bulats' surrounding

a proper intro of the people existing / you will see often in the blog will be updated soon.

for now, here's a picture of my ah pek drawn using the iPad.
Ah Pek = Old Man
And he is my old man cause he is 7 years older than me. 
He calls me hambao = crybaby most of the time (instead of the usual bulats like other people do because... I am a hambao -_- now you guys know. cannot run dy me)
 This is a picture of ah pek's hambao aka me, msbulat drawn by the ah pek himself with the iPad. 
Now I know how I look like in his eyes-_- very special.

Short Update:
I knew ms.Boey and ms.Chan from college.
They are the 2 out of the usual 4 of us in a group.
I usually refer them as "my sakais" cause they are really sakais like that.
ms.Boey is famous for her blur-ness and ms.Chan for her killer stare. 
Both traits that never changed since college.

mr.Jynn and ms.Boey are on the journey together towards mr.&mrs. 
and don't you think mr.Jynn looks like a grown up RUSSELL from UP? :D

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