Saturday, October 31, 2009

flower girls on halloween

ms.sexay wanted to get flowers for her ex-boss's wife's birthday.
so off we went in her lil kenari to KL :D
right to the big ass wholeseller shop that my mom always goes to during CNY.
but actually we accidently stumbled onto another shop tucked away in between some alley (unfortunately after we bought our purchases) which had better colour sense with the wrappings (counts one okay!) and the flowers had those glorious smell *bliss*

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look at her in her lil pretty floral dress and happy bright flower colours :P

i almost went berserk seeing all the flowers and how cheap they were. i'm sorry. despite how girls always say flowers are a waste of money. girls will always freaking like flowers. it's like the head arguing with the heart.

sigh* if i had the chance (and the money to get the flowers). i feel like doing what yotsuba did. haha be a flower cupid. basically handing out flowers to random people on the street. but i'm so uncute. i will prolly scare people Laughs*

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have to take lar! :D all the time i was like. FLOWERS! smile. FLOWERS! smile. FLOWERS! smile. lucky i was with her, i worry other people will think i'm a psychotic. can be myself around her more freely *dances*

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:D everytime i see this. reminds me of love and kisses. long inside story. and i would like to keep it that way *laughs*

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happy bright roses! :D don't know who invented the 3 roses = 1 love you etc. very romantic and all i know but to me always the more the merrier and better :D keke and bloomed ones matters too! nicer ma. not meh?!

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walaoeh. since when chrysanthemum so the nice one?

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these are called "keh leh feh" flowers. flowers used to just accompany the main one O_o why?! these are not pretty enough to be main flowers meh?! odd.

i took like gazillion photos more. can't put all up. blogger might ban me O_o

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then a brilliant idea striked up (okay it wasn't that brilliant but at least it solved the what to buy problem) to buy a bouquet for dear baby's belated present and giving a surprise to her by leaving it in her room. sure shock her when she reaches home (which d'oh happened. LOL) the normal old technique that never fails. hahaha :D least expected rocks when the outcome is a good one. (so far i noticed small surprises works. big ones usually don't :P) sad thing bout these roses was only 1 had smell amongst all 12 stalks. mieh.

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the card to be slotted into the bouquet and halloween cupcake :D

ke ai~ :D

and i got to know where to get helium balloons at a cheaper rate then those wedding places -_- imma gonna launch the idea i have been having for a effing long time. i just need someone's birthday now. ROAR*

Friday, October 30, 2009

the time traveler's wife

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the golden rule.
books are always better.

hahaha i can't really judge the movie cause the book was more detailed and precised. but perhaps they did well in extracting what was important since so far no one (or whomever i knew that has watched) complained bout it. siu mai even said it was touching and cried. the book was way more touching i felt. yes. they tweaked the ending ever so slightly. but then again, thank God i read the book cause it made me feel clearer in general. lil ms.chicken was asking questions and talking throughout the whole movie (a habit that hasn't changed since form 2!) so i din't really felt the climax etc. of the movie. just enjoying a private girl session with her :P (and felt lucky the guy behind din't kill us for talking so much and kinda loud haha)

not for guys who likes action pack and don't have a tiny bit of emotion in their heart or people expecting high expectations.

as i quote lil ms.chicken, "somewhat in between The Notebook(the better movie) and P.S I love you."

i have to catch the Notebook.

and dammit. now i have to buy or download "500 days of summer".

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oh :D lil ms chicken and i shall thank her for accompanying me to watch this movie with genuine feelings of wanting to catch the movie. *blessed*

Oh and heh* anne:D since you read my blog. her and her "uh-hm" are going on well for now :D i still enjoy teasing her to bits and pieces. catch up on Nov *muarks*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy round things

haha sounds wrong :D but i'm sure many happy things come in round *ah-hmm* clears throat (thick skin-nyer)
anyhooooooo..... :D
seee!!!! *shoves the picture to your face*
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super cute :D i mean i have seen a lot on the internet and all but first time seeing one in my fridge. got a lovely shock! +10+10 for baby bro's friend. he's a chef in learning and although pastry/desserts are not his strong points but i realized he does give around (or maybe more to my house) cause my family has very strong sweet 'teeth'.

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lalala :D actually his group of friends are selling them at rm2.50 per cupcake. so cheap! omg. can die. wathe-ef. (they raising funds to buy their chef uniform at rm600 per piece ler)..ouch* the fact that the cupcake was big some more! imagine how much cuppacakes and every other cupcake shop earns *glares* i know lar, pay for design and brand maaa....but mom prefers this. prolly suits older and non sweet tooth people. more cake. less icing. haha i think it serves well with coffee/tea :D i love the deco on top (prolly marzipan) the taste rocks! taste like semi-medicine and i love cough medicine taste *clears throat*

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CREAM PUFF!! look at this baby! oooooozeeeee :D sigh* i just ate it but i feel hungers for another. i'm an easily bribed lil girl.

ordered some for baby and mr.fries's birthday this weekend. might as well have some halloween-ish cupcakes cum birthday cake :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson : This Is It

the movie showed me a glimpse of Michael Jackson true self. (which means it did live up to the tagline given for the movie : Discover the man you never knew)

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how humble he is.
he says his thanks and gives his blessings. he spreads the love whenever he can. he also motivates people. at one part he said to his guitarist, "it's your turn (or was it time) to shine. we will be with you". you can actually feel his sincerity when he said it.

how meticulous he is.
how he knows what he wants and how he wants things to be done. he makes sure everything is pin point perfect, not for him but for everyone.

how playful he can be.
he kids around..lightly and i found it cute that he sucks on a lollipop while watching rehearsals haha :D

how talented he is.
seriously, who doesn't know this.

he's truly a performer. he starts dancing once the music starts O_o at 50 with such dance moves....i tell you, i sway worse than a tree.

and of course other bits and pieces of him that i can't simply jot it down here. you would have to catch the movie and watch it, feel it for yourself. the man himself.

everyone knows that Michael Jackson was truly a living talent and this show just proves it even more.

i am pretty sure i head sobbings somewhere in the cinema. it's not surprising to hear them. even for me, i was really deeply moved by the whole movie and it's never too late to praise the King of Pop.

p.s// my mom couldn't stop saying how wasting it is for the whole time she was taking bits and pieces off the film and using whatever footage shown and made up her own mini Michael Jackson concert in her brain while humming to certain songs. also she kept complaining how thin he was haha O_o

p.s.s// Premiers are scary. or maybe just this time around cause the whole Cathay Cineplex Damansara was showing the movie. i got a shock fighting my way through in-_- and then getting my way out of E-curve. *Faints*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

One word to summarize this whole movie.


from the start to the end. it was LAME.

lame to me is fuh-nay.

it's stupid kind of funny. if you can take it, by all means laugh like us. LOUD AND HARD :D

if like my other half :D stared blankly half the time. hahaha

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if you ask me definitely can't beat UP but beat Monsters Vs. Aliens hands down! :D certain jokes were classic, some remakes, expressions (like the dad's..and the kissing moments) were priceless..all in all, coming out of the cinema laughing over small silly things is always better then confusion over the non-understandable storyline kinda movie.

so all's good.

plus cartoons always have better moral values in the end of the day. i feel. maybe it's to educate kids (and adults)


please...please...haha do not think so much like.."eiyer so to eat from the floor the food...omg so toxic leh ingredients from clouds and you know rain not clean what."

if it's like this cinema should start restricting saying for ages 8 and below AT HEART. (aiks. sorry prawn babe! i know you din't mean it but aiyoo.....don't lar spoil the movie for yourself.)

and the whole cinema prolly heard me went berserk when i saw ice-cream town :D hahahah omg. what's there not to like bout comfort food?! you tell me!

and what girls do after watching movie? SHOP-_- ARGH* Overspend wei this month. but it was rm15 a shirt!!! i can't believe i'm having a bimbo complaint moment-_-

moment end.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

peanut butter and jelly

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so is jerry your christian name or? know, actually i wanted Jeffrey
*peanut butter's eyes open widewide*
then how the fish you ended up with jerry?
well...cause i wanted Jeffrey at 1st then i wanted to make those bracelets that have your name? one alphabet per cube? it was famous back then right?
yes jerry..i know. we don't have that much of a generation gap lar haha
okay haha but i had enough for 5 cubes only..and that's how Jerry came along from Jeffrey.
...seriously why didn't you use Jeff instead.
Yahor! why dint i think of that!?

omg so lame lar my other half's other half.


as long that bad boy look of his, beneath is a good guy heart. i'm all okay to pass my other half to you: )

just lemme mormor her dai bei once in a while. laughs

xiexie :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

love = happy hormones

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ms.eyebrow says:
ms.hamtan siao liao
siao in love
suddenly smile one
stoning also smile

ms.bulat says:
wait, whn u're in love
ure gonna do tat too

Thursday, October 22, 2009


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i can't wait to catch some of them.
i saw korean fest too!
so if i suddenly stopped blogging. you know where i went.
harvesting my bum :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my sick day

"doctor! i have 2 pimples on my tongue for 3 days already!!! it's painful!" points to the back of my tongue.
""presses it with some ice-cream stick looking thing.."it's some bacteria infection....."
proceeds to press my throat "pain?"
i nodded while trying to make sure that the thermometer does not drop.
"hmm...okaylar no fever..nothing much"
"so..doc why do i have this?"
"...well can be from sharing someone's saliva (when he said, he looked at me as if i just had a hot and heavy session with a guy the night before-_-)...eating...breathing..i don't know..depends."
"....what can i not eat?"
"porridge...mee soup..these kind."
Okay he must have heard me wrong.
"can i eat burger?!"*shiny eyes*
"can i eat ice cream!?" *bigger shiny eyes*
" canLarh-_-...but these 2 days no heavy heaty solids alright?"
i like this Doc just that-_- seriously he doesn't know the meaning of smiling-_- kanasai.

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his nurses lagi "beh tong"
they forced me to eat medication on the spot and started talking amongst themselves. when i tried to voice out about 'something' they notion in sign language to ask me take the medicine and not talk.
well..after i swallow i announced, "i haven't had my breakfast"
priceless faces
"OMG! why you haven't eat! how can you come with an empty stomach?"

why not?!!!
and why not you wanna listen to your sick patient?! omg.

Had ice-cream after that. felt muchmuch better :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

we were order no: 1018

information comes 1st :D

no.11-G, 11-1 & 11-2,
Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 3,
Mutiara Tropicana, 474110 PJ.
Tel : 03-7803 6603
(as long you know where is Jaya Grocer in BU area, you can see it)

i can't believe just yesterday i was telling my baby bro that the corner restaurant looks nice and the next day i'm here sitting while flipping the menu-_- talk bout express. i just blindly asked pocky to see the place so that we can survey and drop by the next time to eat. erm.. in simplier terms, lemme be prepared for the pricing *laughs*

anyway pocky wanted to eat *wtfishingsauce* as i smelled the heavenly aroma of the food-_- right there and then i regretted drinking 2 bowls of soup at 5pm-_- haha. bleah.

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anyway heads up, Green tea RM6.oo same price as Barley Lime, some speciality drink i saw right after the tea was ordered. laughs*

it's scary-_- i have adopted the habit of either ordering water (save money mar..btw mineral water RM4 in the menu) or tea (cause cheap and refillable) that sometimes i miss out better drinks on the menu even if it means paying rm13 for some exotic named druit juice which is actually nothing to shout about sometimes-_- aih.

Image Hosted by
Iced Bled Pulut RM9.00

it was.....not bad actually cause it wasn't overly strong in taste but then again if you like the original tong sui black pulut with santan, then skip this. Laughs*

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Nasi Campur Chicken Rendang (or you can opt. for Beef) RM33.00

:D girls will share this plate. d'0h hahah with (clockwise) sate, squid, fish fillet,prawn, some fried keropok thing,chicken rendang, rice, erm..kangkung?
2 plates with sauces and a radish, diced veggie and some coconut sesame thing on the other plate-_- God i'm bad at this. the red sauce was a bit spicy, green was a bit oily but i preferred the latter.
not bad the plate. nothing really to scream about but definitely makes you happy just to see there's so much colour on the plate.

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Dory Fish RM24.oo.
they also had the option of 'something'+'something' (eg.beef + chicken) with mash potato and the works for a slightly higher price bt definitely filling. i mean who won't be-_- pocky had to opt for this cause he was 100% confirm he has to help me finish my food Laughs*

the fish was slightly better maybe cause it was thicker hence juicier, mine was puny anf flat compared to his hahah the sauce tasted like something you would eat with meat O_o

i saw desserts on the menu!!! :D but arg* i was so full i felt like i was gonna deliver anytime and half my time was looking at other people's babies-_- they were carrying their babies around and the babies were coo-ing. so cute! God. not good for the hormones-_-

anyway :D worth the try cause if the food does not appeal to you, at least embrace the ambiance. i can't believe of all things i did not take the place-_- ridiculous. basically felt like bali with all the wood settings and yellow light which is thankfully not too bright nor too dim.

*burp* excuse me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the 2 important sakais in my life

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comes with a heavy price to pay.

1 outing with them = 100000 calories-_-

walao. stuffed myself full to the brim with them! maybe it's just ms.chicken-_- enthusiastically from one plate to another. wherethefrappucino she stores them?!-_- i'm thankful her illegal other half can keep up with her. i definitely can't. for the 1st time my wallet can but my tummy can't. *laughs*

i miss them already! argh* this sucks.

oh! and i watched....The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.. :D happy* grins* i thought i would have to catch it alone but they were like "we want to watch!!!!" i really can't take it when people say okay but on their face shows reluctancy-_- sigh. don't want saylar don't want. difficult isit? the whole show? haha not up to what i expected but there were a few good laughing moments. *remembers Keanu Reeves chest*

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oh! and the Jaya Grocer in BU? :D has baby food!! i mean like. nice. looking. baby. food-_- i think when i feel rich some day i'm gonna buy one packet and down it-_- and they have Ben & Jerry's. lemme see if there's a day my tummy decides to let loose and be free-_- har har. don't care. i will eat it anyway. *saves up money and calories*

and oh. the photo above? that's the status of our love life :D
and erm..that's how lil ms.chicken held the cam. hahaha :D silly woman. (actually i teach wan. hohoho.)

rar rar rar.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

not even 24 hours.

i learned that me and my lesbo queen can be damn impromptu-_-

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from a let's do shopformycontactlenseswaxandhavecheaplunchifgottimegowatchsurrogates to spent30bucksonkoreanfoodjusttonotbuyanycontactsbutboughtwaxandtoothpastewentoss2then

it was like all over the place and every shop we went in we spent moo-lah O_o

or more like i made her spend *laughs*

i also learned that a girl can never have too many dresses and one must buy for emergencies-_-
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but erm..i din't Laughs :D i'm still thinking bout it. by the time i think thoroughly, the dress must be gone. then what's the point of thinking. sometimes i really don't understand myself.

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introducing one of the random stuffs i bought. it's a straw with some edible stuffs inside-_- well they are now in Tammy. yes. meet Tammy. my baby bro's girlfriend. never ever leaves his side :D (or more like front)

rushed to watch MOTN at Philharmonic. my first proper orchestra :D surprisingly i din't fall sleep and the most interesting 'thing' to watch was definitely the conductor whose pants keep falling cause he jumped a lot and the ..erm..main violinist? *laughs* cause his face was having so much emotions. you can tell he was really enjoying every single bit of whatever he was doing.


they have Mia Palencia and Roger Wang on Monday night. i can feel it's gonna be good cause Mia's voice is like ...sorry i have no vocab to describe it. can't believe she's younger then me-_- bleah. argh* i wish i was going Laughs.

i also learned that my mom's voice can be of a loud decibel cause when she was sounding me through the phone, people in LRT were looking at me. aiks O_o great lung powerlar ma. must be all that karaoke sessions every Sat.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

my funny mother.

mom, Dancing Queen and I were having lunch at Dragon-i today.

due to my mom's strategic view, she was eye-ing on a couple nearby and all kinds of jiggly-wiggly were in her head.

so as we were leaving the restaurant she nudged both of us to look and the scene was actually a late-twenties feeding soup to a forties woman?

so the question was.

"you think what kind of relationship are they having?"

"er..i don't see anything wrong in my eyes really.."
"yea but imagine if the lady is married! then such young man is feeding her soup! what would you think? what would her hubby say?!"
"er..maybe she's not married? hahah then it's okay what. Love knows no age anyway."
"ya somemore nowadays not funny to see unmarried women choosing younger guys after certain age."
"okaylar..if she's not married..but what if she is! so dangerous! at least go to a secluded place. imagine here what if one of their friend bumps into them"
"...MAAAAA...maybe there is really nothing that's why they dare to be in the public. stop jumping into conclusions when we don't know what's going on!! ROAR. what's wrong you tell me!"
"Well..for one....just imagine it's ME AND POCKY IS FEEDING ME SOUP"
"why not casey!?"
"cause casey will look like my son! if i want a wrong 'view', pocky is a good age for it"


too much mom. too much.

but if you want him so much i can help you since he's single anyway :D kakakaka

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

oh the drama

weeee~ i think the worst thing is people telling me that they can't find my Facebook equivalent to as good as gone-_- mieh. my photos arhs!! ROAR.

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and so yours truly got hacked in Facebook AND MSN.

the hacker msged whoever he/she wanted on both accounts asking for money saying that I either

1. got lost in London, robbed and urgently need money or help.
2. in London now with a gun pointed towards me.

people started SMS-ing me or calling to verify while i was innocently typing emails -_- didn't occur my mind cause my Facebook was logged on just inactive and MSN just keep signing in and out-_-


of all people, why mine-_- cousin gave the best answer.

cause of your ke ai lion profile pic in facebook!! :D
Like Kodomo Lion right?!
yeayea!! :D hahahha Rare mar people put such photo.
after 2 seconds.
eh's a Giraffe..not Lion
-_-!! and you also din't notice when i said Lion OMG.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weee~throws pocky sticks

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

self brainwashing on a bleah day

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

the perfect Mieh...

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these are the shows that always show you the true meaning of cliche-_-

always the most "cannot be wan" is the bad guy.


do not judge a book by its cover right?


not a bad show. but not that worth it though..sigh* will i ever get to watch Tsunami...but i fear it will be like Sinking of Japan-_- bad past experiences always disturbs the current mindset...for everything.