Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bon Odori 2012

I always wondered if anyone understands my drawings if I don't type anything.
Let today be the test! (actually lazy to type and explain)
So..uh, can understand ah? 
Anyway, uper belated post on Bon Odori. aiks! *hides*
I went to both Shah Alam's and Publika's. Publika's was something new and different (with all the beer drinking and watermelon seed spitting contest) but it felt more like a Summer Festival than Bon Odori.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary Celebration

was going berserk when I saw the Summer deco at Pavilion, KL. They looked very much like floating jellyfish! :D just that they are super colourful, surrounded by origami cranes and colourful pom-poms! See edy what bad thing also forget! :D:D (The round ball was actually made from paper cup[cupcakes] !!)
Stopped by Hiyoko, a famous Japanese cake. Actually I stopped there (other than the fact Crystal-chan said it is famous), cause it is cute la! Really cute leh! All of their products are shaped in a chick shape! :D And yea, we actually did the above-_- saddening no?
The cakes are (thankfully) sold individually. Bought like 1 or 2 pieces of each type for the family to try. Was around RM6-RM8 per piece (cheaper if you buy the whole box) If you convert that in Yen, that's like around 150-200 yen per piece? Thought it was okay, since it's from Japan and it does bring a nostalgic feeling for me.

Mana tau the only reaction my family gave was "OMG, rich people eat wan ah!? So expensive! You also can buy wan lorh!"


For every RM20 you spend in Tokyo St, entitles you to a lucky draw. -_- the girl selling Hiyoko should have said it then I would have bought 1 more cake to make the bill more than RM40 to have 2 times lucky draw...ahhhh!!

Japanese style lucky draw! O_O Never even saw it when I went to Japan! When the lady took it out I was like "OMG!! CAN I HAS PHOTO PLEASE?!" 

Sounded like jakun HAHAHAHA -_- But you are not allowed to spin it fast like you see it done in anime :( and the ball can really bounce! like FAR!

Got the above item (which is totally useless for someone who doesn't use make up-_-)
Had to clarify with mom that I DO LOVE HER and I did not buy it. I won it and thought that better someone uses it than letting it grow moss in my cupboard.

For each receipt (min RM20), you are entitled to :
  • One lucky draw (like the above)
  • One Tanabata wish card (best messages win dining vouchers)
  • One chance to play one game at the game stall (hard to miss with the big ass Daruma poster) and win prizes from it (very easy wan!)
If you are kiasu, ask the people to split your bill so you can have more lucky draws. Cause they kinda count by receipt for certain stuff.

They have many more stuffs going on. Schedule is practically packed for everyone and anyone! Just go catch Tokyo St. First Anniversary if you are free this weekend!

Actually I went to see Good Goods Japan happening at Centre Court, Pavilion. Which was pretty interesting but unfortunately no photos allowed and most items you gotta order from Japan itself. Did not expect to end up spending more time playing games at Tokyo Street instead LOL

Oh ya, first 50 shoppers get to meet ENA MATSUMOTO upclose? Something like that. Too bad I had to let it go :(

Friday, July 20, 2012

ms.bulat is on MC (EE-I-EE-I-O!)

Virus Language Translation:
Dear, you must be tired. We have been floating around whole day!
Yes, I am...Oh! Why don't we take a short holiday break there?

And ms.bulat keeps on sneezing, EE-I-EE-I-O!
With a ha-choo here and a ha-choo there,
here ah-choo, there ah-choo, everywhere choo-choo,
ms.bulat is effing sick, EE-I-EE-I-O!

I really hardly get sick, but when I do, I get all kinds of sick! T_T
He stopped me from eating all kinds of food nvm, he fed me all kinds of medicine to compensate.
Thank goodness the flu syrup was actually nice. LOL. (which btw was useless, cause I finished the whole bottle and I am still having the flu!)

Vicks was my best friend for the past few days! (first time using such thing!)
And yea, I wished I could do the above :(
But what if my nose became like a hippo's one!?
So I didn't do it :(

Gonna down cans and cans of yoghurt next week! Be gone antibiotics! Have never and will never like you. Bleah.

p.s// Sorry for not updating the whole week :( 
Did not expect to fall sick the same time as my laptop did.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reasonable reasoning no?

Friday, July 13, 2012


Have been trying "THE SECRET" for a while now cause everyone seems to be talking every famous girl blogger has been blogging/twitting about it as of recent. I can seriously tell you it has been a difficult journey (cause I am a pessimist la!) and so far, thankfully, the SECRET DOES WORK!

only when I want food-_-!

So far, it only worked when I needed food. HAHAHA! Whenever I am hungry or have cravings, they somehow appear! All given / brought by people! It's crazy! but I have zero complains obviously. Who the heck complains bout free food!? :D (and no, just a happy stomach, no tummy aches after eating nomnomnom!)

But you know! My cousin practiced it and manage to WIN a LASER TAG session with BLG-_-! That's some powerful practice! She's now damn friendfriend with them-_- crazy woman!

Okay that aside! this is the bestbest thing that has happened so far! :D
I have been wishing FOREVER! When I saw them opening another branch in Midvalley, Carrefour, I was like "FOR WHAT?! COME PJ LAH!"

GONG CHA AT K.DAMANSARA!! (kan cheong!! can you feel it with all my caps lock!? :D)
:D:D Am I the only sakai that does this?! Can see a not??

And I am proud to announce that I can lick the cup CLEAN (with the straw of course!) Don't know how to explain how I do it and it's basically one of the many useless skills I have but still, damn happy la when I see the cup damn clean! :D


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Excuse Me?

Not mom.

Always happens when I go shopping with my mom.
Like 8/10 times and....I usually DO end up doing the work....hahah T_T
Mana tau, baby brother also always kena. But he's is usually at coffee shops where you have to refill your own pot of tea. *laughs* That's even worse lorh!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Handmade Present : Level PAIN IN THE BUTT

Mission : To get ms.Ong's pre-present done on her actual birthday. Inclusive of wrapping.

Time : 8 hours after minus-ing playing time, working time, slacking time, sleeping time, eating time, dessert time, talking random stuff time, blog stalking time, movie time, kacau (disturb) mom time, roll on the bed time..hmm...plucking ah pek's white hair time...*insert whatever time*
Weapons : As above, looking as innocent as they can be.

ms.Chan saw the weapons the night I got them from ms.Ng and all she said was, "hur...good luck..."

she has every right to say that cause she is the only one in the group that has experience sewing.
but still! so much for words of encouragement! T_T

but she was rightT_T
they certainly aren't innocent!!
Not to mention the thread kept tangling up by itself! (DANCE TANGO ARH?!) 

Honestly the last time I ever sewed something was in college (I thought it was during secondary school...but surprisingly no O_O, patching up holes for my pants doesn't count la!) and I recalled how RETARDED the rabbit I sewed. *no eye see*

It was for our graduation fund raising event and I am surprised someone bought it. Thank you T_T for having retarded taste! Like me! T_T

I mean, since I sewed a retarded looking thing means I have retarded taste also right?
But that rabbit was 4 fingers big! This present I am sewing is definitely a GODZILLA size in comparison.

T_T my eyebags....
they are in need of serious help
if only eating desserts makes eyebags disappear T_T

I was super super like, SUPER PROUD of myself and my "butter fingers", then this just have to happen.

when ms.Ng saw the present, she added on by saying, "Eh! Deflated wan the testicles?"

Those are FEET! F.E.E.T, feet!! Past tense for FOOT. Or LEGS! *fan toi*
To love or not to love my friends, that is definitely a question to ponder.

p.s// anyone going for Blogopolis? hmm..

and oh yea, how the heck do you all wrap dolls/soft toys? look like a mayat (corpse ) when I put into a box! Cause the box automatically felt like a coffin

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Still addicted...

No wonder annoying people exist...quite fun *laughs*
thank you to all that always layan me :D keke*

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby vs. Us

Went to ah pek's friend's baby full moon party!! :D

So happy!!  So many babies! Babies everywhere!
Babies have magical powers you know, they can make anyone happy :D 
*argh* gotta....control myself...from squeezing every babys' bulatbulat cheeks *roar*

Even baby Ken was there! Can't believe baby Ken is 7 months old now!  SO CUTE!!!! This is the best time to play with :D Cause they are big enough (can carry around and throw kaka :D) but have not learnt how to walk yet, means can't run away from us when we ask "paopao"!
ah pek and me damn fail at playing peek-a-boo lorh-_-
i think almost everything also we do edy.
all kinds of actions, all kinds of reactions, all kinds of sound.
sigh* we have a longlong way to go.

and TA-DAH!

Do you know how it feels?! It's like taking out an updated, brand new machine gun, (everyone by now would be staring or at least looking somewhat at you, got semi pro camera means got at least some semi pro skill right?! ) and your bullet just have to miss the enemy-_- (like how my photo turned out black-_-) One of his friend even asked "eh, why blackblack wan?"


And oh! I never knew you can start reading bedtime stories to babies as young as 3 months old. In fact, you are suppose to start doing it when they are that young-_-

"Must do with actions, they will understand one!"

Can't imagine acting out THREE LIL PIGS, all by myself!
I think I will end up so tired that I sleep first before the baby does-_-

Sunday, July 1, 2012

ah pek's surprise!

....after all that, ah pek spent at least the next 30 minutes, in the middle of the night, telling me I should be saying "Thank You" instead of "Sorry"....laughs* T_T I feel bad that he spent so much money for me so I said sorry ma....not valid meh? but he said by saying sorry, he felt as if he did something wrong instead of something right...honestly, at that moment I could not even think much anymore. hahaha Just in pure shock. So I was really crying and laughing at the same time-_- Like I feel so bad...but I feel so happy...T_T hahaha I am a difficult girlfriend....T_T *hides*

...and now that I am writing this...why did he call in the middle of the night to say that he scared buy the wrong thing when it's already bought?! LOL mehhhhhh.
I am gonna miss my SONY SteadyShot terribly much T_T I have been using it for 4 years and it was indirectly my first digital camera. It has been to numerous countries in different weathers and even survived many drops/falls *hides* I doubt the Lumix can withstand that....laughs* So my first obstacle is to make sure I do not drop the Lumix at all cost! :D is under 1-year warranty..

Wish me luck! :D