Sunday, July 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes

huhuhu :D
so long never blog.
i miss!! sososo miss!!

plants kisses on blog
*mormor blog*

and now lemme show you bulat de super messy room!!!!

messier then before...hahaha-_-''
keng ma? i also feel very keng. hahahaha :D
my mom say like i just shifted in...or maybe i am shifting out? :D
one day to shift everything out of the room and one more day to shift everything back in...just that when i shift back in got no more table to put my stuffs so all on the floor.

kelian ~

now i have to repaint the corner of the room (can see a lil bit at the left side from the pic. that whole are must paintpaint if not my wall naked colour) and i need to think what/how to kaotim that area since the L shape table is gone~T3T

ideaidea? :D

should i get a long cupboard put there so i can place my books(effing a lot of books) and a big pillow to sit and read at that area? keke~ then i can get a small square table put in the middle of my room with round shape carpet underneath for sit down talktalk, drink tea..erm...and let you all draw random pics with my art stuffs hahaha when unpack room i found all my leftover college art supplies :D

can gather in my room. no need meet downstairs~ wahahaha~
no TV, can watch laptop, sit on my bed :D

but must take care budget though T3T not much money oh~

the L shape table lucky took off cause the whole termite's nest was at the back of the cupboard where it can't be seen! got a shock at how big the nest was! O_o means all this while i was sharing my rooms with MANYMANY termites. they owe me rental! eat my floor some more!


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