Thursday, December 27, 2012

Viva La Red Christmas

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bulat's First Nuffnang Event

First and foremost,would like to thank GPS for bringing us to a malay wedding.

The event was supposed to start at 2pm and there I was stuck in the neighbourhood...had to call Ann from Nuffnang to say that I will be late. First time going for a Nuffnang event and I am late. very good ah bulat!! -_-!

Was a lil worried at first cause I will stone in an environment that I know no one O_O But my heart....hahaha felt lighter the moment I saw familiar faces! Actually as soon as I found the cafe (which ah...took me a while cause I kept going into elevators that bring me no where! O_O) I started scanning to see if I know anyone (^^")
I sat next to MissyMiyen during the talk, whom I recognized from her blog! Had random thoughts to myself while stealing glances at her...hahaha (no manners bulat! did not even intro myself!)

Within 10 minutes or so, I pitied her. Cause every now and then, some random person would kacau her say,"Excuse Me." cause she's pretty :D. Well other than that is cause her seat so strategic, everyone wants to walk pass it to get to the other side!
Both Ernest and Chee Ching were so good!! I bet everyone was mesmerized by their "magic show!" *laughs* I no kidding one last post!! Keng leh the way they draw! Now I just gotta see Miao's! Heard it's faster than lightning ah! pewpewpew!! (piupiupiu??)

*paiseh* I started eating halfway during the talk...cause so hungry! T_T my stomach's orchestra later louder than their speeches...They both gave sooo many good tips and all. I regretted not bringing pen&paper T_T Some more with my brain capacity..hurhurhur. In the end I prayed hard, and lucky other bloggers were hardworking, unlike me T_T *steals info from their blogs*
Also...short attention span. :P hahaha! Ernest's shirt really looked like he wore it inside out! I was staring at it quite long, in the end of the day I actually touched his sleeve to check. Feel like a mom suddenly-_-! Kns.
I love Sarah!! (One of Malaysia's top comic artist) She's a bundle of joy and positiveness!! O_O Her speech was hebat ah!!! Inspired me to do something that I wanted to do for a looooooongest time, but din't get my lazy ass to do it :(  Will be for my 2013 resolution!! And yes....the browniesss T_T Cause I was asking her tons of questions!! Dragged Ras in somemore! sorryyyyy!! Luckily they refilled it! If not I don't know how....huhuhu.

Omgosh! Meet Staci!! O_O I don't know who starstruck who at that point. hahahaha! Her paper dolls are like one of the cutest things on earth!! If they were stickers, I would stick them everywhere !!! EVERYWHERE! I tell you! EVERYWHERE! *shows serious look*nodsnods* Am so happy she came up to me, if not I will never know who is behind the cute paper dolls T_T
Everyone's mini souvenier! :D:D Can't get over Ernest's #likeabaws signature and ah pek looks like he's wearing sarong! :P

And...Staci, (if you ever stumbled upon here) since you ask why I am called bulat although I don't look very bulat...Here is my bulat proof. Now also got, I just hide my roundness well. :P

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 minute "door opener" job

The other day, I was *requested* to wear a saree (or is it spelled as sari?) for my family's lawyer's birthday + pre-Deepavali dinner. Although I was realllllyyy reluctant to wear it (I can't accept the fact that my round tummy is being shown to the world leh! But other than that, saree is nice to wear!) must give face to birthday girl woman and also cause I wanna make my saree worth. Calculative level 10. *laughs* 

The moment I walked in, everyone's eyes was on me...cause I was the only one in a saree ...and I am Chinese-_-! At that point I did not know what to feel. Wanted to hide but arh T_T how to hide??....why the heck is my saree maroon somemore!?-_-!! Why was I super punctual that day!? *stabs self*

In the end, decided to stand near the main door of  Gem Restaurant (which I totally recommend cause it was Yummies!) Actually now that I blog bout this...why did I not ask if there was a reservation under the birthday girl's name? -_- At least could have sat down ah!! *faints*
Automatically opens door for every customer walking in...hahahaha! Actually what is the position of this job? Bellboy? Hmm..
Won't you all open the door too if you were standing near it? Manners right?! The standard "Malaysian usually late for 10 minutes" really felt forever T_T Thankfully it was just 10 minutes, after that the gang walked in with sarees and I immediately blended in ~

We took many sakai photos.
I think we were the loudest, noisiest bunch in the restaurant O_O
and yes, 70% of our table guests are Chinese. *laughs*

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Comic Bloggers Gathering by Nuffnang

 Terms : Draw a comic version of yourself.

Is this a pass?! :D:D keke* 
can right? can la....*puppy eyes* please?

On the 10th November, there would be the first ever Comic Bloggers Gathering!! Together with Ernest from Bro,Don'tLikeThatLaBro and super cute (seriously, until now I still feel like pinching her cheeks!) Chee Ching from CheeChingy, it's gonna be a fun afternoon with laughters...and more laughters :D

Honestly, I am super looking forward to Ernest and Chee Ching performing their "magic!" I have seen both of them doodle and it's just ...fascinating. It's like...blank paper *BLINK* then there is a drawing-_-! whatisthissorcery!? O_O

The gathering is gonna be held at CAFFEine and I can actually smell the coffee already. Also, usually no cake will escape my sweet tooth teeth !! :D *my gosh. thinking of the food already-_- gotta wait a week...ahhhh!*

and oh, I don't know. Maybe a surprise drawing on our lattes by the famous bloggers? :D  *heh*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mom's China Travel

Now I leave you these breathtaking photos of where she went to.

SILK ROAD (click la if you wanna know the history & what nots. I googled to read on it and this is by far the easiest to digest cause I suck in History like that T_T )

Got a shock when I saw them (never knew scenery can be this beautiful) honestly and yes, these were stolen from one of the tour members in her tour. And since I saw no young people from her tour...I can just wonder which elderly one took the photos and I salute him/her! Mom doesn't remember who sent them to her-_- so ...yea. *laughs*

Credits back to the photographer. Captions stolen from mom's FB.

鳴沙山,沙漠地帶。Ming Sha Shan desert


天池天山,烏魯木齊。Heavenly Lake - Urumqi

西安兵马俑,Terra Cotta Warriors
Also, she mentioned that there was an old couple in the tour!  The man is like..89 years old?! -_- and his wife is 12 years younger than him-_- They are soooo living life! (I don't even think I will live till 89 honestly-_-)



This was the least pintai (crazy) shot she had -_-!

All she brought back from this trip was TONS OF DATES, TONS OF (all kinds of) NUTS and TONS OF RAISINS (yellow, green, black...)-_-!!!
But those above tasted damn delicious! The best!
If not wrong, Ming Tien at Taman Megah got sell! :D
Go buy and eat!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No! You listen!

Oh hai mom!!! Surprisingly this time travel din't put on weight! In fact, I think she lost some. hahaha :P
It's always a thing between my family members to see who put on the LEAST weight during our travels. Dad always wins hands down-_- what's with the crazy metabolism rate at his senior citizen age-_-
Girls doing what they usually do. Talk. But never ever listening to the other party (usually lar)-_- *laughs* I guess it's worse when both went traveling and have not met each other for almost 3 weeks! That's a long time for my mom and me really. Considering I see her everyday and all.
*sei lui bao* = bad daughter
Baby brother's peaceful life gone. HAHA:P He was playing Diablo. Don't have to draw what happens next. We survived, can't say the same bout his character though :P

We obviously had to move on to different paths.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KLIA trip

mom was finally coming home! *tears of joy* it was a midnight ride to the airport and my duty was to make sure baby brother doesn't fall asleep while driving! I think I did my job well la. Cause I was blabbering non-stop. But I kinda distracted baby brother from driving with the game though...haha :D

Well, as long as I'm not the one driving....cause arh...hahaha I guess only people who has ever sat my car before would know why. T_T
When we were about to reach, cousin sister SMS-ed me! :D I seriously don't know how can she get lost when she always goes to the airport to catch superstars & singers (I'm serious ok!-_- She draws banners and stuffs and quite well known for her works)
But luck was on her side la.......KNS. Was hungry and wanted to eat but was too kiamsiap (stingy) to pay airport pricing for normal end up standing (not even sitting! I never realized KLIA no place to sit wan!) and fighting over the ipad game with baby brother. (eh, that game very addictive! lemme know if you play! :P)

Saw my cousin walking towards my direction the moment mom called (CEH, talk bout good timing!)

Next thing I knew, it was 1 minute (maybe way less than that but felt forever....) of chaos and hoo-hah trying to get my mom (like whythechupachups is she not picking up at a desperate moment??) and hoping my aunt hasn't gotten a taxi..if cousin came to the airport to just.... breathe the air there la-_- and maybe purposely come gimme heart attack-_-

And so the moral of the story is that......

Never give bulat a heart attack. She might just accidentally, innocently kill you. oh ya, mum is home means no more housework! whee!
Bulat is short. *sigh*
Am not kidding okay, whichever younger cousin that has already hit puberty, all taller than me T_T huhuhu