Monday, July 24, 2017

Ying Sim's Baby (kinda) Fullmoon Celebration!

It's really quite insane that Ying Sim is now a mom... haha
With that, I calculated the maths and realized that I knew her a good odd 10 years?? (Did I do the math right?? That's a double digit! O_O)

From the days we studied Japanese together (she's the studious one & still is, I...just hope to survive every class hahaha T_T Should have put more effort seriously) she went to the UK, got a boyfriend, came back, started work, married and now a mom!

Isn't it insane? O_O (don't know how many times I wanna repeat that word here haha)

In our group of 4 (Japanese classmates), how funny the youngest two of the group got preggers first.

We already don't get to hang out much cause we no longer studied Jap and due to change of lifestyle (marriage and all) Now with babies.. I guess the time spent will be even less? [ •́ ‸ •̀ ]

So I guess even though I am super happy for her ...sometimes I miss the old times when schedule was flexible and things were impromptu #ahyounglife but life moves on! Thankfully, we are quite noisy on watsapp so it's not too bad!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Free Art Space Isetan KL The Japan Store : Bo & Friends Exhibition

Any Bo fans here? πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Now you can go Isetan Japan store (The one at Lot10) to see his stuffs!

Though, actually you can also see his stuffs at various shops hahaha one of them is at publika I think & prolly bangsar too.

But this is like a mini exhibition of everything? You can see like his firsts works and his tester stuff like bo plush toys.

Yup, you can also buy them of course!
Look at those art on the wall!

So cute!

Hahahaha I was like "omg! 600 for an art this big, isn't it cheap!?" (Can't remember if it's the art 1st from left or 2nd, top row. But the gold & black one was 1.1K or so)

Then I saw the word "print"

Yea, should have known πŸ˜‚
A few of my fav!
This one was called "reward yourself" (if I remember correctly)

Actually I pretty much liked almost everything hahahaπŸ™ˆ

Think these were around 300 inc the frame (print also)

Not sure if ppl actually buy these cause while 300 is not super expensive but guess not everyone will just part with that kind of money?

And it's a print, not original (though u can't tell la honestly)
This one is "never underestimate yourself"

Though I was all like "this one is called [watch out for your own backside]"

Ah pek said if I had to name my artworks, I prolly won't get much sales Hahahahahaha

Also, maybe I should start framing my art πŸ˜‚ feels like it would help the price factor! Or maybe that's just me? The frame somehow makes you feel "oh okay la, inc frame"
This one is called "dreams"

Every crazy cat lady's dream for sure!

Anyway, love this furry cat series.

I like how from ah which is a goldfish. Now he's doing cats which is like ...Hahahaha u know, cats eat fish....

Ok. I'm talking nonsense. Again. As usual. Moving on.

(At the rate I'm vomiting, I think I'm saving you guys a trip down to KL. Save your petrol, toll + parking)

Oh wait. There was a monkey in the series too. Dang.

I think this one is quite obvious what's the title πŸ™ˆ

& it's like striking gold when u guess it rightπŸ˜‹

"Omg! This one looks like self motivation!"

Title : motivate yourself.

He can make a postcard which is empty so that people can draw whatever that motivates them.

Though I'm sure most people will either draw food or money...? πŸ™ˆ

Then I suddenly realized that to reach this goal if I'm constantly chasing my tail?? (For this case, how is the cat gonna get his fish?)
but the monkey rewards himself with a banana by using his tail.

Same same use tail but diff outcome Hahahaha
This one is called "love yourself more"

Think everyone needs this no matter what. We humans are just usually so harsh on ourselves. (Don't know why also. Some weird self mechanism? Some error in human DNA?)

That being said, if I have a fluffy tail like that..... I will definitely love myself more Hahahahahaha constantly bury myself in ma tail.
Dang. Didn't take photos of the description.

Sorry, u guys might have to go down KL after all if u are kepo ahahah

I think one of his earliest sketches on bo?

I mean look at the bottom art. Definitely looks like those early sketches of something, which u didn't expect to blow into something like this.

Early (initial?) sketches are always fun. I really would love to see how gudetama came about.'s an egg. A lazy one too! πŸ˜‚ who would have thought right??

Feels like someone just drew his lunch and then cause he's lazy, so he added that emotion into it.

& jeng! You have it!

A super relatable character (cause usually people are all like "positivity!" "Motivational!" You know, like joy in 「inside out」)

Finally, a character that ppl can 99.9% relate to (that 0.01% is my ah pek. He's a "joy", I'm "sadness") HAHAHAHAAH plus it's an egg.

Who doesn't love eggs?!?! 🍳
Can't remember the gold one.
Note to self : take photos of the notes as well.

But the bottom one was done few years back for chatime (tealive now) so prolly some of u mighttttt kept.../received ? Haha

One of the display corners! ✨
Can u see...?
Bottom right?

If I were to buy this, it's either gonna sit on my "Deco shelf" or only *i* can use it πŸ™ˆ or it's gonna only be an Instagram prop.

I know things are meant to be ..things. But if a guest (friend, family etc) were to come, okay with people using.

But if u break it.......ohohoho

I will definitely ask for 2 in return HAHAHAHAAH πŸ™Š
Ahhh the top one. So tempting..... it's definitely an Instagram prop for my brushes Hahahahahah πŸ™ˆ

Damn fail. Nowadays what I see is just props in my eyes.

Bottom one is cute too. But la. If this is at home. My mom will definitely use it as a spoon in the kitchen.

Prolly to scoop sauce or something.
So cute!!!
The small 30 plus?
The medium is 40 plus.

I remember around 10 dollars diff only.

But the next one, which is the L is around 70?

The gigantic one was ..100+

But u see la. 4 sizes. How are u gonna settle with 1?!

Purposely wan ni.

That being said, I just realized these are good to give for cny πŸ˜‚ or I shld just use this opportunity to buy one during cny cause u know reason to buy πŸ˜›

And ah! They have postcards at the back. I think 8.50? Cheaper than print right?
Hmm didn't bothered to check what were these Hahahaha so sorry, no info!

Mugs also I didn't bother cause ... my mom will kick me out if I bring a mug home πŸ™Š

And usually I end up using them to put my paintbrushes Hahahah or to wash my paintbrushes while I paint.
So cute these felt ones!! πŸ˜‚

Round is definitely a good shape. Everything looks cute!
These were cute too!
And quite reasonable 19.10rm.

Didn't buy cause ...think they will just remain as is. In the box.

Plus the ones hanging as decor were nicer? (U can see in the display photo wayyyy above) They had gold foil (not sure how to say. They had gold colour??) and the paper was of better quality.

This.. not so. But I guess for 19 bucks, I can't be so anal right πŸ˜‚
Ah! I have a close up!
Can u see?? This is definitely of better quality! πŸ˜‚
Just realized these are diff cause they have tails....? Hahahahaha the normal ones don't. (or maybe got but it's down, these are up!)
Close ups!
Think these were some old & handmade experimental pcs. Quite like the one in the jar 😍
These were the first tester ones.

Although the new ones are cute...somehow these had a diff feeling to it.

Not sure if it's the finishing or the colour...and anyway, this one more penyet πŸ˜‚ (flat) which is cute too.

Wondered if he sold these during the early years. Means now limited edition!
I ask u guys.

Middle finger right???

Ah pek kept saying no.

Seriously, index finger give this kind of pose for what??

Only middle finger, u have this kind of pose ok! Both hands up!

If index finger , u stand like this, people will think you something wrong la!
Annnnnd there will be a workshop on 1st July!

Draw bo on canvas, so I guess u will learn acrylics? Which I think so far no workshops on that.

U can check it out at this insta!

Think for 150..not too bad? Cause it will be taught by him as well? Like "the man" himself will be teaching wei!

Hmmm lemme think think πŸ™ˆ

My Goodness. I really feel like I'm promoting Bo now HAHAHAHAHAAH πŸ˜…

Anyway, u can see better photos at his insta! @kamweiatwork

Monday, July 17, 2017

Watercolour Practice : Playing with shapes

Recently I have been reading up on Watercolour ...haha I know right. After all these while of "bang wall", I finally bothered to read up (at least a little bit) on how to start (properly?)

All because I had to teach a little girl. Which was totally unexpected and it made me realize .. my "bang wall" totally cannot be used nor taught cause I don't wanna spoil her "foundation" (though technically she's just sorta, playing around)

So I read up on washes and stuff. Apparently this is good practice!
Yea, this whole ball ball thing is a Watercolour practice.

Haha quite therapeutic and the result is usually very pretty!

Think it can be easily made into cards / tags / wrapping papers etc. (though it works better on thick paper so..not too sure how la if wanna wrap stuff...)

U can do other shapes I guess. I tried triangles too.

And next thing I knew, I got hooked HAHAHAHAAH it's like doing some children art thing! πŸ™ˆ

Zero stress!

Please. When I have a kid next time. I hope at least one likes drawing πŸ˜‚ or at least will layan me la.

No need to be all so serious.
"I wanna be an artist when I grow up!" hahaha
Just hope they can play along since art is a form of creative release right?!
Like singing? hahahha Okay la, if they don't layan me in terms of drawing, I don't mind singing also!

Wonder what else I can do with these shapes!

These came out cause well...sooooo many chicken babies! Like damn a lot. Baby chicks everywhere!

Either *almost* everyone I know gave birth this year or got preggers (it's just July! So I assume there will be more!)

I'm sure nothing to do with chicken year, just so ngam everyone's timing la πŸ˜‚ the age and all. And you know sometimes it's like a ....."infectious disease"? Like how one girl gets her period and then it snowballs?! everyone gets period?! Yea, this whole preggers thing feels the same LOL