Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KLIA trip

mom was finally coming home! *tears of joy* it was a midnight ride to the airport and my duty was to make sure baby brother doesn't fall asleep while driving! I think I did my job well la. Cause I was blabbering non-stop. But I kinda distracted baby brother from driving with the game though...haha :D

Well, as long as I'm not the one driving....cause arh...hahaha I guess only people who has ever sat my car before would know why. T_T
When we were about to reach, cousin sister SMS-ed me! :D I seriously don't know how can she get lost when she always goes to the airport to catch superstars & singers (I'm serious ok!-_- She draws banners and stuffs and quite well known for her works)
But luck was on her side la.......KNS. Was hungry and wanted to eat but was too kiamsiap (stingy) to pay airport pricing for normal end up standing (not even sitting! I never realized KLIA no place to sit wan!) and fighting over the ipad game with baby brother. (eh, that game very addictive! lemme know if you play! :P)

Saw my cousin walking towards my direction the moment mom called (CEH, talk bout good timing!)

Next thing I knew, it was 1 minute (maybe way less than that but felt forever....) of chaos and hoo-hah trying to get my mom (like whythechupachups is she not picking up at a desperate moment??) and hoping my aunt hasn't gotten a taxi..if cousin came to the airport to just.... breathe the air there la-_- and maybe purposely come gimme heart attack-_-

And so the moral of the story is that......

Never give bulat a heart attack. She might just accidentally, innocently kill you. oh ya, mum is home means no more housework! whee!
Bulat is short. *sigh*
Am not kidding okay, whichever younger cousin that has already hit puberty, all taller than me T_T huhuhu

Saturday, September 22, 2012


The family is in big health trouble whenever I'm going grocery shopping. *evil laugh*

Anyway, the other day I decided to bake (I realized it's something I always wanna do when mom is not home), might as well stock up the fridge while checking what ingredients I need / do not need to get for the cake.

Next thing I knew, upon getting into the car...I realized I don't have the "list"-_-!
Searched high&low, up&down, round&round...calling "ohhh, list...where are you?? where art thou?" the end I decided to just go and buy only la! AIYO!
When I reached home to pack, ta-dah!!! -____________-!
Must have left it there when I was checking and writing down what to get for the cake ingredients..(which btw was a total failure my Hokkaido cupcakes T_T haha cream tasted damn awesome, cupcake tasted like some chemical X T_T)
Of all places!! I must be getting old.....& tired of this maid game...

Obviously all I got back was "RM0. Your SMS didn't reach 013-xxxxxxx as the phone is switched off."

 p.s// anyone saw where the list was?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh my laundry, my smelly laundry ♫ ♪

And so the house work continues! T_T hahaha...nuuu..
This is something I always ponder upon when I do the laundry.
The amount of underwear is too darn high!
(and their super plain, normal, dull colours??)

I wonder what is the normal "change" period. Two underwears a day? It's not balanceleh the ratio of clothes and underwear that I wash. At this rate, need to go buy more small hangers...haha. But I recalled once, when my mom and I went for a holiday for 2 weeks. The barbarians guys in the house, did not do any laundry at all. In the end, my dad went to Jusco to get more underwear to last till we come back! HAHAHA! too much wei!
And do you differentiate underwear apart? They all look the same! Whose is whose??

Friday, September 14, 2012

Part-Time Job

Right after the Bali trip (which btw lost my voice during the holiday and all T_T) I was thrown into "maid mode" cause mom went to China the moment I reached home. Talk bout great timing.

I am a very spoilt child. At this age I still have the privilege of mom doing most of the housework so once in a while (actually make that 2-3 times a year LOL) mom goes off for a holiday and it's "payback time!" for me.

But seriously, when mom does housework she always have the upper hand most of the time. One scream and everyone goes into "YES, MA'AM" mode. Unfortunately, I don't have that power ..T_T

I don't understand lorh! How can so fast wan?! It's like there are plates every time I walk pass the sink. And it is prolly like 15 minutes gap time from the previous wash!-_- I don't know how the two barbarians (dad and baby brother) use plates. One cracker one plate isit?!


Someone please invent edible plates or maybe I should just buy paper plates and put at home. Or maybe just get banana leaves and use. At this rate, will be bunking at the sink 24 hours-_-! Maybe keep for a lookout if, maybe, just maybe the plates have feet and they walk themselves to the sink to have a bath instead-_-!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Helloooo Holiday!

My ultimate fav : Checking out girls! (in bikinis!! wheeeee)


......flu&cough medicine.


On a side note : Read bout my mom! :D

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Surprise at THE WATCH

Ah pek won tickets to The Watch the other day. (Thanks Nuffnang for appreciating ah pek's sense of humour hahahaha :P) Tagged along not knowing what was it about at all. But one look at Ben Stiller on the ticket, must be some silly movie jorh. (and while lining up for the tickets, heard so much pregnancy stories from 2 girls behind that now I am fully equipped laughs* level up! dingding!)

Actually Eric already "BULAT!" me during buying popcorn time. It such a sudden,shocking thing (for me) that I think my life kena cut into half...hahaha (^^"). Now he "BULAT" me again, some more so bright, heart attack!...haha
Honestly first time seeing them in flesh&blood O_O Totally didn't expect cause did not see them the last movie. Not even the tip of their noses O_O I was gonna give myself a silent pep talk to approach them..

when suddenly...
Ernest approach me first ! O_O
If Jian is the King of comic blogging, Ernest is the Queen  Prince?( Right Hand Man? Next in line???) So a bit.....actually my eyes were as big as plates la (or trying to be as big) O_O plus after seeing so many Youtube videos of him...kinda surreal to see in flesh&blood...haha T_T
T_T ended abruptly and awkwardly despite him being so friendly. So now I know, actually I did not grow up at all. Lucky Ernest din't ask for my age. Really not enough fingers.. T_T. I will level up my "meeting people for the first time" skill.

As for the movie, I long time never sit in between stereo sound (surround sound?) liao. Some jokes were lame but I guess for a silly storyline to begin with, it matches. Ah pek esp. liked the part where they kept shooting the alien to make sure the alien is dead. He said that was very "real", something what any normal human would do but it was comical when shown. For me, as long you watch THE WATCH without any expectations in mind then it would be a good popcorn movie. Just laugh, no need think :P Laugh louder to make the ticket worth :P