Monday, September 6, 2010

Favourite Past Time

Sakai's Singing Session (S.S.S) hahaha :P
                              (i notice nowadays my photos are watermarked just for bodo blog...haha)
for Bodoby's viewing pleasure. i recalled she had to do something that day and we just had a last min karaoke session to finish up our Redbox vouchers :D (which i still have uh-hm*) and i took videos of the sakai's singing too :D later postpost~

ironically this was our last Redbox Karaoke cause after that...

TEOHENG at Giza all the way!!

it's crazy-_- started out as me persuading my mom to try the place out cause it was near and we never looked back since then. the first time my mom tried it was with me and eelyn-_- 4 days in a row we karaok-ed and straightaway mom was deemed VIP by the workers-_-

*hide face*