Thursday, February 8, 2007

why? why? why?

why again im checkin out prices for flowers.chocolates.candies.bears and everything else for valentines day?!*stares at ridiculous prices*

on normal days RM10 can get a freaking big bouquet at markets!!!!!!!!! any flower sumore!!!!!

sumore i check for people!!! not mine!! *ROAR*

fan toi!!!!!!!!!!!!

nvm im well prepared for that day di *opens fridge* close fridge*

wont be like last year and last last year(what happen lastlast LOL)


and people always make wishes or lists right? may it be christmas. new year. i dont know...lets makelarh valentine wishes.

hmmmmmmmm*already plotting something silly in the head which sexay if she finds out....roast piglarh me hahahahahahah*

as i quote mok's msn.....

"yay!! i have a date for valentines!!! and it's seedless"


nooooo someone has to sms me in the middle of all these rants!!!!
"muhahahahah i can see 2 phat in front of me"

whyyyyyy?!!!!!!! *hits head*