Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sock Dolls

Was killing time at MPH one day when I saw a "How to Make Dolls out of Socks" book. It was DAMN CUTE and I would have bought it on the spot ...if it wasn't in Chinese-_-! *knocks head on wall for being banana* Seriously, one of the biggest drawback for being a banana is that you can't save EONS of money from all these Chinese translated from another language art books. Any art book that is translated to Chinese easily costs 30-40% less then the original language the book comes in. bah!

I bought it anyway.
as a gift for ms.chan.
It was soooo cute that.....I wanna be greedy and not let any person have it! Differentlarh when I know exactly who is owning it (so silly right?! MPH will restock -_- plus they have outlets everywhere!) plus she did mention before that she was interested in making some might as well larh.

Well, one good deed deserves another.

Cause, her first handmade doll from the book is now MINE! :D

wheeeee. yuen (also means round but in Chinese)

it's actually a Matryoshka Doll (Russian doll) and supposed to be small and cute(from what I remember seeing in the book)  She said it was a "failed" doll but not like I care and it IS damn cute.

Plus only one in the world! hahahahah :P

yes, those are my clothes behind and my newly bought xmas earrings ( I can still remember ms.chan's look when she saw me wearing wreath earrings for xmas :P)

sooooo can't even stand straight. hahahah I feel like poking it everytime to make it tip over. too bad it doesn't wobble. would be cute to see it wobble like Darumas. Upon posting it on Facebook, the amount of people commenting is like O_O I hardly get comments so to see many notifications is just plain crazy. The amount of people asking her to make for them is crazy too. I think non of us foresee this. It's as simple as me buying the book out of the blue for her and her wanting to do something to kill her excess free time.

She's a fast one-_- next thing I knew, another was "born!" Equally cute! :D
It even comes with a one sided sock-_- wthethaifishcakes.

Baby brother abusing it maximum. hahahaha :D By now, my family is telling her to quit her job and prolly concentrate on mass producing this instead. Ms.Chan's look of "wathebbqsauce?" She said it's easier to churn money sitting behind a desk in office then sewing a doll. *laughs* Well, at least now I know why are handmade items soooo expensive / price tag seems to be higher then normal mass produced items.

                                                       The perfectly symmetry back-_-
Abusing to a different level all together.
The brand new "line" she's currently sewing. *laughs* which I think also had the most feedbacks. She did prolly a grand total of 3 copied ideas from the book (which had like eons of different kinds you can do) and right after that she started creating her own ones. -_- I don't know how she does it and I will prolly never get it. In anycase, it only gets cuter and cuter. Seriously, look at the bear above. Can you imagine it was a SOCK in the first place?! I can't even comprehend which part is which! O_O Epic cuteness in a different way from the normal cuteness. It even comes with a pocket and bow tie leh!

Seriously, I think they would make veryvery good baby toys.