Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yes, no & i don't know

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i'm back from India where whether the answer is yes,no or donno, their heads just move to the left and right-_- confusing bertul.
Poverty shock aside, i enjoyed the trip very much. it is very different from normal nice country trips plus the only roxxor bout india other than the architecture, people,culture etc. (there's a lot to love bout actually/surprisingly) is the ice-cream! warao! everyday after every meal got ice-cream okay! the fact that it was actually good ice-cream. creamyly cause the tour was filled with old people, they did not mind passing the extra uneaten ice-creams to me! :P

Also, there's more ice-cream lovers then i thought! there's this 70 year old grandpapa who loves ice-cream as much, or maybe more than i do! when he saw me eating ice-cream (i skipped the meal straight to the ice-cream corner) he quickly said something out of the blue when he was eating his chicken "aih..why so salty ar this chicken...dowan alreadyla"

left and proceeded to take a mountainful of ice-cream. more than me okay! after that proceeded to drink a cup of coffee with 2 packets of sugar. refused to drink if there isn't enough sugar. warao damn cute. i almost wanted to tarpao him balik rumah and we can share ice-cream together hahahahahahahaah wthefishcakesauce.

anyway, just an update to show i'm alive and well. seriously, i never felt so happy to be in Malaysia. India makes you feel that way. Home is the best. other countries usually just make you wanna shift out of Malaysia, definitely not India. hahahahahaha

oh. also, i had strange indian uncles liking my look and FLIRTING with me.....another story for another update lar har: P if not tak habis-bis ni. *laughs*


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yeap. above is a photo of my "boyfriend" hahahahahahahh
he played "gay" with me, so i played "bisexual" :D
and i never had guys so openly ask me out before-_-
hello. don't do that when you don't even know my name despite whether you meant it a not okay? *whack!*

if possible, will blog bout the whole experience (the bits and pieces of India's culture) not just kns stories of what happened in India *laughs*


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

eppy 23rd!! *whacks the old man on the back*

my dear kelvin is 23 today.

if i were to start a story on how i know kelvin, it's gonna take a whole lot of typing to do. cut the whole thing short. Thanks to SS2, EITP gym :p

"so! what cake do you want?"

"i don't want any cake. don't feel like eating one"

" must!!!! * I * want to eat!!! don't make me put candles on the ikan bakar later!"

"...can also!! sounds okay what"

"...don't be stupid. answer me, what cake!?"

"any cake is fine...really.... okay...chocolate"

"....ooh!! so one cake alright?"

"no...1 slice."

" serious?"

"yes. if you want to eat then you buy 2 slices"

"............................wth sentence is that?! then since you want a slice. i buy more expensive one ok. you want choc cake from Delicious or what?"

" that is too much. i want the normal type"

".....i have never eaten normal choc cake. define that please."

"..what do you mean. i simply throw a stone at SS2 i also can find a normal chocolate cake. why can't you?"

"....cause i can't! where the hell to buy?!"

*baffled* "..Bread Stores?!"


"ya......why not."

*unhappy cause *I* want to eat a good, rich, expensive cake*

"...WELL, i might get to find it since i have never bought normal choc cake"

"...Well, just call me then. i'll go and buy it myself."


shows white flag and hangs up phone to search for a normal sponge cake -_-

normal Chocolate sponge cake.

imma going to De'lish .DON'T CARE.

*updates* the end i bought a Blackforest cake from Bread Story.....well...did not taste like Blackforest at all. tasted like chocolate.

normal chocolate sponge cake.

and guess what. surprisingly it was good. maybe once in a while, normal chocolate sponge is good..*laughs*

and no that was not meant to be "self-consoling" okay. bleah

Saturday, August 16, 2008



in wall.e i learned that even with robots, when it comes to love. looks does not count.

or looks does not matter when it comes to love.

okay-_- my grammar sucks.

to me storyline was just so-so (though my mom loved it..cause it has so much moral value in it kinda thing and the humans scared me cause it was like..omg...they don't do anything and how did they allow themselves to morph into a Teletubbies look-alike?!) but seriously it was the quirky moments that made the whole animation worth it.

i laughed super loud when he couldn't decide if "spork" was under fork or spoon. how he took eve on dates by tying those colourful xmas bulbs. how both of them were dancing in space. so adorable. cute factor wise, for a robot animation. it wins hands down. omg. it just makes you feel like squeezing them. although in the end, you're the one that is gonna hurtlarh: P

but seriously my most favfav character despite all the cuteness that Wall.E has whenever he calls "eeeevvvvvvaaaa"


this lil guy on the left wins hands down. M.O (Microbe Obliterator) whom will clean every single contaminated area. HAHAHAHA SO CUTE. and i'm gonna say it again. FREAKIN CUTE. if i ever see a toy like that i sure buy!!! of course, if it works even better *laughs*

isn't any fast food chain suppose to release a Wall.E freebie with every happy meal by now? *desperate*

p.s// hahahah the Magician animation that was shown before Wall.E started was freaking funny. OWNAGE TO THE RABBIT!! hurhur!

Friday, August 15, 2008



it has been quite sometime since i caught a movie with Ms.Sexy. Esp. since she was in Kuantan for 3 weeks of recuperation before starting the new job.

the show was beautifully directed/shot(?) okay, i don't even know the proper term but the settings were lovely. the props, the lighting, the view, the actors. Everything. they were all amazing. it was like getting sucked into the film without even realizing it.

it was supposed to be a touching and somewhat emotional movie....well obviously my nerves are dead cause i did not feel much other than thinking how wonderful the whole movie is shot. i love it down to every detail. where else Ms.Sexy was like "if they showed her dead, my tears are gonna fall"

in response i said "what a great movie! it was funny"


i don't know why that word came out. seriously, i don't know what the heck made me said that.

but all in all it was a good show. maybe nothing very extraordinary, but it wasn't bland enough to make you feel dead.

just the right touch...but only for a handful of people. i'm sure not everyone will appreciate such movie...or maybe i know a handful of people who definitely won't watch this. *laughs*

oh the best part was..they did not cut (or put cardboard to blackout) the kissing scenes plus there were no subtitles! wow. felt so...clean :D *laughs* you know how our subtitles are. takes up 1/3 of the screen. bleah.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

PAIN GOAL!!!!!!!

update: WAHAHAHA SPAIN WON!!!!!!: D: D: D

right now the image in my head is Graveyard drinks running aorund the field holding the winning cup!!: D: D

and i don't even know how does Graveyard taste like.

Few puluh hours ago, Le'mabuks mistress who is broke but loving her new G5 Mac-pet says:

" hahahahhaa. if i win my bola bets, i'll throw in 3 graveyards for you k?

GO SPAIN@@@!!!!! omg. kan cheong wtf ness....."

and so MSN-ing in the middle of the night before the finals
(the conversation was something like this)

"you watch football wan meh?! so late edi. don't need to sleep?...OMG!! xxx is out!!! xxx is out!! You know who are they a not?!!"

" i just want spain to win. GRAVEYARDS MALI!!!!"

"ahahahahah whatlarh you. so you must dance the war dance okay? for Spain to win!!"

"i will!!! i will dance on my bed later, you know how i like to roll on the bed kan?!! i always terkick you last time"

".........-_________- now YOU owe me graveyards"

"' and my bad sleepy fingers... but anyway GO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"SHIT. SPAIN!!!!!! i mean SPAIN!!!"

"hahahahahahahaha Bodo"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last weekend + this weekend

although you are supposed to be "OH&AH" by the shop itself (but you will go "AH" more, followed by "so kiuttteeeee, so niiiiiceeeeee, so cheeeeaaaapp" whichever comes first...girls and their universal language ._. )

anyway, we went "OH&AH" before we even stepped in because when one of the "owners" greeted us by the door (cause we bongokly pressed the doorbell although the gate was wide open), Lyn went "OH" when she saw her and i went "AH" when lyn clarified which subject she taught us back in TOA. what a small world-_- (and what a forgetful brain i have)

i took so many photos..but i am so paiseh to put them up cause they look so....stupids-_-

It is such a waste to miss Urbanscapes, if you love junkyard sale and the indie scene. RM35 was totally worth it *o* although kiasu me in the end, although brought a wadof cash to spend. In the end i spend a grand total of RM20 on a necklace which i found out later she had a tutorial on her website how to make it *ouch* RM25 on cheese cupcakes for bribing my brother to fetch us home (public transport is kinda impossible that night) RM16 on a teetee shirt for Lyn.

championlah. now i confirm have money for other pending stuffs (remembers a few birthdays coming up)

but seriously the whole event was good, the movies (we watched Flower in the Pocket and Kurus - both seriously rocked. mustmust watch), music ( i don't even know where to start for this!), gallery (omg!!! styro-man!!: D) minus shopping okay...they eat your monay!!! will give a good full review some other day(when this is outdated hahahahhahahah)

OH! and Xpax forced sexay chan to get a tattoo + free polaroid which in the end i had to do it-_-
my tattoo.........-_- well, he wanted to draw Godzilla at i should be thankful that i ended up with mr.3 eyes. no he is not a sotong nor an octopus. he does not live underwater. he is really just mr.3 eyes that shoot blue balls to defend himself and see, he has 5 "fingers" just like us.

reminder : do not crap with the tattoo artist if there is a next time.

lifespan of mr.3 eyes : 20 minutes max. hahahahaha sorry!!! ^^'' i am such a klutz that every movement i make adds colour to my bag!

my 2nd polaroid in life (so sad)

Oh Lord. we are not even Celcom users.

Friday, June 20, 2008

what an addiction can do

it has been a long "time consuming" day. was in the ex-office doing handover today when i bumped into my ex-boss youngest brother.

"eh!! bulat!! heeeeelloooooooooooooooooo" *jimui style*
"eh!!~xxx*to protect identity* i want to borrow blade!!!"
"with ms.boobs lor"
"i gave it to her the last time you two came what"
"...........i said BLADE. not BLEACH"
"..........OH!!!!! why didn't you say so?!"
"....sei jai bao..wth..hahahhahahaha"

if anyone heard a loud laughter today, it's either mine or ms.boobs : P

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

if it makes you happy

stress makes you buy silly things.
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" why didn't you buy chocolate if stress, this will give you cancer wei. blardy a lot some more"
" at least this has no calories "

Sunday, March 16, 2008

how to die

first get screwed up down left right

get last minute information

then suddenly you have to be somewhere at some certain time just to sing a song

gila sial.

hopefully i do not screw up any lines nor forget to breathe. if not-_- i will kena again left downup right left center


my brother behind me is saying why is this so serious. it is just a karaoke competition..

because the competition is in Japanese and the song is by BOA. BOA.............

he says people who sing like shit can also go to 1 in a million...

you see hor........forget it

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

as time go by

it has been almost erm..lemme see....1 1/2 months since i last posted? so long ago!! considering it was sometimes 2 posts a day. i still write though, either they are all saved under drafts or i just turn to my pen and book style cause after a whole day of facing the comp, the last thing i the comp staring back at me. *laughs*

and it IS getting funny when i go out and my real life friends ask how come i did not update my blog/stop blogging. oei! you guys are my friends!! ader telepon untuk aper?(what's the use of the phone) besides, i think you all hear from me a lot through MSN also riiiighhttt? (shows innocent look, actually long time since i MSN-ed as well)

anyway, just to make it up, last date i posted was....17th Jan. On the 17th

yes. ms.bulat *ka boom bang* a car....or more like the car collided me...okay collide is such a strong word..more like "bump"? hahahahha-_- it was a small was...i guess indirectly it IS my fault cause i was talking about gym to 40tripleD that we both were so caught up in the conversation i forgot to put my signal that i wanted to park and ..."bump" it is.

the guy was a young malay guy who was on the way home after prayers....nothing serious happened and the guy's parents said it was alright and there was no need for any reports made or whatsoever.

i was just being happy, thinking "thank God"..or thank Allah. whichever works. but imagine my shock when i told people and they were like "What? he did not give you your I.C, how come you did not ask for it?"
"well...I did...but he like never write and 40tripleD said it was my fault and i should give for formality, it is not important for him to do so?"
" two never bang car before arh?" ( i do not know which kns friend said this-_- want us to die arh, seasoned car bumpers is it you...and need to band car to know wan meh?! in my case and her both T_T)

anyway the top rated answer i had was..
"i think you got away cause the guy was prob driving underagelarh!!! can ask for y our I.C but cannot give his! what else"

.....what country am i living in larh-_-

anyway, have been really busy....i just started working part time...but i do not know why i feel even more work-_-'' as if in the end of the day i do not see the diff working full or half-_- maybe i work too slow. oh well.

have been caught up with this!!!!!!! it takes around 40 minutes to finish all the currently 26 episodes!(nah! busy also must spare timelarh, just go to the toilet less!) so cute can die. got it from an ex-classmate's blog: D

must watch okay!!! it is about 2 rabbits in a jail and later escaped for...well-_- you will see... for a silent cartoon, it gets better/funnier/lamer with every episode (so please bear the 1st 5 episodes cause it is not as funny as the later ones. trust me)

i love the red rabbit: D: D though the green one is stupider. i really love watching it and omg, the artwork is like *o* shingshing!!*

neumeister has all 26 episodes: D

either you wiki Usavich or click Kanaban Graphics the people behind it(makes you feel like joining them T_T) Click on the tab "works" and view the other cartoons(anime?) they did. Equally good and this Official Website is their official web.

till i get my life sorted out: D

Thursday, January 17, 2008

it's that time again!!

o m glarh. jap exams are here again. this time really unprepared-_- and how time flies! ouch*

wanna pengsan edi. *runs amok*

brains save meeeee.

yarh i know i have not been blogging. so much work to do!! agh* that's March.

40tripleD will be launching her new career. hahahah okay. she will be taking courses at 95%, her small baby steps to become a copywriter.

i....i will just have more free time by then. huhuhu. not free...just..a little bit more free...better than nothing : P

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

tickety tock

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yesyes. i know the hand is drawn "terbalik", not my hand can? : P

a frown was on my face on the 1st day of 2008 when i saw 2 pimples on my left cheek. so disturbing-_-

don't feel any difference. other than the 2 pimples. still fat. still short. still having small boobs and not enough hair on my brown. still having small hands. still having the same confused thoughts i have last year. smiling over a dream that happened the night before. it's like debit brought forward from the previous year to 2008.

2007 i did not achieve anything significant...well in my opinion, that is.

but i guess some things are worth mentioning.

. got a job
...not exactly. but heck, got my bum off the house. my mom was happy i was actually out there learning that life is definately not a bed of caramel sauce. i know it is not but i like to think so. during the whole process, cried countless times. fighting with my emotional self. it was extremely difficult for me. but i am ready for the next step. actually i am not, but i have to.

. changed spects
considering i have been wearing same spects since 15. that makes the spects 7 years old. losing it's purplesness. rusty and almost hanging on one side of the ear, was forced to change spects and went through a crazy time finding the right one with my friends -_-

. fell in love with foreign movies
watching jap/korean movies/dramas has been on going for long. but ever since i watch my first french movie with sexay chan. there was no turning back, continuously adding the list with other different languages.

. took up jap class
getting worse by the semester. but i am determined to finish at least till advance level if not i don't see the point i take it in the 1st place and so that i don't disappoint my dad..

. finalist for Gempak
did the 4 panel strip category. chose that category just to try my luck. for let's say the dateline was on the 5th, did it on the 2nd, sent on the 3rd with poslaju and just prayed it reached on time. did not win the top 3 prizes but heck: D

. finally drove
though i still cannot drive far cause i cannot remember roads for nuts. but i am sure my parents are glad that finally i am saving ample of their time. problem now is a car. *laughs*

. jacky cheung's concert
my first concert and it was free: P kuakuakua. thanks to ms.boss m(_ _)m it was really fun!! made "middle finger sign" and "rocker sign" with the big ass "hand looking" cardboards Maxis was giving out and waved them around. in the end, was screaming and singing like some lunatic although i don't know any of his songs nor am i a big fan of his.

. went for the haagen dazs buffet
what more can you ask for when you love desserts so much: D unfortunately, i found out i don't like their vanilla ice cream cause it has a slight taste of coconut and i lost to mom who ate damn a lot of scoops-_-

yay!! a list of useless things that i have done or at least remembered for 2007.

i don't know what 2008 has to offer. i do have some plans in mind, but i will just hope for the best: D: D: D