Monday, October 11, 2010


it was the day for me and pocky-_- so scary but it was done and over with
*breathes sigh of relief*

i shall now show you how nice Chuzzles can get *laughs*

bodoby and cody on "chuzzles" with iphone.

at the other side of the table is my other 2 friends who are equally indulged in the same game but using itouch-_-

*aiks* caught in action :P

anyway-_- amazing what technology can do. they can fill up your time (with not much efficiency but better then doing nothing i guess..but what happen to the old fashion way of reading books?!) and make you get closer to people (i realized gaming really makes you closer to people)


left me and pocky damn lonely-_- *roar*

*bitebite pocky's hand*

anyhow, very the rockings punya .....crap..what isit?!
..i forgot-_- whathe. anyway it's pork.
pork is always good :D
just go Brussels Beer Cafe at Jaya 1 and tembak from menu