Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Days

Monday, May 28, 2012

8 years gap

From today onwards till my birthday (make that 6 months) me and ah pek are gonna be 8 years apart instead of 7 LOL :D

Just find it fun bullying him about it. Dahlarh he feels old enough, I just had to add salt, pepper and soya sauce. But with this, means family is gonna ask even stronger and persistent on when are we gonna settle down. nu....T_T

Anyway, happy thoughts please! Happy ah pek day!! As old as he is *uh-hm* may everyday be happyhappy and healthy! :D

Did veryvery ordinary stuffs (like eating Fish&Co.) cause the girlfriend did not plan anything *hides* Though it IS ah pek's day. So he can do whatever he wants and that includes purposely going to Tropicana just to eat his fav, Ninja Joe's.

Did not even do a birthday card O_O
On top of that, I just realized WE DID NOT EAT ANY CAKE NOR BLOW ANY CANDLES!


It's one of the only few reasons I get to actually eat cake since he doesn't like 'em! He managed to escape it!!! -__- *pift* kns. Am gonna buy a big cake for our monthsary and blow candles-_____- and make wishes! meh.

Actually the most stressful thing was thinking what to buy for ah pek. So difficult. If I had all the money in the world then it would be easier. 5 day trip to Maldives. Sure he happy till pengsan. I will wish that when we blow our monthsary candles then LOL

Ah pek insisted time and time again that he does not want/need anything other than my happiness (awhsssss) but NO, I wanna buy present! I love shopping! Why don't lemme shop?! ROAR* Birthday is an excuse that I can fully abuse! wahahahahah*

In the end settled for Birkenstock which I know for sure it's worth every penny cause once he uses something, it's FOREVER. So loyal!-_- *throws BATA slippers away*

And ....Laneige Skincare Set.

I know right?! Like whathepokercards?!? I don't know what was going through my mind when I bought it. T_T LOL. Manly man needs no skincare wan right?!! roar* Either way he better not have super smooth skin after using it! (Not like his skin isn't nice now.) I will be very sad....LOL T_T

Yes, the most extravagant thing I did was, drew a simple manual for him on how to use the skincare set with random ramblings at the end just to fill the space up....


kns. Better start planning for Christmas!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tummy Marathon

Why every time I have decided to diet, sure got all kinds of food come my way wan?! *stomps feet* I have 2 weddings to attend this coming weekend!!! My tummy needs space to eat wedding food!!! ROAR* dammit. But how the heck do you reject food?! *bah*

p.s// OMG Restoran LYJ serves damn nice pakis! Never thought would eat this again after eating it once upon a time at East M'sia. Must go eat again.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Status Add-On

Whenever I am alone with ah pek, I always forget our 7 years gap. But once I follow him to his friends' gatherings, then it strikes me. (every single time)

"Oh yea, most of them are married and have kids."

So while my friends are going through trips/holidays and wedding dinners. I skipped all those and went straight into baby showers and grown kids. Talk bout express lane.

Which reminds me-_- What's with this year?! Never knew dragon year so laku (popular) wan! I know add-on cause got double moons also la. But still! So many weddings nevermind. So many babies popping out suddenly! O_O Not that I am complaining cause I can play all that I want ! :D kakaka* Still...*shocked*

Just when I thought the 7 years gap means they are much more refined, older, matured, stable (feel free to insert any adjectives to describe 30+ age group of people)

This happened while his friend told his daughter to address my ah pek.

 .........WhaTheMangocakes. LOL. Lady Gaga' Pakcik version. So lame!!! Not lame meh?! Damn lame leh! His daughter's face was quite priceless. LOL And he added on by saying "you know who are pakciks arh? You know Carrefour, Giant got those uncle sweep floor wan? Yea, she calls them pakciks."


My ah pek.....kelian. Kena bully. But he better get used to it cause all his friends' children will be calling him that very soon! :P kakaka*
And I can't believe by randomly meeting Carmen in the afternoon resulted us following her and her colleague buying a farewell present for Audrey of fourfeetnine. O_O When I first found out Carmen was working with her, was already star strucked. Since I have been reading her blog for yearssssss. I remember us talking about it in the middle of the sea in Langkawi while our boyfriends were trying to drag us away respectively LOL  So to actually see what she is going to get for her farewell present firsthand felt even more surreal. LOL Really liked the Hello Kitty claypot but her colleagues knows her best (of course), she doesn't cook..and ar...Hello Kitty will turn black..Like having sunburn..:(
I mean all claypots turn black wan right?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life's Fragility

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girls : Fickle

I think by now, I have live up to my name. It's obvious with all the carbs I have been eating so far shows why I am bulat and I love mee veryvery much. Actually I am surprised at myself that I can eat ramen for so many days in a row LOL Desserts 3x a day. normal but ramen like this?! O_O Never knew. Then again, people eat rice everyday and not get bored also right?! So I'm normal...Hmm...Now that I think of it, I think I can eat "ma lat pan mee" (spicy pan mee) everyday too! :P

And are you scared yet?! :D Another ramen post kakaka* It's like I have been deprived of ramen all my life just to suddenly *snap* Ohmaigoose. ramen actually tasted this good. gotta eateateat all back!! all my wasted years back! Oh, actually that was how ms.Chan was when she talked bout Gokuraku. Gokuraku will be having 50% off all their Large size ramen till end of May. Catch is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays. means the total will be even cheaper than the normal sized bowls one.

Pirikara Negi Char Siew

O_O Can I have loads and loads of this please!? Damn good.Although I felt the taste is already tweaked to suit malaysian tastebuds but whatever la. Eat first. :D

  Gokuraku Ramen baffles me this ramen broth. At first taste it did not taste that great. But as you eat on, the soup gradually got tastier-_- I don't know why! So weird! Tasted better with the chilli powder that was on the table. ms.Chan initially said one large ramen is enough cause the last time she could not even finish a normal bowl one. Surprisingly, we not only finished off this bowl of ramen. We weren't full and cause her cravings wasn't satisfied...

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

She ordered another large bowl.  LOL-_- It's the same for this too! At first sip, blardy spicy and the soup tasted kinda weird to me. But slowly as you eat on-_- it's good. I don't know how they do it and I can't seem to put my finger on what makes the soup spicy like this. Definitely not the normal chilli. Oh well, my job is to enjoy eating LOL :P Think no more then.

There were dons too and ms.Chan asked me

"Why do they sell dons?? Who the heck comes to a ramen shop to eat don?"
"Must have in case ba? It's like how Secret Recipe started as cakes but now selling food la."
"Come here must eat ramen la!"
 *talked about other random topics*
"Eh, how come ah? You always come Midvalley but you never knew this place?"
"Cause my ah pek is not a ramen fan? He won't purposely go eat ramen de la. What more one bowl is RM20++"
"Then he can order don la!"
...which brought her to instantly keep quiet after saying that LOL! now we know one of the reasons why they have dons :P

Actually when she came to pick me up, halfway to midvalley she said.

"eh, kap liu." (Feel like going toilet to know)

After eating all that ramen with soup down into our not so lil tummies.


"eh, haven't go toilet!"
"hahaha nvm, i also feel like going now."

On the way, we passed by Hush Puppies where a sale was going on. Next thing I knew, she was trying shoes, flats, heels of all kinds cause she initially needed on for her Europe trip anyway. I happily tried every other shoe there was in the shop while she took her own time deciding which shoe.

Like Shoe A has nice colour, but not so comfy. Shoe B is more comfy but what's with the design? Shoe C was perfect but it's heels! Then we will go on and on why this and that shoe. Why it's not practical, why it is. blahblahblahblah. It's like we were having a mini meeting in Hush Puppies and as if the deal involves 20,000 thousand dollars or something. LOL

After paying for the final decision (which indirectly I stopped her from buying the heels that she really wanted the heck you walk in heels during a 45 day Europe semi-backpacking trip?! Although I know many girls can but arh...don't la please) we said the same thing at the same time.

"Eh?! Not go toilet meh?!"


mana tau, on the way there we stopped by to look at an Optical shop and we spent also forever inside cause the frames were damn nice! of course, comes with super nice price tag. Honestly, when I bought my spects it was rm600 and I was @##$#@$@$%$%@#@ over the price. Now the FRAME ONLY is more than rm600. argh. Scary.

Next thing I knew, Midvalley announced that it was closing.

So, toilet just gotta wait till we go home..
So from today we both know that...our bladders are GOD MODE-_-
I don't know bout her but mine must have been trained from all those movie sessions *laughs*

Pu Tien @ 1 Utama : 14 Dishes

Looking at the post title, I still can't believe for a table of 7, we ordered 14 dishes. We must be mad. NO. My baby brother must be mad!-_- I honestly think mom would never ever leave the ordering decision to him ever again. LOL. Settled at Pu Tien for dad's big day for ms.Chan has been raving bout it since forever. Dad being dad-_- the moment he saw the queue outside, he turned to leave. I had to drag him saying I already made reservations and we should walk in like KINGS :P  kakaka*

Thinking bout it, wondered why didn't the lady stopped us from ordering 14 dishes when there was only 7 of us. Furthermore, out of the 7 only 3 were guys-_- Food portion was not huge, but still! isn't 14 dishes way too much? When we were done and leaving, I took a peek at other people's tables and honestly, I think we were the only crazy ones in there-_-

Well, at least dad was really happy. Cause he said the menu was filled with "ku ling zhing guai" stuff. (New/random food that he has never tried/other restaurants do not serve) He was happy till he decided not to call his all time fav, fish just to have more space for other food-_- When we were being served, I think we ordered too many dishes till the waiters were all like "Did you order this?" Baby bro just answered "Yes!" to all that came-_-

Take in consideration we had 7 people and some of the dishes had around 7 pieces/slightly more than that. So it felt to an extend like a wedding dinner...but with 14 courses and surprisingly cause everything was cooked in a lighter way. Was full to the brim but not like gonna puke and die kind which usually happens by the 4th course at weddings.

Not my fault if you feel hungry or full after scrolling through this never ending list! Pu Tien's menu we must have ate at least 1/4 of it in one night! Make that 45 minutes LOL We sat down at 8pm. Food came surprisingly fast and by 9pm, we were all done!!

Passionfruit Juice RM7.90

Hot tea was served in a fair enough huge glass at RM1.90 per glass. No longer refillable and recommended to take this for everything else would be juices priced as above. Unless you would settle for warm water at RM1.00. There is also premium Tie Guan Yin tea, but it's priced at RM7.90 per cup..O_O

Pu Tien Style Century Egg RM8.90 

When it first came, I was like.....??? LOL. If not mistaken it was fried. But it was very subtle, still preserving the century egg natural taste but with a lil twist. The whole table loved it except mom who doesn't like century yea. Shows that the original taste is indeed still there.

Stir Fried Yam (Small) RM16.90

Wow. I loved this! It's fried, coated with sugar or something. It's the texture that was smooth and moist and long you love yam. You will love this even more! No. I mean even if you don't like yam, you will love this! Never thought it would taste this good. I mean, it's just yam leh! How come!?

Pu Tien Style Oyster Omelette (Small) RM16.90

This tasted refreshing and different. Not the normally wet kind, this is of dry based (like the one you would find at Jonker Street) but taste totally different thanks to the spring onion. Though, that was the killing point for baby brother.Yes, there was oyster although I did not manage to get any T_T

Tea Leaf Prawn (Small) RM22.90 

Tasted kinda normal to me. Nothing really memorable or different (not like I can tell what kind of tea and to me tea no matter what will be easily overpowered by other seasoning but it's tasty enough.

Claypot Sea Cucumber with Chestnut (Small) RM59.90

Although it was tasty, did not think it was worth the price cause serving was really kinda small. But at the very least ingredients were really up to par. Huge sea cucumbers and I kept getting chestnuts. But then again, maybe cause I keep thinking it was scallops and trying to scoop for my own benefit but with every piece I bite into, it was actually chestnut..:P

Deep Fried Duck with Yam RM19.90

This is also yummers!!Mainly cause of the yam. They must have some "Yam Sifu" in their kitchen! Tasted so good and fragrant that I forgot there was duck inside-_-

Fried Eggplant with Pork Floss (Small) RM13.90

Never knew eggplant can be fried like this! LOL outdated-_- Love this but importantly, what is with the mountain of meatfloss!? I think the price was mainly for that! Next thing I know, I was putting meat floss in a lot of the food I was eating LOL :P of course, as soon there was a chance, was pouring it into ah pek's plate as well. I think meat floss is damn universal lor! It went well with almost everything with sauce!-_- ms.Chan say must finish it cause meat floss not cheap. So finish it we did.
 Shredded meat with Bun RM5.90 each

Loved the bun! Then again, love anything with sesame seeds?? :D My mom paiseh to eat ramen with me, esp in shops that has sesame on the table and I can pour all that I want LOL. I can drown my ramen in sesame seeds! yums :D
Baby bear who's gonna do all the work! YAY! Actually he just did one for my dad LOL the rest we did ourselves and no, we did not use the plastic gloves given although that was very thoughtful of Pu Tien to do so.
A bad photo of the dish LOL Thought the meat wasn't salty enough (or the sauce wasn't enough?) Tasted pretty normal though it tasted better after I added meat floss into it :P Ah pek keep saying it's weird that I am doing that. The moment he ate a bite, he kept quiet :P Baby brother thought it would go better with wild boar curry though  LOL

Deep Fried Pig's Trotter with Salt & Pepper RM7.90 Each

This was actually not bad, fragrant and love the crispy skin! but it's filled with collagen kind. Not the meat kind. Can't get over the slimy taste of the collagen. Well, benefits dad whom can't bite into hard meat anyway. We had to get this dish cause when baby bro was ordering, dad repeated "Zhu Sou" (Pig's Trotter) like 4 times to make sure it got into the order list. LOL

Homemade Bean Curd (Medium) RM19.90

You can skip ordering this. Prolly tasted the same as any good chinese restaurants out there for a fraction of the price. Tasted good just not memorable or different in some way like the others were.

Braised Pig Intestine RM12.90

Never touched this but everyone was fighting over it. LOL When I did not take my share, everyone was like ME! MINE! So yea, must be damn good lar-_- But from the picture itself, I can tell the texture can't be bad to anywhere and that plays a big role for intestines right?! (Say until like expert when don't even eat, KNS)

Braised Bittergourd (Small) RM13.90

SO BITTER! OMG! DIES. LOL. So many years, I still can't understand how can bittergourd taste this bitter!! ROAR* Dad was happy. The happier he is, means the more bitter it was.

Pu Tien Mee Sua (Medium) RM23.90

Never. Ever. Judge a meal by it's looks. LOL I think when this was placed down. Everyone was skeptic. In fact, baby brother thought they sent the wrong dish! Next thing I knew, everyone was having a bite despite being damn full cause this was the 2nd last dish to come. It tasted just...good...and I do not know why-_- For people like me who doesn't cook, it remains a bigger mystery how can some dish that seems to have every ingredient under the sun (like chapalang) taste this good. Tasted better with meat floss LOL And EVEN BETTER WITH....

Spinach  with Salted & Century Egg (Medium) RM24.90

This!! OMG THIS! Came the LAST and I'm thankful. Cause everyone was damn full by then and I was stuffing myself with it despite my fullness up to my neck level! The broth was reallyreally good. This is truly asia. LOL I will gladly go back to Pu Tien, order rice and just this! nomnomnom* Okay maybe some other dish too but this is definitely a must! O_O Never really liked spinach. (Unless it's baked with cheese! yums!) But this brings spinach to a whole new level. Maybe if bittergourd is cooked this way, suddenly I would love bittergourd?? LOL 

and yes, we finished everything off! O_O except the pig's trotters, there were 3 pieces left. Baby bro wanted to finish it off but mom was so horrified that we can eat so much, she forbade him from finishing the pig's trotters....LOL

Our beautiful long ass bill. Total was RM411.40. I guess the amazing part was everyone noticing I used my ONECARD point redemption for the bill. As shown, I had RM331.00 in my ONECARD :P LOL. Everyone was like "howtheeffingfish you accumulated so much money!?" In fact, even shops around 1U asks me that qn. LOL Well, it's all gone now. Back to 18 dollars = 18 points. Means the bill was around RM80? After minusing ONECARD points. Then again, that's a whole lot of spending to get RM331.00 worth from points accumulation :P As long everyone was full (too full) and happy.

Finished the night off with banana choc cake from Just Heavenly and wine :D
I know! You must be thinking still can eat meh!? Dessert and wine different compartment la!

Happyhappy joyjoy!!
Happy Birthday Papa!!

Pu Tien Restaurant
G-213A, Ground Floor Promenade 
1 Utama (old wing) 
Tel : 03-77221539

Hard to miss with the queue that is constantly there. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Funday : Gantetsu & Wanko Soba

Never thought I would be back at Isetan to eat ramen again today for lunch LOL! and this time around I randomly, last minute dragged people to it with me. Or more like baby bro was thinking what to eat for lunch and I successfully subconsciously brainwashed him.

No harm done since family loves ramen and he DID wanna try ramen at Isetan, just that his girlfriend got a shock at the prices and decided not to laughs* actually I was initially shocked too...but if you take rm28 divide by current yen currency exchange. Each bowl is actually around 750 yen which is actually VERY NORMAL Japanese pricing. In fact, I think it's prolly under the cheaper options if you were to eat in Japan itself.

Wanted to drag everyone to Menya Musashi again (I must be crazy!) but the queue was extremely long and knowing my dad who simply can't take queues. LOL LIKEABOSS. Settled for Gantetsu, Hokkaido ramen which is the one baby bro initially wanted to try anyway. Gantetsu had a queue too but it was half of Menya Musashi's.

So many people at the table but we all ordered the same Hokkaido Tonkotsu King (rm28) -_-

Cha shu wasn't as big as the one at Menya Musashi but is as flavourful. Soup was yay! not that oily. Thus I swallowed it all up! Portion was slightly smaller but maybe for the better too. (for me and my small tummy) ms.Chan thought the mee had a lil too much "kan sui zhong taste". Strong yellow mee taste? Did not feel it was too prominent. So I guess it depends on your taste buds.

Update: baby bro tried menya musashi and prefers Hokkaido ramen. portion was bigger, cha shu was cha shu (menya musashi was just a big piece of meat to him) and soup broth was easier for tummy acceptance. verdict brought to you by teoh family's one and only food expert. thankyouverymuch.

Crystal ordered vegetable ramen. (rm26) As you can's really filled with vegetables LOL. While the soup was not too bad (although not as strong) it's not your ordinary plain miso as it is boiled/mixed with whatever ingredients to make the normal ramen soup broth as well. Crystal felt bad for not finishing it though for it was effing huge (honestly huge)

Yaki gyoza and green tea just like yesterday, was nothing to shout for. Total bill came up to a total of RM143.45 just for ramen. *ouch*

Gantetsu Ramen, Eat Paradise,
Second Floor, Isetan 1 Utama 
Next to Menya Musashi.

With loaded tummies, we went to the next stop which is WANKO SOBA @ Publika!

So cute! Too bad no mascot like this walking around LOL

Though technically, I only spent like 15 minutes watching people eat. LOL But it felt really amazing?? It's like OMG they are really fast! and OMG! 60 bowls?! O_O surprisingly, quite a number of kids join! Never expected since usually events in Malaysia would separate "kids" and "adults". But even from just eating soba, Japanese show their true self. To "ganbatte" all they can despite anything. Still shocked that some kids swallowed like close to 20 bowls -_-!
Family session was a lil bit more crazy LOL each family consists of 2 kids and 1 adult (prolly that was the rule) and some kids actually can eat faster than whomever adult that was with them-_- there was this team that the two younger siblings swallowed damn fast! but once it came to their "somewhat" older brother, he had to stop and like....take deep breaths LOL kids I guess have more stamina and prolly a black hole as their stomach. Talking bout it, there was this malay family that joined. Crazy! LOL 3 brothers and the youngest one finished it all off LIKEABOSS! O_O I think he even ate both his brothers share cause they could not take it.
The amount of soba that was ready for the event. Ah pek was saying if it's organized by Malaysians. They won't prepare so much bowls like this. Prolly a big tong and re-use the bowls that have already been used beforehand. LOL-_- #faithinMalaysiagone

There were other mini small stalls as well. One of it was taketonbo - たけとんぼ (bamboocopter). Reminds me of Doraemon's helicopter :D Did not stay long to see if they were teaching or just making for kids. But kids were playing it everywhere nearby. Make that adults too. I think it requires some skill if you really want it to go high and far. Though, just by standing there watching, Crystal got hit 3 times by the flying taketonbos :D maybe got magnet somewhere in her.

Bonjour Garden was having a stall too. It's a lil cafe / bread shop at Kota Damansara and the breads are like....ber-rocks one. Their main chef / pastry maker(?) is Japanese and he is apparently quite famous. Plus all sales today goes for the Tohoku Charity. At first when ms.Chan saw the stall, she said the breads were 10% more expensive than in K.Damansara. Just to hear the boss reply, same price WITH TAX. LOL :P Ah pek being who he is- skeptical-_- Did not want to eat at first but ms.Chan was praising it to the moon and stars. I chose 2 for him. Some raisin cream cheese and a oreo bun. Both of us were fighting over the buns after each of our first bites...must go and buy again.

Obviously, spent the most time at the most vain stall LOL Paying rm5 just to have the yukata (浴衣) worn. Since I am not near any financial state for Japan. This will have to do for the time being. Self brainwash. LOL Pink is obviously not my colour. Prolly once in a blue moon pic to have me in pink. Preferred the last time in blue. When she was tying it for me, I wish there was ready made yukata, just like the saree I made LOL. Would love to get one and ar....wear just to annoy my mom.

 #fail90degreebow LOL and GAH! scary big ass pink flower on my head! O_O The japanese ladies who helped us wore our yukata were surprised to hear us knowing Japanese. Even if it's just half baked Japanese T_T Next thing I knew, they were asking all sorts of questions and Crystal was asking them on where to go in Japan to buy yukata. Didn't know UNIQLO sells (doubt they will bring it in though) and 10,000 yen is the cheaper yukata price-_-!

 Trying to act ladylike but failed miserably. At least Crystal really looks like one. After this I am even more sure now she will definitely get one when she goes to Japan next week after all that contemplating hahahahaha! There was a board teaching how to wear one. With a japanese phrase that kinda says "It's do-able!" So not do-able lor looking at the board-_-

With ms.Chan who refused to wear one. But I know the reason why LOL or I think that should be the reason. The yukatas are being worn by anyone and everyone who wants to. Esp colour like mine. Sure many girls pick! But nvmlar, my clothes are underneath the yukata plus I try clothes in department stores where half the clothes are also tried by every other girl. Not to mention cinema seats that are being sat by every other random person at every show. so yea, self brainwash again.

Damn cute! but walao-eh. damn lansi LOL. look at her smug expression! and she was like super hate when they wanted to put a cute hairpin on her. Her mum had to bribe her with sweets and what nots! So not all lil girls like dress up!

In the nicest way possible asking her for a shot together. Super fail. After this shot, I think she ran to her mama. super don't choi me type. supersuper fail T_T I got so scary ma???

Her mom said "Just pick her up!" Crystal, being one with experience decided to give it a go and her mom just carried and placed her on Crystal's lap. Well at least she did not run away like she did to me T_T sad* but see...still show me the look....LOL T_T and wathesakurasauce. Only she can look cute in yukata and crocs-_-

This one even better. Sports shoe.LOL Seriously the ladies that help people wear yukatas the whole day have like strengths of bulls or something. Not easy to pull and pull and tie and tie. Then unwrap then hang the yukata. Just to repeat all over again to God knows how many girls. Faint* they even gave free hair ties after all is done. Some more no time limit wan-_- you buay paiseh, you can wear the yukata whole day long LOL

 Pictures of Japan after Tohoku at the back. While we are here happily taking photo and smiling away. meh. Wheeeee!! Imma in Japan!!! *bowbow* brainwashbrainwashbrainwash :P