES and when I went to India, I "ter-captured someone's heart".(which made me understood the sentence "It's cruel to be kind" T_T )

Well, first saree. Here it is! Not the final one. Just the manymany few that I tried. Never knew tying saree requires skill and the Indians themself, many do not know how to tie one. Not surprising, since many of them only wear it once in their life. (a.k.a. during marriage) Thank God for tailor made sarees! If not I'm gonna die learning to how tie one (it will prolly fall too even though i successfully tie, no?) 

But I gotta admit, I really like wearing the saree. LOL kinda fun. Like feeling free and easy while not exposing anything. Well....maybe cause I was wearing my normal tee-_- am not looking fwd to exposing my tummy once the actual saree top is complete! T_T

update : ARGH! I can't believe it! I actually chose a turquoise one. I loved it to bits and pieces. Asked them to save it cause I gotta ask the bride if the saree is fine before actually purchasing it. The day after, I went back enquiring for the turquoise one and it's gone!-_- WATHECURRY! worst part is they did not even sell it! it has been misplaced and couldn't be found no matter what. bah! gotta choose another now T_T SAD MAX.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

hello, clock.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It will all come back one day

Step 1. Facial wash
Step 2. Some pre-moisturizer
Step 3. Toner
Step 4. Pore serum
Step 5. Eye cream
Step 6. Moisturizer
Step 7. Pimple cream

On sundays
Step 1.5. Scrub
Step 3.5. Mask

I never thought that one day, a tomboy like me. One who wore baggy shirts with the brand 'alien workshop' splashed across in the biggest font and logo available and pants that should never see the light, would actually religiously do all of the 7 steps above, twice a day like it was natural.

Everyone who knew me could easily testify that I was definitely a tomboy. I never owned any skirt till I was in college where my friends bought me one as my birthday present and that remained as my only skirt throughout college. I only wore skirts when I had absolutely no choice and even so, wearing them was like a death sentence to me.

Funny enough, when I was young, I was always dressed in laces, frills and mainly; in pink. All shades of pink. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, I loved my pink frilly lace dresses with my matching pink shoes and white frilly socks (I think these socks were famous back then, not sure what kids are wearing nowadays hahah) Heck, I recalled being super upset when my kaima bought a dress for me but I was too fat to fit it (sigh!) but I diedie also say can fit till my mom forced it out of me and gave it to someone who .... has less fats, bluntly saying -_-

I loved being a girl. Although it has been Godzilla years, I still do remember taking moms lipsticks and trying each and every one she had. Mom also loved reminding me how I would do more than that, which is to actually colour my face with whatever I could take from her makeup kit and walk around the house with her high heels. She also says one day she will have a chat with me on how much make up I owe her and I can pay her back by installment plan-_- she says I ruined her lipsticks the most. I always seem not twist it back before covering it. Sigh* stupid since young watheblueberrycake.

So it's funny. Being such a girly girl, I did a 180 degree change as I was growing up. Now after so many years, I am slowly becoming whom i was when
I was a young girl. I can't say I own any pink, frilled ones but I can safely say I love my dresses. No heels yet. But I'm sure that will come some day, naturally.

The lil girl who always played dress up with moms clothes in moms room is not lost after all, she has always been inside me, hidden all these while.

Welcome back:)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Marmalade @ Publika

 1. drove all the way to Publika for Marmalade. I laughed when I saw the signboard cause ah pek was saying he is gonna surprise me with a new cafe voucher he bought, but Marmalade has been here forever in Bangsar which he did not know existed.

2. the Last Polka selling at Marmalade. Sincerely, although there are many Last Polka ice-cream lovers out there, it feels like somewhat eating "Diet Ice-Cream". Lack of that Oomph that other fatty, not healthy ice-cream out there has.

3 & 4. Aglio Olio and Club Sandwich which surprisingly tasted damn good. The last time I ate at the Bangsar branch. Nothing was up to par and the carrot cake was one of the worst I have ever eaten after hearing a lady gushing over it over the counter when I was deciding which cake to order. Worst decision.

5. Salted Caramel Choc Cake cause I cannot not have dessert after meals. Redeemed whatever bad points Marmalade had from the bad Carrot Cake. Tasted better than what I expected. Made me miss the Salt Ice-Cream I had back in Japan again.

Friday, December 2, 2011

making full use of my birthday present