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I started on this game quite long ago after quitting Ragnarok totally. I never thought I will succeed in quitting.... I can go on for days doing my assignments and playin at the same time... 4 hours per night for sleeping...and rushing my homework till early morning...how did I do it...I will never know....== cause nowadays if I even spend 1 night playing Maple...until lets sat 5am.. my eyebags can literally welll...call me champion of pandas.

But I got hooked to it again... though Im tryin to lessen ...cause Im supposed to get a job! DARNIT. Feeling useless and not doing anything is the worst thing someone can do. But...hahhahaha: P you have to admit...It was holiday..all I wanted to do was play and yeap..thing happen in the Maple World....Suits the theme Maple Story...hurhur.

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I play usually with Lyn -Orrgui . Kun-XiaoKunx .They are the only real life friends. the rest are basically in game known: D This is one of our maple-ing days..BabyRage -kunz..and...typical us talking bout sex...porn shows....virginity...and of course the very contaminated me showing more than shock....==" If God allows my nerves to stretch tat way..tat will be my real life face.

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Of course Maple is well known for your creativity in "dressing" your character...if you have money go spend RM24 on the cashcard for 10k cash online and shop till you drop..literelly..since 10k aint enuf you will have to buy more cash cards thus ending up a whole sum of money.

A lot of trends has come up along the way... I ve taken too many print screens to count....such as the one up there is the so called new look....christmas geisha special...hahahahahah but of course the following wins hands down...i was too shocked to even show emotion.

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and the most interesting bout Maple...other than the fact its fun.addictive.life sucking.eye bag blacking.meeting youngsters who calls you " lao zha boh". scoldin each other when a fight happens. do stupid things together. yadayadayyada....No. I shall not go furthur cause its the same feelings and emotions if you play online games...sama sjer.If you dont then..actually its good not to start( advice from deep within) though actually I hope u start and join the fun with me hahahahah!!: D

And trust me...everything happens... we know it when STALKERS actually appear in MapleStory..Why....==" cause Lyn has been stalked several times before(why you lucky girl!!!pinches the character) hahahahaha: D okalrh...Lyn really has her assets right!!: D

Thus i present...Lyn's Maple Stalker!!: D(if you happen to read this which cahnces are like -0.00341 %...sorry okay: D If you werent so scary lookin we might have stopped and at least said hi)
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cause the first thing i said before he even stalked lyn was" omg..look at that Aqua looking character!"

Well...obviously he started following Lyn and i though it was another of her fren. cause her high school fren DuckieSinz was with us that day. I was like "omg..is he your friend...i just siad he looked aqua"

"no estee...whos tat?"

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Duckie Sinz kept saying how he look like "keung gan fan" aaahhahahahaha err....rape stalker? izt? lols: P i was kiddin at 1st when i said it was lyn's stalker...but it went obvious.

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Well....the wonders of erm...glue? I walked away from her to prove it..Well...well done!!: D at least he proved me right hahahaha Lyn wanted to die... i must admit though...theres just something bout Lyn's char eyes....alluring huh?*shingshing* nothing beats sze mei's eyebrow though(shhh)

And despite us running...literelly jumping from tree to tree.vein to vein...ropeto rope..ladder to ladder..he still manages to find Lyn....must be her perfume..==" until we could not stand it any longer... It felt like an Aqua following...worst! he looked kiong si ish...and the fact he liked to jump instead of walking aint helping.

DuckieSinz was apparently direct and straight.

"get lost" he says. "lyn's my girlfren"
"i just wanna be her friend" innocent stalker says
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" he hollered
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yes...tats all he said....you could have answered "why not?! sharing is caring!"
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okay but tat was suckier..hahahahaha: D but our "stalker in shining with shining spear started attacking! GAH!!!!! the horrors!!!!!! NOw i have seen it all...a stranger hitting an innocent guy just to be friends with his "girlfriend"...If maple could kill....tat poor Duckie Sinz....we will have to go for a memorial service...

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we started running...and really runing.....i was pressing my arrow keys so hard.....it tot i will need a new keyboard by the time this ordeal was over..it was fun to see...what will happen next... though frusfrating as well....he could have been a gentleman and introed himself nicely and all..i dont know...works well with most girls and most situations right?

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And he kept popping out suddnely although we cahnged channels...move maps...relogged...gah!! it was really like stalkinG!!! DArn it... but i guess if he was Brad Wang Lee Hom. everything would be the other way round. hahahahahahahaha: D Lyn will be stalking.

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DuckieSinz concluded we would just stay still and pretend AFK. it was hard...i Like moving my character...so i was typing to my other frens talking bout wat is so funny happening at 3am in the mornin.

Well~ it worked... tat hamsap fella.. hahah followed another innocent girl and was never seen again..why? duckiesinz suddenly felt bored without a stalker to make fun of and pay hide and seek decided to find him..obviously...hes gone: P well..it was fun while it lasted.

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  1. ahha i still remember the days when i walked together with my friends from elinia and walk walk walk non stop.. just to waste time.. lol