Sunday, January 24, 2010

of random wishing cats

hello. meet my baby bro's new wall deco.
say with me now!:D
sooooo cuuuuuutttttteeeeeeee~ i personally feel the cat on the right looks like him. big butt and all. hahahaha :D
his 40kg girlfriend bought for him knowing how much he wanted it for just rm35. cheaplor-_- so everyone at Mt.Kiara please go get it since they are clearing stock at 40% off hence the cheap price.

then i randomly started my random crap.
"oh wishing cat. hear my plea. i wanna eat tofu if you please."

my mom was like..."you hungry then we go eat lar-_-"
ate we did alright. but i was craving for something saucy and tofu-iy. sigh* why no one understands my love for tofu. (and dumplings and fried rice and penang kueh zhap and....many random food) T_T although i shouldn't be eating a lot cause my knee joints are failing on me. bleah.

but arh :D ms.sexay chan suddenly came and crash with rojak which has TOFU and SAUCE and....:D
my beloved sotong!
talk bout random wishes! it was the last thing i was expecting! :D:D:D:D
omg so easy to make me happy. wathefunnyfishface.

hmm.....maybe i should wish for something more tmr. like a big box of cupcakes! :D
if tmr i blog bout cupcakes you know what happen la.

i went to buy some HAHA :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

name thy position.

how now brown cow?
after blogging for Uncle Dan i got lazy for mine. hahaha-_-!!!!

updates when i feel hardworking *weeeeeeeeee *runs away*

Saturday, January 16, 2010

yellow yellow dirty fellow

"baby bro arhs.. leave some for jie"
"nah..cough people should eat happy colours"

why so cute wan my baby bro!? *picittttt*

primary colours always make me recall secondary school days where we were assigned to a House colour once in Form 1 and will root all the way every year Sports Day till Form 5. oh the horror of "permanent white socks" marks after Sports Day every year!

now die also i won't cheer in the hot sun whole day! (wasn't only cheering was like 3 months of under the sun. run. jump. crawl suffering! O_o)
okay i will. providing i have a BIG ASS HAT, tons of sunblock and mini fan. helps if my ice-cream doesn't melt laughs*

the topic above was something we always said out for fun.
Blue Blue Sticky Glue.
Red Red Botak Head
i don't know why i don't remember Green though-_-''

p.s// walao-eh felt so bad. made ah pek wait for 30 minutes today-_- it has been a long time since i made someone wait that long. bleah. gomenne....T_T

Thursday, January 14, 2010

sensei says....(in jap)

"bulat, so what comes in your mind before you kiss?"

i stoned. just cause the context we were reading bout was talking bout a girl who had all kinds of thoughts running through her brain before she kissed. which i found amazingly ...weird. so i asked sensei what's with this author and what's with all the thinking before a kiss (plus her thinking was all off course wan. why do you think bout whether the guy has brought another girl to this same place to kiss and so forth all right before you kiss the guy!?)

before i answered she continued.

"sigh tat's why marry early when you are not tat polluted."

wathefishcakeswithlimejuice. is that supposed to be good love advice? O_o

photos all randomly searched from flickr.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

it's the tought that counts

my baby bro has surpassed all creativity. not because he suddenly became great in terms of design but he has mastered the "fuss free yet looks cute and nice" way of doing cards. hahahaha even i am shocked lar. but let's not talk bout his colour sense. cause we both simply clash in that area-_-

every time i see handmade cards..i get...confused..hahaha-_-'' it's that fine line between appreciating someone's hard work for you and criticizing it cause people who study art are kanasai like this-_- very difficult and stressful if you ask me. sigh* you want to love it all but you can't cause you just feel like correcting this colour or changing that idea. gets so frustrating really.

having that said. at least confirm you will never see another same one anywhere and if you ask me. handmade cards only work if you did it for your girlfriend/close friends or if you at least have a decent design sense.

if not sad to say...i realized half the people throw handmade cards esp. after quite some time when it has either no meaning anymore (like you broke off or you don't fancy the admirer) or if it doesn't look pretty.

sad reality for something supposedly meaningful.

let's stick to expensive cards or stick it notes with doodles shall we?

or let's all pray that i have half a heart more to really appreciate from deep within.

whichever works.

but arh surprisingly..despite having this confused cold heart..i so far keep every single card i received the past yearsssssssssssss-_- maybe i really love cards (handmade or not) and just don't realize it.

omg. i'm becoming Dr.Jekyll & Hyde

Sunday, January 10, 2010

money goes-_-

hello. meet my pretty new shoes. they are pretty no matter what you think! -_-!!! rar rar* and they are greeeeennnn *shiny eyes* not exactly green..but green get it lar-_-'' and polka dotssssss. i think my 2010 resolution is buying more polka dots and irritate the hell out of people who doesn't like them *cough* lil. miss. chicken.*cough*

i hardlyhardly buy shoes cause i am a fussy and lazy person. For goodnessake Jelly has more shoes then me and i'm a girl!-_- plus most of the time i end up wearing! nobody better complains i don't shop!!!-_-!!! *shows fist*

half the reason i bought is cause i had extra money to spend. just to find out i lost my uber expensive camera case that is from Japan and made out of real leather. now i am awfully broke T_T aper ni!!!! cehs. so sad okay. sigh*

Saturday, January 9, 2010

forever 21st.

spent my whole day lying around bed thanks to "auntie pain". i even went to class with my horrendous hawaiian pants that everyone hates. hahahahahaha:D surprisingly the more people hate it the more i love it. shows how thick of a skin i have considering i really don't give 2 hoots what people think bout me when i walk out of home with it.

unfortunately it bothers me that it makes my friends and family feel bad cause in people's mind they must be thinking "poor people. stuck with this sakai"...okaylar if people think me as sakai. but don't think poorly of my love ones cause they are with this sakai please T_T

anyway show you the highlight of the day.

FOCUS IS DOWN THERE. the thing down there! the below of the pic is a delicious plate of LOBSTAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

i now announce that i am feeling terribly sorry to people who can't eat seafood, don't know how to enjoy seafood and hate seafood.

banzai to seafooooood~

Friday, January 8, 2010


i have to stop watching movies-_- eating up all my time and money. zzz. Thank God nothing new until Feb from the looks of it. for now i only wanna catch Muallaf (ROAR* i will make time. lazy wait for DVD) and surprisingly haven't watch Chipmunks-_-' mieh.
normal storyline, 1 or 2 really laugh aloud scenes and 1 interesting quote which dear ms.bulat obviously forgot -_-
if possible do no watch. i repeat do not watch. hugh grant has acted manymany love stories before(like Notting Hill :D) and this is definitely something worth missing in my opinion. nevertheless, catch it if all you wanna have is a reason so all you can do while watching is snuggle next to your baobei. *uh-hm*

and this is my 1st time talk until we forgot bout the movie timing-_- just to see 930pm on our handphone clocks when the movie starts at 920pm. we were still munching on our food. zzz!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

kill me please

1.hello. meet my long lost friends. wavewavewave* oh hello hiragana, katakana and kanji-_-!! it has been 3 months since i last saw you. how difficult you have grown! 1 hour to read, understand and learn the grammar for 1 paragraph of a short story that just consists of 4 paragraphs *FAINTS* and it's a love story for goodnesssake. i can't believe in 1 paragraph(so it's like what? 3-4 sentences?) it can fully explain how a girl thinks and feels when a relationship is not "confirmed". read edy aso heart and head pain-_-

and a 30 min convo session titling "how to bargain?" in Japanese. hahahaha :D

2."where you went?"
"my son."
"...? what are you babbling about?"

21 means club lar now? laughs* ahhh.. it has been a looooong time since i last clubbed. don't think i will survive inside now. the other day i just drank 1 glass of God knows what was it and i felt like sleeping already-_-'' maybe it's about time i just sit at home, eat ice-cream and snuggle with a book.

"hello. brings. how may i help you?"
"hie! :D may i know what time you guys open?"
i was there from 10.50-11.50am. parking's up. so i left and tarpau-ed lunch for mummy. zzzz!! i want to buy that shoe! CAN A NOT?! ROAR*

", i go see doctor. my ear has been in pain since last 2 days."
"..again?! can you take bath nicely a not? always water go in one?!"
"..haha-_- sigh. ma poorer rm50 lor"
"you ownself ask for trouble wan. how old edy still don't know how to take bath nicely ar?"

"ms.bulat. 5 drops 3 times a day. rm25 please"
in my heart, i was like YES! cheaper!!! :D:D:D
at night, i put only 3 drops and the next day okay edy-_-
wathefishcakesauce. so indirectly that 3 drops was rm25....rm8.++ for one drop. blardy exp wei!!!!
rm8 = 8 McD ice-cream cones. so considering rm25 is 25 cones. that's like my one month's supply of everyday ice-cream dosage-_- indirectly if i wanna contra that rm25. i can't eat ice-cream for a month. this is horrible-_-

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

me and you. just me and you.

:D maybe not. but why not? :D
although ms.rockstarr is right le-_-within 10 min the shop is opened. we can put up the "Close" signboard. alco to her. ice-cream to me.

and ms.sexay very kns wan-_-
"you say wanna tong sui. how did we end up in this kid's place!?"
"kids meh? you got see any kid anot now?"
"-_- " CEH! laughs*

slept with my baby brother bear :D
*happy happy*
hahah yes. i like sleeping with people providing i know them well enough.
spent a great hour talking. HIM TALKING. me nodding :D
so happy. wahahahahaha* you know how siblings are right?! everything also bicker. everything also "yaya whatever." (i will "DISH" the next person that uses that on me)
so to actually have a deep inside heart talk from him :D i feel like .......aiya i just feel happy. like having bedtime story keke.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the last time was mr. and mrs.smith

-_- damn paiseh. i must re-watchlar. i don't believe i wouldn't like the movie since i DO read Sherlock Holmes!!! DVD LAI.

Monday, January 4, 2010

the closing chapter

there was only 2 things that were MAJOR to me in 2009.

it was an emotional roller coaster ride for me. i don't think i have cried so much over something so silly. time and time again i tell myself to be strong and i always lose half the battle-_- amazingly frustrating. i never thought i can lose myself like that. but 2010 is already right here and i shall be a strong lil girl!! wahahaha* evil laughter*

Oh. how can i forget this. (actually i did until suddenly ms.boob queen mentioned it) for the 1st time in my life (at the age of 24) i received a "FTL" (Friend Termination Letter) from a friend(who is 27) whom i used to be close with. i still can't believed it happened. it only made me recall STD 1 where everyone goes "i don't friend you" difference is that lasted 10 minutes. this i suppose.

i think i shocked myself by not shedding a single tear over this and was actually extremely pissed over it. i have never gotten so pissed for a very long time. after much thoughts and calming sessions for my own good by myself, i just let it go. he wanted it so i decided as a (ex)friend i respect his decision. people say i did not fight for this friendship. some say it is his loss. some say it's my fault.

i seriously don't care (or more like i couldn't absorb anymore) what people had to say. in my opinion was it was a whole lot of misunderstandings that caused the letter. (esp. when he is the type that solves fights, i am the type that will avoid and prolly keep quiet so there would be less fights) in conjuction to that, we had minor disagreements that built up from past already. me keeping silent and him shooting directly (or sometimes vice versa) all at the wrong timings.

it was kinda sad to see this friendship go (for some people they felt really sad, for some...swt. not so) i personally could not bring myself to say sorry. i feel that if there is to be an apology session. it would be on both sides. if not it will never work and since it has been so long, even after the apology thing. i don't know how both of us will ever be like the last time.

on the other hand, i must say thank you to him. i cherish my current friends more. if that letter shed some light on how horrible i am as a friend, then i seriously truly thank the ones that have put up with my rubbish for many years and yet stay peace with me. i know i suck being a friend most of the time, but i do try and try to make up for every lil bit.

nevertheless, i hope he finds his the other half soon despite me "cursing" him saying that he will only get one when he turns 45. *laughs* and that his business continues to flourish like how he always wanted. dato' by 30.

i guess those 2 played a big part for 2009. nothing else was really worth mentioning. not like i suddenly grew a tail or conquered mt.Everest. sorrylarh, my life very dull one kakaka. yea, got other small significant stuffs daily that it's for me to know and remember, not for you to find out ever :D haha.

OH. HAHAHAHHA GOTLARH. GOT ONE MORE THING. MANY PREGNANCIES! OMG. 2010 will be filled with babies!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! :D ROAR* baby shopping!! imma coming!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

so fragile

today i went to visit ms.sexay chan's relative in Assunta.
she had a fall in the toilet and now she's under observation cause apparently her skull has a crack line causing the liquid in the brain and blood in the vein to mix together (okay my english and science sucks)

my maths lagi fail. so i can't come up with a simple formula on how it is. but you unlar. final result is she has like some temp. memory loss.

in an hour we were there, she asked about 8 times when is her grandfather coming. her mom answered patiently 8 times that her grandfather is in heaven and has been so since 95'. for 8 times after her mom's answer her face showed pain. like she was gonna burst into tears. however, the emotions last around 30 seconds and then repeats all over again when she asks the question.

it was so painful for me. so sad.

i was so shocked that lil' fall can make you lose urself as a person (indirectly)
robbing your memories, erasing(or confusing) what was supposedly made up of who you are today because of what you had gone through.

please be careful. esp. you ms.rockstarr.

p.s// okay. everyone convinced me that she will be fine and this memory loss thing is normal after having a concussion. still!!! don't wanna see anyone dear to me going through this-_- i'm a worrywart can a not?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

random movie

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Image Hosted by

i did not even know such movie existed-_- shows how much i check movie listings.
we just went to TGV (after looking at how horribly long the queue was at GSC. ridiculous!) and i jumped right into it at the sight of the poster (or maybe cause i saw the magic word. JOHNNY DEPP. hahahahah:D)

forced the ah pek to watch :P and ar...he obliged cause he saw the "Festival De Cannes" logo imprinted on the poster. okay. maybe cause Heath Ledger was one of the main too.

i lovelovelove independent films!!! :D there's always something ....bout them. certain depth that most of Hollywood blockbusters are missing (esp when i watched Die Hard 4...did not know why the heck i was sitting in the cinema just paying to watch explosions-_-'' sigh)

anyway maybe it's just me. since this show is more fairytale-ish based :D as long it made me happy. hahahaha :D i shall now leave you with the following link for i think the person wrote a great review on it. if you ask me..i can't even summarize it for you-_-

or you can always wikipedia it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

countdown to the first 21's

hello people :D
meet the soon to be...
Image Hosted by
in their "barney" suits...don't know why they are in purple. kinda liked last years theme. boys in pink. girls in white :D haha like marriage.

proudly presenting their age
Image Hosted by
:D lame pose that was done since cousin's 21st. means just last year? swt.

Image Hosted by
don't think i captured everyone-_- but it was chaotic enough! esp. during bbq session i thought we were sending out smoke signals to red indians somewhere across the globe-_-!!

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
the very 'cool' candle. hahahahahaha :D it was ridiculously stupid in a cute way.

Image Hosted by
21st marks the start of freedom. together with it comes responsibility.
in other words, take care of your own buttocks. *laughs*
to me 21 is just a number. like any number with any coming age. but we all need a certain blown out of proportion number to make us remember and recall of ourselves sometimes. time flies...hahaha :D i recall my own 21st. i did not have any grand one (which i don't really like in the 1st place also...haha-_-'') but i had a bunch of small really ongoing for a few days with different people at different places with different cakes-_-'' for a 21st birthday that was the year i did not receive any presents also. how ironic. *laughs*

i feel so bad for my brother-_- always have to salvage some cake for me from any birthday celebration cause i am always too slow and he knows i love cakes-_- and their cakes always damn good. don't know where they get their stock. seriously.

ohoh! and my dad-_- sigh* the birthday girl always helps my mom to wash up stuffs after any celebration. this time my mom pao an anpao for her since it's her 21st and my dad asked "wow, she helped you washed dishes and you gave money?!" "hello uncle? you think why she stood there with your son together cut birthday cake leh?! why not he stand with his gf instead?!"

haha :D ke ai de papa