Friday, July 31, 2009

31's a good number

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sorry, people. unless you have better criterias (which is gonna be hard to beat) the sexy lady's taken :D

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ke ai de gurgur muarks*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

today's quote is

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i recalled during college when the topic we were talking bout gets too heated up or gets out of hand or one of us just don't really wanna gossip bout this particular topic anymore, the sentence "yeee yih......meh lei geh?" (what is it?) while pointing to the sky is said to stop it.

hahah few years down the road..well... at least it's upgraded now. we KNOW what is it.

and seriously, long time since i communicated with two people of the same name together at the same time. *urg* it's like during sec school when there were....i think 4 or 5 Nicholas-es in the same form....surprisingly after i left secondary school, i never met any. haha

i have to admit though. nice name, i have always liked it: )
but then again, maybe cause all the nicholas-es i know are nice guys.

Monday, July 27, 2009

i felt it today

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

the ACTUAL drunk one

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:D hahahah kns mom. i was feeling nausea and all blurry early morning after a heavy session of drinking for me the night before. i thought i was bad..but hur..thanks mom:D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

drowned jasmine flowers

in a pot makes me happy.
sounds so wrong. ROAR.

the whole day was from one place to another. (actually it's almost the same spots every sat.swt.) don't know since when my saturdays are never normal anymore. *echoes* but i'm loving it so all's good *big smile*

my sony(ms.sunshine) has colour moods :D how nice.

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when ms.sunshine is in a not very sunshine mood.
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and sunshine mood :D

common tea in a common teapot in a common place. anyone can guess? *heh*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

special delivery

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say hello :D to mille crepe from Nadeje Patisserie Cafe, Melaka :D

not one.

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but three! tiga. san. :D

happy!! :D:D

my beloved brother bear's friend tarpau-ed for us to eat :D

so nice of him heh heh* i always loved Julian :D super nice guy. anyway back to the crepe ...

sooooo gooooooddd *ROAR*

after eating this, you will never touch Food Foundry's one anymore :D

all resting comfortably in my tummy right now *burp*


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

acting lessons 101

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this is the look of "kan lek" (hardworking)
this is the *uh-hm* PRETEND look of kan lek.
what is exactly happening is that kanjis are entering and a whole mumbo jumbo is coming out-_-
creating a whole different kind of language by themselves.
sometimes it feels like a total waste of time trying to make friends with kanjis.
not even 0.1%

click to see more photos or read Laughs*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


is driving me crazay.
it's 325am and i'm still awake *heh*

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this is really P&C.
and really rough draft. haha

you know you have gone bonkers when someone asks
"where's your brother?"
and i point to the toilet and says, " in the fridge."

55 finish go to bed please. sigh.

Monday, July 20, 2009

random monday

everyday is gonna be randomlarh like this. kns.
and i am getting lazy to blog daily incidents in detail*laughs* then again nothing interestinglarh. i don't go slaying dragons or kissing frogs that will turn into princes kan?

my current new obsession on the net.
click if you wanna feel cloud 9 1/2 :D
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don't if you don't like happy lovey-dovey stuffs. don't say i did not warn you.

and i wanna watch '500 days of summer'. found it in one of the post in the above blog. *roar*
it's about a hopeless romantic guy who falls in love with a girl who doesn't believe in love. hah* :D

found this too *aih i found many cute stuffs from the blog lar. please go click k?*

the last part was really funny.

"alright so you're in love!"
"i'm not in love! you're in love!"
"At least i admitted it!"
"...ouhh.she got you on that one. hhahahaha"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

random sunday

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  • my family members learnt how to use a laptop's pad. *laughs*
  • guys can really shop too-_-
  • i drank my love today...2 glorious bowls :D
  • i sang "I finally found someone" on repeat mode. my mom din't kill me since i'm still here. *laughs*
  • talktalk with ms.chicken *we love married men but no messing with them!*
  • eateat at the "malat" green restaurant :P *heh*
  • watched "Public Enemies". felt kinda flat the storyline and i was laughing although it was supposed to be serious. i forgive everything beloved Johnny Depp was in!!! *swoons*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ju-ju-ju-just dance.

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meet yi ing :D
whose birthday party i crashed at the very last minute haha :D
also the joke of the day-_-
we bought a FOUR LEAF CLOVER Thomas Sabo charm bracelet just to hear her say...

"Awh! a CAULIFLOWER! i love you guys.!!"


i din't know we were laughing or crying. woman, you know how much cauliflower we can buy with that bracelet price?! eat until cauliflower grow on your head arhs.

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heh. cause there will always be people making friends with the controllers and beer bottle instead of the mikes.

and such a small world-_- who would have known the crazy lady who teaches the boob queen to burp and blow it to your face technique is like almost all my ex-sec school frens' fren. scary.

saturday mornings

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*laughs* this is what happens when the other is busy concentrating on his pre-exam paper and this one is too lazy to scout for some more books.

i love libraries. reminds me of my younger days. (walao sounds so old like that)

in primary school i always borrowed a malay series storybook about a girl who solves mystery cases. just like Nancy Drew but malay version. it was really good. i swear i finished the whole series and surprisingly, ms.sexay read them as well :D i'm not alone. omg. the ever so famous lil miss series now, i am sure everyone read it in their younger days as well :D missmiss*

secondary school the library was for escaping classes, writing notes to each other (cause everytime we talk we kena hushed. sigh*) and sitting behind shelves to naughtynaughty. hahahahaha :D

to people who recognized the slipper on the right. no. nothing is going on between us. just cause we are sometimes silly together. if you take notice, all four of us as a family are silly with each other as i am with all my other friends. okay maybe not so with guy friends. just a mild few haha :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

crazy camerons :D

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finally went there after years? :D
very different from what i remembered but enjoyed non the less.
all thnks to my baby brother muarks*