Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting Boey @ KLCC

Last Sunday, I dragged puppy-eyed ah pek to fetch me to go for Boey's Meet&Greet Session at Kinokuniya, KLCC. (Artist behind "When I was a Kid") I did the same when I wanted to buy the book few months back at Times Bookstore too. *laughs*
It was my first time going for such an event (okay, second time. the first being Wang Lee Hom and his manager almost wanted to kill me, but that's another story for another day :P) and I was feeling a bit lost, wishing I was a student all over again cause ...it's easier when you are young and naive. That's what I feel :P

And then...
:D:D:D ohmaigooselarh. The guy behind the book I have been reading and reading over and over again. Bugging baby brother bear, bugging my friends to give a chance to the book cause it's actually quite addictive, nostalgic and good time killer when you are in the toilet *uh-hm* he was the guy behind all those crazy looking styrofoam cups. And instead of approaching to him to talk, I stalked from afar-_-
And he did not lie. He is MORE good looking in real life and I can't believe those shoes were from ZARA.

his dad's eyebrows makes him look so cute!


HIS MOM!!!! 
I am a superrrr happpyyyy girl!
There is just something bout his mom that is just..pleasant :) and his mom's love for him, you can feel it from the book itself. I can't explain it. You gotta read it yourself to find out.

See the mini signature ? That is the mom's. :D
It was so embarrassing. Cause I wanted her signature BUT I did not have a pen-_- In the end, his mom had to dig for a pen from her bag. *puts paperbag over head*

All in all, it was a wonderful meet&greet, Boey is much more humble in real life compared to how he is on Facebook. It was funny cause despite all this fame, he is still human. (or should I say down-to-earth?) Admitting in front of the crowd that he IS indeed nervous, hence pacing back&forth. Though so, did not bother to prepare any script and he was very honest in telling his personal stories.

And it irks me that when the Q&A session was on, I could not squeeze any questions to ask but I had a few on the way home in the car-_- BAH!

I am looking forward to the next book (hopefully there will be) Would be definitely epic to read one bout him being a dad :P HAHAHAHAHA

Last chance to go see him would be on the 8th&9th of September at the Curve area !:D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kids Nowadays

I hope he was kidding bout the BB Gun O_O
That aside, I always get fascinated with kids who dare to talk to strangers. (I meant carrying out a normal kid conversation, not kids that only know how to verbally bully and say bad words *the horror*)
When I was young, (maybe now too hahaha) I never dared talk to strangers O_O
Don't say talk, I don't even dare to answer a simple question such as below.
When I was old enough, mom said "Thank God you grew out of that, you were running out of fingers!"


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don't play&drive

Okay.. I am in no right to tell people to drive safe. 
But DO drive safe! Balik kampung drive safe, come back also drive safe! :D
And yes, we are both safe, inc. my beloved old car (if not won't be here writing this kan?!) although we were obviously, probably, might be at the brink of death from my action above *hides*

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ala Chinese Style

I also recalled "killing" these a lot from playing Ragnarok :P
On a side note :
Have been filling my round tummy with loads of buka puasa food!
Will be going back Melaka (again) this time to visit grandma&pa and catching up gossips with my aunties. I know!! But whatever bonds the family ~

Maybe "suin pin" (might as well) ask them bout what kiong xi eats too yays :D

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paranorman : Movie Review

I have been to Nuffnang's screenings before, the first time being P.O.T.C.
And many other times were friends' who somehow always have tickets (I honestly don't know how they get it O_O) and I just freeload in together *heh*

but this is the FIRST time I personally won it from Nuffnang :D *wheee*
(or should I say Nuffnang gave me a chance to watch? haha Thank you~)
Ah pek made me worry during collection time cause I have never collected the tickets before. In the past, friends will just pass the ticket to me once I reach. I also recall waiting at the entrance door like...15 minutes before the movie starts?? Just to rush in FAST in order to get good seats. Now it feels so civilized. HAHAHA :D
3D is not necessary other than feeling "cool" wearing the new 3D glasses
ParaNorman made my night! Storyline was a lil' predictable and towards the ending was like a sudden rush into the storyline (children's movie ma! but what's with the PG13? Maybe PG6 la)
but the jokes made me entertained throughout. I loved the colours used too. Similar to reading a children's illustration book with slight pop-ups. haha :D and though so, still got frightened at certain parts mehhhhh

Honestly, it was a great improvement from Coraline, a bit more appealing to the public no? 
(esp. love the character designs this time around) and overall, I preferred this over Brave. *shrugs*

Qn to win the tix was :
"giving your wittiest speech to a very hungry zombie on the verge of swallowing you whole! Use your skills of persuasion & wit to avoid being zombie meal."
Both of us submitted for this but we were arguing on whose answer was the winning one.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brave Doodle

Random messy drawing done on iPad. Should really buy the other pens available than just sticking to the default one.
Placed very high hopes just to have a flat heart rate upon watching it. It was certainly cute and considerably Disney but somehow although message (or moral of the story?) is loud and clear, the thought of her mother turning into a bear is ...a lilllll bit too much. (so much coming from a person who draws her baby brother as a bear  on the blog HAHA)

and I still miss 2D cartoons by Disney.
Those were one of the best.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

First times in Melaka

To clear my last post, the "roadtrip" was actually just a weekend getaway to Melaka with the above sakais for ms.Chan's birthday *hides from people who were gonna throw things at me for drawing misleading things in the last post*

Honestly although my mom's hometown is Melaka, I hardly ever get to go down Jonker. And this is the first time I manage to experience different things at Jonker than the usual eateateat (although we DID eateateat for this trip anyway...*pinches belly*)

This is first time I stayed over at Jonker. Chose Hotel Puri  and got a shock of our lives to see swallows at night at their ceiling walls (eh! Looked like bats okay!) O_O Just to realize ....actually it's bird's nests...

First time ate Keluak. More like found the existence of it...-_- please don't ask me to describe the taste, it has this indescribable taste and it's just surreal eating it. plus it's all black! Cause you have to dig into the seed to eat it....and it's just like eating a lot of black stuff that feels like moist sand but thankfully, I'm sure taste better than sand ...RM1.50 per keluak seed.
Stumbled upon the above, I loved the shop! Filled with pretty detailed clay pottery works. I especially liked the ones that are used as lights. Can you imagine what silhouettes will be on the wall when they are lighted up? :D I personally think they will make good centerpieces for small, warm weddings.

Melaka is really filled with artsy-crafty people who devote themselves to their passion. The person behind all these (so rude of me! I did not ask for his name!) together with his wife, have been doing it for 17 years now. Right after college they experimented and honed their skills and they are still doing so up till today. There are no re-makes and everything is one-of-a-kind. His shop is also filled with wonderful paintings which are actually done by his brother and his brother-in-law. The love and talent for art does run in his family's blood!

Melaka is also filled with artsy-fartsy tourists!
kuakuakua* Spent a good time reading all the guests posts at Limau Limau Cafe.

Also, this is my first time witnessing ms.Boey going crazy bout badminton (actually, just over Lee Chong Wei) and going in and out almost every cafe/restaurant/pub we passed by that has a TV, asking if they were going to play the match later at night.
We will come back next year to find this LOL
Settled for Bistro 11 cause that was the only place at Jonker showing O_O
Amount of people who were there to support.
My first time doing something like this O_O  Furthermore, at Jonker! With sooooo many people! O_O and the decibels of support, it's like WOAH O_O and even when he lost, people still clapped for the game well played and I was trying so hard not to sniffle when I saw Dato' LCW's tear :(
Sitting there (front row somemore! ms.Boey actually asked the waiter to book the seats for us while we go have dinner ELSEWHERE instead...) must order something at the very least la like this...
Just to see 3 SAME SIZE MUGS reached the table....So I should really thank Dato' Lee Chong Wei for indirectly giving me 1/2 pint of free beer (better than ice-cream no?) but honestly, next time I will stick to my wine/cider/hard liquor instead. Definitely don't mind free 1/2 pint of wine! Although I might die from drinking that whole lot! *laughs*

Also, my first time feeling left out from all the this "high-techness"  T_T
Before this, road trips were always filled with sleepless nights from endless bickering!
Guess it's time to bring books out during trips again. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Did you know?

*edited 3rd pic*
Okay, not really a ROAD TRIP, but it's a trip! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chicken Or Rice

Yes, this is how we order :D
Just like how people say "Teh O Ice Limau, No Limau/No Ice"
and baby brother is definitely an expert, the other day mom just "ta-pau" (take away) chicken rice for his lunch. the moment he opened the box and smell, he said "EIYER! this is from the worst chicken shop at SS2!"

Seriously, I can't tell  nuts. They all look the same.

and never ever, drench sauce into baby brother's rice.
He loves his VIRGIN rice-_-