Saturday, August 29, 2009

20 cent crab

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have been wanting to eat crab for veryveryveryvery (super very) long already. just to settle for this 20 cent crab. not that it costs 20 cents but it's as big as 20 cent. hahaha-_- kanasai. hamtan Queen loves it to bits n pieces. don't see anything really grand to scream bout though.

had an unsatisfying dinner at some bak kut teh shop my dad has been dying to try which did not feel like bak kut teh at all. felt like braised pork. no soup. no tau foo pok. no yao char kuay. kanasai-_-

so me, sexay chan and baby settled for a second round of loklok and tong sui at ss15. just to meet this ridiculously damn cute girl who was sitting at the table next to us. kept turning around just to smile and laugh, when we responded to her coos she turned back all shy and coy and tugged her dad's hands.


too much!!! i wanted to kidnap her!!! ROAR.

the whole act was like ARGH* beh tahan. how larh like this. don't do this to me! whatshit.

anyway :D first time i spent my night with both the housemates. surprisingly...went...better then i thought. esp. when got common topic. i know, they know and you can guess. enough lor :D

Friday, August 28, 2009

shortshort! :D

i snipped my hair off! :D
like really snipped.
all the while when i mentioned i snipped my hair everyone will say no difference.
now got!
well-_- actually from front not much diff cause my hair has always been layered, short to long. so front is still the same chin length. but i chopped the back to the same level now. chin. so it's short to shorter. haha

i really wanted to keep my hair long so i can do japanese curls ( i know, me with curls!-_- but i really like curls and thought in my life try it once)

10 minutes before my hairdresser attended to me. my dear snoopy called.
she sounded normal at first. i tell you girls suck in hiding tears. cause soon enough, after i sense something. she bawled. she cried so hard. hurts my heart. i guess despite how all of us try to hide it sometimes, how we try to be Oscar winners in acting, in the end of the day doesn't really work.

"it's the guy's loss"

it's a typical girl sentence used amongst girlfriends to console one another. a one side situation but in this case, i really think from the bottom of my heart it's his loss. it's not his fault. it never was. we can never force love. but it's his loss.

i don't care whether it makes sense a not cause in the end of the day my friend is the one that's crying.

and you know what happens when someone is heartbroken right?

that's how i snipped my hair off-_-

on the behalf of my friend mieh. even after i asked her whether should i cut and she said no. shows that once my mind is set no point changing it. haha only the hairdresser cause i wanted shorter, he die also dowan to give it to me cause he say i will look like a watermelon.

and as my mum was commenting while she was sitting there in her curlers.

"yalar. from si gua (watermelon) look like sa gua (stupid)"

kanasai mother-_-

district 9

brings a lot of things to a whole different level.

prawns. (reminded me of Ultraman monsters actually. small scale)
love. (sadlarh..he still made a rose in the end! omg)
and counterstrike-_-

din't bring brains to a whole new level though. same with the human race, prawns are the same. you have leaders who have brains and the rest who don't. prolly that's why stuck on earth for 20 years. swt.

although the story was far-fetched and i had my eyebrows knitted together, mouth agape for 70% of the movie. the rest was closing my eyes due to 'counterstrike head shots' and filtering my ears with all the 'fook' words.

i thought it was not bad....hahaha not my kind of movie but it din't suck terribly and in fact i prolly enjoyed it more than Transformers...better brained then Terminator... i don't know why Transformers seems to be at the bottom of my movie list. maybe it din't live up to my expectations aih*

i was too engrossed with the whole movie to process it's meaning and concentration distracted when guys around me obviously loved the "splattering of human pieces when shot". every.single.guy seems fascinated and in awe like the first time they saw naked girls or something.



not funnyyyy mieh. i was just thankful i din't eat dinner before the movie. i was extra thankful that i was going to watch UP (again) after the movie. must thank Pocky's friend :D

"oh you watched District 9? did you like it?!"
" IS something new. i liked it more then 300.."
"she loved it!" , he points to his wife.
i stared with the "whyyy" question all over my face.
"it is original! you can't copy such movie anymre! everyone will know its District 9!."
she has a point.
"and all those fook words!!"
she will mix well with ms.ex-alco queen hahahahahaha
"well i read somewhere that actually it's to show how we treat the lower class or different race society, you know.."
" brain auto shut down once blood was all over the screen-_-"


p.s//i cried again for UP. this sucks.
how can you cry twice for an animation even when you know what's coming?! arg*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

loose screw

girls were built with an inborn program error.

tears will fall when you least expected, even though you don't want to, although you don't really know what's wrong sometimes.

it's tiring and frustrating but maybe that's why we are stronger in the end of the day and live to 105.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


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this movie reminded me how tiring it is to watch horror.

oh. the. horror.

i was born with a malfunction called "i rather die then watch horror."

just to have a mom who has a function called "i love horror. they make me feel 18 all over again."

what shit.

-_- for a person that absolutely hate horror. i watched more than my fair share or more than any normal person's fair share. argh* i'm also a bad horror movie reviewer because 80% of the time my face is covered by whatever within hands grasp. it also includes any random neighbour's shirt sleeve if i am desperate enough. i can however tell you how horrifyingly amazing the sound system was :D hahahahahaha

based on whatever 20% of the show i have watched, seriously "Orphan"-there's something wrong with Esther was a good movie. it keeps you awake and train your heartbeat. the fact that it was psychotic and not ....omg. it's a thriller....but it felt like horror..-_- okay it's a horrifying thriller movie. makes you and think again bout lil children out there......*insert x-files theme although it's outdated*

seriously..she just won't die. Argh. i had a good mind to stab her myself if she din't die in the end of the movie. ops. spoiler....erm....lemme give you another spoiler! :D the dad died! wheee* i am ridiculously happy the dad died cause....he has to go. what kind of husband doesn't believe the wife (hah! :D yes, i'm a sex-ism)

seriously, Isabelle Fuhrman (who acts as the main character, Esther) can seriously act-_- she's only 12 and you can tell she's gonna go farfarfar. one plus point! the lil sister/daughter of the movie who's deaf :D walao-eh. damn cute. hahahah:D it's because of her i kept my eyes open for that 20% cause she's too cute to be missed. for a small lil girl she's one tough cookie protecting her love ones! :D

go watch if you love horror/thriller and your silent happy hobby is...erm...:D
pulling people's shirt, scaring people who are easily scared and hugging.


Monday, August 3, 2009

say hello :D

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to mr.frog prince and his new 20 cent paper umbrella.

mr.frog prince can't go to the beach, so i brought the beach to him:P


if you recognize the umbrella, yes, it's the umbrella that comes together with the jelly pudding when you eat morning dim sum at tai thong yearssssss back(not sure now)

but if you're a frequent customer of this particular place, you would know they sell these umbrellas too :D

that's where i went to kickstart thursday's mission :D


Sunday, August 2, 2009

cook in

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prepared in an hour by our dear Koh Ping O_o

for a person that doesn't cook...this...feels..amazing. haha

the only thing i did with my Dancing Queen was slicing the prawn's head and it's ..urm* shit.
oh! oh! peeled and cut the carrots and patatoes *proud* hahahaha

anyway :D lovely meal le. as good as outside. rm40 can feed 7 hungry people :D
not bad wad. 4 dishes.

everytime i hear the word "dishes" i will remember some bodo conversation i had with Dancing Queen last time. sigh* dowan to talk bout it. think also feel damn bodo-_- BLeah.

and yay! top off the night with McD Sundae's and durians.

what more do you need to be happy? :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

because cold rocks big time

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apparently famous for everything "smelly" :D (whisper...durianslarh..)

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durian ice-creams! i had 2! :D fats what fats?! (ironically horoscope asks me to go on diet sigh)

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rm one point something. tasted like those...supposedly inside is red bean/lotus type? but this is durian...a bit off key to me.

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rm six fifty. expensive-_- and i thought it was penang yellow tofu at first but i love this :D

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silly ol' girl. looking fwd to more karaokes muarks*