Thursday, December 31, 2009


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it has been a veryvery long time since i kissed a girl :D *laughs*

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it also has been a long time since i spent new year's countdown with these sakais (although funnily we were exchanging X'mas presents as well). the last time was prolly 05/06 where we were stuck at the Curve while avoiding all the spray things that everyone was playing. topping the night with tom yum soup and lou shi fun at Murni's.

yes. that extra person is my mom. HAHA-_-''

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went back to last year's road to view fireworks :D no need to squeeze and can go anytime after viewing, avoiding all jam! last year there wasn't a single person doing this. this year the road was filled to the brim!! everywhere!! at first was standing another side, i think Cineleisure's building smack in the middle BLOCKING THE FIREWORKS just as jelly predicted (i almost killed him) ran over aside for a better view!! :D


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Luke 11:9

okay. so it's not exactly 100% what the bible means but kinda close... :D in a non Christian way. but i kinda...did more then ask lar. being brothers and their default program of "why must i tarpau for you?"

but he did! :D yay* laughs*
you know jiejie love you loadsloads with or without the tong sui. more with the tong sui lar :D correct a not? make mum happy also when she saw food at 10pm hahahahah :D
Snowflake's best seller. was just happy pouring cream and eating without really digesting the taste..means..i have to go for another round to really evaluate!


yay :D

Monday, December 28, 2009

2 birds at one go

Bodyguards and Assassins
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i have never cried so much for a movie in a very long time. shows what a hambao(crybaby) i am. sigh* i cried from the part where the bodyguards start to protect Mr.Sun. way up till the end. together with lil screams here and there along the way. how can i not cry?! the movie was so bloody. everyone was dying. blood was spurting everywhere. pain was felt. feelings weren't spared. i was literally dying. i was dead by the time the show ended-_- i lovelove the movie but my heart definitely can't take a second time. sigh* my brother was gonna kill me though throughout the movie. hahahaha :D

Treasure Hunter
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watch if you are a Jay Chou fan, don't watch if you are not :D ahahahhaha
nothing very special if you ask me. storyline was soso...acting...okaylarh. effects....well i love one fighting scene where bandages were flying all over :D felt like watching Naruto for a while. i love the "sand town" set up though. hahah there was this one shop that felt like those Japan's roadside ramen shop. damn cute!! :D Jay Chou...although i was gonna doze off (hello. how lar to fight Indiana Jones) but i have to give him credit. he's considered rookie for this (he better stick to romance since Secret was wayyy better) but he surprisingly can kick some ass :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

a boxing gathering it seemslar. hahaha coming from ms.audrey's mouth. actually we were supposed to meet 2 weeks b4 (means pre-xmas) thnks to ms.bulat here and her usual screw ups on dates-_-'' postponed till today. champion!!!! *Clapclapclap*

went to Sid's Pubs at Taman Tun cause anne wanted "Pub Food" hahahahahha:D whatheheck? but she doesn't drink. whatheheckx2. some more. whatheheckx3.

*whack* don't understand you lar woman!!!!
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presenting the woman :D

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presenting the woman's friends.
Verdict: don't know how she survived all these years with these 2.

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Verdict : girls can talk bout anything. like really anything.

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Verdict: felt like a way better version of Ramly Burger. with great price comes greater taste! :D

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Verdict: it's a crime to feed such a small size-_- *ROAR* i could easily swallow at least 5 plates of these!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

all i want for x'mas is you~

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haha seldom have photo of the two of us together~

Friday, December 18, 2009

today's four letter words

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since we are at it, show you the same stupid shot i did 2 years ago.
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-_- means some things never change. like me never growing up.

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d'Oh SALE.

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SHIT *heh*

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last but not least, AWHS.

i know!! i love four letter words! :D

kakakaka :D

in short, was in IKEA amongst all those people who were there. rare for me since i usually avoid crowd at all cost if possible. haha :D amazingly after (surviving) IKEA i was transported to Pavilion just to catch the snow (foam) at 8pm-_-'' it has been since college i felt so random. maybe cause everytime i go out it's always pre-planned. but this was like suddenly. like your friend suddenly decides to go to "somewhere" and already appear at your front gate, ready to fetch you. hahah fun! :D so snow it was at 8pm and OMG. thank God i don't stay near Pavilion nor know how to drive to KL, i will prolly shop till my piggy bank cry-_- so tempting. lucky i held back. haha biggest achievement. the "Tbowl" restaurant at Sg.Wang was just so-so and yes, we walked from Sg. Wang to Pavilion in the rain. sooooo nostalgic. and weeee~ my slippers? had a hole :D :D:D hahahah

so much for holding back.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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i am sooooooooooooo gonna watch it again!
(i know i'm so late in watching but bleah.)
i think i say the same thing for every Disney movie. *laughs*
maybe the company makes it all better too. it was just so....amusing! i was so glad to see that Disney has not lost their touch after about..5 years since their last 2D cartoon. it still contained the certain Disney essence cliche Disney was to throw such punchline, how cliche of Disney to draw this particular character or how the musicals always end up to be extravagant.

but it's the clicheness that i missed so dearly. 2D cartoon gave some effect that 3D can never achieve..well at least to me. although i felt to a certain extend the characters lacked of development but because it was so enjoyable you tend to push everything aside and just sit back, relax and have fun:D i never laughed so loud and so long in my life for quite some time. (i must have scared the hell out of the kid beside me...with his mom-_-'' swt)
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sigh* i can go on and on how much i love this scene. how much i love that act. how much this how much that. but seriously this is one of the first time that dingding! the not that alll glamorous :D dingdingding 2. the so real life. HAHA. independent, work comes first yadayada. but in the end love surpasses them all. awhhhhhhhs. sorry...cheesy but that's what fairytales does :D makes you smile at the very least.

the best thing bout Disney, other then moral values are always the sidekicks. wahlaoeh-_-'' i am soooo amused by Lottie. damn cute! crazy. i think on a bad day must be a plus point to have someone like her around. Oh. last but not least...what's with the firefly becoming a star next to evengaline!? BLeah. LAME!!! haha and omg....the ending where they became humans again left me and ms.boobs so speechless..we were like..."okay come we did not think of that!?"

"well..the movie would have ended in 30 minutes if the frogs were that smart. smart scriptwriter."

seriously, don't bother asking my mom.

oh. don't bother to ask jelly anything also. every answer he gives ....CAN KILL YOU ONE!!!! GILER.

Monday, December 14, 2009

i feel...

as long as you're happy together everyday.
nothing else really matters that much.
why is something so simple so hard to achieve?

Friday, December 11, 2009

next stop...

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so gan jiong!!
feels like i'm gonna meet my boyfriend's, wrong...the whole family (if i have one i am sure it's gonna feel like what i am feeling now! or maybe worse...laughs*)
72 whole hours!!! :D
will i survive?! will THEY survive?!

Monday, December 7, 2009

the b.b night

*clears throat*
b.b stands for belated birthday :D


mr.kickboxer turned up at my doorstep with Baskin Robbins (and his apparently lonely Vodka bottle) to celebrate my belated :D
he felt bad for not wishing on time and it was a good reason to meet there he was at my house 9+pm. suffered by waiting for me to finish work. once done, my mom started her ritual.
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feeding my dear unsuspecting friends alcohol regardless of who is it-_-'' she has a lot more stashed up for the coming holidays and fruit cake *drools*

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*argh typo! HE likes jamoca. i like the almonds*

then it was my turn to feel bad. cause i just said that usually people call and ask what flavour i want to eat but he's the first one that bought something that he liked after trying a whole lot of flavours. i din't mean to make him feel bad-_- sigh* had the wrong effect and meaning i wanted to portray.

which i did quickly explained-_- swt. i though it was refreshing for him to buy what he wanted cause in that case i knew what flavour he liked (+1 point in knowing a friend's likes/dislikes) cause furthermore i eat almost any flavour anyway. asking me would have resulted in "anythinglar" and i order according to the mood:D i do have a favourite baskin flavour but it's more to memories sake then taste seriously.

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cause mr.kickboxer is a novice at drinking :D hahaha he had horrible mixing ratios and your dear friend here din't bother to correct him :P cause i am cruel like that *nyehehehe* he had 3 cups, felt a lil woozy and decided to stop..along came yogi bear-_-''' who continuously poured a proper ratio mixture of cranberry juice+vodka....hahah and thus this summarize my night. (and morning...until 3.30am wei! my tummy was growling haha)

the main talking topic?
joint pains-_-
muscle ache.
body sores

really dead give away to our age. what kind of topic are those?!! *roar*

thank you to the both sakais. i will forever love our ikan bakar meet-ups :D
imma wanna cut down on my ice-cream intake but NOT WORKINGLOR.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


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sure got typos. too lazy to re-edit. and i just table kiss can now accompany my tiny mole awhs. make friends!! :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009


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you were right. once we talk, it's no shorter then 3 hours.
after all these years, we are still 'zhi zha pors'

p.s//finally have my big juicy crabs!! (i know! i just ate crab last week! :D don't play 1,2 juice with me...i sure lose T_T)

Friday, December 4, 2009

hums a silent song*

i am supposed to be revising my heart out for this sunday’s jap exam.

but yet after all those chinese characters my mind drifted apart and my eyes settled on my newly bought stack of books. bought with my parent’s humble amount of money as a birthday present to me.
a few moments won’t hurt anyone, i thought to myself.
like an addiction. few words became a sentence. sentences turned into paragraphs. paragraphs became pages. pages to chapters. next thing i knew i was hooked.
hooked into this book.
it has been a long time since i read romance novels. i thought to myself after the last one that i have read.
life is too cruel. life is too grey. all these romance novels does nothing but makes life’s romance worse then it can be already.
it’s only making the real world look sad.
but i was tempted. so i bought and now i’m stuck. stuck with this book filled with love, hope, faith and fate
chapter 5 i stopped. i placed the book in the depths of my cupboard. wishing time now will fly by cause i can’t wait to snuggle in bed on Sunday night, allowing the book to take me to that place. the place that i once upon a time believed in it.

randomness aside, having pizza tonight! oh how lovely it is not to be healthy! it's a sin and i'm a sinner. my dear lil tummy, forgive me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

counting down the days

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and the calories.

what's new-_-''

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my december plans

.buy presents for 'the list'
.make cards inc. for my bro's girlfriend. swt
.super sweep thy super messy room
.clear stuffs for donation
.bake cookies and cakes
.settle japanese classes
.set up decorations
.take cousin hang kaikai and eat her favourite super belated cake
.follow ms.sexay back to her hometown
.meet up for bodo christmas dinner
.meet up mopiko
.meet up the double A paper girls :D
.family turkey time
.plan plans for countdown

is all gonna go down the drain because i have these now.
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and they are driving me crazy.
they are like THERE but i can't read until JLPT is well over.
i can practically hear them calling my name....asking me to flip 'em, caress the pages, smell 'em *cringe*
ms.sexay has like around 10 more books she's gonna pass to me not that soon (haha she will have problem finishing her stack also)
i still have ms.rockstarr's 3 books and her whole set of Twilight that i have yet to touch.

pulls hair. this is insane!!!!!!!
can i just own a bookstore cafe-_- earn money while reading and drinking tea.

oh! p.s//BigBadWolfSale at Amcorp Mall ends tmr. but no harm sneaking out just to grab some right? besides i realize a lot of pretty girls read!! :D