Friday, March 30, 2012

Que sera sera

Today, other than the fact that my buttocks kissed the floor good morning and I paid a hefty total of 48 macdonald ice cream sundaes to the doc as medication payment for an allergy I have due to PLASTER( it was pain and itchy and the kns doctor just feels syiok to keep pinch pinch it...zz)...and had a wondrous mild food poisoning that I decided to suck it through cause am not about to make ANOTHER visit to the doctor ON THE SAME EFFING DAY just to pay him more sundaes that are supposed to be in my tummy instead-_-

Other than that, yea, my day is alllll good.

Good that from this index finger allergy cum infection thing I have, I learnt how to :

1. Eat mee with spoon only, using my left hand.T-T I'm a veryvery Chinese/Japanese person. Everything I eat, I usually prefer to use my chopsticks. Yes, even when eating cake but only when I'm home la....if not all my friends dont want to sit with me when we dine outside anymore lehT-T so yea...I'm surprised I survived today ..the angmo way.

2. Writing without the support of the index finger = writing like a 9 year old kid.

3. Wipe my buttocks professionally with my left hand (I'm right handed try and wipe your buttocks with your non-norm hands and see!!) well, it helps that since so ngam I had food poisoning today...I had tons of practice ! Yay me?

On a bright sideeeeee....for me la.

I did not have to do any dish washing!! Hohoho!! Although deep from my heart, I really rather wash 100 plates than have this stupid plaster allergy. I scared the crap out of crystle-chan yesterday in class when I bandaged it with dads ancient cina remedy. Obviously, it not only made it look worse then it seems, it made it worse too cause it started spreading to other fingers. whathefishcakesinthaisauce. FML.

I obviously learnt 2 new skills as above....and my usually SUPERSAVERS ah pek decided to pay for my HOLGA135 o_O ( which I actually 'bought' by mistake.....*stares at floor...draw circles on the floor*)

Wheeeeeee!! Yaysssss!!
*throws Oreos into the air!!*

Can't believe he offered to pay for it! I thought he was gonna scold me for spending on useless stuffs again ( sorry arty fartsy photographers, my ah pek veryvery practical type)

The first thing I'm gonna do is take a picture of him with the cam and....prays it comes out. Hahah never used lomo cams before...I can't wait!!:):)

A big ass photo of what I love to do most !!
Seriously, I will be damn happy if there is a mask party! Everyone lying down like mayats(corpse) for 20 minutes together :P

Not responsible if anyone had an heart attack from the photo :D

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ee Cup Lyn's Happy Birthday

One of the best Quotes in a longlong time. *laughs* Although half the people on this planet can't do nuts, everyone wants to speak a piece of their mind and gets pissed when they don't get to ~

Photo by Ms.Lyn
Celebrating ms.Lyn's birthday at Publika. Is it me or "artsy" people love to go there even more. But one thing bout Publika (other then I always feel lost when I'm there) is that there's always something new to discover. Like can I tapau(take away) these old school typewriters home please. *bigbig watery eyes with diamond lights* 

I even liked the suitcases they are placed on top of. Though I can imagine mom killing me if I bring any of these "so-called junk" in her eyes home. The last time I was back at Penang, I saw that my aunt had 2 old school ice shaving machines (those green ones people use in ice kacang/chendol trucks) My mom DIE also forbade me to bring it home. T_T I wanna shift out so that I can decorate my house with "so-called junk" nuuuu*
One of the hidden gems in Publika.

Lot G3-37, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas
Tel : 03-6211 1613

A shop that sells pretty much handmade stuff by independent local labels / items that seems sourced from somewhere? Somewhat like Pipit Zakka Store but more variety and a much bigger shop to move in. Like they even have clothes, shoes and my fav, Soak Republic. (Not sure if Soak Republic is the main owner though) The stuff there feels more public friendly, not many people fully accept handmade stuffs. Kaleidoscope is more balance in that sense for general public.

 Badges that the birthday girl bought for us -_- (don't have to explain why I got the paiseh) She even bought Royce to be shared (but since not enough I did not take T_T maybe it was a stupid decision to do that hahahahaha) And because I spent extra half the day with the birthday girl, when we met everyone else. Everyone was asking me why did I not stop her from buying stuffs for the rest of us T_T you all can try lar. Not like I did not try and I don't want Ms.Lyn to squish me to death with her boobs leh T_T

Initial plan was suppose to go to Edo Ichi -_- But words can't explain how her much her eyes were shining the moment we stepped into Publika, for Publika means : BEN'S Grocery Store for her-_- So from Japanese, we adjourned to Ben's Laughs* all that planning for nuts!!!

Ms.Prawn was calling me the whole day asking what cake to get and such. After getting the cake, she was upset that the shop couldn't write the words Happy Birthday for her cause the kitchen was closed. So she rushed to Publika and asked some shop to do it. After that she called to say how ugly the writing was and she regretted it HAHAHAHAHA aiyo babe!

Ms.Lyn was happy regardless. Princess cake! My second cake with her. *laughs* The amount of cakes that we have bought from Rui's is countless-_-! Although sometimes it depends on your luck who is baking cause the taste can fluctuate like stock market :P But most of the time so flufffyyyyy, I am gonna die. For the size, I think I can eat TWO of their cakes in one sitting lorh! ...We have never bought their 1KG cakes cause they are expensive T_T would love to get one one day....

Only one big ass candle cause...the cake can't fit. Then again, at this age everyone seems to not want the exact amount of candles on their cake hahahahah :D 

 Yours truly wrapped the present. :D Everyone's face was like "mieeeeehhhh". Actually it was bought online and I told the guy to wrap it nicely cause it was for a birthday present. Did not expect this...hahah but it actually looks fine. People always say go green ma. Now really go green la.

Rewrapped it in normal wrapper underneath the "Go Green" wrapper but everyone upon seeing this wrapper agreed that the former was nicer-____________________________- Next time everyone's birthday am really gonna use Tesco / Jusco / Carrefour leaflets. Save my RM3.50 wrapping papers. Can eat one bowl of pan mee everytime I don't wrap pifs*

Bought Olloclip (add on lens for Iphone 4 includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens)  for Ms.Lyn through Lelong. (Please buy from Lelong, it's cheaper) Was very skeptical at first cause I have never used Lelong and am not sure how it works. But surprisingly everything went very well! Like Saturday was the birthday, I ordered on Wed and got it by Friday! Fast and efficient! I even ending up buying another for Wang after trying it out. hahahahaha T_T too bad don't have Iphone. The amount of add ons camera / lens I saw can make me puke effing big rainbows with unicorns. Can't tell you how happy birthday girl was with the lens. She's definitely gonna abuse it.

Ms.Chan M.I.A
 Ben's homemade ice-cream ! Raspberry if I wasn't wrong. Rocky Road and Pistachio rocks too! If anyone has a garden wedding, please give the heart shape ice creams as one of the "finger food" or door gift! :D suits our weather leh! and make good props for taking pictures. Correctttssss?? :D

Am gonna let you imagine what was going on in this picture :D hahahahahah I would consider Ms.Ong damn lucky. Always wanted to do it to Ms.Lyn and she never ever allows me to. Now lagi hard, she's gonna be even more careful T_T

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Till we meet again

Clockwise; from top:
Beef Stew Rice     RM22.90
Fish & Chips         RM18.90
Cheese Omelette   RM 5.90
Never failed to sapu everything. *laughs*
Wonder if the boss recognizes us after going there once a week for 3 weeks consecutively.
The amount of chops we collected at the speed of light! Suddenly, we had three RM5 vouchers in hand.

The Strawberry Roll that I really love. Can fight with Patisserie Rui's. There is just something bout strawberries and creammmmm~The very "kao" cheesecake coated with hardened caramel is worth a try as well. Not to mention, their cream filled bread:D yummmmmmmlahhhssss. Actually, wonder if anyone knows, you can actually get their bread at nearby Shojikiya stores. But gotta eat it asap, since they don't last more then 48 hours-_-!

And so far everyone who tried their Coffee (not sure which, but I assume it would be their signature Sumiyaki Coffee) loved it. My mom never really enjoyed Haikara as she's the kind of woman who has to have her Bento Sets in Japanese Restaurants, but Haikara doesn't go that way in terms of food. But she will gladly bunk into the roadtrip cause she wanna drink their coffee :)

Baby bro finished his physio...just in time for my wallet before it reallyyyy bleeds.
Can't wait to go back again (WTH. just went only zz!) and oh yea, hahahha I would advise making a trip during year end, around November-December-ish cause when I was there during my birthday. The cafe was filled with Japanese young GUYS part-timers. cute ones too! :P

Will never forget one of them who was effing shy and how Lynlyn always somehow "acciddentally ter-kacau him". laughsss*

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Clean Plates at Haikara

 From left; anti-clock:
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice    RM19.90
Ebi Fry Don                         RM18.90
Croquette                            RM  9.90

If licking plates was allowed in public it would be even cleaner.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery

I love Haikara to bits and pieces but there's hardly a chance to go there because of
 1. location (Subang Jaya is not exactly my fav place despite having spent around 15 years there for schooling purposes -_-)
 2. price (everytime i walk out of Haikara, makes my wallet wee bit thinner)

but since baby brother will be going to Subang quite a few times for his physio and what more that the Doc's place is opposite Haikara....might as well lar!! eat first, earn more lorh. ROAR*

                                                 Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - rm19.90
                                                 Rokomoko Don - rm18.90

Baby brother don't even wanna layan my camera-_- he says he has been waiting far too long to eat at Haikara and he's just gonna dug in like a cannibal. righttttt...
I think out of the 10 times he's there, he will eat 11 times curry rice, level 4. This is how much he loves the place and how he eventually started cooking curry rice at home but never could it once live up to this. (in his opinion, in my opinion, his curry rice rocks. kuakuakua. damn happy when he cooks at home cause I can has unlimited curry!! WITHOUT RICE :P)

Can never get over the way they plate their dishes. See also happy! :P
The one thing bout Haikara is...half the guys I know who goes there never feel 100% full after one course. Good for me though, means ngamngam hou!

                                               Also explains the damn clean plates :P

E-TIARA GF SS16/1 Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-5630 0743

Opening Hours:
Tues - Thurs: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm