Monday, November 28, 2011

300 minutes

after much thinking, I decided to after all, sacrifice 20 happy meals in exchange for a day of squinting and finger pains.

not only that, I think my Chinese leveled up by 10 folds *laughs* it has never crossed my mind how how useful Chinese can be, being in an environment where almost everyone is a banana. now I am thankful for every bit of Chinese I have absorbed throughout my kampung life with my grandparents .... and karaoke sessions *laughs

it felt different mixing with people that are different from the norm I'm with. Haha I can't really explain the feeling .. But in a way it felt kinda relaxing albeit worried haha it's to a point I think I don't mind spending another 20 happy meals for an afternoon with them / different people again:)

till then, oh hai bunny.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

why I love my dad

"eh, call the auditor's company ask for Sally, see if she has sent the document already."

"Sally ah. Confirm Sally is her name ah? Okay."


"hello, this is bulat calling from xxx sdn.bhd. May I speak to Sally please?"

"hmm..there is no Sally here. Do you mean Shirley or Kelly?"


Monday, November 21, 2011

More Sneakpeeks : UP pre-wedding shots

heh* uploaded some sneak pics in the end despite everyone asking me not to. 
but they don't read my blog soooo...*hums*pretends*
plus, these are not the official photos anyway. 
can't wait for the outcome!
can't wait for the actual wedding! :)
still can't get over how tiring a pre-shoot wedding is!-_-

Sunday, November 20, 2011

birthday came super early

jynn was being a good samaritan by guiding ms.57 the directions to come to the cafe. but the rest of us just took advantage of it *laughs*

it was a bad start in regards to this meet up 3 days back. i am veryveryvery glad and relieved that everything turned out super well and everyone was enjoying the moment:)

i laughed so loud and hard, my jaws were aching, my tummy was dying and worse of all, my pee was gonna come out-_-

"omg. i can't remember the last time i laughed like this!"
"omg. bulat! that was just last week when we were at cameron!"

yahor. *paiseh*

laughs* age is definitely catching up with me and the day is not even here yet!

thick skin-ly though, i unwrapped both presents already on the spot:P
not surprisingly both were books. last year, i received books from them (and others) as well. ironically people love to buy books for me. i don't mind as i reallyreally love books but sometimes, i wish to see something else under the wrapping instead.

though, i shall not say that out loud. cause the last time i said "no books please!"
i had all sort of random things from everyone and i almost had to stab myself.
so yea, be careful for what you wish for :P

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello there sunburn!

after 2 and 1/2 days of the photoshoot, i am happy to announce that...i am aliveeeee T_T *throws chocolates all around*

*uploaded posts regarding the photoshoot and what-nots with actual dates for it. trackback if you also wanna kepo :P*

although in cameron it was a full 48 hours on the go for the shoot, it wasn't as tiring as the extra half a day shooting back down here at bkt. jalil park. omg. heat can really kill people esp me-_- the amount of sunblock i slapped on myself could no good at all. (either the sun was a vicious one or the sunblock can masuk tong sampah edy-_-)
the moment i took off my shirt in the bathroom, there it was in full glory-_-


wahlao-eh!!! i din't even get this burnt in Koh Samui nor Langkawi! *argh*

so the biggest present that we gave to the soon-to-be's isn't the photoshoot with all our sweat and sleep loss, it's our sunburn-_- hahahaha (i will KILL the next person who said that i have turned BLACK, hello! go check your colour pencils can?! or fine, just look at your smartphones since 90% of them are originally black in colour anyway)

that aside, every moment was worth it. it has been a longlong time since the sakais have spent time together like this. (other then the yearly birthday meet ups) plus it was consecutively for many days for pre-photoshoot meetings, prop huntings and for the photoshoot itself. i am also thankful that my ah pek did not make noise considering i have only been meeting him once a week and that pakto session usually doesn't exceed 3 hours. hahah :P

the topic during our pakto? me going on and on and on bout the photoshoot *laughs*
forcing him to view the effing small photos on my dinosaur age camera :D

although i took a grand total of 500+ photos during this whole time (see what kind kooli *slave* i am? hahaha obviously one that din't help much...ermm...shh :P)

everyone said "bulat! no photos up arh!"


"if you upload now, no surprise edy."

-_- 500 photos...are gonna be like my panties. not for show-_- mehhhh mehhhh mehhhhh. seriously beh tong.

next thing i knew, they were raping my dinosaur camera, critiquing my photos, asking me to change my dinosaur camera, update my skills/angling and forcing me to delete any photos that they don't look nice in-_- my sakais!!!! you all say cannot put up, then what's the point you all ber-kan cheong like this?! *ROAR*

anyway, it boiled down to "any photo that showed any hint of the theme, can't be put up!"

and that's like 99.999% of the many photos i have taken..gao meng.

but you know, logically speaking, my previous post was quite obvious leh. plus friends who read this blog already know the theme (no thnks to my big mouth *laughs*) and the sakais do not read my blog! so no harm right??


cause they are scary like that O_o

but :P
they DID say cannot upload to Facebook. Not blog also.

*left to right*
meet le'sexy art director (we had 4! so to say :P)
boob queen who was in charged mainly for make-up cause her biggest fear is balloons and they were floating all over, every single moment. i am so proud of her for surviving this!:)
photographer's half. her name is wait till i intro the photographer's name hahah she's super petite and cute. you will never be able to guess her age. we all felt like GIANTS standing next to her. too much wei!
lastly, the bulat who was in charged of any lapsap thing that you can possibly think of (carry stuff, bring stuff, wipe couple's sweat, become dayang-dayang to fan the couple, laugh at on going lame jokes....). preferably not handling anything fragile...and most of the time she's taking useless shots. so basically i was a very bad kooli hahahah :P *ops*

this is the proof of malaysian weather. not like i need to prove my point on regards of our weather anyway-_- we started at 7am, finished at around 1pm. by lunch time, i was zoning out completely. like i was on another planet with a different name.

ms.knocknock, am not here anymore.

yes, my job was to pick up those tissues lying on the floor..haha-_-

oh hai! this is wang. he is the photographer. he is an art director in boob queen's co. i took many photos of his butt! :D and we are all super blessed to have him because our original photographer couldn't make it at the veryvery last minute. wang is like....i don't know. some kind of new species superhero! he climbs, he jumps, he crawls, he does anything and everything to get the perfect angle and shoot. i am seriously awed by his passion and energy. his shirt starts out white, by the end of the day, it looks like he fell into a dung hole-_-!! the rest of us who din't do much to begin with (comparatively to him larh) was looking more dead then he was. how can?! he's much older summore! as old as my ah pek! but my ah pek definitely acts like a dinosaur compare to wang HAHAHAHAHA :P's other half's name is cat right?
his name pulak is wang....
dog punya sound leh LOL!!

this suits them perfectly. *laughed* so cuteee. beh tahannnn.
they are really really nice people.
i remember my friend once said "everyone you meet in life is fate. even if it's just someone you pass by while walking in 1U. each and every one of them definitely has some kind of connection with you in your past life. depending on how strong it is only."

wang i first met him when i was waiting for boob queen to finish her meeting at her office. since it's an advertising agency and it was the weekend. i was sitting there seeing how they do things, churn ideas and basically get to see how her company people bully one another. wang was coincidentally one of them at the meeting. it was funny to see them bully him, plucking his hairy leg hair and the girls forcing him to pluck their armpit hair-_- (people who wanna go insane, pls go into advertising. sure stay young laughs*)

never would i ever imagine, 2 weeks later i would be seeing him again and spending time together like this with the sakai group.

cat who was taking picture of the child pose-_- laughs*
but of course, the sakais won't be so nice to say "look! it's child pose!"
instead they said "oh look! MAGGOT!"

kill me please.

Monday, November 14, 2011

UP theme pre-wedding photoshoot : Day 2

Groom getting ready for the day. (the rest of us trying to get over our panda eyes) *laughs* We paid 3 breakfast buffet pax but shared the food amongst 9 people. Am surprised it was allowed? Cause the staffs there practically saw us doing it. Don't know how it was discussed over by ms.Ong but...yay? :D

Bought some flowers at the roadside even though it wasn't necessary for the theme. Wasn't a good season for flowers as weather was wet and rainy. And I will never forget the big ass centipede that I saw. Practically scared everyone that was there at the flower stall except ms.Chan-_- she thinks I have been watching too much cartoon after I describe it's size. bah!

Bride suffered quite a lot from the constant heels on day 1. hahahahah. taking a break on it on day 2. Furthermore she forgot to bring proper "sandals", so Flipper it is.

Wasn't easy to 'tame' the balloons. They are as unpredictable as the weather-_- so they had to come up with some 'interesting' poses that surprisingly works! Lameness rules every single time :D Keh-leh-fehs (aka the rest of us) had to blow and tie the balloons to refill the bunch that once in a while one will escape like dandelions.
Art director 1 & 2 doing their work. I have never been to an actual photoshoot nor seen how an actual wedding photographer does their thing. But I am gonna salute wang over and over again. And his girlfriend/assistant that goes to the ends of the world for us as well. T_T aiyo... gam dong.

 Until the rest of us were starting to think we were underpaying them-_- Discussing how much more to add on while fitting to our budget....doing it in sign language cause it was actually right next to Wang while he was shooting.*laughs*
Ms.Ong goofing around cause there was nothing much to do once shooting starts. On and off we had to shift the props cause it was raining. Then it was not. Mother Nature was playing pranks on us T_T she must be feeling fun seeing us shift props in and out. Esp the house that is the main prop and not easy to shift at all.

 Constant shifting resulted to losing the rooster weather vane that was on the roof of the house-_- Treasure Hunt Contestant no.1!

Treasure Hunt Contestant no.2! While they were really seriously looking and worrying bout it.....

Contestant no.3 fooled around with the umbrella instead....feeling like mary poppins and irritating everyone with my bad lyrics and off tune singing*shy* It was found in the asking everyone if they saw it and ms.Lyn said she actually have kept it in the toolbox for safekeeping....LOL. -_- treasure hunt dismissed!

....poor ms.Lyn. Usually in shopping centers, even if there's a kid holding a single balloon she would be farfar away or clinging for her dear life to whomever is near her and she specifically told me in super advance time NOT to have any balloons in my wedding cause she knows how much I love them...just to have ms.prawn announce an UP theme pre-wedding photoshoot that she can't run from. laughs*

Taking shelter from the temperamental weather. We were making so much noise too that we constantly had to hush each other ....hahahhaha so silly. we made the noise, but we are also the ones that hushed each other-_-

On the way home we used a different route from the way we went up cause the Jagung man from the night market told us this route was better. In actual fact it was almost double the length and it was raining heavily. Not helping that half the roads were dark and those in horror movies where suddenly some figure usually appears out of nowhere or at the back of the car seat T_T ms.Prawn said she would personally whack the jagung man if she ever sees him next time for teaching us this road. I would rather he gives us a whole sack of free jagung.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

UP theme pre-wedding photoshoot : Day 1

The day has come!! :D
The day where we drag our asses excitedly to shoot for ms.prawn's pre-wedding shoot. (after manymany weeks of researching, hunting, discussion, budgeting ectectetc T_T)  It is our wedding present to her and that is why everyone is gonna kepo while trying to be good "keh leh fehs" (okay, maybe just me keh-leh-feh) for the whole shoot. ahhhhh!! :D so happpyyyyy~

But my "that time of the month" has to come as well.
KNS. Whatthethaifishcakes. Bah!

ms.Prawn sewing some last minute bow tie for the groom....cause it was too expensive to buy bow ties..esp when you want like 5-10 different ones with the thought in mind that there is a budget for everything and the bow ties might not even come in use after this photoshoot. In the end I was the one sewing it cause everyone was dizzy from the curves of the roads up Cameron.... from that I found out that my sewing sucks and I pricked myself many times T_T

Everyone fussing over the bride's makeup. Not my forte so am gonna snapsnapsnap! Before this when we were looking for a place to change, me and ms.prawn randomly found some toilet nearby to do so. Upon finishing, there was a HUGE crowd of children outside coming in (we weren't suppose to go in and use the toilet cause there was a big ass no entry sign and it was a school area) and they were waiting to use the toilet. Our eyes were as big as plates for this was unexpected and there is no way I could hide her for she is already in her poofy wedding we walked out just like that. Must have looked like some fairy tale like Enchanted where she came out from the man hole in a puffy dress. hahahahahahahahha :P

Art Director/Photographer checking overall mood colour. Art Director 2 and photographer 2 kepo-ing. Groom ready to take off for a solo pre-shoot! cause bride's makeup is taking damn long and we are no professionals.

So cute!!! Jynn really looks like the UP character. *laughs* The fact that ms.prawn's brother works in production house. He scrutinized every detail there was in UP and executed it in real life. It's scary O_O Right to the colours of the balloons, overall mood, the props used.... Lucky he did not make the bird that was in UP as well. I would have fainted. I seriously can't wait cause Jynn did some really good shots hahahahah right down to random comedy ones like "Kungfu Baloons" We were obviously having too much time on our hands....

Photographer 2 hard at work. I did not dare to snap too much cause I will be in the way for the actual photographers 1 & 2 only. So I have many photos of the photographers in action instead. Since they won't have any of themselves :P

 Art Director gonna kill me for uploading this photo.*laughs* Moments like this I wish when I snap photos it will come out with the current dialogue that was going on as well-_- At the very least, we will know what the heck she was talking bout and I won't get killed for just taking another stupid photos of theirs :(
:P shots that wedding photographers won't take. Or will take but will never see the light. I feel these kind of shots look more real though. hahahaha

Everyone checking out the photos for confirmation of lighting/mood/position/makeup etcetcetc. Am just gonna take a photo of everyone's butts and be happy with my own photos. Syiok Sendiri.

Ms.Chan looking like she's taking her pet balloons for a walk.

Overseeing the photoshoot. Actually I wonder how the couple felt when we were looking at them doing poses and stuffs for the photoshoot. I definitely can't do it. hahahaha I will feel awkward and weird that people are staring at me. If I ever have to have a photoshoot, I better either make sure the theme is a silly one so I don't have to think so much cause acting silly is like....doing what I do everyday anyway :P or everyone of my dear friends is gonna be in my photshoot. So if wanna be awkward, WE ALL ARE GONNA BE AWKWARD TOGETHER. wahahahaha!

Loving the prop cum wedding registration book so very much. I still can't get over the fact that materials and such was scouted at the very last minute (considering it was supposed to be done 1-2 months beforehand) and the fact that the outcome was sooo very much like the one in UP. It's amazing of the bride and ms.chan. *laughs*
Rare pic of ms.Chan smiling. Please smile more ms.Chan. It's a waste if you don't.

ms.Prawn's brother looking like a slave/labourer. hahahaha On the balloon was written "the Spirit of Adventure!" and it is an adventure alright-_- at the cliff just to get a shot. Bride was in heels sumore.

 I almost fainted when I saw where the photographer was standing. This picture does no justice to show the exact steepness of this place. To a point when I wanted to snap this, everyone was stopping me from going any further cause knowing bulat.....she might just miss a step and fall LOL and ROLL DOWN like a ball. the exact sentence what said..T_T

See-_- Photographer Wang gila wan! Now looking at the picture..I wonder how he got up there...

Miao doing "wifely" duties. hahahaha Wang is scared of me already for I keep taking stupid random shots of him. I have NINJA skills! :D Wang and my ah pek same age but Wang feels so much younger from the way he does things! Art industry does things to you. They make you young by overworking you.

Tied the balloons to the car while going to the next destination. Love it too much to just let it go (although there was like gazillion unblown ones)   People were looking at us and did not know balloons can make such loud noise when it is hitting the car.

 ms.Ong is scared of colours despite working with them everyday and can't believe she's sitting in a car that has balloons sticking out from it :P in the end the balloons were given away to children who were passing by and squealing at the sight of it. Well, better then releasing them to the sky I guess : )

 Lovelovelove this place. Brings back much memories. They had things that I recall owning and some were just stuffs that my grandma use to have. One thing bout it people tend to throw things once they are old or deem useless. Who would ever thought vintage would be back and now people pay to collect things that were once deem as rubbish! my grandma never ever understood my fetish for vintage and got a shock when I ask her if I could keep some really old stuffs from her home which my mom DIE also did not allow me to take homeT_T

Last pit stop for the day before we crashed and died on the bed. 6 girls in a room with 2 twin beds and me with "that time of the month"....Panda eyes, here we come. Oh no. wait. We took photos at the night market too....Out of the UP theme but thought we could do some artsy shots. Funnily we were the models too. Our job was to walk up and down the market street to create the "zoom fast walk effect" in the photograph and I did it while munching on all the goodies I bought with ms.Ong from the night market keke*

Pretend shots ms.Lyn took for us :P or more like we were "forced" to become her scapegoat models.
Classroom shot. The book was in Chinese and being a banana, I was ecstatic when I saw "pinyin" below the words and starting reading. ms.Chan said I am a failed chinese cause even with the pinyin it's all the wrong "tune/tone" T_T hahahaha

Ms.Chan "lazing in class" Bulat "being hardworking" But in actual fact, it's the exact opposite in real life. I am the laziest student anyone can meet. But I definitely can use the abacus cause I went for classes before and scored really well in it! :D Me and round things, we just link like that.

Everyone was excited when they saw the measuring height board-_- and being the shorty of the group...naturally I have to pose with it-_- Thank God the numbers can't be seen here but the words in Chinese are "I have grown taller again!" T_T the only time I can use that sentence is when I wear heels.

 Bulat and Chocolates! The boxes were sooo prettttyyyyyy....I remember receiving boxes and boxes of chocolates when I was young during my birthday. A contribution of what I am today... Round-_- ms.Chan said lucky the boxes wee empty. She can confirm if there were any chocolates inside any of the boxes, despite how old and rusty and obviously expired they are, I would prolly forget bout it at that very instant and eat one.



I so glutton wan meh?!