Tuesday, August 28, 2007

when i dowan to do better things to do

how to irritate people.
(joke taken from an online comic..which i forgot the link but damn funny)
-_- wad is the heaviest food on earth
won ton mee
who is the strongest man on earth?
the man who made won ton mee: D
fuck u lah

of course there is always kns ones
what is the heaviest food on earth
wan tan mee




that is the warning given.

this is the notebook i use for "work". i have one more for jap class(scarily lime green orange in contra with this) that one looks overly neat where as this is....totally seasoned to the crap it is now.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

crazy things are always inside together with my "work" brief.

i did warn you.

stress does crazy drawings to people *laughs*

p.s// don't kill me ol' ye people who actually noticed that they are part of this "art"
pp.s// i wanted to draw ed. and tai kam's versions....*uh-hm* idea is actually out with 40tripleD's but...lucky i did not execute it *hurhurhur*

Sunday, August 26, 2007

current situation

1am update:

cause the client said my work was messy aka too much details or no focus point(which i realized but did not know how to fix it) -_- which i am like....argh!!! when no details ask for details. when got details dowan details*hentam kepala ku* i spent 3 hours adjusting and the result is still the same although i made the main object stand out...i got so frustrated that i dragged my dad out of bed to give some comments since "art" people always look at things differently from "non-art" or should i say...clients -_-''

You know what my champion dad did?

"delete this. this. that. what is this? dowan also. why got kite? what for got monkey? what is that pot of plant doing there? bicycle? what is all these extra stuffs for? background for what? dont want the bush larh! what kg feeling? all you need are chickens enough edy!"

immediately the whole thing looks better...KNS.COM.-_- maybe it is my fault alsolarh for adding so much....but i need pa(s)now is it? i have people commenting on what details to add. later, which part to fix. and now which part to delete. *pengsan*

warao...my brother just announced that he is going to sleep -_- why did i not appreciate sleep more when i can...ROAR.

this is work

this is also work.

no choice, either you colour them up or they colour up your life.

this week is going to be hell. hiatus again. gomennasai.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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it was a normal routine.

i was locking up the front gate as my dad got down from his ngam-ngam parked car.

there was this lady whom i saw walking as we were coming down the street towards my house just now. now that i see her again, i smiled.

she smiled and walked towards me.

"hello, you punya rumah ada baby tak?"
"you tau siapa rumah di sini ader baby?"
i think i was showing a very skeptic look, thus she quickly showed me her ID that was hanging from her neck beneath her tudung.
"i ni mau recommend milk powder bagi babies"
"oh..hmm..i tak berapa taularh"

*spoken in Chinese*
"eh paa you know anyone in our area that has a baby?"
"i dont know! close the gatelarh! why you layaning her?!"

"saya tau no.29 ader baby tapi employer dier lambat balik"
"oh...hmmm" *starts looking around the area while locking up the gate.

then my mom came out to see the commotion.
*spoken in chinese*
"what she wants?!"
"she's asking whether anyone in our area has babies..."
"just close the darn gatelarh! what's wrong with you?! and don't stand so near her!!! you listen understand?!"

i was a bit malu from the reaction of my parents that must have been heard far and wide from the decibels of their voices.
"erm she just wants to give milk powder samples...."
"just close the gatelarh! and come in!"

"erm...sorry yarh... i tak tau.."
gives some weak apologetic smile.
"that's alright..takper"
returns me a "okayyyyyyyyyyy...." smile cause my parents were really at the verge of screaming.
"sorry" while i nodded my head as respect or something.

she waved bye and i locked the gate finally.

once inside i got scolded and sounded. out of concern and carelessness.
"what if they planned to kidnap you?"
"what if they had been stalking these areas for a while already?"
"you don't read newspapers one is it?! not enough rape or kidnap cases is it?"
"where is your common sense?! you do not talk to strangers! you don't know what they will do!"
"what were you thinking?! never worry bout yourself or people who care around you?!"
"do you know by doing that you can become a victim!? you were so near to her!"
"you can never be too careful you understand? better defensive than sorry!"

i felt the comments came coming like some atomic bombs dropped during the war zone.


dead tired from everything that has been happening and accumulating. i just apologized and dragged myself up to visit the loo.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

i died

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
of art overdose. hurhurhur. i don't think i can take it anymore.

*credits back to the artists*

*Blast out*
Do not watch Rush Hour 3. I don't know bout people laughing their asses off but i was almost snoring by the end of the film. the best bits were only the end credits where they showed their bloopers.
"not cheese...is FREEZE..."

Friday, August 10, 2007

you learn something new

"i seriously think it's too long"
"huh?! but so far no one complained bout it being long a problem pun"
"i don't know......just..prefer it shorterlarhs"
"...er weirdlarh....then you don't feel anything else at all wan meh?"
".....don't know, just feel easily lose focus...sienlars...i just don't likelarh"
"you are the 1st that i knowlor! everyone loves Petronas ads no matter how long they are and you langsung don't feel touched wan meh?! -_-"

you can never know a person enough. how can my best friend hate something i love? BLeaks!!! >_<

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

runs in the family?

my house consists of surprisingly many people. permanent residents not that many though. huehuehue : P
anyway, one of it is my uncle. my dad's brother. he has been staying with us for 3 years now.
i am a selfish stingy person. when i have food that i love, or certain someone gives me food that is delicious and it's my share, i usually do the above: Pbut sadly, this is what happens -_- KNS.

you all understand a not!? if don't also please at least feel sad for me T_T

p.s// cause to him it's like those "inedible" stuffs, like those packet thingies in your new bought bag? so...he threw it lar T_T aiyaya

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


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girly talking? alamaklah.

mom invited nen nen chan for dinner and we spent almost 3 hours talking. talking bout very rational stuffs and a bit of "patpoh" stuffs of course. that she can't stop me. but everytime the certain question pops up, i can feel myself wondering again.


"huh? yaya i am listening one..."

anywayysss, it amazes me sometimes how much girls can talk. it's as if "hie mouth, meet my mouth! let's become friends".

not that all girls are chatterbox..but majoritylarhs. plus once you get use to someone or the frequency click. what's there not to "pat" about?! : D

i still cannot believe me and nen nen chan spent the whole train journey to Sg talking non stop. happened the same when we came back from SG as well. scary. Le'Mistress was like "wah you both not tired one arh? i listen only i also feel my ears tired"

and sometimes i wonder to myself....will we continue to talk like this for many more years to come? when i was in high school, i always thought we will. we somehow will. but sometimes things change. everything doesn't really stay the same although sometimes you think it's the same.

Monday, August 6, 2007

dear diary

got so carried away with the twirly things..overrated pattern*laughs* will post up decent posts if anyone wants to read T_T and i'm serious bout the manymany birthdays on my Jaiku. Even daniel's birthday was on the 4th! Dahsyats. and i seriously did not know work takes up all your time. and i really mean. all.your.time. i find myself nowadays looking at every person in a perspective of "how did they managed to balance their life and look so happy". feel like interviewing everyone. *arghs* sorry. i am feeling insignificantly small, confused and lost.

p.s// oh God..my horoscope this week dahsyats nyer...._.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

*rush hour 4.7c*

11pm update:
random photos: D
the ice cream that took me hm...i don't know....total of 3 minutes to get it?: D: D: D the only regret was not buying the bigger tub.. but i was broke!!! no choicelorh T_T plus i was supposed to be on a diet...so.......*Small tub will do larh* ._.

"let's not raise the price! lets cut the portion" said chili's marketing/CEO (whoever big shot who came up with this brilliant planlarh) kanasai -_-

when i was young, i always always wanted a photostat machine at home cause ..you knowlarh, last minute you go "oh shit i need to photostat this!" to find out that it past 10pm and ...hmm jialatlarh...but now erm...this machine is for work purposes and this only means.. more work. LOL -_- but whoever who wants to photostat and it's past 10pm, you know where to go larh hars : p
anyway, my dear kns brother is having his holiday right now...ahh student life T_T *uh-hm* he suddenly had this "api membara-bara" thingy. you know the "young fire!!" or is it...teenage fire...anythinglah. he just wanted to kill time and he got syiok sendiri after the fact they baked a cake for his friend birthday party....where the cake *uh-hm* could not be taken out from the tray....*laughs* so off to SOULED OUT, they brought the cake...stuck on the tray. kns -_-''

it was at first the "jie you don't kacau!" cause i was busy video taping him. 1st time my brother is baking okay. no playplay! after 5 minutes...
"jie where's the vanilla essence?"
"where's the bowl?"
"where's the shift?"
"help me do this 1st!"
"oh shit! i dropped the butter into the water!"
"oh crap! too small this bowl cannot fit!"
etcetcetc. ..kanasai. -_-
then it was the
"chocolate...250 grams..."
"huh? where's the recipe?"
"no need wan larh! it's all in my head"
the last time my dad said this while he was baking...the outcome was...let's just say i swear assassins will buy it to kill their enemies/targets -_-
"..your headla in your head"
"okay..where was i....250 grams.....nvmlar..taruk 310grams!"
obviously once he turned around, i ate 10grams of chocolate off the spot. ahahahahhaahah: P
"shit! jie!!! don't steal the ingredients!!!"
but i swear, licking off the final dough from the mixer bowl...the cake/cookie type...really nice: D

on top of all that, he poured the finale into the tray ready for baking. my mom has trays where the bottom is "pushable", so he asked
"ma....will leak a not wans?!"
"won't la! why will?"
after 5 minutes
"eh...why burning smell?"
it was leaking out from the tray and smoke was coming out from the oven cause the leaking stuff were burning.
"OMG FASTER COOK!!!!!!hardened already then won't leak..argghh!!"

this is the final product where there is an overdosage of chocolate. cashew nut and everything else including butter... mom was like "world's most fattening brownie"
nen nen chan was like.."biscuit?"
40tripleD looked at it and asked "why so shiny wan?"
overdosage of eggslar ni *laughs*
and my mom actually used a bit to catch the mouse..but unfortunately...it did not work ..so my brother bawled
"the mouse doesn't want my brownieee!!!! T_T"
"hmmm maybe it's on a dietleh?"

after all the baking. comes the cooking. mom went for a gym celebration the day after the baking day. i thought he's gonna tarpau like usuals. but no....he was cooking when i called him to ask whats for dinner....imagine.. my brother's 1st time cooking (my 1st time was so bad everyone banned me from cooking anymore...what's with people banning me from cooking and yet dissing me saying i cannot cook! shiong tims?!! want cook also cannot. cannot cook also cannot.pifts*)
anyway, he cooked prawns and sotong....HMMM.....prawns..one was butter prawn and the other was nestum prawn somemore... Laughs* and the sotong wasn't fully cookes -_- for a 1st timer it was really not bad.. but no one expected...from my normal family kakis, thats like 5 people excluding my mom who wasn't in. nen nen chan. 40tripleD. my brother's 4 friends. that's heck a lot of people who tried his 1st time cooking and all had the same question.

"can eat a not wan this one!?"

guess what. he's cooking AGAIN this saturday.

ah we will survive: P

40tripleD guessed that his girlfriend must have said something like " i find guys who can cook extremely sexay"

Laughs*: D

got class. talk laters!!!: D i must! my photos are taking up gigabytes! -_-!
p.s// anyone wants their book scribbled. gimme!!!** 40tripleD and me will gladly do it: P