Monday, May 23, 2016

Bee Stings are expensive

At the clinic now.

Cause today's #dotd (drama of the day)....
Is that my baby brother got stung by a bee🐝
On his toe.

How the heck he got it on his toe.
I also don't know.

Plus his left foot is actually sprained, so it's like wrapped and all.

Then this bee sting?

It's on his right foot.
Seriously?! πŸ˜“
To be on a safe side, I made so much noise like an auntie (acting like my age ma hahaha) & dragged him to the doctor's.

Cause I read somewhere that a bee sting can lead to death if you're allergic to it (something like that)

Am not taking any chances man.
I only have one brother. 😡

My father, being the typical cina dad he is.
He said just put "fong Yao" and it will heal πŸ˜“

My dad is the typical "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." kind of dad. 😐
see what I brought along hahahaha πŸ˜…

Mom said to take a photo in case.
Dad just asked me to bring the bee over. Might as well Hahahahah

So when we were in the doctor's.
I actually asked him.
Do you wanna see the bee? 🐝
The look on his face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

There was a split second of "WTFISH" and a very fast change of "er, can also!" with a chuckle.

But okay.
Seems fine ... Cause if you're allergic, in within minutes you will have difficulty breathing and all (according to the doctor)

But he really....
Firstly he mumbles 😳
I had to really listen to what he's saying.

2ndly, he said ok. It doesn't look like there's any big problem.
Then he said, "but if suddenly swell or what, you have to go to the hosp as emergency case and be on the drip. Also take the jab."

😳 firstly you said ok. Then suddenly ask us to be prepared.

I...don't gimme heart attacks like these.
I cannot one!

*Breathe breathe breathe*

Anyway, sibeh a lot of medicine for a bee sting 😳

Less than 5 min talk with the doctor, bill was rm41 πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ #expensiveconversation #oklahelookedatmybee

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Random doodles

My weekly planner is full of nonsense like these πŸ˜…

Instead of writing important stuffs, I have fruit people.

Okay la. I guess looking at them will remind me to eat my fruits daily πŸŽπŸπŸŠπŸ‹πŸ’πŸ“πŸπŸŒ

So that kinda makes them important right? πŸ˜‚

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Marbled Paper & Paper Flowers @ The Craft Crowd

Starting my day with ba zhang!! πŸ˜‹

Long day ahead so I need all the fats I can get hhahaha
😭 so yummy!!

No one in my family makes salty ba Zhang! So have to resort to buying from friend's mom.

Or hoping will get from other people Hahahaha

My grandma makes ba zhang but Nyonya one. The sweet one? With the blue colour rice?

That's nice too but ..yea, I want my salty ba zhang πŸ˜…

And it's so hard to wrap ba zhang!
Any of U tried befre? My grandma asked my mom and me to leave her kitchen cause we were destroying more than helpingπŸ˜‚

We are best at just eating la!
Workshop day today! πŸ™Œ

It's in conjunction with Mother's Day cause we will be making paper flowers!


Damn pretty right?!?!😍

The instructor today will be evermore flowers. They are I think, the only one in Msia supplying paper flowers for events (wedding, parties etc)

Asked them before for a quotation on their paper flower rental just in case I need them for my wedding photo booth backdrop. will come up to quite a sum if I want a lot 😣

So when I saw there was a workshop...thought I will just go and learn la πŸ˜‚

Even if I don't use it, it's an extra skill.

They also make crepe flowers! As you can see! The rose one was incredibly pretty! 😍

Actually I am sure if you are hardworking and google online, there should be tutorials.

But I'm the kind that prefers to have a person to instruct πŸ˜‚ not independent plus if it's self learn, I might drag and drag and never learn in the end.
Every workshop usually come with some freebie!

Today are these!

Oh yea, there's also a marbled paper workshop together with the paper flower.

So today is kinda like a 2in1 workshop.

A bit worried cause crafting is not my forte πŸ˜…

I like doing crafts but I just don't have the skill for it. My work will always be a bit rough, not delicate and definitely not very neat πŸ˜‚

But okay! I will try my best today!πŸ’ͺ

(Gah, horrible photos cause I had to zoom from afar😞)

Started off with marbled paper!

That's Alina, the founder of #tccworkshops

Pour some colours into the water....

Put paper and you have ...marbled paper ✨

Hahahah everyone was like, "woah! Magic!" πŸ˜‚

I seriously seriously remember doing this in primary school, just can't remember what are the exact materials cause it's definitely different from what we used today.

Today's materials are not super cheap in general. Not sure if it's worth to buy unless you want to make a big batch of marbled paper for an event or as a wrapping paper etc.
To just do for fun...?
Don't think so...

πŸ˜› but I realized the stuffs I can actually get from dad's kilang.
Such pretty pretty mess!

πŸ˜‚ this thing tests your colour sense and your timing.

Sometimes luck as well. Cause you kinda never know what you will get. Since it looks nice on the water, doesn't mean it will look nice on the paper.

Though it's really quite therapeutic, all you have to do is mix and swirl them. And hopefully some magic will appear πŸ˜‚
My marbled papers πŸ˜‚

So different!

I guess the strength about doing this is that you can never get the same artwork twice. So it means every pc is truly unique.

Also, works better with darker colors. If not it will be quite flat like my pink one.

Of course.. It's personal preference.

It either looks nice or ...looks like some disease looking thing under the microscope πŸ˜‚

I still think it looks like it will make good cards, origami or wrapping papers!!
The mess πŸ˜…

So many pretty pretty roses! 😍

There's 2 tables and I don't know why. The table I was sitting at were all standing. The other table were doing their work while sitting down like elegant people.

Mine was like hooligans πŸ˜‚
I always somehow end up at the noisier side.

I don't know how many times my fingers are burnt (not burnt burnt. But it hurts) from the hot gun. 😒

I must have sounded like a 小姐(weak woman? Haha) every time I made a lil sound when I burnt myself 😡
Erm..doesn't very rose la mine haha #macamyestapibukan

oh goodness, today I really found out how bad I am at crafting. πŸ˜…

And how confused and lost I was, it was going at what seems like fast fwd speed for me.

And I had to constantly check with my neighbor to see what's the next step πŸ˜…

I think i must have annoyed the hell out of her although she was patient most of the time. (most ah. Cause at one time, can feel she cannot tahan LiaoπŸ˜…)
It wasn't super difficult once u get the hang of it. But unfortunately, I never really got the hang of it πŸ˜…

I don't get how mine doesn't look as "rose" as the rest. How my petals look closed instead of open.

Like a late bloomer rose πŸ˜‚

Frustrated yet at a loss plus rushing #sigh

Though the instructor said many times that as long overall it looks okay.

But I guess the perfectionist (This annoying habit of mine that I have but sometimes can't achieve) in me just can't let it go.
By the time we moved on to this, it was super rushing cause we are behind schedule 😡

Which makes things worse for me hahaha cause now have to speed up with my confusion.

It's honestly just layering the petals! Not sure why I can't seem to grasp it! Ugh* am gonna check ALL the tutorials online!

And stare at REAL petals for a while! 😀
The whole mess again πŸ˜‚

I prefer doing the crepe ones! Although it was more work.

Not sure it was more work cause of the amount of petals needed for a peony but thankfully cause it's small, it was easier to control at the very least.

The purple one unfortunately are the demo sets hahahauaha the sad looking peach colour one is mine.

Again looking....half bloomed πŸ˜’
Why are my flowers half way through puberty kind?!?!
See my neighbour's!

Damn nice her peony 😳

Some people just have the skill. They did it so fast and they made it look so easy.

I struggled so much! πŸ’ͺ but ok, means got room for improvement.

Now I feel like buying the crepe flower book I saw the last time! It looked damn pretty, but I didn't buy it cause I worry I will never be able to understand and it will just collect dust.

Now erm, I have a reason to buyπŸ˜‚

Okok. I check free tutorials online first!



That's all for today from #tccworkshops
#notanad (I also realized I seem to have trouble making friends during this and the last workshop😳😭)

Friday, May 6, 2016

Oh My Mom

Since Mother's Day is around the corner....

*she calls me by my name la. Not Bulat πŸ˜‚ though she knows that's my online name cause sometimes I receive parcels with that name*

The reasons why my mom calls me.

πŸ˜› ah pek hates this about me. He says it's very rude to answer "what".

Sorry but it's so hard to break a habit! 😡

Sometimes it's a funny joke... That is not funny. But she will make me sit through it 😭

I mean in all honesty, the things she says sometimes are even funnier la.

She does this on repeat the whole day!

Does anyone's mom does this?!

Can't be just mine right?!??

On the bright side.. I prolly hit my daily walking quota by running up and down the stairs πŸ˜…


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Koncent Malaysia @ Sunway Mas

Found a new gem (to me)

A complete nightmare for ah pek πŸ˜‚

I just key it into waze and he just followed instructions.

The moment he saw the shop, he was like, "oh.shit"

Just from the outlook he can assume what kind of shop it is! Not bad ah.

"How do U even find such shops?!", he exclaimed.

FB I tell you.
Their promoted content seems to be fairly accurate, I always get the right things on my feed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Oh! Didn't know they have a cafe inside!

Bonus ✨

Ah pek's nightmare +2

Hahahaha befre he knew me, he never liked cake. He doesn't eat them. In fact when we were frst friends, someone gave him a whole cake for his birthday.

He actually drove all the way to my place to pass me the whole cake 😳

Cause he says if I don't take it, he's gonna throw into the dustbin anyway.

Walao. Damn sad for the cake! And the ingredients & the baker & the friend who bought!

So okayla. I have to eat πŸ˜›
Now he eats la πŸ˜‚
6 years of training πŸ’ͺ bit by bit!

The first time I bought carrot cake to share. He gave me this "are you trying to poison me" look πŸ˜…

I was like, "do I look like I Wanna poison myself also?" πŸ˜… he doesn't even know carrot cake exists Wei!
πŸ™Œ can't go to tokyo?
Nvm, tokyo has come to me!
Hahaha self console

It's a shop selling daily life / home usage stuffs but in designer form?

Hope U guys get what I just typed πŸ˜…
😍 so cute!

Can see? It's a hotdog (dachshund) earplug.

I find the name so apt!

Mimi pet.
Cause you know...Mimi means ear in japanese πŸ˜‚

Told ah pek I need this whenever I travel with him.

Cause.he.snores 😭

Does anyone's partner here snore??
How do U guys solve the problem?

Tried breathing right, that thing where they stick on the nose for better breathing thus no snore?

Erm..the last trip we went to. It only worked for the frst night.
2nd night, he snored away. Thought it fell off his nose but nope, it was still there.

And he's still snoring.

Once I recorded his snore & replayed it for him the next morning.

He asked me, "what animal sound is this? So scary wan?"

Don't know Wanna laugh or cry. Hahaha

"I slept with this animal yesterday night.", I replied.

He say I lie hahah he said I got the sound from youtube or somethingπŸ˜’

Uncle, U think I so Free ah? Search youtube summore.
This is my fav!!!

It's a flowerpot(vase?) but so cute!!

Yea, I like cute stuffs in general.
Even if it doesn't really serve a purpose like this one.

Not sure if U guys can read the description. But it's very funny!

"He takes on a variety of expressions as his flower starts to droop over time, appearing to be lost in thought or dozing off. Why not let flower man share your life?"

Yes Pls!
I need a flowerman to share my life.

Till I saw the price tag.
This looked like a good cheap alternative πŸ˜‚

The ikea pot which I think is quite famous?

Just take marker pen and draw like this ✨
Surprisingly they sell art done by Malaysians too!

I know this artist is quite famous.
πŸ™ˆ so pretty this sticky note!

Each petal is so nice!

How la like this Hahahah
It's like every time you pluck a petal, it gets more and more botak. Heart pain πŸ’”

Anyway, would be a waste. Prolly the only one who would appreciate pretty sticky note would be myself πŸ˜‚
Wth. Thermometer 😳
Just a judgement since its a range of celcius based on the colour differences.

When I press my thumb, no colour change. So I thought "ceh! Faulty geh!"

Then ah pek tried, changed into yellow! 😳

Means my body temperature colder than normal πŸ˜‚

Which is surprising cause I'm usually warmer than most people that I know.
This is also cute!!!

Don't think I mind buying this..
Just that I hardly eat cup noodles.
The last time I ate was prolly..6 months back.

The men changes colour! So the moment the man's colour changed completely, your mee is ready!

The only problem is...even if U buy it as present, no one would have guessed it's rm30+

They would think you bought some rm10 thing πŸ˜‚

I mean, it feels that way la since it's just a mini man to take care of your cup noodle.
This is also cute! (Everything is cute so far haha)

Balloons! Thought the price is okay since the shape is so special.

Okay if there's 4 pcs inside as shown on the cover.

Not so if it's just 1 pc. 😳

After much staring and thinking about prices at balloon buzz, I think it's the price for 1. Makes more sense that way πŸ˜‚
This looks familiar. Prolly saw some shop selling it befre.

Ah pek says the silicone doesn't feel that it's food grade though. So he's not sure if it's safe to drink from it *shrugs*
A confused spoon. Hahaha

Can't remember.

Just thought it looks Erm..cute πŸ˜…

I don't have any other vocab for this shop!

Anyway, I think by now U get the shop?
They sell stuffs that are normal everyday use but in nice designs.

My mom doesn't like stuffs like these πŸ˜‚

She says just paying for design. The function is still the same as any ordinary (in this case) stirrer.
Ah pek's view is that so long it helps to make a difference, even if it's just a small thing. Then it's good design.

Like this one.
He says one of the best in the whole shop πŸ˜‚

Keeps your key so your stuffs are safe from scratches.

Thoughhhhhhh. Soooooo.

Aren't there key pouches out there?
Some zakka crafters make them!

Those animal pouches where U can put your key, once U pull, your key gets kept in the pouch? πŸ˜›

Same isn't it??
I'm obviously more to pretty nonsensical stuff!

Look at this!

Damnit. The rubber bands are in heart shape!!
Rock magnets πŸ˜‚

After a while, I'm worried this shop won't be able to last. I many of these stuff can they sell?

How many ppl will actually buy?

The price is also on the more expensive side I guess.
Saw these at a flea market befre.

I should go and compare the prices now 😁
I like these chopsticks!!!

Don't need chopstick holder!

And I don't have to worry that it will touch the table.

Not sure if it's nice to use though cause of the funny shape.

But look at the design man. Looks so sleek.
This one is not for using.
It's for instagram purposes πŸ˜‚
They sold many household stuffs like mat, tissue holder (which ah pek really liked cause of its origami-ish shape), door stopper etc
Like these kind.

It's a cup for you to gargle your mouth in the washroom. Hahah the man is holding your cup.

Of course there's the material, design, cuteness etcetc

My mom will just ask me to use any random plastic cup from the pasar pagi/pasar Malam and call it a day πŸ˜‚
I like this ladle😁

But i think easy to topple if there's a party Hahahaha imagine steamboat!

Ain't nobody got space for this!

Can buy if you have a ...non rowdy family. Mine definitely won't stand long.

Although it IS made to stand, sure to topple every few minutes. Cause you know everyone's hand reach here, reach there.
For the stationary peopleπŸ™Œ
Price tag even nicer πŸ˜‚

But it's for 5!
Doesn't feel too bad la like that.

But nehmind.
I have a miffy set at home that I seh tak use πŸ˜‚

Still in the paper bag.
Ok. This is quite practical.

Scratchie card (so it's calledπŸ˜…)

I think the alphabet press has a similar card.

Scratch to reveal the msgs.
This one U can even diy and write your own msgs for the recipient.

Okayla. Worth spending if you Wanna confess or something in a cute way?πŸ˜‚

Or for ppl who appreciate and keep cards.

If not mistaken, I have come across a tutorial online on how to make this. But didn't try.
I like this a lot!!

Though I don't think it will be very comfortable cause the seats are soooo small!!!

How la my butt Gonna sustain?
Or my backbone.

But useful lor. If you have guests U don't Wanna entertain long, let them sit on this πŸ˜‚

They won't stay long HahaHahaha

And the stool behind is called a wolf stool!!! No feeding required, the shop says πŸ˜‚

Very cute! But not sure if it's practical in our weather.
Okay! You guys have seen almostttt the whole front part of the shop liao πŸ˜‚

Don't have to go anymore unless you Wanna buy or touch them personally πŸ˜‚

Some I forgot to take photos cause I snapchatted πŸ˜…
Moving on to the back side of the place.

Yeah they sell furniture as you can see.

But let's move to the stuffs that I will confirm spend money on πŸ˜‚
Books πŸ˜‚

Sorry imma big bookworm.

My mom always told me to find a bookstore owner to marry. Preferably KInokuniya kind since I like it so muchπŸ˜‚

Well, too late now.
Ah pek, please let's have book shelves as walls in our house next time πŸ˜‚
Like the one in beauty & the beast!


So want to buy!!
It's a design travel magazine!
Bilingual. Japanese and english 😭

Think I have to make a trip to kino soon to see if they have it.

They also have other mags like IDN, monocle etc.

All for your reading/browsing pleasure! 😁
They also have games!
Old school japanese games I assume?

You are allowed to play with them too!
Ah pek & I were rushing so we didn't.

Next time!

The left side one looks challenging. Like a balancing thingy.
Some old school toys for display!

Though I don't know how this toy works? Haha what do the kids do with it?

And how come old toys always look nicer! Looked like they put so much heart into making it! 😭

Can't find these kind nowadays. Everything is plastic and full of random loud colours.

This is ..40 years old? According to the description.

The book behind is about Japanese amulets and folk toys. Gonna hunt that down too and hope it's in english πŸ˜‚
Made in the 1970s daruma!

The maker's signature is at the bottom and definitely a rare one cause the maker is no longer in this world.

Want to buy means have to hunt.

I remember reading a book on kokeshi dolls!

It's amazing how much patience & heart japanese put into doing their crafts.

Plus every kokeshi doll is different cause it's fully handmade. That's insane 😳

Sadly though, it's dying out cause young gen don't Wanna take over.
Not sure about the ones in front but the one at the back is called daruma otoshi!

This game is played by using a small hammer to hit the coloured pcs out one by one, from bottom to top, without letting it fall.

Erm..actually knew all these from reading manga πŸ˜‚

The manga is called "kamisama no iutoori" if anyone is interested. Hmm more to horror / thriller though. Not the cute type πŸ˜…
And that concludes Erm..maybe 85% of the shop? πŸ˜‚

They only have drinks and cakes for now. No food. Not sure if they will start having food in the future since it's mainly for the goods, more than cafe.

Took this not to show the menu.. But cause the magnets above the menu is cute πŸ˜‚
The cakes!
If I read correctly, from tray cafe.
Flowerman says thank you for visiting! Hahaha

If anyone is interested to go.

Address : 30-1, Jalan PJU 1/3D, Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, 47301 PJ


If going on weekdays, best after 5pm cause that place is damn pack during office hours. U can never ever find parking!

Facebook : koncent malaysia
Website :
Instagram : koncentmy