Monday, March 30, 2015

Unlock The Fun #AABC Hangout 2015

annnnndddddd so........


hahahahahah *oops*

But it was the last number...& last puzzle la.....that we got lucky.

So it's still valid, right?

If you wanna kepo what was going on throughout the whole event for AABC Hangout//Unlock The Fun, read it at my Dayre 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Front Page Sports Bar & Grill @ Changkat, Kuala Lumpur

The other day, Caroline so generously invited ah pek & me to go for a bar review at Changkat! (⌒▽⌒)♡
Honestly at first, I was a bit skeptical cause...of the name....?

Front Page Sports Bar & Grill

It was such a vague name & wasn't sure what to expect... (・_・ )

But the moment I saw the real thing, I was pleasantly surprised!! It looks quite quirky in it's own lil way!!

With it's interesting deco, I think it stands out from the rest easily. Nowadays, people go for like a more posh setting. But theirs felt more homely. Like a neighbourhood kinda feel. That's the vibe I get (but then again, that's my view) 
It helps that the area (this particular area where we sat, outdoor seating) is windy! 
For a moment felt like I was in overseas! *very happy* ( ´ ▽ ` )

Why the name sports bar?
I am guessing cause they specialize in showing sports HAHAHA
They have soooo many TVs around, each of them showing a diff kind of sport (or different sport channels) much to ah pek's delight.

Cause now he can watch MANY sports at one go instead of just one! 

OR if one of them is having a break, he just have to shift his eyes to the next TV to watch the other!
so yea, so totally a BIG BONUS POINT for him.

They not only have sports, inside they have this live music area where musicians will sing (depending on schedule) 

In my above photo, you will spot the sign "Pool Table Downstairs" 
Another zone for the non-sports people to hang out!

If you want a posh, quiet & private area....that would be upstairs (☆ω☆)
I will leave that as a secret/surprise, you would have to go & see it for yourself! 

What about the food?
 (¬‿¬ )

Food for me is important cause that's what I will be doing when ah pek is fully concentrated on the TV right!
(Stuffing my face HAHAH)

So surprised that everything was beyond what I was expecting (゚〇゚!!)
(cause you know...pubs are usually more for drinking, not for the food)

Pork Satay

PORK. PORK satay. Such a rare satay & they have it here! (Honestly, I really hardly see pork satay being sold in KL) 
& safe to say, it was yummeh! It was tender & a "just nice" ratio of the fatty bits for maximum juiciness. I recalled the price was a bit steep, but it was worthy! 

Charred Grilled Chicken Wings

Most importantly, it wasn't overcooked! This comes close to my mom's awesome homemade wings. 
Verrrrrry close.

Prawn Wrapped With Popiah Skin
  (New on the menu!)

I wished I took Eric's & Caroline's expression when they ate this. HAHA their face totally showed how awesome this was. The prawns were fresh (which is important!) and with the thai sauce (that I generally love), it's a good combo!

Bacon & Ham Pizza

If you love pizza & pork, you must order this! 
This came the last, by then I was so full (cus everything was yummy? So I was greedily whacking away) I wished I had external tummy so I can eat summore of this pizza! (╥﹏╥)

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

A "never can go wrong" combo! I am bias towards anything smoked salmon! 

Lamb Shank

The biggest shock of the night, was this lamb shank.
It was HUGE! 
and it was priced at RM30! (゚ロ゚) !
Totally affordable & I would safely say that it's sharing portion! (Unless you are a huge eater, then of course, by all means, enjoy it wholesomely! All to yourself!)
Of course, the night isn't complete without drinks!

They have a WIDE variety & I am sure everyone would be able to find something suitable to their taste buds!
For me, I'm sticking to my usual cider! So happy to see it here!

Hahaha! Thought this was something new to me!

Men's night!

I always always see ladies' night!
But men's night is definitely the first for me!

Quite cute right?! (^▽^)
Ah pek was like as happy as a small boy seeing candy when he saw that signboard.
So....if you guys are like ah pek & me, (same equation as us or not) Front Page Sports Bar is definitely the place to go! (*´︶`*)

Front Page Sports Bar & Grill
No. 20, Changkat Bukit Bintang KL