Sunday, June 29, 2008

PAIN GOAL!!!!!!!

update: WAHAHAHA SPAIN WON!!!!!!: D: D: D

right now the image in my head is Graveyard drinks running aorund the field holding the winning cup!!: D: D

and i don't even know how does Graveyard taste like.

Few puluh hours ago, Le'mabuks mistress who is broke but loving her new G5 Mac-pet says:

" hahahahhaa. if i win my bola bets, i'll throw in 3 graveyards for you k?

GO SPAIN@@@!!!!! omg. kan cheong wtf ness....."

and so MSN-ing in the middle of the night before the finals
(the conversation was something like this)

"you watch football wan meh?! so late edi. don't need to sleep?...OMG!! xxx is out!!! xxx is out!! You know who are they a not?!!"

" i just want spain to win. GRAVEYARDS MALI!!!!"

"ahahahahah whatlarh you. so you must dance the war dance okay? for Spain to win!!"

"i will!!! i will dance on my bed later, you know how i like to roll on the bed kan?!! i always terkick you last time"

".........-_________- now YOU owe me graveyards"

"' and my bad sleepy fingers... but anyway GO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"SHIT. SPAIN!!!!!! i mean SPAIN!!!"

"hahahahahahahaha Bodo"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last weekend + this weekend

although you are supposed to be "OH&AH" by the shop itself (but you will go "AH" more, followed by "so kiuttteeeee, so niiiiiceeeeee, so cheeeeaaaapp" whichever comes first...girls and their universal language ._. )

anyway, we went "OH&AH" before we even stepped in because when one of the "owners" greeted us by the door (cause we bongokly pressed the doorbell although the gate was wide open), Lyn went "OH" when she saw her and i went "AH" when lyn clarified which subject she taught us back in TOA. what a small world-_- (and what a forgetful brain i have)

i took so many photos..but i am so paiseh to put them up cause they look so....stupids-_-

It is such a waste to miss Urbanscapes, if you love junkyard sale and the indie scene. RM35 was totally worth it *o* although kiasu me in the end, although brought a wadof cash to spend. In the end i spend a grand total of RM20 on a necklace which i found out later she had a tutorial on her website how to make it *ouch* RM25 on cheese cupcakes for bribing my brother to fetch us home (public transport is kinda impossible that night) RM16 on a teetee shirt for Lyn.

championlah. now i confirm have money for other pending stuffs (remembers a few birthdays coming up)

but seriously the whole event was good, the movies (we watched Flower in the Pocket and Kurus - both seriously rocked. mustmust watch), music ( i don't even know where to start for this!), gallery (omg!!! styro-man!!: D) minus shopping okay...they eat your monay!!! will give a good full review some other day(when this is outdated hahahahhahahah)

OH! and Xpax forced sexay chan to get a tattoo + free polaroid which in the end i had to do it-_-
my tattoo.........-_- well, he wanted to draw Godzilla at i should be thankful that i ended up with mr.3 eyes. no he is not a sotong nor an octopus. he does not live underwater. he is really just mr.3 eyes that shoot blue balls to defend himself and see, he has 5 "fingers" just like us.

reminder : do not crap with the tattoo artist if there is a next time.

lifespan of mr.3 eyes : 20 minutes max. hahahahaha sorry!!! ^^'' i am such a klutz that every movement i make adds colour to my bag!

my 2nd polaroid in life (so sad)

Oh Lord. we are not even Celcom users.

Friday, June 20, 2008

what an addiction can do

it has been a long "time consuming" day. was in the ex-office doing handover today when i bumped into my ex-boss youngest brother.

"eh!! bulat!! heeeeelloooooooooooooooooo" *jimui style*
"eh!!~xxx*to protect identity* i want to borrow blade!!!"
"with ms.boobs lor"
"i gave it to her the last time you two came what"
"...........i said BLADE. not BLEACH"
"..........OH!!!!! why didn't you say so?!"
"....sei jai bao..wth..hahahhahahaha"

if anyone heard a loud laughter today, it's either mine or ms.boobs : P

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

if it makes you happy

stress makes you buy silly things.
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" why didn't you buy chocolate if stress, this will give you cancer wei. blardy a lot some more"
" at least this has no calories "