Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yes, no & i don't know

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i'm back from India where whether the answer is yes,no or donno, their heads just move to the left and right-_- confusing bertul.
Poverty shock aside, i enjoyed the trip very much. it is very different from normal nice country trips plus the only roxxor bout india other than the architecture, people,culture etc. (there's a lot to love bout actually/surprisingly) is the ice-cream! warao! everyday after every meal got ice-cream okay! the fact that it was actually good ice-cream. creamyly cause the tour was filled with old people, they did not mind passing the extra uneaten ice-creams to me! :P

Also, there's more ice-cream lovers then i thought! there's this 70 year old grandpapa who loves ice-cream as much, or maybe more than i do! when he saw me eating ice-cream (i skipped the meal straight to the ice-cream corner) he quickly said something out of the blue when he was eating his chicken "aih..why so salty ar this chicken...dowan alreadyla"

left and proceeded to take a mountainful of ice-cream. more than me okay! after that proceeded to drink a cup of coffee with 2 packets of sugar. refused to drink if there isn't enough sugar. warao damn cute. i almost wanted to tarpao him balik rumah and we can share ice-cream together hahahahahahahaah wthefishcakesauce.

anyway, just an update to show i'm alive and well. seriously, i never felt so happy to be in Malaysia. India makes you feel that way. Home is the best. other countries usually just make you wanna shift out of Malaysia, definitely not India. hahahahahaha

oh. also, i had strange indian uncles liking my look and FLIRTING with me.....another story for another update lar har: P if not tak habis-bis ni. *laughs*


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yeap. above is a photo of my "boyfriend" hahahahahahahh
he played "gay" with me, so i played "bisexual" :D
and i never had guys so openly ask me out before-_-
hello. don't do that when you don't even know my name despite whether you meant it a not okay? *whack!*

if possible, will blog bout the whole experience (the bits and pieces of India's culture) not just kns stories of what happened in India *laughs*