Monday, September 19, 2011

chipsmore time! :D

i can't believe i did this since year 2007
feel free to stalk LOL*
i will be very happy if there is actually people out there who appreciates Japanese Film Festival cause no one around me i know does!

every year i usually catch the film fest alone. last year and this year i had a botak guinea pig with me. heh*

yes. i really don't mind catching movies alone.
yes. i mind actually forcing people to watch things that they don't wanna watch in the first place. and yes, i have a phobia ever since a friend said because of me, everyone has to watch stupid, nonsensical shows that usually 'normal' people wouldn't bother to catch. when in the first place i usually just give suggestions when no one can come up with an actual answer of what to watch *phobiaphobia*

anyway, all's good. tmr will be the last movie. caught 9 out of 10 movies. hohoho*
i have good useless skills, i should say. hahaha i can't do time management for nuts but i manage to squeeze as many shows as i can into my horrible no time management schedule!


on a side note....
i have been bumping into my jap centre's teachers and staff members after movies T_T
if i wanna ponteng class this wedesday, i can't! T_T

can hear my stomach's "whistle" halfway during the show T_T