Sunday, April 29, 2007

so long. farewell

mom just tarpau-ed my 3 feet minnie mouse soft toy in a dodgy plastic bag to be given away to my cousins.

it sarks to grow up.

it sarks even more to realize its sutpid to spend RM100+ on cute soft toys.

T_T bye minnie mouse. can't believe i'm giving you away.

i cried like shit when my stupid vodka dog bit your ears off.

no cries for this one, just hope my crazy cousins don't abuse you and bite your ears off.


that i caught during april i guess. not sure wether i missed posting any. but i sure missed heck a lot of movies this month.

looks like i have to wait a while before i catch Number 23. T_T

provoked is based on a true story how this lady(Aishwarya Rai. i loved her in pride and prejudice. yes the bollywood version LOL) who has been abused by her husband for 10 years and thus..erm indirectly killing him for a simple reason. she wants to see her children. a show how she found freedom in prison. making friends, learning there are people like her etc. whilst fighting for the court case as she was found guilty for murdering her husband despite the reason. and flashbacks of her life with her husband was shown in between prison and court times.

to me its really a nice movie. a really sad one too. i dont know how many times my tears just fell automatically. it was really tiring in the end of the movie. == i felt drained. though it might be slow or something for some people. to me it was just right and somehow although they didn't use much effects or chun whatevers.(maybe cause it was 1989? Lolz) there was some parts where you just feel it and omg the husband abuse is too much man. Thank God that bastard died. how can he even live for 1 week after being burnt i also wanna know since this is a true story.

and it was sad to see..again many indians in the cinema. == all kind of races should really watch this. though many movies with abuse has been made. let this be another eye opener to all. women and men alike.

after few more french movies, i think i can speak something else other than "thuanthuan" turning pages is the by forth fastest french movie and maybe the most...straightfwd. REVENGE. hur. but basically for a very silly revenge. melanie had her piano exam and she failed due to one of the examiners who signed an autograph for a fan thus distracting her and causing her to fumble and fail. she quitted piano soonafter. around 10 years later she met back the examiner who "made" her fail.

thus plotting a plan to make her life miserable. and i really mean miserable. she got problem man. she kill also better larh like that. it's all very direct and the things she does really can happen in real life. its really scary when you think bout it. whats with these people?! omg. she really destroyed her life all cause one piano exam which wasnt even the examiner's fault. to me larh. so ridiculous...i dont know wether thishas a deeper meaning but it does show..humans. hurhur. beware.

the actress,Déborah François for this movie is really..a silent killer in disguise. a bit like hannibal just different way of revenge/vengence. in fact this is indirectly worse. behind a pretty face...DAHSYATNYER T_T. in the show can see she a bit psycho whilst young. when she failed her piano exam, she actually dropped the piano cover while another girl was playing piano. so piantai... and when the guy molested her, she just dropped the cello on his feet. cello has this sharp pointy thing at the end there..needless to say the guys feet...bleed like shit. imagine the showlarh. i left the cinema feeling darn scared. the fact that these type of things do happen makes the whole show chilly-er. but sexay was like "wth. like this also you scared? be strongerlar, then won't kena pijak"


i loved this movie although the ending was like "WTH?" hahahahahahaha as if the writer just decided to end it just like that cause he was running out of pages to write== or maybe the director changed it..i dont know i must get the book. all in all it was a nice movie to me. the cinematography was really good~

but the storyline wise, there were flaws and questions(many questions) were raised. this is what happens when 5 girls all share opinions in a tiny room with sprakling juice and marshmellows. but the ending was REALLY KNS. lets just say it started with a wtf beginning. it ended wtf also. LAUGHS.

anyone wants the DVD. its right here with me: )

something that i didnt want to watch as well but was dying to go to the cinema just for nuts. it wasnt gruesome at some people were really dissapointed LOL. but story wise to me not bad: P since i dont know crap bout hannibal, it was like watching a brand new movie. (plus his sister so cute) thats why i say not bad. people who has watched silence of the lambs and beyond. skip this: P

the young hannibal that i cant get my eyes off...his dented dimple at his cheek. O_o

wild hogs. apparently everyone who went laughed till thier teeth dropped. i tell you, i laughed till my intestines dropped out. must watchlarh so funny!!! and it reminded me of my "owning a harley davidson" dream when i was 14/15. laughs. but surprisingly i ended the movie feeling emo pulak. wth.

was dragged to watch this by40tripleDlyn. actually it wasnt bad just a to say. maybe getting grown up. hahahahaha a bit the fake lorhs and i still prefer 2D. that reminds me must catch simpsons movie. but i really found the villians nice. very nice. in fact too nice. the design was really good to me: D never though i would love bad guys this much.

catch it cause it's his last movie(supposedly) dont catch it if you think you're gonna laugh hard. there was only 1 part where i really laughed. other than that was amusing but not enough or maybe my nerves were semi-dead. plus i think you would notice his wrinkles more. ^^'' and the ending just killed the movie for me. sweats==

Friday, April 27, 2007


edit. 11pm.

i just had my SHORTEST yumcha session at indomee SS2 just now.
so the short.
so the fast.
and i cant get over the image of 4 people i think...lifting up both their hands.
so around 8 hands up in the air.
so tat i know where they sit once i got down and apparently they saw me 1stlarh

SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!

hahahahaah gotta love that...sillyness : D: D: D
ohmy frakin Gosh

Nickleback is indie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jumps around!!!!!

should i? can i?

theres just a whole lot of it.

and i mean a WHOLE LOT.

hrms* i really need a few days ~_~''

but i have to get this done!!!

should i ..hmm...cause i really dont know how.

later i would just try my luck i guess.

anyways, didi's going genting!!! ceys. jealous. he has been to genting prob. 5 times. i havent even been to once. in fact the last time ive been to genting was almost 4-5 years ago. when i get to drive someday with my own BIGGER car,(the kelisa will die going up and i will get lost) i think i will drive up to genting to have starbucks.

cause ....silly things make ppl feel silly and when you feel silly you live longer. when you live longer you can do more silly things.

wahahahahahahahahahha: P

yes i am lacking of sleep *starts turning round n round*

oh and i realize, just when i thought i would be home alone cause my whole family has plans of thier own*pouts* leaving me out.....bleahs. i thought i would have the whole weekend running around naked singing oldies and eating a whole packet of chocolates while washing it down with tubs of cheap ice cream.....

nolors. didi going to genting today. back on sunday. in time for my parents to be going johor/sg on sunday back on tuesday.



really wth wtf.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


how can you resist!? i mau beli doggie tooo!!!!!!! :*(

Monday, April 23, 2007

unfinished work.

the only thing period does. makes you emo.

and oh. eats a heck loads of dessert which i entertainingly told ting n buaya.

"that day right,i weigh myself then i saw omg! heavy jorh! so i started to cut down on my food. few days later, i weighed again and saw oh! lighter than before quite a lot! and started on my makan spree, just to find out days later my mom shifted the weighing machine location. as the floor was uneven, thus the "lost weight" that day was the wrong weight and now im heavier than that 1st heavy weighing i did! zz!!!"

and thanks a whole lot to ting for sacrificing her entertainment so i can loot her lappie for a week. i guess i will need another alternative next week fast unless my boss confirms this. bleahz.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

this is weekend(s)

i love this. i stole it from some band i contactedlar. tak tau siapa di: P

next week, it will be a STILL pic...cause...LOL watch before right? home alone*points at self*

Thursday, April 19, 2007

dot dot dot version 2

today i...SIGH*

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

post 1. 2 . 3

kns question of the day :
"how you know 40tripleD boobs are big?!"

Quickie post :

The company's website is up and running : ) plus got featured in The Star today! anyone noticed the 1/3 column we had? ajajajajaja*o* indie bands galore! i received a video from Thailand today, they sent a CD as well. Since the company doesnt need it, I GET TO KEEP IT. Wahahahahah: P thus...i guess i will be passing it over to the "translator" for listening.

Quickie pic :

We were in KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for around like....almost an hour?

hahahaha it was in a small mart in hartamas: )

very cute. very lovable though its just a small mart. yes. i guess its always the company that counts. anyway updates on this korean thingy later....and those ugly korean writing are mine! i dont even know what i wrote..and....i forgot to save the PSD. file thus...

no one better ask me re-write or re-size cause "mou tak gau" jorh!!!

Bang head.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Hello: P

the old run down charn house next door has been sold to a young couple.

i recalled asking my mom
"so is the husband leng jai?"

"for goodnesssake they are married!"

"So?! whats wrong to kap if the husband's a leng jai"


things change you see.

"eh you know arh? our new neighbour is either japanese or at least the WIFE is a japanese"

"OMG? how you know!?"

"mommy talk to her marh, asked her wether can park our car at her driveway since always no parking"

"omggggg im gonna become a "stalk-Her"!!!"

Friday, April 6, 2007

me miss

sitting in front of my ever blinding monitor, doing work at 1.26am seems so nostalgic.

those days of working my butt off during late nights. i dont know how i could take in 3 days of non sleeping and just drawing non stop. either i love art that much. i diedie also dont wanna fail or cuase everyone is in the same boat.

and amongst those nights. there would be endless MSN chatboxes. endless skype talkings. endless midnight eating. endless midnight comp crashes. endless blasting of music. endless midnight "ran out of ink" markers. endless tears when you realize its too late. endless this. endless that.

funny now.. non of those are happening at all.

but what i miss most are midnight miss calls.

i know it sounds silly.

but i miss midnight calls, cause they are the ones that keep me "time". they are the one making sure i dont float away to "sugar doze land". they are the ones who had to stay up just to miss call me.


i miss my "miss call me please" jimuis.
(my kns are always here with me : )

no choice.

girlfriends always come 1st.

P.s// OMCupcake! my dad shares my toilet too!!!! ROAR* they are spoiling the pinkness of it!!!!!!*noOoOoooOo*

OmCupcake! today have to meet client! ahhhhh. but its..its..THAT client! *bleaAahhhh*

OmCupcake! Today have tomeet bands..but but....~_~ i dont know shit bout undergrnd music..if thats what they ar singing. only know how to do the coconut dance only!

OmCupcake! kelvin woke up to mm'bop. i woke up to party ppl, hey its friday night. i have a feeling its gonna be a long day for 40tripledlyn: P

OMcupcake! did u know?! there was a monitor lizard in the boss house/office. yesterday!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh. i thought i was going to dieeeeeeeeee!! i scared until all my bulu roma dropped off i think.