Wednesday, October 4, 2006

phony liar

"how come the peanut butter less so much di wan!?"
"eh? must be uncle eatlarh..."
while hiding my "spreader" ,asked bro to faster swallow the bread with peanut butter i just spread for him. the bottle was brand new...and i dug out a lot for my bro cause he say he want "pekatpekat!!"
"yahyah!!! anyway that bottle 2 days liao!!!! what you thinklarh!!"
me and bro ...phew*(mom doesnt like us being unhealthy)
".nOooOooooo!!! yesterday we bought it what...we bought it after gym....when you ate your kampar mee!"
"...nono!! where got!!!!...2 days liao!!"
"NO!!!!!!! we came back late from gym was yesterday!"
my brother almost died swallowing the bread 1 go...pekatpekat mentega kacang ..lebih pekat daripada bubble yum!! jangan lupa minum air lepas tu: P

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