Thursday, December 27, 2012

Viva La Red Christmas

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bulat's First Nuffnang Event

First and foremost,would like to thank GPS for bringing us to a malay wedding.

The event was supposed to start at 2pm and there I was stuck in the neighbourhood...had to call Ann from Nuffnang to say that I will be late. First time going for a Nuffnang event and I am late. very good ah bulat!! -_-!

Was a lil worried at first cause I will stone in an environment that I know no one O_O But my heart....hahaha felt lighter the moment I saw familiar faces! Actually as soon as I found the cafe (which ah...took me a while cause I kept going into elevators that bring me no where! O_O) I started scanning to see if I know anyone (^^")
I sat next to MissyMiyen during the talk, whom I recognized from her blog! Had random thoughts to myself while stealing glances at her...hahaha (no manners bulat! did not even intro myself!)

Within 10 minutes or so, I pitied her. Cause every now and then, some random person would kacau her say,"Excuse Me." cause she's pretty :D. Well other than that is cause her seat so strategic, everyone wants to walk pass it to get to the other side!
Both Ernest and Chee Ching were so good!! I bet everyone was mesmerized by their "magic show!" *laughs* I no kidding one last post!! Keng leh the way they draw! Now I just gotta see Miao's! Heard it's faster than lightning ah! pewpewpew!! (piupiupiu??)

*paiseh* I started eating halfway during the talk...cause so hungry! T_T my stomach's orchestra later louder than their speeches...They both gave sooo many good tips and all. I regretted not bringing pen&paper T_T Some more with my brain capacity..hurhurhur. In the end I prayed hard, and lucky other bloggers were hardworking, unlike me T_T *steals info from their blogs*
Also...short attention span. :P hahaha! Ernest's shirt really looked like he wore it inside out! I was staring at it quite long, in the end of the day I actually touched his sleeve to check. Feel like a mom suddenly-_-! Kns.
I love Sarah!! (One of Malaysia's top comic artist) She's a bundle of joy and positiveness!! O_O Her speech was hebat ah!!! Inspired me to do something that I wanted to do for a looooooongest time, but din't get my lazy ass to do it :(  Will be for my 2013 resolution!! And yes....the browniesss T_T Cause I was asking her tons of questions!! Dragged Ras in somemore! sorryyyyy!! Luckily they refilled it! If not I don't know how....huhuhu.

Omgosh! Meet Staci!! O_O I don't know who starstruck who at that point. hahahaha! Her paper dolls are like one of the cutest things on earth!! If they were stickers, I would stick them everywhere !!! EVERYWHERE! I tell you! EVERYWHERE! *shows serious look*nodsnods* Am so happy she came up to me, if not I will never know who is behind the cute paper dolls T_T
Everyone's mini souvenier! :D:D Can't get over Ernest's #likeabaws signature and ah pek looks like he's wearing sarong! :P

And...Staci, (if you ever stumbled upon here) since you ask why I am called bulat although I don't look very bulat...Here is my bulat proof. Now also got, I just hide my roundness well. :P