Wednesday, September 27, 2006


yesterday i was in mourning for my dear has died once. revived and died again..this time i know its gone for know ultraman has that light that beeps ? well same as my tablet unsteady so the sad.......T_T..draw halfway the light went boh song yesterday.....

it went through every possible hell with me. a.k.a my homeworks. tml im going off to 1-u to check it. if can be saved please save it..if not i dont know how am i gonna fork out RM1k + to buy a new one..


a very big ouch.

no plaster can cover this scar T.T

some random things to make this post not so dead looking....

-sm got a call from gan4hire. if she gets the job well....everything is going to be brighter then. her luck hasnt been that good...well nows the turning point then*cross fingers*

-mitchie started work today.poor girl has been calling me to go out makan whole day cause i stay quite near. but there was no car. dad was with me...blahblahblah....and she indirectly got conned..not really connedlar...but..lolz.T_T poor mitchie.

- i habis the drawing lyn needed for some art class sooo berkarat i dont even know thats what she wanted...she say if she got paid she will gimme half the money..hahaha ~_~'' no needlar...pencil sketchings only or 10% cukup...i feel the tablet gonna cost me a small bomb to fix it. *_*...and she came up with this sentence 'gigi bergusti dengan gusi" good 3 minutes laugh.

- "mom..why do only rich people play golf?"
"to show they are rich ppl lar"

- saw my boh song mood whole day
" oklarh..tml i go watch prada with u" mom pampers me too much...sorry mom~_~;; thank you.

-didi has a whooping 96% for his add maths...which apparently is the higest in his class...which is higher than his mod maths score..which is WEIRD cause all he does is DOTA.......ZzZZZzzzz...then when he came back frm 1-u..
"papa!!! igot highest for add maths!!!"
"sure a not?" mom laughs.
"really wan!!!"
"whats add maths"
kuakukkuak* got bird fly over everyones head.
"....a very hard maths...."
"i got 96!!!"
"eh!! RM10.15" dad was paying attention to his work and quoted a price for my uncle.

pity my poor didi..who didnt work that hard to get that 96: P and he bought a freakin fridge for his frens birthday!!!! o m G.!!! obviously..tat fren i noe de..hahahahahaha and now we are currently wrestling over my msn cause i have that guys contatcs.. not to mention his h/p no.. hohohohoho!!!

and last note for the day........i took bath in guiness stout when i was a baby...

do not do that..couse sensitive skin de...*scratchscratch*

Monday, September 25, 2006

and so pose!!*

puasa just started 24 hours ago.
local chinese singers already started doing the CNY song clips.
christmas wish lists are already in making.

izit me or time flies faster than......okay time just flies.

this is why me grow fat. dad no grow fat.


this is not helping at all..with all the mooncakes..all the lou poh how how?! poke tummy* sien....want eat..dowan fat..

to burn mooncakes(1000 calories) = running *counts*around 13km ....


lets not talk bout depressing stuff.

smashpop is actually giving away cameras and ipods for camwhoring~~!! thats like...getting something out of doing nothing!!!

well almostlarh.

its gonna be tough.. i mean EVERYONE camwhores.

okaylarh he didnt actually camwhore but he was playing with the h/p...lucky snap: P

1st prize is a who camwhores technically have a camera right?

do they still need that camera?!


Friday, September 22, 2006

silent tears

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a full fat mark(almost)

"comecome estee that day didnt check your body fat"
"erm....lets see..hold here okay..."
*insert the scream picture here*

i think...hahahah our faces were worse.

28.8% body fat


old body fat was at 30%

ZZzzzZZZzz...6 months of gym to lose 1% of body fat is like.....WHAT THE FREAKIN FISH BANANA CAKE

so people who always say "estee you so small size" " estee you not that fat also"

i declare that im almost obese.......30% fat = obese.
normal healthy person should be around 22% fat
the maximum fat you should have is around 24%. not more.
my kns china pork trainer is at a freakin 12% body fat.
he said he put on weight since last time when he 1st came was at 9% body fat only.


sports people memang around 15% body fat(this is a darn healthy person..and thats what my trainer wants me to achieve..siao)

if you see those fitness blahblah on TV....women at age 45 and above has less than 10% body fat..

so now i ask you

am i fat?!

.....please dont answer me.

*sit at corner and cry*

...T^T i want ice cream...

Friday, September 8, 2006

im da incredible hulk~!!

today...i did this.... if you can guess what happen...i sure pay for your yumcha session. ner.

its an accident!!!! T_T

really de.....but apparently no one believes me. as in...dont believe i did not break it on purpose.

you think im who?! eat spinach become popeye?! sweat!!! i aso duno how it just broke lorh T_T

maybe.....just maybe...

thesethis is the culprit!!!


see the colour!! green!! you incredible hulk...spinach is green also wad..look at popeyes muscles!!

..i still like ultraman.

i know look scary right? i also got a shock of my life when it came. looks like blended grass or something O_o;; but was not badlarh...i finished the whole thing...including the ice kekekekek : P

Friday, September 1, 2006

red and hairy: D

proof of the rambutans: P

we brought back ...erm..20++ bunches. after giving out to everyone including gym people and orphanages still got leftover...sweat.

and popo still scolding why never take more.....

if take more i also donno howla. we sit on the rambutans or the rambutans sit on us?~_~''

then hor..the amount of ants.....later carry us away how? LOL.

reminds me last time i brought back to sexay chan they all at sunway court apartment...eR....ERM.....ah keong took it and "WAHLAU! so many ants wan ar?!!! SHIET!"

he dumped it..into the...swimming...pool...thank God..winfred or someone took it out while the rest of us are screaming like...siao langs...SWEat. shhhshhhh*