Friday, February 22, 2013

My Rojak CNY

I love ChineseNewYear!!
I love Christmas & Valentine's & every other festival also la actually.....*laughs*
But yea, I love ChineseNewYear!! :D

I have veryvery fond memories of CNY when I was young :) Although now that I am older, CNY is no longer the same....but it still holds meaning for me and I enjoy having the excuse of having meet ups and just eateateateateateateateateateat!! like.non.stop.

CNY : First Time Moment

Everyone asking ah pek and me to marry like fast. like nownownow!!!O_O
It's a first for me cause I never had the "Got boyfwen aledy a not?" question thrown to my face before. Ah pek is my first and everyone was kinda surprised I actually found someone..(you know...since I am half otaku and all) *laughs* But yea, I guess this question will come naturally since both of us have been together quite a while now.

CNY : Always happen every year moment

Aunties & Uncles that I only meet once.a.year. Doesn't help that my grandparents each have soooo many siblings and their children also have soooooo many kids. Calling the angmo way of "auntie,uncle" just doesn't feel right but yea T_T some of them don't even know how should I address them ok?!

CNY : OMG moment

Went to a relative's place at Payang Mengkuang, Melacca (?) and omg! they run a piggy farm! O_O I am really a city girl..cause next thing I knew I was skipping towards the piggy farm, dragging my brother bear along. hahaha! I have never been to a piggy farm leh!! the piglets were soooooo adorablllleeeeee T_T I don't think I can ever eat suckling pigs anymore T_T it is my fav dish summore T_T but the mother pigs (sow?) were HUGE. like HUGE O_O din't expect piggies to be so HUGE.

CNY : Surprise moment! 

Ah pek's younger sister gave birth to a teenyweeny cute baby girl on the 3rd day of CNY!! *shrieks* I am sooooooooo happy cause I looooooveeee babies but I ......haven't seen the cute lil' one yet. whatheblah. Had awful flu so had to stay away T_T now that I am as healthy as an ox.......I'm always having this&that function. GAH! T_T

CNY : Adult moment

Did dumplings because my mom wanted to make dumplings. yes, it's an odd logic and for a person that has zero skill in the kitchen, my cousins & I surprisingly churned out MANY of it. Seriously can call us dumpling queens! -_- & do you know?! I read somewhere that the more dumpling you eat during CNY , the more you will earn throughout the year. What bout the people who make T_T sniff*
CNY : Awkward moment

erm, awkward moment is awkward. Nuf said T_T

hmm..does this even make sense? ^^"

hahahaha! fav CNY outfit. selamba only me! I wore a peplum top to one of my CNY dinner...and yea, was really controlling my food so I can breathe easier *laughs* so yea, I would love to live in tees&shorts.(or any non tight fitting random top&shorts)  Unfortunately, I don't wanna die early. *feels my mom's scary glare* T_T
How was everyone's CNY?? :D
Rojak(in a good way of course!) like mine too? :D
I am looking forward to eating "shun pun zhi", Rakuzen & steamboat with family&friends this weekend! :D:D

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mini Update

scroll over (or leave your mouse on the last 2 jpgs) long enough to see actual photos! (though you might have already seen if you are following my Instagram huhu) Baked chocolate chip cookies too! But I guess everyone knows chocolate chip cookies? :D 

I tell you I am piling on weight even before CNY actually starts! Since I am baking...and the same time...*laughs* hides* (-///-)

p.s//promisepromise will update as soon as I can! :D