Thursday, September 27, 2007


How is your day today?

Monday, September 24, 2007

have a break

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boss announced a holiday!!!!: D: D: D

i used to hate holidays during schooling days, actually i don't really like holidays until now cause after a holiday you will feel rusty and it is hard to catch up with the old pace. but then again, once in a while it is gooood: D*big smiley*

but then again....i have tons of jap work to catch up!-_- gambateh-masu!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


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it has been quite some time since i AM the older sister*laughs*

excuse the colours-_-' i don't know what's wrong with my senses. it's diminishing ._. sob

Saturday, September 22, 2007


i don't care what everyone else says.

i freakin' like HAIRSPRAY.

so deal with all my zhao yam chicken singing when i do get the soundtrack.

to me hairspray is almost like this era's comeback of Grease. full of just fun lovin', straightforward, comedy and poppy 60's music. big hair. bold colours. open message. tons of smiles. if you love high school musical, you would like this movie. or make that if you love musicals, chances are you would enjoy and love this movie.

ever since Moulin Rouge, it has been a long time since i enjoyed a musical this much. yesyes, so there was Dreamgirls, but i really did not like Dreamgirls all that much. seriously-_- although i know it was adapted from Diana Ross(is it?) music career. it just did not reach out as much, maybe i am just dying inside to listen to upbeat poppy songs, sing loudly to it and not care bout what all my other friends would say or what looks they would give me(and i would say among all prob. only prawn babe will croon together with me*laughs*)

although the show was a bit long and there was seriously a lot of singing and dancing going on. i thought it would be too draggy like how i felt when i watched Dreamgirls but thankfully maybe cause the "arrangement"(tune?) of the songs suited my taste, i was enjoying. at certain points i wished there were subtitles so i can hum to myself while watching.
*looks the same kan?O_o*

and you have to give credit to the actors of this movie: ) let's not talk bout how high they can hit the notes or how keng the choreography of the dances are. but the thing is when they sing, when they dance, they look so alive and happy and...-_- i mau masuk TV with them. kns. oh i cannot get my mind of Zac Elfron. not that i am a big fan of him but in the show, everytime he was called, he has this *tsk* look. i really don't know how to say it, it's a certain kind of winking that you would see guys ejeking girls or something. hahahah but it looked really cute. like wtf.

and omgggggg. James Marsden was in as well. hahahahaah he actually looks good with gelled 60's hair. some girls were actually screaming at the end credits when he came out. *laughs* and omg john travolta!! the image of him in Grease kept popping into my mind. so wrong. funnily wrong. maybe i was born in the wrong era. i really think everything looks sooooo nice in this movie T_T oh...if you don't like musicals and after all my "oooo" and "ahhhs" over this movie, you still would not budge to watch it, let me tell you. the cinema was FILLED with girls.

and i really mean girls-_-'''

i was shocked myself. if there were guys, either cause the girlfriend/girl friends dragged them(in my bro's case, he was forced), old men or....well..i don't know. no pin pointing here: P so if you are a guy, i suggest you buy a ticket right smack in the middle: D kuakuakua

* i laughed damn loud for this one!*

Friday, September 21, 2007

how to choose paint

at the workplace

"eh come, you see which colour is closest to ngap si cheng"(duck shit colour)
boss looks up from her work and looks at the colours and start discussing which colours suits best.
"why don't we paint different kinds of animal shit colours, that way we would be closer to nature!"

all my boss and her mom did was give the -_- look to the dad while me and 40tripleD died laughing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the great Le'M

it has been a long time since i met her.

kuakua prettier edi. maybe it's her hair. it is always her hair.

nope you do not say she's prettier owready in front of her.


and she is the Queen of Random

"eh why my eyelashes feelso heavy today?"
"eh yea cause i got mascara hohohoho"

gila woman


hopefully the fried chicken comes with the correct tatse, shape, texture and all. cause a fried chicken can be a bad fried chicken if it is from the wrong stall my dear: )

p.s// happy birthday to my long time friends munleng and amanda. hardly meet them nor talk at all. but i don't know why i always miss them.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what is your identity

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my family loves to gather around to watch the 7pm gameshows on NTV7. with no etiquette or whatsoever, we will hold our dinner plates while sitting on the living room floor and screaming whatever answer we have.

the current gameshow is "IDENTITY".

i don't know why but we find it fascinating just to guess along and scream our answers as loud as...let's just say my neighbours were asking what we were watching since the football fever is long gone.and it gets more and more interesting esp. when it is reaching it's peak cause it is really hard to guess.

like hello. how we would know who has donated kidney before?! -_-''

but seriously speaking.. if they would make a malaysian version, i can imagine it to be the hardest game ever cause malaysians all look the same despite what job we actually do. seriously. either that or we usually do not dress up to the job scope.
walao freakin pissed. emotions are hard to control

Monday, September 17, 2007

what i did for his assignment

P.s//Katakana is difficult! it is so "boxy"-_- and i really should talk bout my new jap classmates's seriously cannot imagine my face when i heard their names.

"sparkle san"
"Lion san"

i laughed and snigger to myself.


"sensei, lion...Leon is it?"
"chotto matte"
"iie, Lion desu"

*aduh* kepengsanan. this is as bad as the one i heard last time

"who shi Cookie. zhe ge shi wo de hao peng you, Milk"

i know bulat isn't all better either. but but!!!! I really must admit defeat to these people! *ROAR*

Sunday, September 16, 2007

in the end...

i did not go for the orphanage thing...-_- it was cancelled. bah.

wasted my entire day doing nothing but spending time with my family. i don't know why but as i grow older i spend more time with my family. i always thought you spend less as you grow older. mine seems to be slightly terbalik-_-

and sundays are really useless nonproductive days-_-

all i can give are reviews. Soon i can give out furniture reviews too. The further we go(oh Sg buloh?!Sweat) the cheaper the furniture gets! so gila. until my parents got all crazy and bought the dining table already, though the house isn't ready till like...beginning of November?*whacks forehead*

ironically, it started out with a "round marble table" in mind. later they decided at RM5k, it was too expensive and looks like kopitiam table. moved to wood/marbled rectangular.oblong.all kinds of marbles. all kinds of wood. from 4k to 2k to RM999(so cheap that my mom almost screamed her last scream)....and then finally settled on a RM1.2k ROUND MARBLE TABLE that looks like the kopitiam one but it is not cause it looks better-_-(as they said)

you do not stop your parents when they've already negotiated. loved it to bits. felt the "this is the one" aura and are the ones working their asses off to pay for it. NOPE. you have the rights to just listen, sit there, throw in some opinions just to show you are at least still there.body.mind.soul. and learn to love the table whether you like it a not.

once home, my brother was screaming like a lunatic at me for not stopping them. LOL. we will survivelarh: P

At least this show has slightly more substance than quite a number of shows. Maybe you can guess the story's twist, maybe not. But all in all, it wasn't all that bad. Instead it can be quite amusing considering it is not everyday you see a good guy who does not have much upperhand at all. But of course, bad guys always lose in the end. one thing's for sure though is the acting. I love both of the main actors acting. If you think the storyline is cliche and too guessable for you, at least the acting will keep you on the seat till the end. really: ) there were clues given for you to guess together, hahhaahah felt like i was gonna solve the case, not the lawyer.

DVD moment
Meet the Robinsons
It was soooo predictable yet i enjoyed every moment of it.
it felt know when you were young? you did not need much to satisfy you. all you needed was a 10 sen sugus.
I don't know. maybe it just touches the kid inside me: D or maybe it was the singing frogs kuakuakua

Friday, September 14, 2007

wo he ni wen bieeee

"leeeeii Heooonngggg lannnnn!!!!!"
"eiyer..gok jiek chisin wan"(that wan is crazy)

that one would be me-_-''

i know the existence of Jacky Cheung but frankly speaking, i don't know any of his songs unless the ones that 40tripleD sings over and over again during karaoke.Imagine a banana at his concert!!!!! the seat was kinda near too!!!!*wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* and weirdly we got interviewed by some chinese magazine as well-_-

it was really insane!!!! maybe if you are a seasoned "concert person", this may not be the best but to me, as it is my first.,it was really good: D kinda like a MASSIVE KARAOKE session with Jacky. plus at the end of the day, i learnt half his songs. realized i actually know his songs just did not know the songs were his. had a total new respect for not only singers, but everyone who is involved cause i know how much work was being done beforehand to get the whole show running smoothly(ahhhT_T veryvery charm wan backstage) found out Jacky is very lame*LAUGHS*

actually i have a WHOLE lot to say. but i am just waiting for the photos!!next time i am bringing my camera everywhere i go-_-' and of course manymany thanks to my boss for the tix: D
i am goinggggg to his concert!!!!: P

cause we had tix *laughs* it will be my 1st concert: D

p.s// i did not bring my camera T_T

Thursday, September 13, 2007

IQ kills you

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watched "Black Sheep".

ever since the "phish" says it's damn geli. i did not want to watch it. why spend RM10 on something that is gonna make you puke? but my mom kena conned by newspapers reviews (again) thus my brother borrowed the DVD home after he watched it over at his friend's house. he says it is really gross and we won't feel like eating anything after that cause i was complaining i was hungry.

well...-_- my verdict is yes, it might be gross and a bit like "wth?" while the quality of the DVD is clear, i can't say the same bout the subtitles and audio. almost died reading and listening all the wrong things. anyway, storyline was dead straight. predictable to the maximum. however, maybe cause my tv is a bit the small larh compared to the cinema(okay damn smalllar) so i did not feel as much impact. how can you esp. when your mom says things like "eh, why when they bite got like chewing gum?"

"ma that's their intestine"

to me it was like watching "happy tree friends" live version-_- i was actually laughing at some point cause it was just ridiculous....and i really like how the human sheep looked like. felt so anime-ish: ) all in all, just don't watch it if you don't like gross stuff or nonsensical stuffs. it might happen but naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh: P(oops?)

oh btw, i was hungry after the show-_-''

my brother damn semangat "jiejie!! see IQ questions!"
which both of us were like "okay..what??" i googled it down when he was asleep and surprisingly i found the site that gives the answer to ALMOST all the questions in his paper....-_- whatla!!!!!!!!!! zzzzz. so beh tong!

and the worse part is finding out the answer i guessed was wrong and his was right T_T ceh. but okaylarh..i managed to guess like...2 rights? ahahahah-_- i am so not IQ savvy...besides the picture IQ qns are easier i feel. and some of the questions are not applicable here.

For example.
A man leaves home one night & drives over a mile to meet a friend for a drink. When the man arrives home, the clock shows a time only five minutes later than when he left. How is this possible?
Hint: There is nothing wrong with the clock, & it consistently shows the correct time.

I don't know what are your guesses. but the answer was like...The man left his house just before the clocks were set back 1 hour for daylight savings time in the fall. His wife set the clock to show the correct time....-_-

i don't think this would cross our minds since we do not have fall here. besides my answer was "He came back the next day,5 minutes later then the time he left previous night" hahahahaha-_- sorrylarh. best lamest answer i can squeeze out from my pea brain.

but of all questions i like the following: P

Augustine and Justin were found dead in an old mansion in Egypt. There was no sign of murder and no damage was seen around the house. There was a broken bowl near them. How did they die?

kuakuakua. Let's exercise our brains before we start work?: D: D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

small talks

Funny moment
sexay chan just called me to tell me that se locked her room keys and house keys inside her bedroom hahahahahahahahahaha: P luckily she has house mates but she cannot balik her bedroom for now. waiting to see whether chest hair eva will be back tonight as she has the spare room key but she is in Muar! must be come back suin pin see her
"Leo Burnett" boyfriend*kuakuakua*
Lazy moment
have been sleeping with my mom past few nights due to the fact that my dad is not home. people might feel weird and even label me as mama girl when in fact"eh, dad not in you have to sleep with me arh! the bed so big nobody very funny"
".....i teach you my daily night activity larh, begolek-golek and berguling-guling: D"

but actually i really like sleeping with mom. not that it means i like dad being out but mom's room had this "shu fuk" feel plus sleeping on her bed feels very hotel-sy.

"it is so hard to wake up in the morning"
"maybe cause you sleep so late? if it's me i will feel very regretful for sleeping so late the night before"
"huhhh. if me i always think, omg why is the weather so beautiful, or why i have to work today or why can't work starts at 11am..?"
".....what kns attitude is that?! like no self realization is your fault that the consequences now is you find it hard to get up"
"mmm i realize it is my fault and everything else that comes in a package!!!"

mom don't want to choi me anymore *laughs*

Thankful moment

i really thank the person who invented water heater T_T i don't know how i spent my primary days taking ice cold baths before school at 6 am. damn gila.

Leng jai moment

yesterday i went to buy CD..or help 40tripleD who is outstation to buy CD? Jacky Cheungla. who else? laughs. apparently boss can get his siggy but we must have his CD*reminds me of how crazy the fans and lee hom's bodyguard are the last time i went to squeeze my self through to get his siggy for chip-_-* anyway, we won't meet him but getting siggy is quite a big deal cause i don't recall jacky having promotional siggy moments at 1-u or sunway.

anyway, went to get the CD which apparently is out of stock last week. went to Atria cause that is the nearest to my house and maybe there would be stock since i don't see many people entering Atria*laughs* gottttt GOT!!!..imported version RM119..malaysia version RM49/59. damn gila-_- although it's for 2CD(s) and 40tripleD said that like that might as well she go and buy his concert ticket and watch him live. hahahahahahaha.

so nope. no CD. as much as i would love to get his siggy. i don't know which album to get. plus usually when i get siggy like these, i will ask around who wants. so...this isn't like a 100% confirmed thing but if anyone wants to try their luck and wants his siggy. tell me, then it will be yours if i really get it: D: D: D either you provide the CD or pay me for the CD.*laughs* already asked prawn don't know who else..-_-

oh yea, the guy that works in the CD shop at Atria: D not bad. kuakuakua. it has been a long time since i have seen a decent guy and a tall one at that!...i like tall guys but i am and will feel terribly short AND they always can see my bald spot..zzzzzz-_- well, it was good washing my eyes while it lasted plus he was really nice to me, my frantic look for the CD must have been quite obvious. laughs*

Sorry moment
sometimes i feel so bad. quite a number of people don't really want me to continue my job cause they want me to explore somewhere else. maybe somewhere within my field or something that will have more in return. my brother's girlfriend's mom searches for me. my mom searches for me. even mopiko's boyfriend in sg does it. maybe a few more that helps once in a while. i feel so bad when even i said don't need. they still do it cause they think it will be better for me plus i really need to get out there and see more people and all. i seriously think it's my lack of confidence and "don't know what i'm doing" that i am stuck here sometimes. ah...-_- oh ya...and they treat me so gets much harder to leave even if i want to T_T
Gila moment
this is when if i do follow them to MacD, Centerpoint tonight-_- decided not to go~ huehuehue: P

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

do you? will you?

sexay chan* says:
err going to a mentally retarded children centre
sexay chan* says:
he was asking wther anyone going to help out anot
sexay chan* says:
err...the doc said help the ppl clean up wor
sexay chan* says:
ie wash hair
sexay chan* says:
clean their wounds
sexay chan* says:
my class like not many ppl interested la
sexay chan says:
mostly aunties
sexay chan* says:
the doc said the retards are really bad...
sexay chan* says:
some have to be tied

i have been to these centers before. or should i call them homes? i went there not out of my own free will or sudden mother teresa hormones. usually people end up there because they are asked to (and you know what people can say in front and behind of you sometimes if you decline these invitations). some go for the sake of going(aka marks allocation). even sometimes when i see pageants on tv, i can't help but wonder "do all these ladies really have fun or they have no choice but to plaster fun"

i know i am being so terrible here. people might be all there for a good cause and i am doubting them.

i don't know bout you guys but everytime i go to these places. as much i would love to help out. as much i would love to give them as much love as i give to my loved ones. i find it so difficult. cause for one, i don't know how to react. you can be all nice and friendly but sometimes there a certain barrier. a tiny barrier that makes me feel stone and weak.

all you need to do is hug them and give them a bit of your love.share your happiness.

i really find it difficult!! maybe i am just so not used to it. or maybe i am so not a caring person on the inside. i feel sad for them of course but it's like "howw???" am i just suppose to hug? once, one of them suddenly grabbed and will not let go. each moment the grip was getting harder until one of the workers had to pull him away. once more, this guy came and shake my hand. and shake again few moments later. then come back to shake again.

all the time i had the "okay what am i suppose to do look". i can shake his hands 10000 times. but i just don't know what to do. am i suppose to make small talk. do i share my sweets with him? i don't want to just hug and then leave and never come back forever. to me sometimes it feels like some fake "just do cause you are supposed to" and the fact i know that i most prob won't go back there although it's near my home. (okay fine i did not, i only went there to give stuffs like rice or necessities that my parents buy for them once in a while)

i really want to know what people actually feel when they go to these homes. i see my aunt and uncle religiously doing all these, including their 10 year old daughter(her 16 year old can't be bothered and always kacau me for fashion updates although i am the last person she should ask)maybe it's the visual. maybe i am scared. maybe i just need to push all those aside and think like i am meeting a normal person.

besides meeting a normal person can be 10 times scarier. since they will judge you by the very 1st handshake. they will characterize and judge you just by looking at your clothes, the way you speak, the words you use. basically everything and it takes like umpteen effort to keep it that way. not that i am saying mental retarded's are stupid but...i am sure they are certainly more genuine then tons of people out there.

sigh i don't know what am i saying anymore. just this is one of the fear or i don't know what to do things. it won't be easy for me but as sexay chan says "well...we can try..or at least learn.." mom says "it's the matter of getting used to it, just go to more homes" well...i will be looking forward to this sunday then.

Monday, September 10, 2007


small talk: my last few toes on my left foot is still numb from last Wed's function. will my toes drop off? *laughs* plus i realized that...although my phone died that day and we had no watches..i forgot i could have checked the time using my tamagotchi-_-''

i don't know bout how everyone goes about their daily lives. but ever since i started working sometimes going to work on monday is a drag. not that i loathe working but the weekend seems to pass so much faster now. so much lepaking to do, so many people i should spend more time with and so little time.

it was raining this morning. found this beside the dustbin outside my house. hopefully it will bring some light to monday blues esp. since i will be alone at opis again..-_-'

Sunday, September 9, 2007

red compliments green

can't really imagine myself walking around looking like a light up christmas tree though.continued my Cleo. did not go for yoga-_- could not wake up at all.

it is apparently "Green Month"!

but i bet half the people prefer this green!: P

Went for Korean food today. It's called Korea House at SS2. It is opposite the row of bridal shops. The food was really not bad plus the service was good(they help you bbq! though my brother preferred doing it himself laughs) although the people there looked like gangsters. Laugh. we went there cause dear brother was dying for BBQ and thought of going korean instead of the usual Jap. Beef tongue is better to go for Jap cause it is marinated in sauce for Jap style but lemon for korean(this is acc. to my brother, i just could taste the diff. but God knows what made it) but for Beef Ribeye, you guys can come back here : D it was THICK compared to Jap: D the pork meat was sweet though.

Korean food is never cheap coming at RM5 per bowl of rice: D but the again, you can always call less cause they always come with these tons of side dish which are refillable : D and somehow the tea had a hint of coffee taste in it. i loved the bibimbap and the kimchi soup: D and the steam egg. it taste better than cawanmushi(am i going to convert?!!) it comes free with the bbq: D: D : D all in all, it was worth a try for this shop : D another one would be at Mt.Kiara area if i wasn't wrong...anyway no pics cause i had no cam. not even phone and my drawing would do no justice T_T

oh. as all of you know, my brother is a "tong nasi"(fan tong)
he ate 2 bowls of his "virgin" rice and he was still unsatisfied(certified ah pek ni)
so i had no choice. When my bibimbap came, i scooped out the rice that was underneath all the veggies to give it to him. the waiter saw what i was doing and said"miss, you have to mix it first"

"thanks..i know...i mean"

........-_- aiks. misunderstood tim.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


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slept the whole day. got grumpy every time someone asks me to do something that requires walking. ate like a pig: D. dropped off a cheque. went to 1-u just to buy movie tix-_-' watched UDON(i like it. it's a typical silly jap movie: ) maybe review later or get the DVD from me)catch up with my animes and stay at home dad jap drama. played Facebook(gila edy play until-_-)msn-ed few knsais. read cleo. realized i have no colour sense.

ah....useless days are so fine.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

big day out


just reached home*plonk*

i learnt few things today.

1. i need a watch. all of our handphones died at the very moment the show was going to start.....-_-thus no clock, thus i was checking like every second to make sure i did not miss any timing.

2. even if you don't know your facts right. cause things might change at the last minute and i don't know head. don't know tail. no matter what, don't frown and stammer like some idiot. even though the answer " i will have to get back to you, i have to reconfirm with 40tripleD"(cause it's her function indirectly, i was just going along for...i don't know..laughs..learning?) sounds stupid and might as well they ask her in the first place. don't freaking look like you are lost and from another dimension-_-

3. dare to speak up. do not let them bully you. my fault larh ni-_- but weirdly, it paid in the end of the night. the fish with mussels....rocksss : D: D: D

4. smiling.nodding and shaking everyone's hands is actually pretty tiring..and very "virusly" hahahaha: D

5. making small talk is the start of everything-_-'' and one of the most difficult thing to do on the other hand.

6. BUY A FREAKIN DECENT FLAT SHOE. wahlau. high heels don't do any justice man. my feet are deadlorh. i cannot feel my last 2 toes for both feet. when i put my feet down, the tapak hurts so bad and my right tapak feels as if there is a blister until numb di. every step i took was so painful that i was walking like some penguin walking on hot stones or something. it was sooo painful that i shed a few tears at the "resting area" and the oil on my face stung my eye making more tears drop..until one waiter saw and pitied me-_-'s my feet.....sweat.

7. i guess it's my fate that i will always kena bully..this is diff. from reason no.3...-_- as i was standing at the sides near the kitchen. this waiter who i have seen a few times me the food that was being served and gimme that KNS LOOK. the " i know you want it" plus a : D face........i don't know whether i should whack him at that very moment.

8. 40tripleD is the best: D she tahaned all my lapsap qns. we scrapped through the day and poor goldfish, here we are suffering, she too was suffering hahahahaha: D we managed to survive(though i had a few mistakes T_T) and we will survive T__T

it's a big day today. hopefully we don't screw up-_-'
time flies so fast too. i better sit down and re-think of my path.

Monday, September 3, 2007

kyu ju kyu

no prizes for guessing how is my test: D

i thought i would do really badly as the 30% conversation was reallyreally bad. i was "stoning" and though i understood whatever she was asking. i was talking gibberish. she had to correct me on some of my conjunctions T_T but in the end she gave a 30/30. i think it's indirectly a "cheat" mark...but i guess everyone else got a 30 too.....maybe she counted the overall term talking thing...-_- i can talk and answer pretty fair in class..but when it comes to a one to one room you know how a robot looks like? that was how i looked like.

zero emotion...stoned look -_-

and i was being too honest and was being the usual kns chatterbox self...that lead to more questions...and yes, getting harder to answer cause i did not know how to explain that my workplace is a house turn office....hahahha-_- ownself find

i may look happy like the above but i was SO FREAKED OUT before the don't know how freaked i was....freaked until...i freaked everyone else. LOL. -_- sorry-desu. but all's well: D i made a very silly mistake..but....nvm: D: D: D i was at the brink of worrying that i would fail so..did not expect much.

at the end of the day, we listened to utada hikaru-first love(i think it's a tradition in ICLS-_-) to write the lyrics down and sing it later on. can die desu. dahlarh slow song, still can't read the words on time and furthermore damn hard to sing the song-_-

finished off the day yumcha-ing at Starbucks: D
talked and talked and talked. what a nice remedy after exam and during rain.
and no one believes me when i say " i was forced to come learn jap." hopefully my stubbornness will carry me throughout the course*laughs*

now that i have drank too much tea.....i can't sleep-_- sigh.

i am a happy person. yes i am.*rushes off to text someone*: D

p.s// Though a lot are continuing with the next level. Farah isn't. It's sad the fact that everyone has warmed up and the class can only get better*RIGHT?* and she has to go all the way to London to study-_- you do not stop a friend from doing what she wants but on the other hand, the friendship has to "end" as fast as it has started.The class is going to be pretty quiet without her laughter and sounds with willy. Hopefully 1 year ain't that long and thank God for msn and facebook.

P.s//*CLICK*cause i am gonna brainwash you to watch jap movies

Saturday, September 1, 2007

same saturdays

end of the day update:

watched The Invasion

The Invasion basically tells about the mysterious crash of the space shuttle leads to the terrifying discovery that there is something alien within the wreckage. Those who come in contact with it are changing in ominous and inexplicable ways. Soon Washington D.C. psychiatrist Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) and her colleague Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) learn the shocking truth about the growing extraterrestrial epidemic: it attacks its victims while they sleep, leaving them physically unchanged but strangely unfeeling and inhuman. As the infection spreads, more and more people are altered and it becomes impossible to know who can be trusted. Now Carol's only hope is to stay awake long enough to find her young son, who may hold the key to stopping the devastating invasion.

of course i stole the summary from here

to me it felt very resident evil-ish. although at some point it really feels stupid like..."huh? outer space virus attack?" like out of a sudden? and the hell the way they spread their "virus" (by vomitting/spitting some goo into people's mouth..zzz) but on the other hand, if you really take it seriously, i cannot imagine the world succumbing to that. where there is no emotion. you are you but you are not you indirectly. will get my drift. it's like you just react when you need to react, but you don't show emotions. like some robotlarh. heck even robot got more feeling.

maybe the world will be a better place. everyone is like...zombie-ish, so it is a pretty fair place. everyday also hi bye hi bye. on the other hand, i rather have kns friends and people around, then people who has glass beads as their eyeballs. there was a "saying" in the movie that i really liked, which i of course can't remember it now for nuts. but it really made sense-_- it does. of course, the storyline is a lil cliche...(check out war of the worlds -_-) and of course, when there is a parent and a child, for sure they will focus what parents can do to save their own child...esp. mothers. (cause we don't have die hard female version)

all in all, catch the movie if you enjoy popcorn movies (means just watch don't have to think and analyze too much) . likes action. likes nicole kidman(that wil be my mom, she is so pretty -_-) and likes the small boy in the movie, Jackson Bond. uber cute: D: D: D: D

and i hate Vincci. always takde stock wan-_- mom got pissed at me always wearing my RM5 cheapo slippers. she's willing to fork out money for stingy ol' me. but every shoe that i took, she said "if you will wear that long term , i will chop my head off" meaning i won't cause either the fashion was too girlie and i only liked it at this moment of time or the heels are too high and i will chuck it one side once i realized how painful it is to walk the whole day with it -_-

and shoes that are decently okay....had no size. BLeah. is every girl on the planet like, size 5?! and the fact is every colour also don't have size 5. wthwthwth-_-

i am so on a shoe spree, suddenly i have this urge to withdraw a lot of money to buy all kinds of shoes *omg* better jampi myself to stop my insane thought before i really do it. *stares at mirror*

because yesterday i had one meal, today i must balance my food account: D
very long i did not eat dragon-i. suddenly brother decided to go in and have a munch again. his girlfriend's tummy really cannot fit much -_-
i lovelovelove the chilli and cuka: D wahahahah~ ate a lot of stuffs, but these are the few that i have never tried before.
mango pudding with extra mango and pamelo..colour's bit off..-_- anyway one bite and i was like "bittterrrrrrrr"!!! damn bitter the pamelo-_- maybe it's to compliment the mango more but...ergh-_-
some bake rice thing with mushroom, chicken, lap cheong..the works. this was not bad at all: D wahahah if anyone that likes cheese bake rice, can give this a go!! comes with a cute tub..that we can't take home -_-

after that we were at Bakerzin. my family can really eat and we can really spend just to eat-_-
oooo lala. chocolate cake: D
i love the bottom layer, it's crunchy!! i don't know what is it exactly. maybe a kind of biscuit.if you order their...hmm...i forgot what is it called. the 3 cups for RM15 set. one of them has the biscuit thing like this...actually i tihnk it is this cake just that it's in a cup and they give you a scoop of ice cream with it.

Bakerzin's CHEESE ICE CREAM ROCKS!!! i swear. it is goood: D i ate it once..and never had it again..always hear the "don't have today ma'am" or some kns reason -_-
blackforest was like....hur....the rum? i don't know what wine but the tatse was really strong!: D me like!! anything with alchohol me like!!!!: D:D: D not beer...T_T i only drink heineken. Laughs* and it's because i like their stupid "footbeer" ad(the ala 3oo beer+football ad in the cinemas)
oreo? cheese cake. the cheese was.....softsoftsoft!!: D: D i don't fancy cheesecake as much cause they always make me jelak and full after the i don't know how many bites which i feel very bohsong cause i like to eat varieties. this one is not jelak at comes!? because of that i wanted to order another cake but mom just stuffed me up with her lemongrass tea -_-''