Thursday, July 21, 2011

dreamz bakery@the strand, kota damansara

cause bulat will go to the ends of the earth for dessert! hohoho!
found this by accident by randomly clicking blogs and off i went to scout the place. while mom was enjoying her manipedi session, i went and piled on some calories -_-!

hello! the cute door that greets you before entering! seriously, if you do not know the area well, you might have to waste a lil petrol making rounds cause it wasn't really prominent to begin with and it's kinda tucked away..hidden..somewhere. laughs*

the signage at the door:)
you are required to take off your shoes before entering (if i remember correctly) i guess it does promote warm, homey kinda feel by doing so.

the blackboard that was outside with the signage..brings manymany memories of high school and the horrible chalk dust floating around when erased. the fact that i was short, not fun erasing the blackboard LOL i recalled in std 3 maybe? i was jumping to rub the top part of the blackboard. short remember? not to mention fat too (fatter then now lol growing sideways at top speed!)
and my teacher actually said, in front of the whole class.
"omg! don't jump. i can feel earthquake! i can't mark my work!"
.....i don't have to tell you how loud everyone laughed and she was actually being serious cause while saying it, she was holding both sides of the table with her hands like there was really an earthquake-_-!

this will greet you once you step in! the beautiful display of , wait. actually the aroma will hit you first laughs* nothing beats a nice smelling's is damn heavenly the feeling...not to mention they have a glass window at the right side of the cafe that gives you a small view of the kitchen where 2 or 3 pastry chefs would be sprinkling their magic dusts to produce awesome goodies! :D yay!

lil trinkets, bits and pieces that are for sale. did not get anything. i know! bulat always buys lapsap! how come?! hahaha purse on a diet.

here the window that you can see the magic working! :D sorry bout the bag...hahah don't know whose isit. spoiling my photo-_-! pifts* i love the fact the furnitures are all white! and the fishnet thing is prolly something where customers write comments bout their cakes and stuff to put there. on the left is a very nice hand-drawn cutesy wall~

love this! patchwork cloth thing to serve as a divider? door? i think i used to hate this kinda patchwork thing when i was young. both my grandmas did many things like these and i thought it was horrible cause it looks like a poor people thing *spoilt girl lol* but now my views have changed 180 degree..hahah i wonder why.

they have another room after the patchwork divider thing which i lovelove. it feels like a nice place for people to hang out if there a small party or something...maybe around 15 people? to just do whatever you want amongst yourself in a private room. downside is, right opposite this room is an office? actually its a floor that is divided by 2. the cafe on one side and office of a co. the other side. there was no one in that office when i went but my friend said there was when she went and it felt kinda weird to have a bunch of random ppl "at the cafe" although they are in another room all together.

one of the best seller- chocolate cake.
tasted like..a..normal good chocolate cake? laughs* not those that made me ooohhh-ahhhhh but it was a good cake. not like a rip off of your money that kind.

the mille crepe cake! arhhh!!!* i sometimes wonder what is the big fuss over mille crepe cakes (like what is the fuss over macaroons.) but whatever...ahhhh!!!!*
erm ...this was prolly tiramisu. it was not bad....but still nothing beats the famous nadeje at melacca....or austin chase's layer cake.

original/vanilla mille crepe...sadly this was like eating butter. hardened butter. cold hardened butter. mille crepe is usually soft. this was actually kinda hard...i was alright with the taste but my bro (being the pro if all mille crepe cakes) hated it. hahaha T_T he said it was not good at all. wasting his calories. sigh* i read good reviews on their mille crepe though. maybe the pâtissier was having a bad day thus this cake, lacking with love during baking process..haha-_-!

chocolate cake decorated by yours truly....for mom. hahahahhahahah-_-
nothing better to do. seriously.
on a plus side, i feel the cakes are reasonably priced at around rm8.50 per piece..don't think i see these kind of prices anymore lately. it's crazy but it starts to feel like rm12-rm15 is a normal pricing for a slice of cake when clearly you don't need that much for the ingredients.

well...if you don't pay (as in cash) then you will pay (as in energy) when you self-bake. hahahaha

Dreamz Bakery
My Kidz Pit Stop Center (3rd floor)
No 58 The Strand Jalan PJU5/20D
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya.

Monday :10.30am-7pm
Wednesday to Sunday :10.30am-9pm

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes

huhuhu :D
so long never blog.
i miss!! sososo miss!!

plants kisses on blog
*mormor blog*

and now lemme show you bulat de super messy room!!!!

messier then before...hahaha-_-''
keng ma? i also feel very keng. hahahaha :D
my mom say like i just shifted in...or maybe i am shifting out? :D
one day to shift everything out of the room and one more day to shift everything back in...just that when i shift back in got no more table to put my stuffs so all on the floor.

kelian ~

now i have to repaint the corner of the room (can see a lil bit at the left side from the pic. that whole are must paintpaint if not my wall naked colour) and i need to think what/how to kaotim that area since the L shape table is gone~T3T

ideaidea? :D

should i get a long cupboard put there so i can place my books(effing a lot of books) and a big pillow to sit and read at that area? keke~ then i can get a small square table put in the middle of my room with round shape carpet underneath for sit down talktalk, drink tea..erm...and let you all draw random pics with my art stuffs hahaha when unpack room i found all my leftover college art supplies :D

can gather in my room. no need meet downstairs~ wahahaha~
no TV, can watch laptop, sit on my bed :D

but must take care budget though T3T not much money oh~

the L shape table lucky took off cause the whole termite's nest was at the back of the cupboard where it can't be seen! got a shock at how big the nest was! O_o means all this while i was sharing my rooms with MANYMANY termites. they owe me rental! eat my floor some more!