Monday, November 26, 2007

sick a nort wans huh?!

makan time rocks when brother bear is sick : P
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(yes i know perspective is out..-_- noticed after i posted)

but then hor...

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(mom asked me to sleep and don't draw edi-_-)

things change when his girlfriend's MOTHER brought food for him upon knowing he is sick


but i manage to steal a bit while he dota-ed. the Yam rice rocks wei!!! and got soup some more!!! "Ai de Tang" - Love Soup*laughs*

on a side note.

my mom's long time friend(actually they know through my dad..but that's another story) has cancer. she is undergoing chemo now. came as a shock....but thank God so far it is under control. and she still freaking goes to work lorh-_- auntie..i don't know what to say but please take care of yourself.

Friday, November 16, 2007

d'lish delights

right after reading, i nudged sexay chan on MSN.

assuming she is damn free from her usual "graphic designer's don't have a life" hectic life....*uh-hm* why assuming? i keep getting facebook messages popping out at the bottom right hand corner of the monitor from her-_-'

"eh you alwayssss say the salad from D'lish is good. how come you did not say anything bout desserts?! desserts are very important okay?! who cares bout salad"
"huh? i thought they were just cupcakes. and not cheap you know. RM7 lidat for one"
"but i read that they are going at 50% off after 9pm. go buylar!!!: D"
" think i am your who?!"
"aiya!!! your workplace 5 minutes away from MV marh. you want me to drive there, i don't know whether i reach before MV close a not tim-_-"
"whatlarh pay is it?"
"Er..OKAYLARH! you buy i pay!"
"...mmm but then go in also need to pay parking ley"
"..-_-. canlarhh. just give me the receipts for the cupcakes and the parking if you do happen to buy them tonightlarh! okayokay?!"
"wahahahha ms.ramli(her new kns nickname for me) paying for dessert"

at 830pm
"i at mv now. ahahahahaha~: P work ended at 830pm so might as well"
"wah so late?"
"nolarh ,we were all playing facebook! i tell you that kns TowerBloxx game...."

at 1030pm
"ehhhh!!!! you both started without me!!!!" pouts* " i went banking for a while only"
"yoularh, drive so slow, your mom cannot tahan already hahaahhaaha"

apparently their signature dish or something like that...should be toffee cause it was so the sweet. and after a night in the refrigerator. it was so the hard!!!! -_- veryvery hard!!! *i think if i throw at someone, the person would get a slight bruise*

raspberry cheese with chocolate!!! huaaaaaaa~: D: D chun! i like this. i practically ate the whole thing. though i don't know why sexay chan said it was blueberries-_-*points at colour* how can be blueberries?! Sweats.......but wtheck, i like raspberries!! i like FRESH raspberries! freakin expensive followed by fresh cherries-_-'

this was soooooo chocolatey that i thought i went into choco land after a bite. it's like the chefs(bakers?) were saying "eh we have too much chocolate and they are going to expire, just pour everything in larh!"

damn pekat ok?! ahhahahaha: P
this one is...........i don't know. it tasted like whatever is written above. hahahahaha-_-' it was alright. i just cannot take the tatse of butter. assuming it is was like..ergh. eating oil at some extend....-_-' but otherwise *chomp* scrapes out butter *chomps*

thissss has cinnamon, thus sexay does not like it. thus more for me!( i don't care whether my usage of 'thus' is misused-_-') actually i kinda like the orange carrot on is like some sugary chewy thing...that i think most people will pass it to me yarh: D kuakuakua.

sexay chan said some people were actually walking in and out of the place waiting for 9pm to strike. some were already choosing at the counter. she did not expect so many people to come flowing in at 9pm to buy thus she had to get up from her seat fast from being left out. by the time it was her turn, practically almost everything was gone.

"funny, how did so many people know? there was no advertisements also"

i just laughed and ate another bite of the raspberry cupcake.

"so......will you go buy again on monday?" i thickskinly asked.

p.s// actually when i first saw the cupcakes, i had the shock of my life. there were HUGE-_- to me it is kinda huge...or maybe cause i did not expect much and i already had dinner..and ice cream...-_- aiya who cares. after a bite, i know why now it is priced at RM7++. they were like pekatpekat. at 50% it is worth it lorh-_-''' just compare with a slice of cake from secret recipe at RM5.60?(is it?) and this at 50% is yarh, after a while you don't know what cake to eat at Secret Recipe right? *hums*

but you will have to like....rush with the many people at 9pm larh laughs. i wonder how long will this last.

anyway, i am just prob. letting it out cuase .i.don't.know.for.what.reason. Secret Recipe no longer serves the Chocolate Marshmallow cake T_T longlong time ago they stopped it and cause Secret Recipe,the founder was the nephew of La Manila, worked there and came out with all the recipes to open Secret Recipe*bleah*

scary thought.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

and so it resumes

After a short hol(more like a week), jap class starts! new sem. new terms. more notes. more words. more confusion. more memorization. more homework. more determination. less students. same ol' pretty*cough* cute *cough* young*cough* sensei(teacher).

i still cannot believe she made that uber kns joke end of last term.

"whom wil be our next sem's teacher?" Rebecca asked.
"etoh neeeh..."
"...i hope it's you lorh sensei"
"well, you will be getting the prettiest teacher...the youngest...." at this point the "old farts" that was in her class previously aka me, Stephanie and George(the noisy trio) started giggling. "the cutest..the kindest..the nicest......" sensei continued while looking up into the ceiling with a slight smile visible at the corner of her mouth"
"WHO IS THAT?!" Rebecca suddenly burst, "tahaning" no more.
" : P"

damn lame la. Thank God we have her if not i would have quit longlong time ago. Language is sooooo not my profession-_- i don't know how others do it, i feel with every class, every part of my brain is being juiced to the maximum and it must be constantly fed if not i would to sure forget-_-'

surprisingly, despite how much i hate learning(fufufu) i love and enjoy the class, i will make sure at any how i will really study to finish the whole course, with that in the future i don't have to look up to read subtitles anymore. hahahahahaha: P (i was youtubing Hard Gay at work, just listening while replying mails-_- i manage to understand few words or just his "hoooooooo~!!" i laughed damn loud cause i was on headphones and my boss just stared at me with the "" look of the century.)

anyway she was teaching us the "na i" form today.

"na i" form basically means "don't" ....

so e.g
shi n pa i shi na i de ku da sa i - please don't worry

it's much more complicated if i go in depth(i am no teacher..-_-). but basically she wants us to understand and so she was testing us like

"can i switch off the aircon"
and you have to answer
"no, please so do not switch it off as it is hot"

something like so.

sometimes she goes gila and she will imagine she is walking a dog....or she suddenly sat on my friend's lap which resulted in chips flying everywhere cause the packet was on her lap and it fell(lucky it did not burst)

so we were like "laughing" over the chips thingy cause it was funny(it was funny at that moment) and when i turn around i got this.

her hands were near groping touching my boobs....

i was stunned. stoned. every word to describe a stone sitting stupidly there. that's me.

"huh?!!!!" i gasped
her hands came closer. she repeated her question and the hands came closer some more....

"er er er!!!"
"OMG for goodness sake just giver her the damn nai ans!!!" i can hear stephanie almost near to screaming beside me.
her hands inch in even closer

so i said out loud


i don't know how loud everyone laughed....okay i know-_-

but i turned 10 shades of red -_-''

definately. cause i felt it and sensei commented on it.

and i Thank God the whole class consists of females and the only male is married and definately jimui-ish.


did i say i love this class?!!! *faints*

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

release stress (again?!)

i tell you..the names we come out with for one another when we are stressed...or when she is stressed....mine is more like..i am lost-_- wah lau someone kill me please....then maybe not. i will still go "eh where to go"


Sunday, November 11, 2007

rabbit stomach

spent the whole day lying like dead mayat x_x

Sunday reminds me of Mopiko's mom who is currently attending English classes at the temple near my house. she has too much free time and learning english would be good for her so that she can communicate more with her angmoh niece. mana tau the classes are really said my mopiko.

"wronglarh..she's learning things like past participle, past tense and all...proper grammar like how learned eons ago that i myself don't remember! some more all her "students" are like 50' right should teach them like daily conversation or something what!"

Laughs* "so how does your mom feel bout this?"

"...stress. hahahahahahaahah she will suddenly "aiya i did not finish my homeowork from last week, i don't want to go class le. like small kid like that...we will ejek herlar..but still...hahaha last weekend end up she play Mahjong at home pulak"

her mom still so cute: D

me and my brother were watching TV bout some slimming, keep fit program.

from the TV
"how did you manage to lose so much weight? your brother, did he help?"
"yes he did. he goes jogging with me and don't eat a lot of unhealthy food as well so i am not alone"

my brother straightaway glance at me

"eheh...i gotlorh..i woke up at 8am that time and went jogging with you what!"
"...yarh and we both fell sick the next day and there was no activities like that anymore"


from TV
"do not take too much sugary drinks and try not to sit after dinner"

"so didi bear...still want to tarpau bubble tea arh?"
"fattening worhhhhhh"


this is all dad cooked for dinner..oh with boiled egg.. that's why he diedie also want to buy bubble tea to balance the healthy factor with an unhealthy thing. seriously..if i live 10 years longer than the average's all because of my dad's cooking...-_-'

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Was supposed to go Pavillion today...but as Bersih was going on. Instead of going there to support...decided to stay in 1-Utama to shop instead. sweat.

practically spent the whole day there. was there in the morning with mom and didi bear buying groceries and stuffs till 230pm. Continued the day with Rebecca who wanted to buy some souvenirs(KL got what souvenirs leh) but let's call it 'la-kang la-kang stuffs"...and when she asked "what food can be brought back to Singapore"....

paiseh of the century cause i have no frakin answer for her-_-''

it is so difficult to bring someone who has never been to a 1-Utama around since i am always there...and she does not really know what to my aim was to just bring her to the more kawaii shops..since she says one of her room mates like

1st stop was...Maggie T or something like that. Pink to the maximumness....she bought a pink bag and few dozen hair clips that are and i tell you the look on my face when i saw the total amount...she..i don't know what she felt. but prob she was mentally dividing it by half so she feels better..i can't divide by half..i can just cut all my lunch portion into half if i am gonna spend RM65 on pink hair clips-_-'
Soon we went into SnJ(someething lidat) hwere karipop got his uber cute weird looking zombie keychain....did not see his but there were weirder ones-_-'' my didi bear asked me to hunt..for a bear....for his girlfriend...sorry..jie is very the this photo will have to do.

i just laughh when i saw the shirt. THE BEAR. wth. i am gonna paint the words "THE BULAT" on my shirt alsolarh.

cuteee stuffs they is seling for around RM10 - RM15 but giving it away for free if you buy RM80 and above.......better i buy it at the RM10-RM15 price. sweat. weird gimmick.

Ah Wai called after not long we were "hunting" for souvenirs and decided to teman him makan. we were soooo slowww upon reaching Sushi King which is like farfar away from where we were(New Wing....-_-) and as we walked, we entered like every ka-lang ka-lang LOL. ah wai must be thinking whether i got lost or something.

RM7.90!!(i think) ROAR! so expiansiveee but i wanna tryy. Japan sucks. why is their packaging so cute! -_- totally kills me. was taking this photo when this Malay guy was just...blocking the view once in a while with his what a playful dad!!! his daughter was like "abahhh!" : D but cuteley. i have never experience such ...nice cheeky feeling from someone's dad since everytime i take photos my dad will prob go "eh! enough already. stop. let's go"-_- ah pek de papa.

wanted to try greentea with redbean ice cream. but takde stock. so we tried this instead where Ah Wai thought it was yam LOL. well at least now i can assume Rebecca likes red bean: P used to eat this a lot at Zen, Pyramid(i think...-_-long time ago)

funny thing is......Rebecca dropping her half bitten ice cream kuakuakua: P (aiks...i drew her left handed pulak...)

i want to try this next time!!!! always see this in animes~~: D: D: D

looks cute-_- but all is ah Wai's food...see. take. no eat T_T aiks.

hana something...well at least i know why is it called Hana, really shaped like a flower. temptinggg.....ahgasdaeewrwer. thou shall not blog in the middle of the night talking bout food-_-

Unagi!! where either the unagi is getting smaller or rice portion is bigger.

after makan..of course la shop...and i can tell you this crazy woman......suddenly want to makan ice cream. for a person who ate damn a lot of Free Baskins yesterday...i did not expect her to suddenly declare she wants to eat ice cream from Baskins....-_- it's like after my Haagen buffet, i don't wanna see Haagen anymore...ate cheapo ice creams the next day instead.

Rum*n*Raisins for me. Mint Choc for her: D: D: D fighting who to pay pulak-_- never thought i would do something like this but she paid for the ferris wheel leh!-_-

.....then she saw Gelato..jengjengjeng and ordered again. SALUTE. i was dying......oh. and i ...hahahahahah she wanted to try cause she has never eaten gelato or something lidat. and since everyone has different likings..i did not want to pour false taste buds into i told her to ask them to give her a taste of any ice cream she feels like eating...

"can meh" she proclaimed.

"cannnnnnn, try all you want until you are satisfied" i urged

hahahaha: P she said in Sg you can't really do this cause they don't really let. it is the other way round here. people can try all flavours and walk away buying nothing. sometimes the workers will even give you a free sample even though you did not ask for it.

well at least she enjoyed her Gelato.

i really wanted to makan too..but then hor...
i ate like 3 slices of cake in the afternoon after having Nasi Lemak.....i can't possibly input anymore ice cream...-_- my weighing scale will get heart attack when i go on it the next morning ley.

shopping resumes and i ....
snowglobes was by accidents. everywhere were having small signs of christmas gifts. that's how we found out we both like snowglobes.....soft toys...cause i was looking for a bear soft toy for my didi bear....but somehow i don't know how we conversed, i found out she likes soft toy doggies more...and yarh, she declared it when she bought like damn a lot of Patricks(2/3)...-_- Sweat.

it was really popular during high school this kns red dog. WHY?!!! *strangles* i just hate the name...Patrick..*dies*
this was UBER CUTE. i was contemplating whether i should buy, but they come in a packet of like...16 i think and i don't know what the heck am i gonna do with it..though when you really like something you will usually find a way to do so .hahahahaha: P
Buaya Vinny came soon after, with Cody, Ah Wai and Rebecca. MAKAN AGAIN! (noooooooooooooo laughs*) Laksa Shack's ABC...or was it Chendol...-_- anyway it was like in this long big cup like "new way to eat' but seriously bowl more practical.

i am becoming like my mom at times.

ms.practical *Laughs*

after sending Rebecca back *waves* hope to see you really soon T_T which brings me to Wishin...-_- Wishing arh wish if you are reading this..this is the girl i was Msn-ing you about. seriously can become your close friendlor.

went to MacD's! i Love MacD's!! sometimes-_- For a round of Havoc again (nowadays when i play i feel so...-_- dead. like i don't know how to play or react edi)

met ......
kuakuakua: D met Shaz again*cough* Astro joke*cough* and a two new faces that erm.....i remember the guys face but not his name...the girls name but not really her face-_-''' sweats. the midst of temaning Rebecca shop..i bought this. *ARGHS*!!!

open purse*headache* close purse