Monday, April 30, 2012

9th Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary Schools 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

RM4.28, where is my change?

Credits both pic and title back to respective people. Hopefully this time around it will be a peaceful one. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Pie - In the Cold

Passed by Just Pie quite a few times in MidValley. Never crossed my mind to try it..just because. But if it was "JUST TARTS"...gonna be a whole different story altogether! :D yums*
Today, mom decided to just drop by...well..just because too. O_O next thing I knew, mom asked if she can buy the frozen pies cause she ain't gonna wait 30 minutes for the pies to be baked. Surprisingly the staff said "Yes." and what more, because they were frozen and it's kinda like D.I.Y to bake them, each was RM1.40 cheaper.
The lady was so nice to even throw in 2 curry puffs (cause someone ordered and backed out at the last minute) and extra 2 small pies FOR FREE O_O (have i ever mentioned my mom has gotten free brownies and extra cake from TGIF before?!...)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nestle in my heart

Everyone seems to have the memory of chasing a Milo truck or somewhat for the Milo. Honestly I have never seen a Milo truck till I was ...old enough to know not to run towards it and actually line up at the Milo truck. That did not stop me from lining up 3 times though! (Surprisingly my first time was at Urbanscapes. Not very nostalgic huh?) At one point I had a cup on each my hand. I decided to be 'kiasu' and drank all I could because I can't believe what I have been missin' out since the last decade or so!! Wathemilotastedamngoodleh.

Milo always trigger different kinds of memories for me. One of them was the times that I was sick. Being in a private school where food was provided for, you are obliged to finish your food and the teacher actually inspects your plate-_- meh. Food is only exchanged for Milo and biscuits when you are sick. The feeling of eating soggy biscuits.. Leaving it halfway through the Milo. Leaving it long enough for the biscuit to be soggy but not too soggy for it will break and fall into the Milo! And finishing up the Milo in one gulp later. I have always wondered why was it in a small cup. So unsatisfactory! I also can't count the amount of times I have lied that I wasn't well just to get those heavenly Milo with biscuits..ops* :P

Funnily it was the same at home. Milo was being made only when we are sick when half the people out there usually drink it in the morning as breakfast for energy , sometimes dunk with Kellogg's.(Let's not talk about how my brother and I would fight over Koko Krunch-_- it was WAR!) Whenever we are sick in bed, upon waking there would be a cup of warm Milo by our bedside. It was mom's way of showing love when we were young being away most of the time climbing the corporate ladder. Suddenly Milo wasn't just a lovely chocolate drink that I drank, it was like the magic medicine filled with love that cures it all.

As I grew older, Milo became a staple in diet. I found a whole new sinful way to eat it. By the spoonful out of the can. Words can't describe how awesome it is! Really! People nowadays must have known it too, with all the Milo dinosaur drinks going around at mamaks! The more awesome thing is to mix it with cold milk. Just dump a spoonful into cold milk, stir a 'lil and you will get a piece of heaven in your mouth....*_*

Milo practically works with anything! My dad drinks it with yoghurt every weekend without fail. (I KNOW!O_O I meant bout the yoghurt part) I can't for my life imagine if there would be no Milo one day. It's definitely a drink to be carried down more many more generations.

p.s// does anyone's grandma still keep their money in Milo tins?! I was shock to see my grandma still does!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

After chomping on Garett Popcorn with brother bear, (which is really yums! but omaigoose, what's with the price?? but me and brother bear watched a documentary once on what great lengths they do to choose the best corn to make good popcorns and yea....not easy at all) I asked him to proceed for dinner downstairs with me.

"Huh? Don't want la...."

"Huh?? Why ne? It's almost dinner time anyway!" *stares at 7.15pm clock*

"Eat sweet 'dy then cannot eat salty.. Gotta rest the tongue..."

At that moment, Mom came from behind, grabbed a bunch of popcorn and said,
"Yes meh? But it's like eat sweet 'dy, feel like eating salty. Then eat salty 'dy feel like eating sweet know? Isn't it like tat??"

"Yaya! Just like mummy said! Not meh??"

"..... Monsters-_-...Fat Monsters.."


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kota Kemuning - Land of Round-a-bouts

ms.Chan and her emotions upon seeing an approaching round-a-bout :D
ms.chan was telling me the other day that Alice was admitted to prince court for some surgery and asked if I would like to tag along to visit her. Hahaha T-T in the end we took a grand total of 2 hours to actually reach her place. Ohmaigoose, 2 hours can go Melacca to eat chicken rice balls and Mille Crepe dy!! O_O The address was written as garden 33 and we were stuck at garden 31 for the longest time! Thinking naively that the next road for sure is 33 but it was not! It was just an effing big garden 31! I saw frm 31/71 ( something like that) till 31/167! That's insane!! We even stopped by a petrol station to ask for directions resulting to even the people there are not sure of the roads T-T wathepancake.

We were desperate and feeling effing lost being stuck in garden 31 for the longest time to a point ms.Chan wanted to go back. Hello' we jammed and got lost for 2 hours, not giving up !! Roar!! ms.Chan said die also she won't stay there. In fact she will pay you money not to ask her stay there hahahaha I on the other hand seriously thinks people who stay there have prolly have no friends-_- (not trying to be offensive but honestly how many people will drive all the way there?? No wonder this girl I met last time she said it was the biggest regret for her shifting there frm PJ)

We were telling Alice that we were lost and such. She felt bad and then proceed to tell us how to get back out in the simplest way. On the way there, google maps prolly gave the directions in 15 steps or so. (and countless additional random directions from guards at guardhouses) Alice gave us only 4 steps on how to get out and we got home in 30 minutes-_- zzzz she even passed us her GPS in case we got lost again but ... her gps prolly has laryngitis cause it doesn't effing or maybe her GPS is shy cause we are not her actual owner *shrugs*

Sometimes I have a feeling it's me. -_- ms.Chan hardly gets lost and has good 'tembak' (guessing) skills for roads. But somehow when I'm with her (only me and her,no one else is in the car) we always gets lost........ and I'm super famous for being lost-_- even in carparks. Gah! Am just happy I wasn't 'kap liu' during the journey *amen*amitabha*

Friday, April 20, 2012

iPad Drawings

Can't remember the last time I drew anything!O_o Read Sixpegs and decided to try her app reviews. Almost killed myself drawing with my index finger, am 0.3mm close to "slicing" my finger so it's a pencil shape instead of a sausage one-_- Dammit. Laughed at ms.57 for buying the touchpen. Now I want one!-_- But it was damn fun drawing despite doing damn a lot of mistakes cause I kept forgetting to press the pencil/eraser button when I needed either-_-
I looooveeeeee Gong Cha! not sure it's cause if it's nice or cause it's not easy accessible. *laughs* but it's really all bout the special foammmmmm! milk moustache?! *grins* and I had it TWICE today! :D wheeeeeee-ness! though so 2nd time was actually ms.Chan who came over and she passed her half drank one to me cause it was too sweet even though no sugar! O_O Green tea seems fine to me. Seriously, why is 70% more sugar labeled as "LESS SUGAR" ?? 30% sugar is labeled as "LITTLE SUGAR"?? Confusing sial! I always order wrong-_- or my england got problem?!?

"You've got BOMBED!" was the first sentence ms.Chan came said while thrusting the cards to me. It was DAMN CUTE LAR! It was done in a postcard format with different photos in front for you to choose and details behind. ms.Chan chose Disneyland for me (YAYYYYYYY! and New Zealand backdrop for ms.Lyn. Only people from the design industry/people who really go all lengths for their day! I tell you I can count with one hand how many bombs I have actually received bombs before. SO SAD RIGHT? I got friends who actually STOP their friends from giving them any more bombs! *meh* The fact that I don't actually work outside makes the whole receiving thing wayyyy slower! T_T Actually ms.Chan and I don't even know why I am invited....but wthemaggisauce he made my day!! :D
Haven't been talking to ah pek since Tuesday. He has been rushing work and the fact that he has training this Saturday makes him even busier I guess? But I did receive a EMOTICON only (-_-) on LINE today and poor thing. Hope my ah pek gets well soon :):):) Old people cannot sick arhhh....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

24 Hours in Singapore

I believe it now. If you wish hard enough, dreams DO come true! *laughs* YAYS BIG TIME! :D
Still can't believe I had known Audrey for 14 years and this is our first trip together. whathecupcakes? We should just shoot ourselves and play dead.

1745 : Got ready to leave for airport when it suddenly rained CATS&DOGS. yay mother nature-_-!

1925 : Ate McD so that we don't donate anymore money to Tiger Airways (but I am eternally greatful for     the cheap flights. Air Asia was soooo exp!-_-) Baby bro and Audrey were asking me to eavesdrop a group of Jap men to see what they were talking about. I just randomly crap something cause I was too lazy to pay attention and decipher :P
2030 : I learned that after smelling perfume, you smell coffee beans to neutralize your sense of smell before moving on to the next one. Never ever knew that. ohmaigawd. where have I been??
2045 : Audrey went to buy SALONPAS-_- apparently aching everywhere and started to put them IN PUBLIC. Before she could put on her 3rd piece, "LAST CALL FOR TR2467" came out loud and clear and we ran as fast as we can (which did not helped) cause everyone was looking at us when we boarded *hides*

2215 : Got picked up by Ben&Mon (mopiko:P) in a car! O_o Little did I know we would be chauffeured for the next 24 hours. Dammit. Shouldn't have bought my baby bro's ATM card in advance!
22xx : Went to"Ji De Chi" : 记得吃 (Remember to Eat) at Liang Seah Street. Me and Audrey just stood nearby people who were leaving and just sat the moment they left! Just to realize you have to line up and wait for your seat! PAISEH SIAL! LOL!*hides* The moment we had our seat, Ben had the nerve to say "AIYA wrong shop! It's suppose to be the one next door." -________- I glanced and saw the shop next door writes, "Tian Sui Sian": 糖水先 (Dessert First) HAHAHAHA so both shops together writes "Remember to Eat Dessert First." Desserts at Ji De Chi? Durian Shave Ice was crazy good. The rest was so-so.

2315 : Left and passed by this steamboat shop on the way to carpark. So cute! Audrey was saying it looks even older than our steamboat shops. True. But cause SG is so clean, they look decent. Ours sure look like half dumpster with Ratatouille's friends running around. At that moment Audrey dropped her tissue and we chased after it like maniacs-_-

23xx : Parked at Esplanade and walked to Fullerton Square (?) When I looked to the left, I was in awe of Marina Bay Sands but Audrey was asking "Can you see ?! the floating LV!" *laughs* Walked around the area to see many young girls dressed to kill. (we are so over that era edy T_T) Settled down at Coffee Bean just to see a girl fall through the glass windows. I let a loud gasp and realized she was dead drunk. Soon many friends came to help her up while she wobbled in her effing high heels and super short skirt. Not bad. Free show.

1000 : Walked down the street after the 3 of us dragged ourselves up (argh. so difficult! cause whenever girls stay overnight in a room, they tend to talk. NONSTOP) to eat Katong Laksa. I thought it was good! But then again, am no Laksa judge. O_O actually I love the fact that I don't have to use chopstick LOL definitely won't splash by just eating with the spoon.
1100 : Found this stationary shop called SMIGGLE while the other 2 went to find money exchanger. Never knew a stationary shop can be this colourful! Mopiko can to literally drag me out before I finish buying everything inside. :P

1200 : finally Ben woke up *laughs* waited for him to have the highlight of the trip. MOS BURGER!!! ahhhhh! why did you close down at KLCC?? sad* and why the shop no re-open now that pork burger is everywhere?? T_T *sad again* Never knew milk tea was done this way. By pouring your own milk O_o We look like "jakuns" cause we were excited just being at MOS and taking photos. Ben&Mon better not go to this outlet anymore :P

1300 : Main point why we are at SG!! WICKED! DAMN WICKED! Storyline was sooo goood! Thank God I die also decided to go in the end after knowing that ms.Lyn watched it twice! West Side the last time I watched was bad-_- so i crossed fingers and toes for this. Tickets were SGD168 but Ben got a discount so we paid SGD100 BUT the lady gave us a SGD250 seat! O_O we were crazy ass near (for me!) So technically speaking we had a 60% off! MADNESS! DAMN HAPPY! :D:D:D the only sad thing was CD soundtrack was out of stock T_T This week is the last week, I urge everyone to just go! Furthermore, they are having free upgrades for seats now.

14xx : Break time! The song "Popular" and "Gravity" was stuck in my head by then. People keep asking Audrey to help them take photos. Even at Esplanade. I found it funny cause Audrey doesn't even own a camera. hahahahahahah The guy who asked in returned help us take but it was BLURRED-_- only picture I had of Wicked and it's blurred-_- bah!

1630 : tears were gonna come out after watching WICKED but me and audrey both sucked it in T_T walked around Marina and was awed. Like awed. By the amount of desserts available :P Soon we were walking as fast as we could (eh, both of us short one, how fast can we walk??) snapping everything in sight while trying to find our way cause Ben is waiting for us outside. Audrey was stalking guys *laughs* the whole trip she was saying SG guys are of a much better quality. I was more upset over the fact I don't have time to visit the above Used bookstore beneath the travelator. Looks like a piece of heaven.

1700 :  The people I am eternally grateful for cause of me and my selfish request to watch WICKED. everyone had to sacrifice time to do it for me T_T Ties them up and keeps them in my cupboard. Not sharing with anyone!!!! There was a big ass sign "Do not play on travelators" at the end. What's the point putting it at the end?! People who wanna play also play finish dy by the time they reach there!

1800 : Was supposed to go to "The Chocolate Research Facility" but it closed down T_T adjourned to Takashimaya (where KINOKUNIYA is! both of them had to make sure we do not pass by it in anyway T_T) Both of them were helping people to buy pans and rice cookers. Never would I thought we would spend time at the Electrical department. LOL* Mopiko buying a dress from Zara after a "am not buying anything" speech before that :P Just to see the lady in front buying the exact same dress (maybe same size too haha) she still bought it in the end :P Zara is so cheap if it's dollar to dollar *sigh*

1900 : We ate one round first before the guys came:P was supposed to settle for Tonkatsu at Ma Maison but last minute I decided I was too lazy and what if everyone else wanted something else? People already had to compromise with my selfish WICKED request. Don't want everyone to compromise with Tonkatsu too T_T so we stuck to Food Village where Pepper Rice is better than the one in Msia and Audrey is serious when she said she don't know how is she gonna survive at Shanghai cause she could not even order Pan Mee from the China Lady O_O *suddenly worried for her*

2100 : Hokkaido ice-cream!!!! Other than the SGD1 ice-creams along Orchard Road, (which I manage to eat! yays) this is a must have!! :D Never knew Lychee was good. Was just funny to see 2 macho guys ordering it. Felt bad for "bullying" Valen T_T was just shocked to see him "more man" then before. But it shows that he is having a good life in SG right?!

0230 : Ended the night where my brains were like dried prunes by then having to feed Valen all kinds of stories to make him remember school days but no result T_T ironically 5 of us were in the same class back in Form 3 O_o Really reunion. Surprisingly we can still talkandtalk after so many effing years! the fact that 5 of us did not even talk that much during Form 3 to begin with-_-! Though Mopiko said she parked at the cheapest place at Orchard-_- Parking was SGD21.50....Me and Mopiko's expressions are not for repeat but that must have been the most kns expression that we have seen of each other. Maybe mine's worse cause I have to x2.45 O_o

 0700 : T_T the hardest morning call EVER. somemore her room is so inviting like this. wahlao. really testing my level where i am sooo close to just paying extra money just to have a later flight in order to sleep somemore. that's her at the back being a piggy LOLS* usually when I ask her what are her plans for weekends. her weekends are very mild, half the time staying at home, watching drama etc. with us coming down must have killed her to bits and pieces T_T thank you....

0845 : Boarded the plane ...during last call again T_T wtbbqsauce. just to spot our Form5 teacher on the plane! Must have talked too much the night before LOL* must take picture of the angmo for ms.Lyn, in a super non-discreet buay paiseh way cause my camera was held way up high for this shot. everyone behind can definitely see what I was doing and I will just brainwash myself that the angmo doesn't realize it.

 0945 : just realized I did not see any cute kids in SG O_O this is damn cute. he was talking non stop (prolly first time sitting a plane) carrying a stack of Penguin books (awwwwwww.....that's cute big time! nowadays all I see them carry are iPads and stuffs) and walking unsteadily next to his mom, falling behind a few times cause he was looking at some planes just to run and catch up later....doing all these while his mom was checking something on her iPhone, not even glancing once at her son....Auntie, I help you take care leh!

1030 : ah pek came to fetch us !:D and the first thing I took was his iPhone to check my gmail. :P LOL internet more important than boyfriend T_T he asked if I have been a good girl and not simply spend money (cause initially he did not want me to go for I was suppose to be saving for other BIGGER trips in mind) and I showed him the above :P You don't know how much super power it took for me in order not to buy the scallop flats I saw at H&M !! T_T

Love SG big time! Can't remember the last time I went before this trip! :D Also...shhh* I bought Wrigley's Chewing Gum at the airport going to SG. I forgot you are not allowed to eat chewing gum there ! Audrey even took a piece from me to chew while watching WICKED! ohmaigoose! Just thankful we weren't caught in anyway cause I heard the fines are awful T_T ...okay just me cause it was in my bag the whole time! ._.

Can't wait for the SG Underwater World to re-open! :D
Okay, fine. Can't wait for Legoland at Johor to open. After that cross to SG! :D wheeeeeee-ness!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Minute Plans

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dark Flight 407 : movie review

Dark Flight? Seriously? LOLS :D everyone knows I watch horror through my fingers or shawl. This time around, I was still doing that but LAUGHING THROUGHOUT. (Gotlarh. In the beginning, I got a small fright. But that was forgettable soon enough!) Ms.Chan said she just wasted 2 hours of her life! For me, with all that laughing, I think I will live 2 hours longer then normal HAHAHAHAHA :D 

Pity mom though, she is a big fan of horror and it has been eons since her scaredy cat daughter said okay for a horror and this is what she got. aiyooooooo~ When mom was buying the tix, she said "you prolly won't sit planes after this leh!" Really mom? If the ghosts look like the ones in the movie, alike zombies instead of ghosts, I think I will just blast Thriller for them. "Snakes on a plane" is really more likely to happen lorh.

Opika Organic Market Restaurant @ 1 Utama

No. 105 & 106, LG One Utama (OLD-NEW WING)
(Located Somewhat Opposite of Noodle Shack/Ninja Joe's)
Tel : 03-77322581

I remember seeing the big ass "Under Renovation" signboard. There were hand drawn fishes on it and I thought it would be another fish & co. kinda restaurant and actually...the reason for going in to eat in the first place was because Opika was one of the rare restaurant that did not have a queue outside-_- Weekend dinners at 1Utama is scary. Another reason I guess is because Opika is surrounded by shops/restaurants (other then Hokkaido) that cost half the price to eat a meal. Love organic restaurants that sells products in within the restaurant :D hahah can shop while waiting for the food (which I didn't this time around cause I was directing ms.lyn who was stuck in carpark B2 for 30 minutes trying to get parking) 

Mushroom soup RM15.00

This is the kind of mushroom soup that when you pay for it, you don't feel cheated. laughs* clearly not the diluted Campbell soup kind with extra obligatory canned button mushrooms. My mom ESP adore these kind of mushroom soups (you know, real blended mushrooms in it) and be careful with the biscuit (the long stick, sticking out of the soup) cause I tried to break it, resulting to it breaking alright, but splashing it all over my ah pek too.... Sorry... *puppy eyes*

Quinoa Salad RM20.00

I did google a lil bout the restaurant before I wrote this post and arh... I realized everyone ate this salad hahahahaha the moment I asked the waitress what was quinoa. She explained it together with 'I guarantee you it's very nice, you won't regret it' of course you will automatically reply her 'okaylah' so maybe that's what made everyone else ate the same salad hahahah or maybe i was the only dumdum in this whole organic thing cause my health freak friends certainly knew what was it when i mentioned it-_- it was really good though. Finished in an eye blink-_- the mangoes and avocado inside made it finish faster (cus everyone wants a bite of those chunks!)

Aglo Olio with Salmon RM35

Taste was normal to me. Then again am no big fan of pasta but mom seems to enjoy it well enough. I guess it's good for anyone who wants a light but 'nutritious' meal. Or should I say it suits people who are careful of their diet. At the very least, it feels light and doesn't make you feel very round after.

Confit of chicken RM30.00

I'm the last person to judge pricing cause in my family of 4, I'm the only one who doesn't do any house "market-ing" (buy groceries at wet markets haha) but 30 bucks seems expensive for a thigh, no? But if you close an eye and put that aside, yummmmmss wei. If I remembered correctly, the sauce was a blend of pumpkin and pineapple. Ms.lyn was put off by the description at first but she was also the one who ended up with a damn clean plate! Down to the sauce which were scrapped clean with her fork. Never ever judge with the eye, it's always the tongue and tummy's duty.

Apple cake with walnut crumble and vanilla ice cream RM12.00
(omg, i deserve to die for this blurred photo-_-!)
Crunchy outside, couldn't really see/feel walnuts, soso on the inside. Mediocre apple cake for me. I definitely have eaten better apple cake (or apple pies) then again most of the best ones are always home baked. Maybe the fact that it's home baked and not for sale makes it all better hahaha

For me it was a lil on the pricey end but I guess it's forgivable since Opika is an organic restaurant. For me who judge food through my tummy, it was satisfying (for me the portion was just right, not sure bout big eaters though) I think in general anyone would enjoy the food; taste and visual wise.(Not that sure bout desserts though)

Actually all the more you should just go nownownow! Because they have an effing 15% off!!! (till i don't know when!) Even some of their fruit juice is on discounted price. Who doesn't love discounts? Okaylah, I don't know bout you guys but to me is like angels dropping star cookies. We saved around rm18 for the above bill. That's like...........2 weeks worth of McD ice cream sundae. A sundae a day makes me happy in every way~

Okaylarh. Fine! That rm18? You can order an extra soup or dessert with change for your 4 hours 1Utama parking. Clear enough how much 15% is ba!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Aquaria KLCC

Not suppose to snap, but I sneakily did anyway.
Everytime ah pek brings up the topic of bringing me to Aquaria, I will always decline. There is a reason behind it and I just want him to have Aquaria's memory as it is for him. But this time around he was veryvery persistent. In fact, he and I had a lil tug of war right at the entrance for both of us were stubborn in our lil ways. I gave in in the end... *pouts*

I was paying more attention to this lady's tudung. It is Cat print! so cutttteee!! 
Aquaria KLCC is a place I would not recommend unless you have children (fr you know education purposes) or have really too much time to kill. Maybe I was at fault for comparing it to the ones overseas (I especially remember the one I went to at perth when I was 9. Or maybe everything looks better when you are 9 haha the world was a much more colourful, less tainted place) and somewhat the whole had this dullish colour instead of happy vibrant hues(think lil mermaid??) It was also upsetting to see not that much varieties of fishes. In fact the fish tunnel to me was the most disappointing of the whole Aquaria considering its suppose to be the highlight of the place usually. am this close to taking my marker and drawing extra fishes on the glass.

Spot the froggie!

Information wise was sufficient. Although it's suppose to be an underwater world but they do have few reptilias, bugs and mammal as well. I was dying at the sight of reptiles, I was clinging on to ah pek for my dear life despite them being safely locked up behind display units.

You purposely bring me here so that I won't let go of you wan isit??*still clinging to him like some koala bear from behind oblivious from the nearby kids and foreigners stares*

Where got! I damn nice let you pok mong okay? Im the one at rugi here!


I guess for the both of us in the end of the day, it's just another activity that we do together so we can have many random memories to bring up the next time around/in the many years to come. But in all honesty for the rm35? I think I'd rather it be spent for a play at KL PAC. Shhhh*

But I was happy happy to see this tunnel link ontheway to Aquaria. This tunnel is even more interesting and at the very least colourful compared to Aquaria-_- can't believe I just said that after the prolly millions spent to build Aquaria. This isn't even Aquaria's work. It's an ad Samsung Galaxy note came out with.

Ah pek obliged to my random photo taking. Hahahahaha I don't know ist because of age or cause he doesn't really do all these to begin with. So he always stares at me one kind when I have funny requests. (which in my defense it's very normal if you enjoy taking shots anytime out there!)

I love the fact that he's easily 'conned' and he doesn't mind retaking the shots many times after seeing how cute it can be :P Cute what! Not cute meh? My ah pek not cute la :D After 30, cannot use the word cute dy. (you know it's hard not to call him ah pek when I am with his friends? cause all of them same age! although I don't mean it and call it out of affection but still...)

KLCC is the home to one of my most fav place in the world!! Ah pek says its the most dangerous too haha to both our Wallets :( now that I think of it, Aquaria's tickets should be used to buy any random book instead :p

I have a dream for this place I love so dearly but ah pek says its highly impossible. T_T Either I really have to talk and bat my lashes too, to get my way through or pay through my nose for it. Honestly, I would gladly do both to have my dream come true Hahahahha not saying what it is though :P *shy*