Sunday, May 29, 2011

Only addition, No subtraction

big boy's (uh*hm...or should i say ah pek? :P) 26th (hahaha :P) birthday started off with bulat having an exam in the morning and him having work....laughs*

anyway we had our first eateat celebration at 6 to 10 @ Aman Suria...cause...bulat was really hungry T_T and can't wait any in the end went to the nearest not bad place to eat. birthday boy ordered fish&chips...which the round one uh*hm..i think end up eating more of it then he did hahahahh cause it was really good! :D while doing so, round one was slowly, sneakily passing bit by bit her chicken chop over to his plate and stealing more of his fish~:D
sorryyy.. T_T but ..we both were happy right?! cause a full tummy is a happy one!:P

night time was some random restaurant/cafe near his place. the 3 of us...him, me and his mom ~ laughs* went for a grocery walk and then proceed to have dinner together. too paiseh to take photos of the food in front of his mom but look at the nice cups as deco! :P anytime also got spare if anyone were to break any cups! hahah good "storage!" food was not bad actually, maybe cause we ate things that we both liked hahahah~big paiseh came when his mom paid for the i just said a "thank you auntie!" with a "oh noooo how comeee!! paiseh!! sorry!!" look all over my face-_-
meet barney (yes now you all know who pocky sayang not me. is barney hahahaha) this like...i prayed with all my heart, crossed all my fingers and toes and whatever, hoping it taste AT LEAST OKAY. at least a pass..cause it is....yes, homemade. hahahahahah T_T i shall skip my horrible chocolate cake baking story for another day~-_-!! but i'm thankful both him and his mom liked the cake. yayyyy *dances around! throws jellybeans* pocky was giving me stress the whole day! he kept saying "cakecakecake!" i was like "Erggggg!!!what if the cake KILLED SOMEONE!?"
no candles...cause...33 TOO MANY CANDLES to put on this tinytiny cake....or someone REFUSES to put candles...hohoho:P anyway, sorry for lying bout the 26 in the beginning..that's the correct age pockys heart...33 is by actual math :P
(please go check Daiso cake mould to see how small it is LOL)

day 2! *wah 2 day celebration some more! can i add one more candle on his cake then? hahah:P ate BBQ plaza! cause...i think the only reason we like to eat here is that we enjoy cooking the meat (and me without having to scrub that pan!) supposed to eat with sylvia and her lengjai talking machine:P but in the end we had a 'romantic' lunch together without them instead LOL

the must to do plan. bowling....cause pocky wanna show off his skills on his birthday :P
hahahaha which all of us gotta admit, there WAS skills. but next day, he say arm pain. poor baby....laughs* bowling gave him back a birthday present. muscle pain :P

look at sylvia's yeng pose! :P hahahahha marks wise. pocky had an average of 1xx. lengjai talking machine had a 8x and steadily increased to 1xx. sylvia started off with ..i don't know...3x? haha but increased to a decent number towards the end...7x?? bulat is the best! started off with 6x THEN DROPPED TO ...don't even know got DOUBLE DIGIT BOH.
can we like, go for painting or something next time? hahahah

nah, must show off his ...armguard?
but actually i was really liking the pins hung above as deco:P (look at top left please!)

CREPE! :D erm...conned the birthday boy to eat with me. hahahahha eating this makes me happy...and fat-_- so see which side wins. if feel fat, no eat. if feel happy, eat.

and now i present you....

sylvia's leng jai talking machine's buttocks. HAHAHAHA~
he's veryvery gung ho and determined to lure "something" out! failing though~
birthday boy trying his luck! :P
also, FAIL.

hello ! :D hahahah in the end only sylvia managed to lure him/her? out~
sylvia's the best, rabbit also can sense who are the good and who are the badddddd (*points to the aboveabove photo hahaha) i haven't showed ANY PHOTO of lengjai talking machine's face but the rabbit's hair IS EXACTLY like his! :D veryvery cute!

the day ended with pocky bringing out Casey, Fishy and me to Aman Suria's Murni to have dinner....which jeng! see birthday boy sure got jackpot wan! our loh shu fun had........metal sponge bits and pieces inside~ lucky not cockroach legs or something! :P

may everyday be a happy, blessed one!:)